Dirk Koetter interviews for 49ers head coaching job


If he Buccaneers punted Lovie Smith so they could hang onto Dirk Koetter, they may have some competition for him.

According to Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee, the 49ers interviewed the Bucs offensive coordinator today.

The 49ers are interviewing Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson tomorrow, and he’s reportedly the front-runner for the job.

But Koetter also earned high marks for his work with rookie quarterback Jameis Winston this year, and raised his profile in the process.

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  1. Unless you have the tools to clone Bill Walsh in his prime, I don’t see anyone else banging the door down for Shanny and Holmgren.

  2. .
    The Bucs allegedly fired Lovie in order to hire Koetter. Now they apparently have their eyes on someone else . Licht has ties to Arizona and New England. They’ve already interviewed the Cards DC Goodwin. Perhaps McDaniels and Patricia are in play here too?

  3. As a Cards fan who witnessed all five years of Koetter at Arizona State, “Koetter in SFO? Yes, please!”

    Koetter was incapable of running a Div. I team competently. His recruits started showing dividends quickly. He had two players that left the team after sexual assaults, and two other players were kicked off the team for secretly filming a coed disrobing. Another player was dismissed after pulling a knife, and another for firing a gun.

    But his masterpiece was star running back, Loren Wade. who for two years exhibited increasingly erratic and threatening behavior toward female athletes, including his girlfriend. When faced with the duty of reporting Wade’s serious misconduct to ASU campus police and to student affairs officials, Koetter kept mum.

    Had he reported the behavior, his star player surely would have been kicked out of school.
    He kept it a secret and before Wade’s senior year, he shot and killed 25-year-old Brandon Falkner, a former ASU football player who had the gall to talk to Wade’s estranged girlfriend in the parking lot of a Scottsdale nightclub.
    He is currently serving life in prison, thanks to Koetter’s Jerry Jones-like refusal to maintain the simplest standards of character.
    Go Niners!

  4. @filmex Give us a break. You honestly believe that Wade “exhibited increasingly erratic behaviour toward female athletes” without anyone but Dirk Koetter being aware of it? From another hatchet piece about Koetter on the same theme, it’s obvious that the female athletes’ teams knew, campus security knew, AND the police received complaints. Koetter was one of the last to hear about the incidents, and kicking the guy off the team certainly wouldn’t have prevented his actions. If you post BS, at least try to keep it from being slanderous toward someone.

  5. Harbaugh ran the 9ers the same way. The newspapers couldn’t sell an issue without another 49er making headlines for misconduct. Tomsula DID, somehow, get those idiots to stay out of the news.

    Winning is the only metric that matters at that level. A guy who gets the job done with creeps and killers would be ideal, cause God knows we’ve got plenty of those in the NFL.

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