Stephen Jones not as emphatic about keeping Greg Hardy as he was

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Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones was the one who got the ball rolling, saying the Cowboys wanted to extend defensive end Greg Hardy’s contract.

But that was in October, when Hardy was getting sacks.

Now that they season has ended and the Cowboys received six sacks and a lot of headaches for the $8.8 million they invested in Hardy, Jones doesn’t seem so sure of that.

During an appearance on 1310 The Ticket, Jones was rather noncommittal when asked if Hardy was going to return.

“If you were to say, ‘OK, Greg had six sacks in 12 games, would you have expected more than that?’ The answer to that question is probably yes,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “But at the same time, he affects other players on the defensive line.

“We’re a little early in the game to be bringing final decisions to the table as to whether a player really performed in a way we feel like he should have performed. Should we bring that player back, should we not bring the player back? Those are all things to discuss over the next two to three weeks.”

Of course, it’s more than just the sacks or lack thereof, there’s also the extreme amount of maintenance required, as coach Jason Garrett had to meet with Hardy numerous times, with emerging reports of teammates who grew tired of his “perpetual tardiness” and the lack of consequence.

“That’s the full body of work,” Jones said. “Those are things we will get our hands around when we give the evaluation. There are many things that go into the evaluation. There is one, performance on the field. Two, what kind of guy is he off the field? What’s the medical outlook? Those are all things that will factor in not just to Greg Hardy, but any player we have on our football team.

“As Jason has said many times, we want the right kind of guy on our football team. We will continue to look at that and continue to strive to have the very best men and players we can have.”

That’s about as equivocal as you can be about a guy they so staunchly defended a few months ago, and talked openly about committing to.

26 responses to “Stephen Jones not as emphatic about keeping Greg Hardy as he was

  1. Man, the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree. He is headed down the same blathering, nonsensical path that his father blazed so spectacularly!

  2. They want the “right kind of guy” on their team. Well they knew of his issues when they signed him, and yet they still signed him. He had even more issues and they said he was a leader and they wanted to extend him. So obviously, he is their kind of guy. 31 other teams decided he was not their kind of guy.

  3. Cut the cord on this clown. He probably has about one more chance, just based on his talent, and the desperation some coaches feel when their jobs are on the line.

  4. whether its the cowboys or not remains to be seen but you can bet your last dollar he will be playing somewhere next year and hopefully its one of the teams whose fans have berated the cowboys for signing him claiming their franchise is holier than thou

  5. The Cowboys and Patriots…..2 skidmark NFL teams. One cheats. The other signs criminals and women beaters….

  6. Of course, it’s more than just the sacks or lack thereof, there’s also the extreme amount of maintenance required, as coach Jason Garrett had to meet with Hardy numerous times, with emerging reports of teammates who grew tired of his “perpetual tardiness” and the lack of consequence.

    Problem solved. That production can easily be replaced and you have no locker room prima donnas

  7. I guess it’s okay to hear from Jerry’s son. But I’d much rather hear from Jerry himself. Because Jerry has that rare ability to make people laugh without ever deliberately trying to be funny.

  8. Let him move on. Again even if he was a model employee his production didn’t match his salary. He only showed the ability to speed rush and when teams neutralized his speed he was ineffective as a rusher and average at best defending the run. The Joneses maybe very good at a lot of things but player personnel isn’t one of them.

  9. Hardy is throwing away a pile of future money by not following simple rules. What a waste of talent.

  10. Release him! It’s easy. Send a message to your team. Lovie Smith got fired. You’re gonna lock up a player who slaps coaches and is late to meetings with a long term contact? How long would have Hardy lasted with Jimmy Johnson coaching?

  11. This is negotiation time…. Hardy says he would love to stay.

    Jones says ” There are many things that go into the evaluation.”

    Translation: At the right price, a deal can be made…..

  12. Cut him loose. Demarcus Lawrence proved to be a better pass rusher. They have found a competent back-up QB (IMO) so use your picks to sure up the D-line, DB’s, LB, and RB positions.

  13. It’s called pass COVERAGE Stevie and when Brandon “Snare Drum” Carr can’t cover a receiver for a few seconds OF COURSE the sack numbers DROP!
    Maybe the guy you SHOULDN’T KEEP is your DIY HC who was worthless as an OC and isn’t any better as a HC!

  14. Wonder if he’s as high on Jason Garrett as he was? Stupid as his dad if he is. Garrett proved as a head coach he is inadequate at best.
    Hardy proved his self to be unreliable, that’s enough to part ways. Need to see R. McClain after a complete off season of work, he looked fat and slow.
    Jerry Jones should relinquish any and all control, nah, that’s not going to happen either. He only did one good thing as owner, hired Jimmy Johnson but even screwed that up.

  15. Sign Mario and let Gregory Develop under him for a year or two. Hardy became invisible and didn’t even get as many pressures as expected.

    Draft another DT and OLB (not sold on Hitchens yet) and a QB.

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