Reports: Tom Coughlin a candidate for Eagles head coach


Tom Coughlin said at his Giants farewell that he wasn’t done coaching. He may not even be leaving the NFC East.

Coughlin is expected to interview for the Eagles’ head-coaching vacancy, according to two reports.

Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports reports that the Giants are expecting Coughlin to speak to the Eagles, while FOX 5 in New York reported that the Eagles requested permission from the Giants to speak with Coughlin.

It is unclear whether the Giants would try to block Coughlin from going to the Eagles. Although it’s widely believed that Coughlin was nudged out by the Giants’ ownership, technically the parties termed his departure a resignation, not a firing. That’s important because a coach who is fired is free to look elsewhere, but a coach who resigns would need to get permission to get out of his contract.

Neither the Giants nor the Eagles has confirmed that Coughlin will interview, but with the Eagles wanting a coach who can right the ship after a disappointing 2015 season, and with Coughlin making clear that he’d consider another opportunity, this is a marriage that could work.

65 responses to “Reports: Tom Coughlin a candidate for Eagles head coach

  1. He has two Super Bowl wins. Why not? Jax should have never fired him but owners do not so smart things.

  2. The NFC “Least” is the worst division in football.

    I’m so glad we have McCarthy. Coughlin would be a major step down.

    on the bright side, we will beat your division rival tomorrow by 10+ points. Book it.

  3. That’s some interesting speculation. I can already hear Giants fans crying, and Eagles fans screaming for justice and free mobility.

    Seriously, I can see the Giants trying to block such a move and can understand it – having watched the Brett Favre fun and frolic from a front row seat. However, there is a case to be made for allowing Coughlin to go to Philly – AND – a case for the Giants blocking it but somehow, I couldn’t see Coughlin wanting to vindictively dumping on Giants’ fans in a fit of “I’ll show them” … I’m thinking this is just plain and simple speculation, right?

  4. Mike McCarthy of the Packers is a terrible coach. He gets by because he has one of the top 2 QB in the league.

    But its going to take more then Rodgers to beat a more complete team in the redskins.

  5. Tom iam slowly losing respect for you you have nothing more to accomplish football wise take your money and apply that same love you have for past players and apply it in the present with your beautiful family !

  6. Why not? Because he is 70 YEARS OLD and only wants revenge against the giants. Is that a way to build a team??? Hahaha I hope tb we you do hire though

  7. If the Eagles are going geriatric, they should hire Dick Vermeil instead of Tom Coughlin. Vermeil is still beloved in Philadelphia.

  8. To the guy so grateful for McCarthy over Coughlin / NYG beat GB twice when it mattered most. Both times in Lambeau.

  9. realdealsteel says:
    Jan 9, 2016 8:20 AM

    Mike McCarthy of the Packers is a terrible coach. He gets by because he has one of the top 2 QB in the league.

    But its going to take more then Rodgers to beat a more complete team in the redskins.


    Good thing that your opinion, plus a bus token won’t get anyone so much as across town. (Actually, a bus token would get you across town. It’s your opinion that isn’t worth doodly-squat)

    Go Packers!!

  10. Coughlin is a good coach. I’d rather see him go outside the division but, good for him.

    2 super bowls in the last 8 yrs…… yeah better get rid of him. Many teams wish they had as many Lombardi trophies in the same time frame.

    Coughlin took a decent team & won it all twice against this era’s dynasty both times..!!

  11. Coughlin, by virtue of being a native NY’er, would certainly like to stay close to home, but the Eagles don’t genuinely have any A-listers — certainly not DeMarco Murray or Sam Bradford. I could imagine Coach Coughlin heading further south to Tennessee, but his Northeastern brashness might clash with the folks down South. I dunno, Tom.

  12. It would be a temporary hire.I would say since there really isnt any good candidates besides Gase really (who is probably going to the Dolphins) ? Coughlin wasnt even the problem of the downfall in Newyork it was the lack of talent and bad defensive play over the past few years.

  13. He’s pushing 70 years old. I know he has 2 Superbowl wins but what has he done lately? I would like to see a new young coach with new ideas (not Chip Kelly type ideas) or a proven veteran that is not elderly. This should have been our (Eagle’s) year but Chip got rid of great players and bought in bums that didn’t produce. Other teams figured how to deal with the fast pace offense and it only wore down our defense by causing them to spend too much time on the field. It may take a couple of seasons to get the team back to the quality team that Andy Reid left in Philly.

  14. Is there anything you won’t print to get clicks? There is zero chance of this happening. File it under your recent “Gruden interested in Philly” click bait headline that was also proven to be not true.

  15. Not a good match. TC is a buttoned up guy and the Giants are a buttoned up franchise. On the other hand, Philadelphia is like the nascar of the division. TCs best fit is a wayward franchise looking for a reputational overhaul. Looking at you Detroit.

  16. It would be a punch in the face for the Giants. On the other hand, what’s so great about Tom Coughlin? Missed the playoffs 6 out of the last 7 yrs. Even one of the SBowl yrs they were a 9 win team that got hot. Seems like he was on the verge of being fired most of his career, yet Giants fans talk about him like he’s some kind of legend. And I grew up a BC fan. Parcells was a legend. Belichick is a legend. The Eagles need a young guy with some time to rebuild.

  17. How much fun would that be? Eagles are going to need 2 years to re-tool, why not have Coughlin at the helm to beat the hapless NYG for the next 2 years!

    BTW, not a redskins fan but today marks the official beginning of the downward spiral for the Packers. McCarthy is most overrated coach in NFC and changes are a coming after skins beat down Rodgers and company.

  18. Maybe they hire Tom…..and Doug Peterson! Tom grooms Doug…who would then have been schooled by Shula, Reid and Coughlin. (I think Andy would let Doug out of his contract.
    Then they hire Pat Shermer as QB coach and sign Bradford long term. They retain Duece to coach RB’s. They hire Spagnuala to be DC.
    Could be a good long term plan!

  19. If Coughlin is smart, he’ll take his 2 SB rings and go home. The idea of hiring this guy to put out a dumpster fire, is really kinda silly.

    Management of 20-somethings is a major element of NFL coaching. They will tune him out from day one. This is not Bill Parcell’s NFL.

    Cue Kenny Rogers: you gotta know when ta hold’em …

  20. Coughlin should still in NY, Reese should be the one looking for work. It’s not like the Eagles are close, having him land in Philly would just add insult to injury to no good end for either Coughlin or the Eagles.

  21. Yes he has two SB rings, but let’s be honest with ourselves….the Giants has a losing record for the last three seasons. Why would it be any different with the Eagles? He’s getting too old for this

  22. It’s already a drama filled division. This would just ratchet up the entertainment value. And I can’t even imagine the ratings an NYG/PHI tilt in prime time would garner.

    Make it so!

  23. How Wade Phillips name never gets mentioned is Crazy. The guy is leading a ferocious D in Denver.

  24. kev86
    Jan 9, 2016, 8:33 AM EST
    To the guy so grateful for McCarthy over Coughlin / NYG beat GB twice when it mattered most. Both times in Lambeau.


    he’s probably grateful because the Packers have been a playoff team for the last handful of years, while Coughlin was going 6-10,6-10,7-9. Just a guess though

  25. Interesting but Coughlin better make sure the Eagles get a QB. Eli isn’t coming with him. Eli is a huge factor in Coughlin’s success with the Giants.

  26. Why would Coughlin agree to resign to save the Giants from having to fire him and not make sure the Giants agreed to let him go wherever he wants before doing so?

    Coughlin knew he wanted to coach again so I find it very hard to believe that he wouldn’t have covered this in their discussions prior to agreeing to anything.

  27. Reid and Kelly are the best coaches he had. He made 3 coaching hires, you picked two of them. Now go ask mom for a cookie and sit down cause scooby doo is coming on.

  28. I think he’s simply too old at this point. I just don’t think these young black players will listen to him or respect him. Remember he had this problem 6 years ago! Now he is even older. That’s why Belicheck works as a coach cause if u don’t listen he just cuts you. He could careless how good you are.
    The same goes for Jack Del Rio, he could careless, if you don’t respect him he will just bench you. You need a no nonsense coach in this era. Coughlin may be that but he’s so old I just don’t think he can do that

  29. This would actually make some sense for the Eagles, as Coughlin is a veteran coach who could possibly come in and straighten out the mess there. Kind of like Marty Schottenheimer used to do in his various stops. Maybe a 2-3 year thing.
    Not sure why a guy who will be 70 next season really wants or feels he has to keep coaching in the NFL? You might think he’d like to relax, do some other things, and spend more time with his family at this point in his life? Maybe not, but kinda hard to understand?
    And while Coughlin is certainly an outstanding veteran HC, and an NFL legend, you also have to wonder if, at his age, he can still fully relate to young players, many of whom could be his grandsons, and if the game might be getting a little too fast for him these days?

  30. Coughlin will take the Cincy job after Marvin Lewis gets canned after losing to Pittsburgh tonight.

  31. I may be the only one who thinks Tom Coughlin is much like Joe Paterno. Some guys love, live, and breathe football and without it… they don’t see themselves as a whole.

    If Tom decides to coach anywhere, Philly would embrace him. He still has a fire and desire to be the best, and can groom his successor.

    The problem is that the Eagles are most likely looking to find another Andy Reid type tenure. Nobody wants to play the coaching carousel game.

    Lastly, the Eagles have the talent to be the best team in the league Yes, they lost many games, but they also had some good wins. Sam Bradford is likely involved in the process too, even though his contract is now expired, Lurie is going to want to hire someone that can get the most out of him. – that would be explain the reason for hunting Coughlin (Eli), Gase (Cutler), and Pederson (Reid/ Smith).

  32. Good move. And Tom, bring in Dick LeBeau as DC, and ask Norv Turner to become OC. Plus there are a lot of assistants that would come on for one last hurrah. You could all go out in a blaze of glory.

  33. I love how there are people saying it will never happen yet reports now say the interview is happening Monday. I don’t know how I feel about it but I love seeing the Giants fans heads exploding in real time.

  34. This will have the same effect for the iggles that signing Paul Coffey did for the flyers !

  35. Wait, Coughlin. Plenty of talent in Green Bay being under utilized by McCarthy. Hopefully he gets canned this weekend so we can get another super bowl or two with Rodgers in his prime. Maybe you can convince good ol’ Teddy to bring in another good WR so we don’t have to deal with Davante anymore. Cobb clearly isn’t worth 10 M a year, but yet they just sit around and waste the season anyways without even trying to fix it. Oh well.

    Giants fans would probably kill themselves if Coughlin went to Philly and brought them their first super bowl. Can’t say I’d be too happy either.

  36. elmerbrownelmerbrown says:
    Jan 9, 2016 2:08 PM

    This will have the same effect for the iggles that signing Paul Coffey did for the flyers

    Lets keep it in this century.

    This will have the same effect That adding Phil Kessel did for the Pens.

    A step backward.

  37. I think it would be terrible if Coughlin goes to the Eagles. It broke my heart seeing Eli Manning break down and cry as he is very attached to Coughlin and due to a learning disability makes it even harder to adjust. I am prof of business and I know business is cut throat and without feeling. I just hope that Tom Coughlin, a man of class reconsiders and thinks of how this would devastate Eli and would hurt him every time the Giants play the Eagles.

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