Adam Jones: Antonio Brown should get an Academy Award


There were plenty of big moments in Saturday night’s Steelers victory over the Bengals, but it’s hard to argue that Ben Roethlisberger’s pass to Antonio Brown late in the fourth quarter wasn’t the biggest of the game.

Brown was hit in the head by Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict, drawing a penalty and staying down on the ground with what was diagnosed as a concussion. While Brown was making his way off the field, Bengals cornerback Adam Jones drew another penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct for what he says was a response to trash talk from Steelers linebacker Joey Porter while Porter was on the field ostensibly to check on Brown’s condition.

Jones made his displeasure with Porter plain on Instagram after the game and repeated his complaints about Porter being on the field in a conversation with Michael Silver of NFL Media a bit later. Jones also shared his belief that Brown was only pretending to be hurt.

“Man, that [expletive] was [expletive] acting. He flopped. He needs a [expletive] Academy Award for that performance,” Jones said.

If Brown was acting, someone should offer him a three-picture deal because he looked just like a player concussed by a blow to the head.

While Jones defended himself and Burfict, others in the Bengals locker room weren’t so thrilled. Tackle Andrew Whitworth said that players need to do a better job of controlling their emotions and another who didn’t want to be named complained about the leeway given by Marvin Lewis and his coaching staff.

“You put up with enough [expletive] for enough time, guys think they can continually do it,” the Bengals player said.

There have been suggestions that Saturday night’s meltdown could cost Lewis his job, something that should make for an interesting few days in Cincinnati.

158 responses to “Adam Jones: Antonio Brown should get an Academy Award

  1. “Man, that [expletive] was [expletive] acting. He flopped. He needs a [expletive] Academy Award for that performance,” Jones said.

    I guess the woman in that video of you punching her out was acting too.

    Right, turd?

  2. Fire Jones and Burfict from a cannon. Fire Lewis and everyone else in the organization the regular way. Burn the stadium to the ground, salt the Earth where it was. Fire all the refs that worked the game, and dock them their entire year’s paychecks. Suspend half the Steelers coaches and players, too. Never speak of the game or the Bengals again.

    Bengals fan. It was that kind of loss.

  3. The TRULY sad thing is that this goof thinks he did nothing wrong!
    He has NO moral compass and is too stupid to realize that Cincy is his LAST stop!

    The guy was LAID out by a dirty hit, and you start jaw jacking with the other team’s personnel, bump a ref and cost your team ANOTHER 15 yards! You’re an idiot and I hope the Bungles drop you like a bad habit!

    A bum, a low life and a piece of trash all rolled into one!

  4. Burfict and Jones should be out of the league. It’s a man’s game and they act like spoiled children.

  5. Wow does this loser ever shut up!! Regardless if he meant to hit AB or to it was a illegal hit on a defenseless playe! Have fun watching on couch Pacman!!

  6. And if there is an award for moron of the year both you and Burfict would share the stage after last night. The Steelers goaded you and you and your boy’s fell for it, instead of waking away. Show em what they won Johnny… early exit!!!!!!……..again.

  7. he looked just like a player concussed by a blow to the head.

    Like that’s hard to do.

  8. Just when you thought Jones couldn’t be any stupider. When we saw it on the big screen at the bar, it looked like Brown was out before he hit the ground.

  9. One of the camera angles sure made it look like AB’s eyes had rolled in the back of his head right after the hit. I only watched it a couple times but I sure thought he was completely out.

  10. You would think that the Bengals organization would have had enough of Jones the first time around. Totally stupid penalties on both guys and Pacman is showing his true colors. As long as they employ players like this the results will never change.

  11. Adam Jones needs to keep quiet. He helped the Bengals lose that game last night. Why is he always out of control? Grow up for goodness sake.

  12. I agree in part…..Joey Porter should not have been on the field…and should have been penalized.

    Steelers….are no angels in this one…just like the Bengals.Tomlin…invites that type behavior…god wondering why he hasn’t complained about the clock like he does when playing NE

    Steelers, w/o Ben…have zero shot in Denver. Too bad…Think everyone wanted NE Steelers finale.

  13. “Ostensibly”?
    That’s why emotions boil over when these two teams play – because people make excuses for the Steelers’ dirty play.

    Lewis needs to go – for not standing up for his team time and time and time again. Nice guys can’t win in a league where one team is constantly allowed to get away with the headhunting.

  14. Didn’t really see the need for the extra 15 for Jones’ PF. Not from what I saw, not at that point in the game. There was a lot worse than that not called throughout. If they had to, call offsetting, and not hand the game over. It was still a makeable field goal. The Burfict hit was absolutely the proper call.
    No dog in the fight, just a fan.

  15. If Brown deserves an Oscar, then Burfect and Jones deserve a mood stabilizer. Those two guys were completely out of control. You need to understand the moment: you are less than two minutes away from a playoff win and you decide to get all gangsta. Lewis probably should be fired for not reigning in these two.

  16. This ‘professional’ football player and his buddy Burfict cost their employer a playoff victory. On my watch they would both be released TODAY and for sure would have been both benched on the spot!!! It’s the lack of action by Lewis that will cost him his job, not another playoff loss. What is remarkable is that all this moron needs to do is see how his teammate, Jeremy Hill, behaved to understand what a real man does in these situations!!! Pathetic…

  17. As bad as my Detroit Lions need talent, I would not want either of these guys on my team. That hit on Brown was brutal and uncalled for and lost the game for Cincy.

  18. Pacman has less class then the Cincy fans cheering and throwing trash at Ben as he was being carted off.

  19. Vontaze Burfict (Bengals) should be kicked out of football for at least a year, as should Ryan Shazier (Steelers).

    Pacman Jones (Bengals) should have been kicked out of football a long time ago.

    And, the refs, who let that game get out of control, from the onset, should be booted too.

  20. Porter shouldn’t have been on the field, but Burfict shouldn’t be in the league. And Jones is responsible for his own behavior. You’d think he’d have figured that out by now. This is what happens when you can’t man up and admit you cost your team a playoff win.

  21. Any word on ben’s shoulder ? Man he is so tough ! Gee, I wonder if he’ll be questionable all week and miraculously play in Denver ?

  22. No, Burdick should be investigated for attempted murder. That said, he is absolutely right about Porter, who was very clearly behaving in an unsportsmanlike way. He also should not have been flagged for striking an official as, like Madre Reed 25 years ago, the official was running into him when the contact occurred. Even so, never should have been an issue because Burdick was so far out of right. Probably personal karma in the direction of Jeremy Hill, vis a vis his own sucker punching tendencies

  23. I’m not a Steelers fan, so “Pacman” stating Antonio should get an Academy Award is just pathetic!

    He was concussed…period!
    This is why the Bengals haven’t won a playoff game in a quarter century! They have a team full of underachievers & knuckleheads who just don’t get it!

  24. Yeah, and that concussion must have been written right into the script too. That’s why you lost. Because you are moron and always have been, whether you call yourself Pacman or not.

  25. .
    Older Patriots fans, upon seeing the Brown hit, were reminded of a very similar play involving Pat’s WR Darryl Stingley and Raiders DB Jack Tatum. It resulted in Stingley being paralyzed for life.

    With that said, Jones does make a point about Steelers LB coach Joey Porter being given a ” field pass” to go anywhere he desires during a stoppage in play. He had absolutely no reason to be involved in provoking the Bengals.

  26. Those 2 guys cost them the game pure and simple. Head shot on Brown was not pretending. Watch the millisecond after he’s hit..He’s clearly knocked question. Why is Jones worried about Joey Porter..He has no pads..Why isn’t the entire defense over with Marvin and the DC discussing strategy, not mulling around with a team that they ridiculous bad blood with..Thats on you Marvin, thinking forward is what a HC in the NFL needs to do. That game was an embarrassment to the NFL..By the way Joey Porter needs to be fined and suspended next game because you know he was chirping and doesn’t belong on the field at any point during the game. Hey every team needs a few guys on the edge, but Vontae and Adam fell over the edge and cost their team a win and team mates lots of money.

  27. He’s right. Did you see those open field moves after the catch. Surely that could only be done in the movies huh Pacman. Looks like Barry Sander had a kid with Lynn Swan, called him Antonio Brown

  28. Lewis SHOULD be fired over this, and the DC, too. During an injury timeout at a crucial moment in the game they were standing there, stoic as always, offering no coaching to their players but instead, allowing them to run around the field getting in fights, changing a 50 yard FG into a 35 yarder.

    Burfict’s penalty was a legit call. Completely idiotic. Jones’s was beyond stupid both for Jones and for the entire defense and coaching staff who let him do it.

    It doesn’t matter if the Steelers are also a dirty team. The Steelers don’t commit idiotic penalties that hurt their team at crucial moments, losing them the game.

  29. If Brown was acting it might cost him because now he is the concussion protocol which could cost him next week’s game. Truth is the Bengals are out of control and aren’t able to admit it. Lewis should go because he can’t control his team.

  30. Jones needs to take a better look at that play. Brown looks unconcious to me, look at the way his head and arms move as he’s going down and hitting the ground. He doesn’t seem to have any motor control.

  31. AB is so good at acting, he can make his pupils dilate and knock himself out. Pacman has been an idiot since he came out of WVU, and Lewis has let the inmates run the asylum. Lastly, Cincy fans get what Dey Deserve. Shameful, coach, team, and fans.

  32. Dirty hit for sure, lets set you up out there Pac and see how you “flop’ with a LB targeting you. As far as Porter being on field, true,its wrong. But at some point instead of trying to be THE MAN and the Protector and Enforcer, you need to be a TEAM MATE and understand the situation and walk away. That’s a leader.
    People talk about Shazier’s hit. Probably a penalty,but because they miss one means other team gets a free shot? cmon. Without Pac’s penalty its a 50 yarder in the rain.
    Bengals self destructed,, and I was pulling for them too.

    GO Hawks

  33. Bengals being Bengals. They fought all the way back,only to remember who they are.

    They lost the game with timely, idiotic play, not the type associated with winners. The blow by Burfict could have caused a life-threatening injury. As an old head, I saw similarities to the Daryl Stingly/Jack Tatum hit.

    Sorry for the Bengals who played the right way, but many simply lost it. Apparently the coaches had no control.

  34. And you should be in jail and your team mate should not give him the opportunity to act which he wasnt.

  35. For the record, Joey Porter is a Steelers coach, not a player. I’m a Steelers fan and think there was real intent to hurt Brown on that play when the opportunity presented itself, but Jones has a point about Porter being on the field.

  36. I don’t know. It looked like Brown’s head almost got knocked off. But, what do you expect to happen when one elite professional athlete is running full speed in one direction and another elite professional athlete is running full speed in the other? You can’t expect a guy to avoid contact in the majority of these cases like this one when he was committed to the tackle and Browns head happened to be coming down.

    Personally, I think the announcers/media overreact. Like early in the second half when there was a scrum and the announcer said “and look who’s in the middle of it, they really need to do something… Oh wait, he was just breaking it up.” talking about Burfict.

  37. Steelers are one of the dirtiest teams around. I hope Denver crushes them. And these idiot referees should be fired.

    They never punish a Rooney though.

  38. And the award for ‘best concussion by a blatant cheap shot to the head’ is… Antonio Brown! I heard that he improvised the part where he blacked out when his head slammed into the field. How dumb of a statement by jones to say he was acting.

  39. Just when you thought it was possible to root for this guy, he proves what a vile, vindictive character he truly possesses. Anyone who watched the slo-mo hit and loss of any physical capabilities knows it was legit and the hit by Burfict was filthy. I can’t stand the Steelers, but have to give a standing ovation to the result.

  40. AB’s head was almost taken off. That was no act. The Bungles gave that game away via stupid decisions and a lack of control.

    I have ZERO horse in the race as I’m an unfortunate Lions fan.

  41. I don’t think he acted but I don’t think it should have been flagged despite how bad it looked. Burfict is a big fast man and he’s entitled to hit brown. He came with a shoulder and brown ducked into it. If Browns natural instinct wasn’t to protect himself, he would have been hit square in the chest – granted, that hit would have knocked him into the middle of next week but would have been LEGAL. The fact that he ducked and was then hit in the head shouldn’t make the hit illegal ; again, as bad as it looked.

  42. Adam Jones is a dirtbag. I wouldn’t expect anything less from a class individual, playing for a classless organization, in front of a classless fan base. They clearly do not know how to handle success.

  43. Once a goon, always a goon. Enjoy your offseason Cincinnati. Your fans and players really represented themselves well. A well deserved defeat.

  44. Who is more at fault?
    Dirty players acting up, or the head coach, whose job it it to coach/control the players and run the game?

    Nice fumble with 1:37 left also.

    It would have been a shame for Cincy to win with how AJ Macarron was playing.
    He’s a good backup.

  45. Adam Jones is a Punk. Always has been. I would not let him play on my team for Free. Even if it was acting, Pacman cannot act like he did. He cost his team the game. Should have been cut from the team while still on the field yesterday. Should be out of the league for real.

  46. Brown did look like he got hit pretty hard, but I would be totally surprised if he plays next week. If the concussion protocol actually works, Brown won’t pass it. However, knowing whats at stake, Brown will probably play and so we know this concussion stuff is not that serious.

  47. Justintuckrule, you are an imbecile! Have you noticed you’re the only idiot here saying that it was browns fault? Are you mad? Not only was it a head shot, but it was a blatant LATE headshot, performed by a major head case!cmon man, get real!

  48. The Bengals haven’t won a playoff game since the 1990 season – which was the first season The Simpsons began airing.

    In the time since, the Simpsons have aired an amazing 584 episodes – and yet the Bengals have not managed to eke out even one post-season victory.

    The Bengals have won the same number of NFL playoff games over the last quarter century as the number of times Carrot-Top has won People Magazine’s Sexiest Man of the Year Award.

  49. Pac man knows what real spinal cord injuries look like. The guy has no business even being in the NFL. Like the cowboys, it was only a matter of time before the bengals overlooking character came back to haunt them. Put that together with a “players” coach and it’s only a matter of time. As for the fans, This is why Kentucky doesn’t sell out their stadium. They have no idea how to act when they do. What an embarrassment.

  50. Why are they so concerned about Joey Porter being on the field? Sure, he shouldn’t have been there, but Adam Jones didn’t get a penalty for pushing Porter. He did for pushing an official. Did Porter provoke him and say “I bet you won’t push the official!” I get the whole argument that emotions are high, but Jones pushed the official. If him and Porter were pushing and shoving and only Jones got flagged for it, I think he’d have a case to complain. But that didn’t happen.

  51. Hubris Jackson to Marvin Lewis after the game:

    “Hey, don’t sweat it, Marv. I’ll clean up. You get some rest. Also, can I see your office keys? Get em right back to ya.”

  52. It’s time for a head coaching change, way overdue. Marvin wants to be their friend, not their boss. He’s lost compete control. Every team has a few hot heads, but good coaches can reign that in and turn it into positive play.
    This coming from a 30 year season ticket holder. I’ve seen it all.

  53. We interrupt this broadcast to announce the following.

    Last time the Cincinnati Bengals have won a playoff game: more than a quarter century ago.

    Last time the Pittsburgh Steelers have won a playoff game: about nine and a half hours ago.

    This has been a Public Service Announcement. Good day.

  54. You know you done did wrong when you have Ravens fans siding with the Steelers.

    Cincy has become ISIS. I miss the good ole days of the Steelers as the Taliban. At least they had some honor in their actions and their fans never threw crap at injured players. Ravens fans cheer when we beat up on Swollen Swiss Slinger, but not when injuring him.

  55. the penalties to the bengals were probably penalties definitely vbs, but why does porter get to come on the field and run his yap when he isn’t part of the training staff and i’m pretty sure he is a defensive coach he had no business being on the field and that to should have been a penalty

  56. I’m sure upstanding citizen Joey Porter did nothing to provoke upstanding citizen Adam Jones over the actions of upstanding citizen Vontaze Burfict. Porter had no reason to be out there, but c’mon…..the only keeping these two felons in training out of prison is athletic talent. People may forget what a lowlife Porter was in his playing days as well, but at least he was coming to the rescue of his defenseless injured player. Maybe he learned from his mistakes. I doubt the other 2 will.

  57. I wouldn’t expect anything else from Jones since the guy is always looking to point the finger. Bashes a guy’s head against his helmet, gets fined and then complains about being fined instead of being thankful he didn’t get suspended given what he did. Now this.

  58. Brown wasn’t so much bracing for a hit as a defender was attempting to tackle him, in comes Burfict with a shot to the head. Dirty player better be suspended.

    The the guy who said Shazier should be out of the league for a year also? Are you mad? What is Shazier’s fine history? As far as I know he has a clean record meanwhile Burfict had 14 called personal fouls since coming into the league…a category he leads in.

  59. If the ref had not blown the earlier fumble by cincy dead (also did not even give ball to Pittsburgh but replay did) Pittsburgh woud have had another TD and the game was over. That call was just awful and is really why we are talking about any of this other stuff now.

  60. To put this all in perspective a highly intelligent and well informed Raven fan called the Steelers and Bengals classless. How ironic from a team that has a statue to a felon, supported a wife abuser, tried to rat out another team and lastly a city that’s now the murder capital of the country. Thanks for laughs

  61. Some guys just don’t get it. I gained a lot of respect for Hill, AJ Green, and AJ McCarron. It’s unfortunate that a few idiots cost them a deserved win. To make matters worse, the head coach is complaining about the refs! Seems he doesn’t get it either. How can you not have self-control in a time like that. Win or go home! Happy fishing Bengals!

  62. Antonio Brown is lucky. The last time someone pissed off “Pacman” Jones that much, he & his crew put the guy in a wheelchair for life.

  63. Steelers, packers, cowboys and patriots get more ref help to win games and its blatantly obvious, the same 4 teams more often then not get these ridiculous calls or no calls to win to win or put them in the position to win.. although bengles should of never fumbled to give pit the ball back, that pen on pac man was downright horrible. . Cheap win, but a wins is a win and if i was a steelers fan id take the gifted w with all smiles..

  64. That anyone would accuse Brown of acting on that horrible hit to his head needs their own head examined. Spouting such nonsense is even worse than the hit itself.

    If the Bengals want to point fingers as to who is to blame for this loss, they can look no further than their own players. I am no fan of the Steelers, but I was thankful the kicker put that ball through the uprights. Cincinnati doesn’t deserve to go any farther in these playoffs.

  65. If you’re that stupid to be provoked into a penalty that cost you an NFL playoff game, you shouldn’t be a millionaire nor a pro sports player.
    While we are all at it, blame the owners for allowing this jackass to even play NFL football. The time bomb(Pacman’s selfishness) finally exploded and it cost your franchise a playoff win. Possibly the Super Bowl (since you never know how it could play out).
    It’s time to get these type of players out of the game. For good or sit back and watch what happens when their egos and self centerness kicks in.

  66. Burfict got just what he wanted, another Steeler off the field. That is all he looks to do every time he plays the Steelers. But the Steeler got that last laugh, Burfict sitting on his couch at home whining about why his team lost and not playing next week. Maybe you need to look in the mirror Vontaze, your the reason you have no more season………..

  67. Regardless of what the players did on the field, I’ve never seen anything so classless as when Cincy fans were throwing garbage at a guy being carted off the field.

  68. I find it hard to believe the Stealers would get the benefit of the doubt from the refs and the league…

  69. Used to think Pacman was just a low-character individual. Now I think he’s a sociopath. When is society going to step in and lobotomize this guy?

    And what a lousy hit. Not only did it wreck Cincy’s championship hopes, it probably wrecked Pittsburgh’s, too, because they’re not going to beat Denver in Denver without the best receiver in football.

  70. clashpoint says:
    Jan 10, 2016 8:20 AM
    Just when you thought Jones couldn’t be any stupider. When we saw it on the big screen at the bar, it looked like Brown was out before he hit the ground.

    same thing man, Brown looked like he was in la la land before he ever hit the turf

  71. Sorry but Brown was over acting! If he was truly concussed he should be out this week, I guarantee he won’t be out because it was a flop! Steelers are known for exaggerating and faking injuries, also Big Ben was over acting as well. It’s sad but Bens made a career out of out and now him and Brown are out shining the playoffs because of them being FAKE!

  72. Sometimes it bothers me that someone as feral as pacman jones makes more $ per year than I do.

    Then I take solace in the FACT that he will unquestionably be in jail and broke for the rest of his life within 3months of retiring from football. Does anyone doubt that?

  73. All this said by a guy named after a creature that eats little white pills and chases ghosts until when caught, he curls up, consumes himself, and dies. Makes sense.

  74. Speaks volumes that the Bengals fans threw garbage on the field when they were losing and on an injured player who was being carted off the field. That is low class. They have the dirty team they deserve.

  75. What a very IGNORANT comment by Pac Man because Brown was clearly knocked out cold! Hopefully Jones gets a head shot like that the 1st game of next season that puts him out for two weeks!

  76. Report claiming he has a concussion means what? As I stated he will be cleared to play because this is all Hype and Acting!!! Team reports are doctored, look at the Colts Andrew Luck a clean bill of health then all a sudden he’s falling apart, same for Peyton Manning….Fact is Brown flopped and Ben was faking!!!! Both will play this week and prove me correct

  77. Shows how classless the Bengals and their fans are that they turn their attention to pointing fingers at others instead of blaming their own team for their dirtbag play and epic implosion.

    Stay classy “Queen City”. Be proud of your team of dirtbags.

  78. Marvin Lewis should be fired for this period and the league can’t support this behavior. If he could control his players even a little bit at the end, the Bengals would have kept their lead regardless of the fumble. Say what you want about Burfict, but there was no better football player on that field than him last night. He is no different than James Harrison or Ray Lewis, feared and regarded as brutal players, he gets me to watch.

    The coaching failure and then coach involvement!!! ARE THE BIGGEST PROBLEMS with last night. The leaders, even Mike Tomlin, making the problem worse with inciting the frenzy are most responsible. The Bengals and Marvin Lewis are inept and negligent apparently which still makes them accountable.

  79. It’s funny how ppl immediately claim you are a Bengals fan for calling out the Steelers for their flopping, faking injuries and classless coaches lol! Yes I said classless coaches Porter and don’t forget their HC Omar Epps oops I mean Mike Tomlin tripped a player on the field that was returning a kickoff!

  80. I hate to line up with Adam Jones. But it’d be hard for me to believe that Brown’s reaction to that hit wouldn’t have been much different if he’d have caught the ball. He took a fluke hit to the head, and capitalized on the opportunity. But looking at those arms flail and that rag doll routine, I couldn’t help but think he was trying to get Burfict a red card. Had he caught the ball and taken that hit, he’d have popped up, first-downed, and dropped it.

    He’s not going to miss a snap. He may not miss a practice. Did you see him after the game? He’s fine. And I suspect he was fine before he even hit the ground.

    That said, it’s penalty. No doubt. But I think Brown’s reaction to the hit amped up the emotion of the whole thing.

  81. You know how when you take off your sock and throw it across the room in the general vicinity of the dirty clothes basket and it flops around in the air before it lands in a heap? That was Brown’s body after that hit.

    I was honestly concerned his neck might be broken.

  82. He flopped case close! He’s fine now going through protocol….anyone who’s played sports or watched sports, know people capitalize on flopping against players or teams with bad reputations!

  83. I feel bad for the bengals, but they let this behavior continue throughout the season… You reap what you sow

  84. It was 100% a flop,but the biggest tragedy many are not talking about was the hit on Rocky Bernard.That was so obvious,Shazier should have been ejected and the Steelers given a 15 yard penalty.Helmet first has been called all year long even when it’s close,that wasn’t close.I use to be fans of both the Steelers and the Patriots but they both get too favorable calls from officiating.I only watch the sport now to see certain players play,but I will not go out of my way to ever watch it again.As a reminder to Patriot fanatics you got your Superbowl run started with fumble that changed the rules.Charles Woodson made one of the best defensive plays ever in a playoff game and was rewarded with a loss.POLITICS IN SPORTS…………

  85. Look at that pic. You can get lower than the other guy. Just lead with your shoulder. And bring your arms up to wrap up and tackle driving threw or at least keep him in space should he bounce off.

  86. He flopped. He’s already cleared protocol. Tyler Eifert was out three weeks from an actual illegal hit.

  87. bonniebengal says:
    Jan 10, 2016 5:45 PM
    He flopped. He’s already cleared protocol. Tyler Eifert was out three weeks from an actual illegal hit.

    Two things, first where is stated on the internet that he cleared protocol already? I would like to go read about it. And, you stating that burficts hit was not illegal? You are showing your just as brain dead as Adam Jones with that statement.

  88. bonniebengal says:
    Jan 10, 2016 5:45 PM
    He flopped. He’s already cleared protocol. Tyler Eifert was out three weeks from an actual illegal hit.


    Thanks for the homer comment. Very insightful.

  89. old man here, watching steelers since 1970. First thing I thought watching internet ESPn replay looked like a ‘side’ slide helmet hit, not full. Then his arms went up & I’m’t look right.. maybe even ‘acting’.. its like everytime there is any receiver ‘missing” the pass, he throws his arms up looking for flag. I remember my college soccer coach.. only way refs stop a game is if you ‘sit’ down like injuried ! lol..

    Of course, we’ll never win against Denver without ben and brown… so I’m very interested in how ‘fast’ both play…

    VERY mad at bell last year when injured & could not play but he stated he would be fine for Pro bowl… bell at 75% would be better than Tate at 100%… Dumb players.

    Its Sunday night, nothing on either player.. makes me suspious (sp). ben always has over emphasized his ‘bruses’ (sp)

  90. Sorry Pacman saw the hit an the only acting is you a loser acting as a wannabe the hit was legit and vicious. Oh and I am neither a Bengals or Steelers fan

  91. Listened to Dion Sanders defending Burfict as a victim of circumstance involved in an unavoidable collision. Telling LT to “Look at the tape!” Yeah, look at the tape, Dion. Burfict never took his eyes off Brown and never raised his hand to help soften the blow. Did just the opposite – took two steps toward Brown after the pass was dropped and loaded up his shoulder and arm to maximize the impact.

  92. Listened to Dion Sanders defending Burfict as a victim of circumstance involved in an unavoidable collision. Telling LT to “Look at the tape!” Yeah, look at the tape, Dion. Burfict never took his eyes off Brown and never raised his hand to help soften the blow. Did just the opposite – took two steps toward Brown after the pass was dropped and loaded up his shoulder and arm to maximize the impact.

    100% nonsense, it was one step about 0.2 seconds, no intent, no helmet to helmet, it was shoulder to shoulder, when the dust settles this will all become nonsense

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