Jeremy Hill: This one is on me

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Among the late twists and turns that made for a memorable finish to Saturday night’s game between the Steelers and Bengals was the fumble by Bengals running back Jeremy Hill with just under 90 seconds left to play.

Hill fumbled one play after an interception by linebacker Vontaze Burfict seemed to put the Bengals on the brink of their first playoff win since 1990 when Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier was able to knock the ball loose at the end of a six-yard run. Ross Cockrell recovered for Pittsburgh and Ben Roethlisberger would return to lead a game-winning drive heavily fueled by Bengals penalties.

“It’s hard to put into words, but this one is on me,” Hill said, via the Cincinnati Enquirer. “Even if I lose yards every play. You can’t turn the ball over. … Words don’t really do anything at this point. It’s all about production and what you did out there. I really don’t care what anyone has to say at this point. It’s on me. I take the full blame for it.”

Hill doesn’t need to take all of the blame. Those aforementioned penalties played a big part in the loss and the Bengals didn’t score any points until the fourth quarter, to name two pretty big reasons why the Bengals lost apart from the poorly timed return of Hill’s issue with fumbling the football.

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  1. I understand and appreciate what he’s saying, but it all comes back to Marvin Lewis and the lack of control he has of his players.

    There he was near the end of the game with his team falling apart, not able to breathe and holding his chest, instead of coaching them up and settling them down.

    As long as he’s the HC and they keep singing turds like Burfect and Pacman, nothing will ever change and they remain the Bungals.

  2. Karma is such a…

    Jeremy “cheap shot” Hill will deserve all the cheap shots he’ll get over this…

  3. Perhaps he spent a little too much energy strutting around and showboating while the game was still in the balance. Concentrate on your job that you’re paid to do and those things generally don’t happen.

  4. Yes you did the only thing you can’t do in that situation. Though your team may not have lost if you didn’t have a bunch of out of control boneheads. You guys really showed them how tough you are. I hate the steelers and you showed once again how the bengals are playoff pretenders!!!

  5. Sure Alper we can be all sweet and diplomatic about it by saying that if a multitude of other things happened then things would have been different. Well I mean…of course. You can say that about every situation in life. Fact is Jeremy Hill had one job. THAT’S what the game pretty much came down to. Bengals had the game won. Then they lose in the most Bengaliest way possible. Now you have possibly a hurt Roethlisberger who may not be able to throw further than 15 yards and perhaps a jacked up Antonio Brown going in to Denver which won’t be a competitive game anyway if that’s the case. Between the injured steelers, injured patriots, bengals with mccarron, the horrible Texans that everyone was subjected to, an already pedestrian Chiefs offense now without Maclin and Charles. The AFC makes me want to throw up. And the NFL frankly isn’t that much better with ano average at best Minnesota with an awful quarterback, the Packers are awful, and a 9-7 team winning an awful NFL East. Honestly why hasn’t anyone written about just how terrible of a year this has been for football? Mediocrity across the board.

  6. The play that turned the game was the hit on Bernard. I read an article on ESPN with a quote form a officials expert that it should have been a penalty for spearing, not for hitting a defenseless receiver but spearing as he used his helmet to hit in a violent manner as the rule goes.

    That non call, or correct non call, doesn’t matter, but the Bengals lost their composure after that which fed into the latter penalties. Then when it was challenged as a fumble and the Steelers got the ball – that really got the fans upset and the players were looking for payback.

    I really think that play was the beginning of the end.

  7. He is correct, his fumble was a boneheaded mistake. At least his comments demonstrate that he understands what he did wrong, while Jones continues to blame the refs. I wouldn’t want to have to rely on Jones, I bet he would constantly find ways to lose.

  8. No Jetemy, this one is on Burfict and Jones. Burfict played like a dirty punk the entire game and got what he deserved.

  9. What an excruciating loss.The refs certainly didn’t help but this one is on the Bengals and Marvin Lewis. Relying on guys like Burfict and Jones… you get what you deserve.

  10. Was a bad fumble but Cincy still had Pittsburgh backed way up with 1:40 or so to go. Defense needs to get a stop. Or do anything other than what they actually did.

  11. Hill was the only one who showed any class !…the Bengals self destructed for complete lack of discipline and self control.
    This game was a disgrace to the NFL. Bums who would rather fight than help their team win ,..should be out on the street !…What a Joke !

  12. Hill shouldn’t take that on himself. Burfict targets players for injury. Karma’s not going to let someone like that get the INT that seals the game. It’s unfortunate that Hill was the instrument for Pittsburgh getting back the ball. But Burfict’s brutal behavior is what put the Steelers back in FG range, and Jones’s lack of discipline made it a short kick. None of that was on Hill. The team’s problem players created the team’s problems.

  13. “the Bengals didn’t score any points until the fourth quarter”

    This is poor, simplistic analysis. The bottom line is, they DID score enough in the 4th to take the lead, and that’s all that matters. In any sport, if any team gets hot late to tie a game or take a lead, it’s usually viewed as a good thing. Credit them for doing that much after being shut out, and down, for much of the game.

    The fumble was unfortunate and almost unforgivable under the circumstances, but Hill’s being a stand-up guy and human, so it’s hard not to feel for him.

    After the Shazier non-call, though, you just knew one of those Bengal idiots was going to be looking for retribution. This loss is on Burfict, Jones and Lewis.

  14. Sahzier made the play of the game. Without that everything else that followed would not have taken place. Pretty much game over. That dude should have gotten the game ball. I know the kicker, Ben and company will get the credit but that one defensive play changed everything. The agony of defeat, was that ever apparent after that fumble.

  15. His failure and Burfict ands Pacman’s loss of composure is what cost the Bengals on the field. Marvin Lewis is ultimately responsible for the loss. He once more looked dazed and confused.

  16. I blame the coach for this. Why would you not take a knee in that situation? You are not going to bring the clock down anymore by running it since the steelers had the timeouts anyway. Take the damn knees and make a field goal. You then are up by 4 and under 90 seconds to go!!! I’m not a fan of either team but was rooting for the Bengals because I think the Steelers are just as if not dirtier than they are but just get away with it. Unfortunately the Bengals played right into their hands.

  17. thomasreilly says: Jan 10, 2016 8:41 AM

    He is correct, his fumble was a boneheaded mistake. At least his comments demonstrate that he understands what he did wrong, while Jones continues to blame the refs. I wouldn’t want to have to rely on Jones, I bet he would constantly find ways to lose.

    I agree completely and he manned up for the play….. the only way to grow from a screw up is to admit it. such will not be the case with burfict and jones

  18. There was such a grand clown show after the fumble people won’t remember him coughing it up. Consider yourself lucky you play with a bunch of morons

  19. Hill lost the starting job due to his fumbling. I think they reported on the air that he had lost 4, but they didn’t mention that he had many more that the Bengals recovered.

    That said, the coaches should have (if they didn’t) tell the team to not struggle for the last yard as they were in a run the clock down situation, just to prevent the ball being stripped.

  20. I would commend him for owning up to it, but this is a Team sport and no one on that team got control of the Pacman and Wildman and that is what cost you the game. Also, Hill did some kind of crazy “stroking his crotch” celebration after his TD. The Cameras cut away quickly. So, admirable apology, but not accepted. You are another “all about my agenda” (dare I say) athlete. What ever happened to Sportsmanship?!

  21. Why was the defense playing deep coverage and giving Ben all those short passes. They should have known he couldn’t throw it deep.

  22. Well, his one job most of the year has been short yardage, goal-to-go situations, and there is really is no excuse for him. He’s been a disappointment most of the year, some of which is his fault, some of which is the offense going away from the power running from last year. I guess this is just the cherry on top of his season.

  23. Jeremy Hill’s fumble was much more the result of a great defensive play. Shazier used freakish strength to rip the ball away. Hill had it tucked away, and he couldn’t really have done anything any better than he did. Hill did everything on that play exactly like he was coached. Burfict’s play was a result of a guy that lost his composure (as if he ever had any) and got penalized because his intention was to injure Antonio Brown. But the Bengals still could have won. Pacman Jones’ error was just a guy who lost his head and decided that his team would go home and the Steelers should advance. If Jones and Burfict are still on the roster after this, then this is 100% Mike Brown’s fault. Not Hill. Not Burfict. Not Jones. Not Marvin Lewis. This is on Mike Brown. He obviously has a philosophy about signing violent people to play football. Every team wants violent players, but not violent people. His players also get in trouble off the field at an alarming rate. It’s just Brown’s philosophy, and he should be held accountable. Ask Mike Brown about it.

  24. The guys saying they should have kneeled it are tripping.

    The Steelers have a good offense and giving them the ball back with about 1:30 left on the clock and possibly with field position cause of a missed field goal.

    Hind sight is 20/20

  25. Way to be a stand up guy. However, he has some serious ball security issues that need to be addressed.

  26. stevedenetz says:
    Jan 10, 2016 10:30 AM

    thomasreilly says: Jan 10, 2016 8:41 AM

    He is correct, his fumble was a boneheaded mistake. At least his comments demonstrate that he understands what he did wrong, while Jones continues to blame the refs. I wouldn’t want to have to rely on Jones, I bet he would constantly find ways to lose.

    I agree completely and he manned up for the play….. the only way to grow from a screw up is to admit it. such will not be the case with burfict and jones

    Hill fumbled 4 times this year. You have to wonder how this would have played out under Belichick, who benched players (Ridley) with a habit of fumbling. I also doubt Belichick would have tolerated players capable of taking 30 yards in penalties on a game winning drive. I bet these character issues would have been addressed earlier in the season (before the big stage).

  27. Jeremy Hill did several things wrong in the game besides his biggest blunder – the fumble. He could not keep his head together and emotions in check. He talked junk the entire game instead of playing the game. He came on the field after the Bernard hit talking smack to the Steeler Defense. WOW- later he had a 2 yard TD run – woo hoo! Then he acted like he did it on his own. Never thanked his linemen. “He da man”. Then when all he had to do was ice the game away, he tried to “get more yards” when he just had to secure the ball to end the game. FUMBLE! STEELERS RECOVER!! GAME OVER!! Thank you Jeremy Hill. Without your blunder, Packman and Berfect’s stupidness would have never happened and Cincy would be going to the next round of the playoffs. PS – you unerachieved this year as a running back! you were a 1 year last year wonder. LOSER!

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