Jeremy Maclin to have MRI Sunday

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The Chiefs won their first playoff game in more than 20 years on Saturday afternoon by walking over the Texans in Houston, but there was one bad turn of events in their 30-0 victory.

Wide receiver Jeremy Maclin left the game on a cart in the third quarter of the game after hurting his right knee. Maclin was teary-eyed as he made his way to the locker room, which is the sort of thing that raises fears about a serious injury for a player who tore the ACL in the same knee a few years ago.

Maclin didn’t speak to reporters after the game and Adam Teicher of reports he walked out of the locker room with a limp but without crutches. Chiefs coach Andy Reid said that Maclin strained his knee and that he’d go for an MRI on Sunday. The latter seems more significant given the way things looked when Maclin went off the field.

The wait for those results will make for some nervous moments amid the celebrating in Kansas City.

21 responses to “Jeremy Maclin to have MRI Sunday

  1. I’d be surprised if has anything less than a torn MCL. Him walking is somewhat positive that it wasn’t an ACL. Good guy. Hopefully he makes a full recovery.

  2. KC well coached team and they played it smart great recovery from a real bad start… Not a fan but they are solid!

  3. Whatever it is, he’s surely not playing next week which is bad news for the Chiefs and their offense. Tough matchup without him going against the Patriots or Broncos.

  4. We’ve had our top guys injured throughout the year and have still had a lot of success. There’s no reason to stop that now. If Maclin can’t go, Wilson and Conley need to step it up.

    Go Chiefs!

  5. From an a Eagles fan. Always loved Maclin. Just could never stay healthy. Could be one of the better WR in the league. Good luck ZM!

  6. Feel bad for Maclin, such a great guy, such a good player, and great teammate. However, Philly didn’t want to go as high on that contract as KC did for this reason. You’ll get one season, then he’ll be out for a year, spend the next year at 75% recovering and then while having a great year in the third year, boom this sad and horrible type of thing happens. So KC just guaranteed over $35M for about one season and like 3 games. In year four you’re going to cut him because the cap hit and risk are too high. So unfortunately for the Chiefs they got the one season of greatness out of the way already and it was sadly wasted with garbage Alex Smith on a team that has literally a negative percentage of winning a title. Maclin deserves so much better. He should have better luck, better knees, and a much better QB than sad AS. So KC will get demolished next week in NE and poor JMac is out till 2018. Sorry KC, maybe if Andy drafted a real QB? Just thinking.

  7. Conley has stepped up! Will he need to do more? Yes but there’s Albert Wilson, Spencer Ware, Travis Kelce and TE Harris who the team has faith in.

    That being said I hope Maclin’s isn’t as serious as it looks to be.

    Someone will step up, mark my word.

  8. bradyakagod says:
    Jan 9, 2016 10:03 PM
    I can’t see the Chiefs beating the pats with that offense esp now that Macklin is gone.
    Point taken. But Maclin wasn’t there last season when the Chiefs curb-stomped the Pats, either. KC is a disciplined team that isn’t likely to make a lot of game-changing mistakes. Here’s hoping Edelman is 100% back in the saddle.

  9. Sucks for him and Chiefs and their fans. Some athletes have all the talent and desire in the world but their bodies just can’t handle the games they play.

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