Marshawn Lynch downgraded to out


All week long, it sounded as if running back Marshawn Lynch would return to action after missing seven games following surgery to repair a core muscle issue. Intended obfuscation or not, Lynch won’t be playing on Sunday at Minnesota.

Lynch has been downgraded from questionable to out. Per the team, Lynch said just before the flight to Minnesota that he doesn’t believe he’s ready to play.

Meeting with reporters on Friday, coach Pete Carroll dropped a hint or two as to what was coming. Even then, it seemed as if Lynch would be back.

“We just want to see how he’s taking to the week’s work and all of that,” Carroll said, in explaining that Lynch would be a 50-50 proposition. “He looked good during the week and did some really good stuff, but we’ll just use all of the time that we have available. I have not said yet that he’s playing, I know that’s been out there, but I don’t know until we finish the week. He’s looked really good, and we’re hoping so. Very optimistic about [it].”

Christine Michael likely will get the start for Lynch, and for good reason. Michael, a second-round pick on whom the Seahawks’ gave up earlier in the season, rushed for more than 100 yards during a Week 17 blowout of the Cardinals.

It’s impossible not to wonder whether other issues are at play here, especially since offensive line coach Tom Cable opted to declare publicly last month that Lynch must be ready to adapt to the team’s new offense, one in which quarterback Russell Wilson threw for 24 touchdown passes and only one interception in the games Lynch missed.

If/when the Vikings once again prevail in Minnesota absent Marshawn, the Seahawks will move another step closer toward life without Lynch. Given his $9 million salary for 2016, it’s highly unlikely that he’ll be back in Seattle. At this point, it’s up in the air as to whether Lynch will ever wear a Seahawks uniform again.

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  1. I would agree, his days in Sea seem to be numbered, they offense looked it’s best once he was gone this season. They better hope Michael can carry the load this weekend, the cold and wind is going to make the long passing game tough. The only thing I feel confident about this weekend is big plays in passing game (unless they are run after the catch) are going to be hard to come by.

  2. Absolutely no chance he’s back next year. Rawls – younger better, cheaper and doesn’t have a lingering injury. Dump Beast mode now. Don’t get why he can’t come allow to the game at leasr. Too cold for the Cal guy. Go Russ!!!

  3. Told ya. He drops, Seattle takes off. Alpha dog syndrome. They don’t want him back in the line up. This is the best news you’ve heard all day 12th man, wake up and smell your latte.

  4. Keep acting like the game is a forgone conclusion. It would make a Vikings win so much sweeter. I know it doesn’t really change anything not having Lynch, and the cards are still stacked against the Vikes, but stoopider things have happened in the playoffs than a team that everyone says can’t lose……losing.

  5. Big blow! It’s hard to get back into football shape with just a weeks practice. Especially a player like Lynch. So physical! He’ll be big loss but they can still beat the Vikings. Seahawlks gotta get some big contributions in run game from Brown Michael Jackson 😉

  6. Damn, was looking forward to watching the beast. Changes nothing in my confidence though. The NFL world is starting to realize Russell is elite and I expect him to take care of business Sunday. On defense they’ll be crowding the line of scrimmage because bridgewater doesn’t scare anyone. Peterson goes for around 60 yards and the Hawks win by double digits.

  7. Stop, for the 3rd time, with the “other issues at play” garbage. Or the assumption that being injured and the team picking it up in his absence, that he s gone. Does the same hold true for Jimmy Graham,as the team has picked it up sice hes gone too?

    Just because you repeat it enough times doesnt make it fact.

    More importantly, after having abdominal surgery less than 2months ago,and testing it out in practice, and,the frigid cold temps, maybe he’s just not ready or worried about further injury. Is every player coming back from delicate surgery automatically on the next train out of the city if he’s not ready after a couple practices?

  8. Russell has been playing at an MVP level without Marshawn and without Graham. Last year, they made their run when Percy went down. Russell doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so he plays to ‘make the stars happy’. Not working…

    So, this is actually a blessing for the Seahawks who can now look to the intermediate passing game to Baldwin, Kearse and Lockett to dominate, and then close the game with the running game…freezing or not.

    Go Hawks! 20 – 9.

  9. As cold as it is going to be, this is going to turn into a ground game. Catching a football will be like trying to catch a brick. Advantage: Vikings.

  10. The Vikes expected this & prepared to contain the Sea Hags real runner Wilson! In Zim we trust! #Skol

  11. It would have been great to have had Marshawn, but Christine Michael will do extremely well. As far as all the conjecture about will Lynch ever wear a Seahawks uniform or not, it is just that–conjecture. You’re making it up. Let’s wait til we have some facts to deal with.

    Right now, we have one thing to worry about–beating the Vikings.

  12. If this is indeed the end, all Hawk fans say thank you, #24 for the memories, and for establishing the tone of this century’s Seattle Seahawks with the greatest play in team history – the “Beastquake” TD run against N.O. in the wildcard game after the 2010 season. That game laid the foundation for later success.

    One thing is for sure – there will never be another “Beast Mode” ANYWHERE in football.

  13. “If/when the Vikings once again prevail in Minnesota absent Marshawn, the Seahawks will move another step closer toward life without Lynch.” I believe the Seahawks prevailed last time…..If the Vikings prevailed, the point would be that the team didn’t perform well without him or maybe Rawls….I get your point……However, the real story was that Lynch is out…..That is big enough to blog about without coming with other angles….

  14. Fascinating. I’m going to the game. Will it be so cold it makes yours balls tingle and your butthole pucker? Probably. Russell Wilson can talk about his days in the snow in Virginia as a kid, and the fact they didn’t play any Badger games @ home in late December, or January. Different element, different environment, different team, different outcome.

  15. Seriously? Stirring up conspiracies again, Florio? Why does it have to be about anything more than a guy 7 weeks after a heavy surgery being too sore to go after a couple practices’ worth of hits? I’m too sore to go and my surgery was in ’08!

  16. Very interesting, Seattle, very interesting indeed!!! What on Earth will the media do now that their “sure thing” isn’t playing this weekend??? I know, I know, he didn’t play the last time these two teams met, but neither did our full power defense, WHICH, in their INFINITE wisdom the media do continue to NOT mention! GO VIKINGS!!!! SKOL!!! MAY THE NORSE GODS BE WITH YOU!!!!

  17. I’m starting to think that Marshawn Lynch is one of the players who’s been undermining Wilson’s leadership the past two or three years. The reports of players saying, “Wilson’s not black enough,” etc. Remember Lynch’s shout-outs to “all the true Africans” before the Super Bowl? Either way you slice it, when Lynch isn’t in there, Wilson has been playing even better than this season’s MVP in Carolina.

  18. As a Vikings fan I’m a bit gutted that Lynch won’t be playing. I was hoping that by trying to incorporate him into their offense, then they might disrupt the awesome pace they have been setting of late.

    Still… Vikings win 26 – 18

  19. Marshawn found out about -25 below windchill and basically said heck with that!

    Luke willson….Same!!!

  20. Seahawks have proven that they can get along just fine without Lynch, and in fact, may be a better team without him. Still and the same, it would be a more interesting game with him playing.

    That aside….Go Vikings. Gotta pull for the North/Central Division team.

    Go Packers!!

  21. Kind of have mixed feelings on Lynch not playing.
    On one hand he’s beast mode, with the cold weather he would be an asset. But, it’s extremely hard to jump right back in the lineup after missing a lot of time, especially in a one and done scenario.
    On the other hand, kind of wanted him to play. Seattle’s O is on fire thought maybe he could possibly throw the mojo off a little bit.

    Maybe it’s just simply to hard to eat frozen skittles.

  22. It’s hard for me to believe that there isn’t more to this story than meets the eye. I have a feeling that we’ve seen the last of Marshawn in a Seahawks uniform.

  23. Kind of a shock. Could be the weather thing in Minny or maybe Michael looked that good in practice this week.

    At any rate, Lynch playing next year for 9 mill was never gonna happen in my opinion. And TRawls went out and just put a period on the sentence when he started playing well.

    Go Hawks!

  24. I read earlier in the week that the professional money was going on Minnesota, while the amateur money was betting on Seattle.

    I wonder if they knew something we didn’t.

    Or maybe Marshawn got good news from his Doctor but a bad prognosis from the weather man and decided to pull a Marshwnish move.

  25. Being pasted on Michael will be a lot easier for our beast, Linval Hungry, than shadowing Beastmode. The weather getting bad for just that one day, no Beastmode. . . Somebody up there likes us. Go Vikes!

  26. Net net weather is an advantage for Vikings; not because of all the nonsense about them being used to it’ It’s not been cold there.

    Instead because if you’re the underdog (ar least based on last meeting) you want any screwy circumstances to dirty the game.

    Having said that, absent turnovers, it probably hurts Vikings more than Hawks. Bridgewater’s arm strength is already questionable. Hawks stack the line and dare Bridgewater to throw a slick, heavy ball deep.

    Hawks 24-10.

  27. Whatever chance Seattle had of winning in those conditions went away with the news that Lynch won’t play. I would have picked the Seahawks with Lynch. With AP and Bridgewater’s ability to throw short, the Vikings will outscore Seattle.

  28. Oh geez, what will the Seahawks do now? I mean, winning by 3 TD’s will still be nice but 5 would have been better. Oh well.

  29. @realitycheckbaby

    You do know that the Vikings just played a game against the Giants, at home, and the temp was 13 degrees (which is in the top 10 of all time for coldest Viking home games).

    And I think the windchill for that was under 0 degrees as well.

    The question is which offense will be affected more by the cold and by the winds (which are projected to be 10-15 MPH).

    I don’t think this stuff is enough to make Seattle lose, but this are small advantages for the Vikes.

  30. I just saw clips of the Vikings practicing, they were bundled up like the little brother in A Christmas Story. But keep telling yourselves the weather favors one team over another….

  31. rightwingguy says:
    Jan 9, 2016 10:56 AM

    Wow Seattle fans are idiots. We didn’t have our 3 best dedefensive starters and had 4 out that game. Bring it!

    You know Vikings offense scored ZERO points vs Hawks defense, right?

    So will the four defenders back make the Vikings defense twice as good and they lose 19-0? (Or 19-7 with a run back).

    Bottom line is Vikings run defense was mediocre all year at #17. Hawks rush offense is #3.

    Hawks rushed for 145 vs a much better rush defense in Az (#6) with the same RBs they’ll have vs Mn.

    Mn needs turnovers for a real chance and again a QB new to the playoffs with a weak arm and small hands won’t help.

  32. I can’t believe all the Viking fans rejoicing, with Lynch out and the frigid weather, they might have a snow balls chance in hell? Nah,they will still get slaughtered! Teddy is mediocre, and a 2nd year QB with a noddle arm.

  33. Looks like Lynch scared himself out of performing against the best RB in the game.
    Life isn’t perfect, marshawn. Get over yourself

  34. The Vikings better make their playoff run this year. They are the least talented team with the worst QB in their own division and I don’t have a lot of faith in the longevity of their 30 year old running back’s legs.

    They are going to have a hard time getting back in the playoffs for a while.

  35. Teddy will outplay Russell Wilson…bank on it….”experts” shown to not be experts. Viking D will get at least one score. Might be quite similar to the Viking win over Giants…sorry arrogant and overconfident Hawks’ fans, your season is over. Should have been over last week, but the bad call in the Detroit game at least gave you one play off game…

  36. Chemistry or not, this Vikings fan is happy that Beast Mode won’t be running through guys in the cold. A physical back can punish in this weather. I’ve seen Marshawn take over playoff games before. This is a relief for the purple. Should be a good game. It’s very cold here today, even by MN standards. Skittles may have been hard t chew anyway.

  37. It’s funny how many SEA fans are saying they don’t need him, they are better without him.

    Be careful…. a few games against crappy teams, and teams that had nothing to play for because they already clinched everything they could doesn’t mean your team is back… and that it’s back and better without Marshawn.

    This is still a team that got two gift wins from the refs, and by virtue of those wins did not finish 8-8 and out of the playoffs.

    Now they are exclaiming after winning against the likes of the 49ers, Rams, Ravens, Browns, and a clinched division and bye Cardinals that they don’t need Marshawn tomorrow.

    We’ll see about that.

    Also SEA fans don’t know how Rawls will come back from a broken ankle, and still don’t know whether or not Rawls can consistently do what Marshawn did for years. He’s shown he can in spurts, pre-injury.

    Seahawks can easily win, just like the Vikings can easily win. At home, in cold weather, and not facing Marshawn. Whether or not Seahawks fans care to admit it, the circumstances are on the side of the Vikings on this one.

  38. As cold as it is going to be, this is going to turn into a ground game. Catching a football will be like trying to catch a brick. Advantage: Vikings.
    This is not really very logical, Seattle has a better running game, a better passing game, and overall a much higher ranked offense than the Vikings. Its almost as if you forgot the Vikings have the number 17 rushing defense going up against the number 2 rushing offense, and the Vikings are going up against the number one rushing defense…Not sure how that equates to an advantage for the Vikings.

  39. Pete Carroll know all week Lymch was not capable of playing and the Seahawks were reporting all week he was fully recovered and was ready go. Pete Carroll is a giant liar and a cheater. This should surprise no one.

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