Report: “All signs point” to Adam Gase to Dolphins

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Bears offensive coordinator Adam Gase was supposed to have a second interview with the Eagles. He didn’t. He’s now supposed to have a second interview with the Dolphins, according to ESPN.

Via Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, “all signs point” to Gase becoming the next coach of the Dolphins.

Salguero has said consistently that Gase is the first choice of owner Stephen Ross. And if Gase gets the job, it’ll be the first time Ross gets his first choice when it comes to making a major hire.

The concern is whether Gase is ready. A year ago, the Broncos didn’t consider him as the replacement for John Fox, and the 49ers hired Jim Tomsula instead. But a year working with Bears quarterback Jay Cutler improved Gase’s stock dramatically, making him a guy that several teams covet.

It doesn’t hurt that Gase is viewed as a guy who can gets along with tough personalities. Indeed, he managed to work well with Cutler and Peyton Manning before that, two difficult quarterbacks for very different reasons. In the current hiring cycle, plenty of coaching searches are being led by plenty of guys who don’t want a coach whose ego or aspirations will undermine folks who currently are employed in critical positions.

For Gase, the critical task will be to get the most out of quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Or, sooner than later, to find and develop a better alternative.

52 responses to “Report: “All signs point” to Adam Gase to Dolphins

  1. If I had known this team was going to be this mediocre for this long, I’d have said, “Screw it. Keep Wannstedt!” If this guy is such a hot commodity, I’m on board, but I’d still like interviews with Hue Jackson and Josh McDaniels to happen as well.

    If this doesn’t work, I pray Stephen Ross sells the team! Rick Ross would make a better owner!

  2. Wow, not even a shot at any other head coaches.. I have no idea why the dolphins are interested in coaches with no experience. We have had bad luck with that and we will probably keep having bad luck with that, this guy looks like another joe philbin. Looking at him, I just see it he doesn’t have that leadership like the other candidates I see for example hue Jackson. How could you not at least interview Hue Jackson? He led the freaking raiders when they were horrible to an 8-8 record and at one point they were 7-4. Last year Andy dalton was complete crap having as ,any interceptions as touchdowns, and now these years he’s playing extremely good and has a great td:int ratio. Maybe he might not be the guy ok, but at least get someone that has experience with leadership..

    Being the head coach is a huge step and becoming the leader and letting your voice out is important.. I think there are other candidates that have a better track record at that. This is freaking Miami Dolphins, no one has control over the players here and they never perform to their best because no one is really pushing them. Is this really the answer? Well I think I know how this ends anyways either another few years of mediocrity under him and then we hire another one with no experience. It’s a series of books that you always know how it ends. Wow.

  3. The coordinator hires are crap shoots. All the hires are crap shoots. Plenty of coaches out there who are great at their specific coordinator job but that rarely translates into being a great head coach. It’s a huge leap and most fail. And odds are Adam gase will fail too. An argument could be made that a great Nfl head coach is harder to find than a great Nfl quarter back.

  4. Seriously? Another guy that’s never been a head coach?! Why not just keep Campbell? Owner just won’t learn. Wasn’t Philbin a QB guru? How’d that work out?

  5. You would think that, considering the remarkable size of his ears, Stephen Ross would be able to hear everyone in South Florida hating this idea from the beginning. But I guess the distance from New York to Miami is simply too much to overcome, even for someone capable of echolocation in the vacuum of space.

    This field of available coaches stunk, and we still managed to pick someone that WE ALL KNOW will release a statement in two to three years thanking the players, the fans, Mr. Ross, and Mr. Tannenbaum for the opportunity to coach a team for the first time ever.

    But back to those absurd ears… Why is Ross paying millions for those awnings when he could just block out the sun for the rest of us by standing at the top row in the stadium that will ALWAYS be Joe Robbie?

    Sell the team, Stephen, and get out of our lives already.

  6. Adding Gase to the staff would be the smartest hire they could make if they could pull it off. He would be great for Tannehill. I’m just not sure if he should be OC or HC. No one knows if he will be worth a damn as a HC yet. If he ends up being a good HC, Ross will look smart for the first time in his football career.

  7. I wish Stephen Ross would try hiring a head coach with a proven track record of winning big games and, dare I say it, maybe even having won a Super Bowl.

    Long suffering Dolphin fans deserve better than someone getting on-the-job training to be a head coach.

  8. It’s not (most) head coach’s job to second guess contracts/draft investment in a QB. This discussion about Gase finding a replacement for Ryan Tannehill if one is needed will NOT be in his job description. That is a GMs job.

  9. Not a fan for the HC position. I don’t think he is ready. There has to be some semblance of transition from OC/DC to Asst HC, where they (like some rookies that sit at the beginning of their career) sit, learn, acquire contacts, begin building a name for themselves.

    You need experience this time and have someone follow that model to be fully prepared to to assume the role as HC. Just not thrusted into his process and position…’s a more often a recipe for failure

  10. If the Eagles aren’t the first to hire a coach, I am going to laugh so hard at them claiming they fired Chip when they did in order to get a jump on hiring a new coach.

  11. I don’t blame him if “Old/New” GM Howie Roseman is one tough personality he thought better of working with in Eagles front office. Boy wonder has had his hand in several firings and been involved in drama, from Andy Reid, Tom Gamble, Joe Banner and now Chip Kelly.

    How a guy behind the drama, the dream team, and picks like Danny Watkins, and Marcus Smith is still employed, let alone once again the GM blows my mind.

  12. Gase is a great coaching candidate. Gase got credit for helping Cutler but the reality is the OC’s before Gase were beyond awful making him look better than he possibly might be. Gase made a wise move knowing he could use him as a springboard to a head coaching job.

  13. This would be a blow to Jay Cutler and to the Bears. What Cutler needs is consistency. Another new coordinator; another new system. Jay showed this season he can perform. But he needs a team and system around him that can grow together. Changing around again is really bad.

  14. Seriously, why is Miami considering Gase who looks like a young version of Philbum when they are better options ? Gase led Chicago to the 20th ranked offense, mind you with weapons, this year ? What is that going to do for the Mia? Why not Hue Jackson an offensive guy who develops QBs to take care of Tannehill ? OMG ! What a laughing stock this team is.
    Shannahan ? Retreads, say what you will, win super bowls all the time. FYI.Belicheat is a retread.

    Being a Miami fan gets harder and harder.
    Cam Cameron
    Joe Philbum
    Adam Gase
    They are all the same clown.

  15. Are people also forgetting he helped Tebow manage a team to a playoff victory? Same qb some “drones” consider the worst qb ever.

  16. Not a bad situation for him, has some pieces, and probably the least warts of the other available situations, other than Suh. Good luck with that one.

  17. This is far from being a done deal. Immediately suspicious about what would draw Gase to want to work for Ross and Tannenbaum.

  18. “All signs point” to Adam Gase to Dolphins


    If they sign him as the head coach over Dan Campbell, I’ll be hoping we lose the first 6 games.

    It would be totally unfair to Dan Campbell.

  19. Only if he can bring Vic Fangio with him.

    Let’s face it, the Gase hire for my Dolphins is risky. He’s Cameron 2.0 and he’s never played college ball. We’ve been here before. This guy could work out, but his staff will matter.

    This is boom or bust. Either Stephen Ross’s instincts are spot on (they were with Harbaugh), or not. Gase, after hiding under Payton’s skirt and then following Fox to the Bears for 1 year, will either bloom as an HC or fall flat in a spectacular failure, returning to the OC position on another team like Cam Cameron did.

    This is not a comfortable place to be, if you’re a Dolphins fan, but I’ll leave this decision to the franchise and hopefully they get it right.

  20. Gase’s abysmal offensive attack in Super Bowl 48 only lead to eight (8) points — and that was with Big Bro Manning at the helm (i.e., allegedly one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL). So… what would anyone expect Gase to accomplish with Ryan Tannehill?

  21. Gase must already know the same thing that former OC Bill Lazor knew; Running an NFL offense with a QB who can not make all the throws needed at the NFL level begs for an alternative to Ryan Tannehill.

  22. If anyone believes Josh McDaniels is a good choice after
    the Damage he did to my Broncos in such a short span needs to get off the pipe.the guy is Patriots Cancer
    nothing more …
    he even got caught cheating in Denver just like his mentor
    do yourselves a favor and stay far away from him

  23. I’m all finished with this idiot owner. Same old crap. Another inexperienced head coach. Another Saban, Cameron, Philbin, Sparano, take your pick. Same crap over and over and over. Luckily South Florida has the Florida Panthers, Miami Heat and UM basketball and football. I won’t spend one more cent or waste one more second of my life supporting or watching an inferior product. Enough is enough. The Miami Dolphins are a total joke.

  24. So here it starts all over again. Jay Cutler will have another typical bogus season next year as he leads his Bears out of a playoff spot and the reason will be he is working with ANOTHER new coordinator…and the cycle continues. If Adam Gase was so special, why didn’t the Bears sign him to a longer term deal?

  25. I don’t even like the dolphins but why aren’t they knocking on Coughlins door??? If he is willing to coach this year he is by far the best coach and it’s not even close

  26. I’ve been a Phin fan from when they first came into the league, being from and still living in South Florida.

    I’ve always thought team first. I wasn’t exactly pleased when Dave Wannstedt refused to sign Dan Marino to a one year extension, when he wanted to play one more year. I sat through patiently as Cam Cameron took us to a 1-15 season. I never called for Ireland’s head. I never called for Philbin’s head. Both were awful. Yet, I always stood by the TEAM.

    Dan Campbell was asked to coach a 1-3 team that he had no part in building. These were coaches Philbin hired. He couldn’t hardly fire everybody 1/4 into the season and start over. Yet, he still finished 5-7 and that’s with all the injuries and chaos that came with it. Remember, that also included beating the reigning Super Bowl champs, playing for home field advantage throughout the play-offs, along the way.

    How does he NOT deserve a shot at hiring the staff he wants now and coaching this team for at least two more years? I’d like to see what he can do on his own.

    Campbell has more head coaching experience than Gase. This is crazy!

    If Adam Gase is signed, I will have finally been pushed to the limit and will will no longer support this team. ‘I just can’t takes it no more’, as Popeye would say!

    Phrustraed Phin Phan!

  27. I always thought this is where Gase would and should end up. He did wonders with Cutler in Chicago, and the Dolphins job offers a chance to work with a good young quarterback with some upside.

  28. I won’t predict if Gase will succeed or fail in Miami, but he did well managing Cutler, even with countless injuries to the O-line, WR’s and also Matt Forte some games.

  29. I’m not as upset at Gase being head coach as I am Stephen Ross being the owner and his buddy, Mikey being GM. This franchise is going nowhere with these two NY clowns in charge.

  30. As a Bear fan, I implore the Dolphins..PLEASE…PLEASE…PLEASE , hire Gase..If I see one more run up the middle for a -1 yard, my head will explode..Especially on 1st down..The man has the play calling imagination of a frog

  31. It is OFFICIAL, Adam Gase is the Dolphins Head Coach. I have a friend in the Scouting Dept.

    Not my first choice, but who knows. The Dolphins are due for some success. I hope he has the power to get a decent OC and DC becuase that is what matters most for an inexperienced HC. I just don’t understand the lateral move. Why not keep Campbell. He had some HC experience atleast and actually won games with a totally dysfunctional roster. You suck Ross, but I am a fan for life… too many decades invested already.

  32. hunter0008 says:
    Jan 9, 2016 6:32 AM
    Are people also forgetting he helped Tebow manage a team to a playoff victory? Same qb some “drones” consider the worst qb ever.

    Common misconception. The year Tebow, who is certainly the worst QB ever to win a playoff game, beat the Steelers the OC was Mike McCoy.

    Case coached wide recievers that season.

  33. Big mistake by Gase if true. Dolphins are no longer a good job. He’ll be fired in 2-3 years. Mark it down.

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