Brian Hoyer: One game does not make my career

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Texans quarterback Brian Hoyer had one of the worst performances in NFL playoff history on Saturday, but he doesn’t think it will define him.

Hoyer said after his five-turnover performance in a 30-0 loss to the Chiefs that he shouldn’t be remembered for the way he played in that one game.

“There’s no one who feels lower than I do right now, but one day does not make my career. One game does not make my career,” Hoyer said.

Maybe that will prove true, but that one game will raise questions in Houston about whether Hoyer is the answer for the Texans at quarterback. If he had played well on Saturday, he probably would have headed into training camp in 2016 as the Texans’ starter. But the way he played may push the Texans to draft, sign or trade for someone else who can be their starter.

If the Texans are motivated to bring in Hoyer’s replacement, then Saturday’s game may well be the game that makes, and breaks, Hoyer’s career.

74 responses to “Brian Hoyer: One game does not make my career

  1. How does that line go again????

    “I make car parts for the American working man, because that’s what I am, and that’s what I care about.” 🙂

    Oh wait, I think it’s….

    “Big time players make big time plays in big time games.”

    Yeah Brian, I’m afraid this performance in this big of a game will ultimately define your career. You had the chance every QB dreams of to prove ’em all wrong & you blew it in a bad way. That’s what I’ll remember about the 3 hours I’ll never get back watching it!

  2. This guy was 1-2 heading into this game in December. His 2 losses coming against the Bills and Patriots. [Quality opponents] Analysts and Media said O’brien made a mistake pulling this guy in Week One. The only mistake was not pulling him earlier just like in this playoff game. This guy is not one that will come out and earn his respect. He thinks it should just be given to him just like the other QB that was cut from Houston. He folded under pressure like he did all year long and anyone who believed it would change was delusional. One thing I’ve learned from watching top tier QBs is that they don’t shy away from challenge. They go out and earn their respect. ANY time and ANY where. That’s just what a leader does. — So NO Hoyer one game does not make your career, but this one game summarized it pretty damn well.

    P.S. Coach O’Brien made a hell of a decision picking this guy time after time.

  3. The kid isn’t a starter. Plain & simple. He plays just good enough to keep his name in the conversation. He only got the start because the alternative was Brandon freaking Weeden.

  4. No, it doesn’t. But anyone with half a brain could watch the tape of all of his other games and they wouldn’t be surprised by this one.

  5. Unfortunately, they let Fitz walk last off-season. He was their best option at the time and they declined to make him a offer. He wanted to stay in Houston!

    Fitz has his own issues with turning the ball over but he certainly is better at pushing the ball up field than Hoyer/Mallet/Weeden/Yates are. It would have cost the Texans a one year contract for around 3 million dollars to retain him.

  6. Ha! I never saw Weeden throw 4 picks in one game so you can go ahead and put that argument to rest

  7. footballfan72 says:
    Jan 10, 2016 6:18 AM
    It could have been worse, Weeden could’ve been the starter….


    No offense but Weeden wouldn’t have turned the ball over 5 times. Neither should be a starting QB but Hoyer is the new Matt Cassell. Coaches keep seeing something in him that just isn’t there. It must be because he looks pretty sharp in a suit at the airport i guess.

  8. If ever there was a time when you could have taken a team, put them on your back and did the “Dab”, this was that time.

    This city has needed a QUALITY QB here since Warren Moon’s heyday. It was ripe for a legacy run, a TON of Hoyer jerseys would have been sold, kids would have been named ‘Hoyer’ or ‘Brian’, number 7 would have been plastered across countless bumper stickers…
    But not now.
    This ONE game, gave you and BO’B a coyote ugly season ending to last us until next preseason, and trust me, she doesn’t get any prettier when you remember this game.

    Good luck to wherever you land Brian, I just hope to God it ain’t back in my beloved Houston.

  9. Terrible quarterback. …his performance against Jacksonville last year when he played for the Browns was worse…O’Brien is a terrible coach….back to five wins in 2016

  10. Life-long Browns fan… Hoyer was making wild throws all last year for the Browns but for the first half of the season the other team was letting them drop. As soon as they started catching the wild throws we went on a losing streak and eventually Hoyer lost his job. He got too much credit last year, he did not play well.

    I watched Weeden and Hoyer both in Cleveland… Weeden appeared to be the better QB in my opinion. Even though their win/loss records didn’t reflect that.

  11. “One game does not make my career”

    Yeah, but the captain of the Titanic probably said something very much like that.

  12. O’Brien should not be getting on pass this. He should have pulled hoyer in the first half, but certainly by halftime. Horrible decision not to.

  13. Same Hoyer that would continously mess his diaper while at Michigan State. Heckuva presser afterwards, too. “It rained really, really hard when we had the ball, and not when they did..” or something like that. C’mon!!!

  14. The Texans have known they need a quarterback for years now. Anyone expecting Hoyer to be the long term answer for any team has not watched him play over the past few years.

    The Texans could have drafted Bortles (instead of the oft-injured Clowney), and passed on Derek Carr at the top of round two of the 2014 draft. Until they get this position upgraded, they’ve hit their ceiling.

  15. You’re absolutely right Mr. Hoyer. One game doesn’t make your career but that one game sure ruined it for you. Should have stayed a back up to Tommy “Golden Boy” Brady.

  16. >>One game does not make my career,” Hoyer said.

    I agree. The rest of the division feels he should be the starter next year.

  17. He’s been given shot after shot since leaving New England and the end result is always the sane. And people keep insisting another team should give him the chance to start.

  18. Yet Tebow cranks 316 yards against the #1 pass defense in the playoffs in his 15th start and essentially hasn’t started since. If you thought Brian Hoyer would put on a better athletic performance under pressure than Tebow, you don’t deserve to evaluate sports for a living.

  19. Hoyer and O’Brien go back at least to Hoyer entering the league and O’Brien being the QB coach then at New England.

    All the qbs in Houston are better than Hoyer but coach lives the QB he helped draft.

  20. Whatever Brian. How about your time with the Browns and the game before and after your “concussion”

    This dude sucks. Has a noode arm.

  21. I still don’t get BoB; He is more into this loss than you, and not pulling you out of the game actually killed your career as a starter.

    At least something has come out of this wreck: the paralysis by analysis in the draft room regarding QBs has been killed. Rick Smith will get fired if the Texans don’t get a proper QB in the off-season.

  22. Let’s try this again.

    A guy who has started 26 regular season games and 1 postseason game in seven seasons while playing on 5 different teams doesn’t think he should be remembered for the fact that he singlehandedly blew the only truly important game he’s ever started in his entire career?

    That’s funny. Sorry, Brian, but we’re probably going to remember that.

  23. Way to make the comments as self-concerning as possible when your team was blown out, Brian. Maybe Mallett was right about the QB room in Houston.

  24. So, not only does Hoyer suck, he’s also delusional. This game HAS defined his career. But coach Bill O’Brian is equally to blame for this ugly loss. He should have benched Hoyer, who turned the ball over 3 or 4 times in the 1st half. The Texans defense was playing really well and keeping the game close despite Hoyer’s meltdown. Weeden would have at least given us a better chance of winning (that statement alone shows how bad Hoyer was playing). By the way, DeAndre Hopkins wasn’t shut down by the Chiefs. He was shut down by his own QB. Anyone who says he’s overrated is crazy. Hopkins had 111 receptions for 1521 yrds, and 11 TD’s. He did that catching balls from 4 different (and not very good) QB’s.

  25. Your five turnovers will live forever on YouTube.
    Not a great qb. Not a good qb. Not a game manager. You’ll always be remembered for turning a valiant effort to comeback for the playoffs only to be the key reason of losing in a shutout.

  26. Who is Hoyer kidding? He’s no better than a 2nd string high school qb. If the Texans keep him they are out of their minds. This guy does not belong in the NFL Let him play touch or flag football in his neighborhood, maybe he won’t choke there.

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