Gase, Dolphins “making progress”


The Dolphins are indeed making progress with Bears offensive coordinator Adam Gase. And since no one has promoted that it is a “95-percent” certainty, there’s still a good chance it will get done.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Gase and the Dolphins are indeed “making progress” toward a deal, but to date no deal is done. This meshes with the report from Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald that “all signs point” to Gase getting the job.

The clarity of Gase’s candidacy apparently has had a ripple effect on others. Salguero now reports that Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia’s interview has been canceled. While the details of the decision aren’t known, it’s possible that Patricia’s camp caught wind of the Gase chatter, sought assurances that the team wasn’t closing in on hiring Gase, didn’t get them, and said, “Thanks but no thanks.”

Whether Gase ends up getting the job remains to be seen. As long as no one declares that it’s a “95 percent” probability of a hire, there’s still a good chance he will.

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  1. Hue Jackson would make. Lot more sense in miami. He could help develop tannehill and tell suh to get his stuff together. I bet suh would have more respect for hue than gase.

  2. “We need a coach with lots of experience, a leader of men first and foremost, someone who commands respect and has been there and done that”

    Stephen Ross

    …And then he hires a 37 year old who’s never been a head coach at any level.

    This franchise is so lost.

  3. It’s all a crap shoot, I remember saying we should give Jeff Fisher a blank check to get him to Miami. Oh well, look how that has turned out in St. Louis. Hire a newbie and just hope for the best cause this is not a science.

  4. august589 says:
    Jan 9, 2016 10:15 AM

    Who was the Dolphins’ Rooney Rule interview?


    They’ve interviewed two black candidates. How insulting the Rooney rule is.

  5. If you’re hiring Gase, you might has well have stuck with Philbin. There’s little difference between them: two guys with little in the way of experience, whose resumés boast a few years working with a supremely talented QB.

  6. They interviewed Anthony Lynn the other day. They need a HC who can put the finishing touches on Tannehil and if Gase gets the gig he’d be smart to contact Jim Schwartz to be the DC. Sue would probably be ecstatic and maybe not act do much like a spoiled baby.

  7. @august589

    Teryl Austin was the “Rooney”

    I would have preferred Shanahan or Jackson, but Gase is a good choice. Atleast 6 other Teams think so. The problem is that it defies the “experience” guy they were seeking. The bottom line is no one knows who will do well. Years ago “we lost out on Fisher”. How is that working out?

  8. I’ve been a Phin fan from when they first came into the league, being from and still living in South Florida.

    I’ve always thought team first. I wasn’t exactly pleased when Dave Wannstedt refused to sign Dan Marino to a one year extension, when he wanted to play one more year. I sat through patiently as Cam Cameron took us to a 1-15 season. I never called for Ireland’s head. I never called for Philbin’s head. Both were awful. Yet, I always stood by the TEAM. I’ve never called for Ross to sell the team, as many fans have.

    Dan Campbell was asked to coach a 1-3 team that he had no part in building. These were coaches Philbin hired. He couldn’t hardly fire everybody 1/4 into the season and start over. Yet, he still finished 5-7 and that’s with all the injuries and chaos that came with it. Remember, that also included beating the reigning Super Bowl champs, playing for home field advantage throughout the play-offs, along the way.

    How does he NOT deserve a shot at hiring the staff he wants now and coaching this team for at least two more years? I’d like to see what he can do on his own.

    Campbell has more head coaching experience than Gase. This is crazy!

    If Adam Gase is signed, I will have finally been pushed to the limit and will no longer support this team. ‘I just can’t takes it no more’, as Popeye would say!

    Phrustraed Phin Phan!

  9. It is OFFICIAL. Gase is being Hired. I have a friend on the Scouting Team and they just had a Meeting at 10:00 to announce this internally.

    I like the move, but why not keep Campbell if you wanted a young, no Head Coach experience? Only time will tell. I wanted Shanahan instead.

  10. The dolphin 4 year plan:
    •Hire an OC with no experience
    -calling your own plays optional
    •experience success your 1st season sucking in the the fan base
    •fire your OC after season 2
    •find an excuse not to fire your coach season 3
    •call season 4 a playoff must
    •end of season 4 fire coach
    •final step repeat process again and again and again

  11. The NY Giants planned to offer Gase the Job, so Ross is acting out of pressure to get this done. Boo! Ross you suck!

    Obviously, none of the candidates are a lock and a few will do well. The fact is NONE of us know, but Shanahan or Jackson offered experience. The bottom line is 4 of the 6 Teams looking wanted Gase, so this is the hand we are dealt. I am sure if one of the other teams got him, they would be happy. I know Bears Fans are unhappy. Gase is good at what he does, but does that make him good at HC? We shall see.

  12. gridirongod says:
    Jan 9, 2016 10:38 AM

    Ross Hasn’t learned anything! I guess I have no choice but to wait and see what this Gase guy does because its basically a done deal

    You and I have a choice. Like me, you can stop supporting this team if they make Gase their next head coach.

    Dan Campbell should get the job. See my post above for the reasons I say that.

  13. I am a big fan of this hire… and I think if more fans did a little research on the guy, a good number of them might change their opinion too.

    10 NFL teams have requested an interview with this guy within the last two years… and he was offered the job in San Fran last year, on the condition he accept the teams choice for his D-coordinator. I like it even better he told them to shove it, and even better than that who he DID want as his D coordinator!!

    I understand, given the recent failures Miami has experienced, hiring first time guys… but this guy is in no shape form or fashion Joe Philbin (whose main claim to fame was standing near Arron Rodgers for a period of time). Peyton Manning called this guy the smartest man he knows. John Elway called him a genius, Nick Saban and Mike Martz speak glowingly of him… and both backed that up with rapid advancement.

    If nothing else (assuming a deal gets done)… feel good about Miami finally getting their top choice! In 2011 that was Jim Harbaugh… but Ross fumbled it. In 2012 that was Jeff Fischer… but they fumbled it. In 2014, I think they got their 4th or 5th choice of GM’s. Simply embarrassing. So if you can’t feel good about Gase because he isn’t your choice… at least feel good because the Dolphins look like they are going to get THEIR choice, and that guy has multiple choices across the league.

    For those lamenting Dan Campbell… just hold on. Might be a good chance that Dan is back with the Dolphins next season anyway, as Gase and Campbell worked together in Detroit.

    Anyway… there is no other reaction to expect from fans I suppose, given the dysfunction and terrible decisions this franchise had made for well over a decade. But as an admitted ride or die Dolphins guy from the early 70’s…. this is honestly the best I’ve felt regarding a coaching choice since 1995.

  14. “Manning, Cutler > Tannehill so Gase will fail.”

    As a Pats fan I think Tannehill is better than you think.

    The biggest problem with the Miami offense has been the revolving door Oline they’ve had for years.

    The game does not begin with the QB, it begins with the Oline. If you can’t keep the QB on his feet it wouldn’t matter who the QB is.

    Behind a bad Oline even Brady, Manning, Brees and Rodgers will not play well. But put a very good or great Oline out there and even a mediocre QB can do the job well.

    Tannehill has show flashes of great play. He just can’t sustain it with the lousy Oline.

  15. The Dolphins need to stop hiring guys requiring OJT. Get a strong HC that has the ability to hire a competent staff. The best candidates would be Shanahan, Mangini or Jackson.

  16. If it didn’t work the first 3 times, might as well try it a fourth time. Another OC with no head coaching experience. Philbin and Cameron were lauded as geniuses too. How did Ross succeed in business? He is as dumb as they come.

  17. What exactly did Gase do that made Cutler so much better?
    He looked about the same (a few amazing throws, a few awful throws), and his record improved by 1 game.

    2014: 5-10
    2015: 6-9

    During the Manning Bronco go-go years, any OC would have been a ‘genius’.

  18. Gase signed a 5 year deal with fins, press conference at 3 PM sat, EST. , probably on WQAM radio

  19. “If Adam Gase is signed, I will have finally been pushed to the limit and will no longer support this team. ”

    Better start shopping for a new team, Gase reported to be on the Dolphins, per Chicago Tribune.

  20. Every head coach has to start somewhere. Gase is young and specializes of offense. It’s exactly what the Dolphins and Tannehill need. There is too much talent on the Dolphins offense for it to be as poor as it has been so maybe Gase can resolve that. I’ll give him a chance.

  21. laxcoach37 says:
    Jan 9, 2016 10:40 AM
    It is OFFICIAL. Gase is being Hired. I have a friend on the Scouting Team and they just had a Meeting at 10:00 to announce this internally

    Maybe you won’t doubt me next time. I have over 27 years of Coaching HS and NCAA D-1. I actually do know a few Scouts. Good Luck to Coach Gase.

  22. Its a done deal. Stop looking at the rear view window. Hope that the new coach has a lot of success because we need it. go Dolphins. And those who say they will leave if Gase is the new coach….enjoy your new team. Bill

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