Jerry Jones is pushing a Rams-Chargers marriage in L.A.


With the Rams, Raiders, and Chargers wanting to move to Los Angeles and St. Louis, Oakland, and San Diego not doing enough (in the opinion of the league) to justify staying put, it’s time for the NFL’s 32 owners to come up with a solution.

Per multiple league sources, the solution could be this: A Rams-Chargers forced marriage, in Inglewood or Carson.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been pushing the Inglewood angle, which would give Rams owner Stan Kroenke what he covets (his own stadium in the L.A. area) and which would give Chargers owner Dean Spanos what he covets (a one-way ticket out of San Diego). Jones, per multiple sources, has submitted a resolution in advance of next week’s special ownership meeting in Houston aimed at forcing that specific outcome.

The Chargers are expected to push for Carson as the location of a shared venue with the Rams, if the NFL is inclined to compel that outcome. In Carson, the two teams would be true partners; in Inglewood, Kroenke would have the upper hand, as it relates to the surrounding development.

Regardless of location, a Rams-Chargers combo platter would leave the Raiders out in the cold. To get owner Mark Davis to go along with that, the total deal would likely include enough extra money to allow for Davis to build a new stadium in Oakland, or to otherwise give him a solution the mess he still has there.

Ultimately, 24 owners have to get behind whatever the league decides to do. If Chargers only (it’s close to 24) or Rams only (it’s not nearly as close to 24) can’t get it done, Chargers-Rams could.

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  1. Strange that it is the Raiders who will likely get left out in the cold, since they clearly have the worst stadium situation of the three teams.

    The again no so strange, since its all about the $$$.

  2. The city or cities of the teams that don’t move should pull all offers of help off the table AND pass new tax laws to get more NFL money to help their cities,

  3. “To get owner Mark Davis to go along with that, the total deal would likely include enough extra money to allow for Davis to build a new stadium in Oakland, or to otherwise give him a solution”

    So…the cash strapped cities have put up “inadequate and unsatisfactory” proposals that don’t give enough public cash to the teams billionaire owners that ‘need’ it to build venues but the league has the cash to pay for a stadium in Oakland? Did I read that right?

  4. Who cares what he thinks
    Other then his puppet boy coach

    Last place in the NFC owner speaks about teams moving to LA

  5. Shouldn’t Jerry Jones be concentrating on more important matters?

    Like finding Johnny Manziel and signing him to a long term deal and working out a trade for Vontaze Burfict.

  6. Two markets offer hundreds of millions of dollars to keep their teams but those teams get to move, one market hasn’t and won’t offer anything and their team has to stay.. figures.

  7. Hope that works for you jerrahhh, then the raiders can go to San Antonio and take more $$$$ from your stupid franchise in the state of Texas …

  8. The NFL greed started when Jerrah Jones bought the Cowboys. His greed is endless when it comes to $$$$. It won’t stop there with moving two teams out of their markets and dumping on their fans. I read where they want to have Pro Bowls, the combine, multiple Super Bowls, probably the draft; etc. in the new LA stadium. Again, take away from the smaller markets and go with the big bucks.

    I could easily be done with the NFL if it wasn’t for the love of the game itself. What a quandary.

  9. LA will regret the ownership of Stan Kroenke. His record as an owner of professional teams is horrible, he lied about his intentions, denies that his finances are such because “he married into it”, and he won’t spend the money on a good rug instead opting for that roadkill sitting atop his dome.

  10. Any team that end up sharing a stadium will be guaranteed to play in London at least once a year.

    The Chargers do need to move; they just have to figure out their stadium situation. They have enough fans of their own, and as fans from other teams like to boast, there is enough of them who like to come San Diego. (I can’t say I blame them)

  11. Being shut out of LA does not mean that a team is stuck forever in a bad stadium. There’s also the possibility of the team(s) left out to move to either one of the cities of the teams now in LA, or a large city currently without a team like San Antonio or Las Vegas.

  12. Problem is

    1. Screws the raiders
    2. Spanos would be a tenant, not a owner of the inglewood stadium. Not what he wants

  13. Thought the Chargers and Raiders are supposed to be in it together?

    And why would the Chargers move out of their own stadium in their own city to go play in essentially another teams stadium? Imagine how embarrassing it would be if the Rams were selling out and the Chargers (or whatever) were playing in a half empty stadium? This whole thing is a 💩 show.

  14. The Raiders should move to Portland or San Antonio in that case.

    Have these guys ever been to an Oakland game?

    They need a new home more than any team in the league.

  15. If the raiders could get the equivalent of baseball’s Citifield (Mets) that would be a tremendous victory. Not the biggest stadium, but one of the best little parks to watch a game. The experience is awesome from a regular fan perspective and you can have the luxury boxes that owners crave.

  16. firecracker87 says:
    Jan 10, 2016 10:17 AM
    We’ve had L.A. teams before, and they flop, and move. What makes this time different?
    Because this time it COUNTS!

    Wait, that’s the MLB all star game. My bad.

  17. Mark Davis is like the kid with cooties that nobody wants to play with on the playground. nobody likes him since his father gave him the team.. so the other owners dont like him being part of the club.

    so the league will probably throw him an extra $200 mil towards a new stadium in Oakland.. which is a good thing. at least one more city can keep its team.

  18. Rams and Chargers to LA, Raiders to San Quentin. Use the proceeds of the sale of the prison grounds to halve the National Debt.


  19. AND… Like modern baseball stadiums, they can incorporate parts of the Prison into the stadium structure, like PetCo, Oriole Park, McCovey Cove!

  20. The Carson DREAM is just that….a dream.
    Its a bluff.

    That site is not suitable for a stadium so why does the media and this site continue to promote it???

    Only a small portion of that site is not contaminated. The site will not pass EPA hurdles. So just stop with the Carson charade.

    Kroenke’s site is the only legitimate site. He knows it, Jerry knows it, and the league knows it.

    The Rams belong in L.A.,, it will happen. Kroenke owns the LA market now, and Dean Spanos will have to play the obediant tenant to Kroenke

  21. Maybe they should force Jerry to move the Cowboys somewhere else. What gives him the right to say where any team should move or not move?

  22. I’ve been watching NFL for a long time, and never knew all the owners were in on where a particular team plays.

    If that’s the case, why are Irsay and Modell still demonized?

  23. Since the Rams are already out that way, move them to San Antonio. Move the Raiders and Chargers to Carson and then everything is good.

  24. This Rams Chargers in Inglewood was floated 2 months ago, and not by JJ. Ultimate fail since the Raiders always were and always have been LA’s most popular football team. Until the NFL is not the ultimate cash cow it is now and teams start failing the “we’re going to get up and move,” trump card will continue to be used. Two teams, fine, but these two? About as dumb as trying to promote a London franchise. They will fail but at least it’s not on the cities of San Diego and St. Louis taxpayers to bear that burden.

  25. To me it would be weird having division rivals (Raiders / Chargers) sharing the same stadium. I can see Rams (NFC) and Chargers (AFC) or even the Raiders / Rams like Giants/Jets.

    Personally I hope it’s the Rams that go back because St Louis Rams still sounds stupid to me, the same way Tennessee Oilers sounded before they changed to the Titans.

    If the Rams go back they should also go back to their traditional yellow and blue uniforms to celebrate the return of the L.A. Rams.

  26. The Raiders don’t get left out or lose out as many articles state. The Raiders belong in Oakland. Mark Davis is on record numerous times saying his #1 goal is/wasto keep the team in Oakland. What will end up happening is what many of us have stated long ago- The Raiders will stay in Oakland and receive compensation from the other team(s) relocation fees. A win-win. Well played City of Oakland and Mr. Davis


  27. firecracker87 says:
    Jan 10, 2016 10:17 AM
    We’ve had L.A. teams before, and they flop, and move. What makes this time different?


    Now two can fail at the same time?

  28. Jerry, like most of the other NFL owners, wants to keep the LA market open, which only strengthens their brand. He realizes that more eyeballs on Dallas equals more money for him. If LA has to watch Ram games, then we are not watching the NFC east/north or AFC east/north.

  29. How would giving money to the Raiders to build a stadium in Oakland be fair to San Diego, St. Louis, or any other NFL city that has ponied up 100s of millions of dollars in tax payer money to help keep the NFL in their city? I think that would be “Bad business ” for the NFL as it would quite possibly be the end of any tax payer hand out anywhere. Also Jerry needs to but out and allow the LA committee do their job.

  30. “We’ve had L.A. teams before, and they flop, and move. What makes this time different?”

    You’re not from LA – or even California. If you were you would know that the stadiums are 100 years old. That’s why teams failed here. No luxury boxes and no modern amenities. Nobody can run a modern sports franchise that way and make a profit. Also, we liberals will never build a palace for a billionaire with taxpayer money. It takes a special kind of stupid to give billionaires free money. The special kind of stupid one might find in St Louis and other NFL cities around the country.

  31. Los Angeles doesn’t deserve one team let alone two.
    I’m surprised markets like Portland or OKC aren’t more of a viable option.

    Give Cleveland a pro team.

    Oh they are Pro?


  32. Jones may be a terrible football GM, but he is a good business man. Moving the Rams and Chargers to a shared stadium in Inglewood is the best move. Davis needs to either come up with a Silicon Valley investor to pump money into a new Raiders stadium, talk to the 49ers about sharing Santa Clara, move the team to a new city or sell the team.

  33. Well I think now with jerry’s backing the Englewood project will move forward. I think the other owners will help the raiders to rebuild in northern California but not in Oakland like you all expect. I would bet you the stadium ends up being built in an outlining city since Davis and the city of Oakland can’t get along. Maybe like Martinez, Fairfield, somewhere in Sonoma, my be even Sacramento and a name change from Oakland raiders to northern California raiders, or just California raiders since there fan base is really more outside the city of Oakland than in.

  34. The Rams had no fan base to speak of in LA when they left decades ago. As presently constituted, they certainly have no fan base outside of St. Louis. A heavy dose of Rams TV broadcasts in LA — a horrible thought — wouldn’t help much to change that.

    The LA television market is already the ‘beneficiary’ of a slew of Chargers games that block better matchups from being aired there. From the TV perspective, the Chargers are already designated LA’s home team.

    Getting both of these franchises as actual home teams would assure that most of the NFL games aired in the LA market would be snoozefests, not that Jerry Jones would care.

    Jones and other NFL owners along with their water boy Goodell have a right to choose a solution that best protects their own investments in the League, but ignoring the importance of a strong local fan base is short-sighted. That base is not assured by simply building a palace for millionaires to play in while thousands of homeless live out their lives in the streets of LA. The old movie cliche: “If you build it, they will come” does not apply.

  35. The Iger backed team should be moved to Orlando. I’ve heard good things about that place. It’s warm, Disney World is there, nice outlet mall, an airport, AmWay… What’s not to like?

  36. I do not understand the Giants and JETS built a new Stadium
    They got the land as it was the parking lot of the old Giant stadium.
    They sold PSL’s and built it
    The state fixed up the roads and we have a privately funded home for the teams.

    Why do these clowns think taxpayers should foot the bill?

  37. I read Peter King’s article last week about this crazy situation. I believe it was a sportswriter from San Diego that gave a 70% that the Chargers would move. Once I read that I thought it really will become BOTH the Chargers and Rams in L.A.

    Still, if the Chargers leave San Diego it will be a shame. St. Louis just got stuck with a crummy owner.

  38. I think that the Rams should be in LA, Raiders stay in Oakland, and Chargers stay in San Diego. Basically going back to the old days

  39. Please, everyone, stop bringing up who has the best fan base in LA, rams or raiders. This has nothing to do with that. Nothing. Zero. NFL doesn’t care, it doesn’t impact thier bottom dollar in any way. This is political between the owners.

  40. This makes perfect sense because the Raiders are the only team in this scenario that has leverage if they don’t move to LA. The Raiders can leverage San Antonio against Oakland, but San Diego and St. Louis have no leverage if they are left out. Jones wants a new stadiums and is smart enough to know how to get them. There also might be a little bit of hard feelings left over from Al Davis.

  41. Here’s my fantasy football realignment:

    1. Move the Jets to LA, AFC West
    2. Move the Chiefs to AFC North
    3. Move the Ravens to AFC East

    4. Move Dolphins to AFC South
    5. Move Jaguars to Salt Lake City, AFC North
    6. Move Steelers to AFC East

    7. Move Panthers to NFC East
    8. Move Cowboys to NFC South

    Let the ridicule begin…

  42. Look at that picture of Jones and this is the noise he’s making: brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Who cares what Jones says? He’s already proven he knows nothing about running a football team. He should hire someone who does and get out of the way and let them run his toy.
    Then he should go sit in a rocking chair on the front porch of a cabin with the some other hillbillies and drink hooch.

  43. John Clayton says it’s 20-10 in favor of the Carson project and believes the Rams will be in St. Louis next year.

  44. The NFL owners are a greedy evil group of people. They expect their fans to be loyal but will not offer the same respect to their local communities or cities. I’m done spending any of my money on this league. The demise of the NFL has begun for this ex-fan.

  45. There is no gain to equity if you are a tenant. The Bolts need to be the stadium owner/tenent to make it work financially. What Jer proposes makes Kroeke’s finanaicals even better than being there on his own.

  46. Money cannot build a new stadium in Oakland. Local community activists with concerns about traffic and the effects of a stadium on the community could delay any project literally forever, except perhaps replacing the current stadium on site, which cannot be done because a baseball team plays there too and I dont think there is such thing as an ultra modern combined baseball and football stadium.

  47. they can’t relocate both chargers and raiders as they’re afc teams; this way you relocate 1 nfc team and 1 afc team; owner of rams also owns the nhl colorado avalanche in case you didn’t know

  48. People keep talking about LA has lost two teams, well, St. Louis lost the Cardinals to Arizona in 1987 and likely the Rams to LA this year. And Oakland has lost the Raiders before.

    San Diego is the ONLY of these cities that hasn’t lost a franchise. If the Chargers can pay such an expensive relocation fee, why don’t they throw in those millions to help stay with their longtime faithful fans in SD?

    The Rams returning here to LA is a good idea, but the Chargers coming here is a disaster waiting to happen. This is RAMS country~still, and this is coming from a Saints fan.

    Don’t do it Chargers, especially in the same year the Rams come back home. Work something out with America’s Finest City: SD. You’re being blinded by greed. When you’re playing before Arena league size crowds after forsaking sellouts in SD, you’ll be sorry.

    Meanwhile, if Stan Kroenke can afford to pay for his OWN stadium without public help, Dean Spanos, why would he want to force the public to pay for it and have to answer to the city officials?

    If I were him, in the lyrics of Ceelo Green, I’d say to Spanos, “Forget you!”

    LA doesn’t want you Chargers. Love the one you’re with.

  49. Good luck to the NFL getting any city to put up taxpayer money to help build a stadium now. You just screwed yourself, hope it feels good.

  50. If LA hasn’t worked in the past, how will three teams in close proximity to LA work together? So many flaws including what others have stated, the cities being left behind are offering to help the billionaires to some extent. Why does this seem so evident to us on the outside while the greedy NFL continues to want to push square pegs into a round brown hole?

  51. Forget Jerry’s deal. Let’s let whatever team move to LA that wants to build it’s own stadium without any taxpayer dollars used. What? There are no teams willing to do this? Then nobody moves to LA.

  52. How about Jerry Jones push for a divorce from the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL. He has become one of the real jokes as an owner. Don’t know who is worse owner between the raiders, cowboy and browns. They all ought to be kicked out the league. What is the saying, ” in the best interest of the league and protecting the shield”.

  53. Stop Whining St. Louis LA deserves another chance
    The Rams are vanished, headed to the Sunny West Coast, and in The Mid West they are in the early throes of a hot-blooded tantrum. Some rather vitriolic analysis is coming over the transom as angry journalists and bitter team boosters accuse the Rams of treason and other high crimes.

    Stan Kroenke is being cast as some sort of football version of Ebineezer Scrooge – a sinister character who singlehandedly ruined Christmas for St Loser. The man with a team and no conscience.

    I gather that they will not be throwing Stan a farewell soiree in St. Loser. In Ferguson , he is is about as popular as a White Cop waving a Gun.

    And you know what? I don’t care what these people say.

    I don’t care what Stan Kroenke did, or did not do, in St. Louis – though the record shows that he has owned this franchise for 5 seasons, and it has made the playoffs in none of those years.

    The first day of the rest Kroenke’s life began on a glorious Saturday morning at the LA Coliseum, in a jammed, Parking lot that’s a short Todd Gurley touchdown gallop from the rising stadium.

    Sorry, this is our party, we deserved it, and sore losers are not invited. We lost a football team 21 years ago, and no one felt sorry for Los Angeles. As we had our little revival meeting Saturday , we easily could disregard the caterwauling from the land of Police Brutality and Racism.

    St Louis defaulted on its team. Get over it. We hear that Ferguson is lovely this time of the year.

    As for the Rams and Kroenke, I care only about what happens from this day forward. The St. Louis Rams are dead. The LA Rams are alive.

    This city has been assailed for its alleged indifference for football. Kroenke has been condemned for his alleged indifference for the Rams.

    Today, we both start over.

    We will judge Kroenke and on how he handles this franchise, this city, and our trust, when the Rams kick off in 2016…

  54. And Jerry Jones is correct, for once. The Rams and Chargers sharing the Inglewood facility is the split the baby outcome that makes the most sense.

    It also leaves the Raiders in play for other markets, either domestic or international.

  55. First , LA you are getting TWO teams. Should you be so picky about which two teams ? TWO cities are losing their teams . The fans of those cities can do nothing about it. STL has put together a stadium proposal based on what the NFL told them to do. SD has a proposal but needs to vote. OAK has nothing yet seems to be in a position to either move to a new stadium in LA or get a payoff from Stan , Dean and the NFL to get what they want. BTW…..Jerry owns the company that will do all of the PR work for Inglewood. The NFL and Stan have lied through this whole process. STL never had a chance. They made STL jump through every hoop , waist millions of dollars and time on a process that NFL already knew the outcome . The Rams and Chargers will end up in LA. The NFL will slide some money towards Davis for a new stadium in the Oakland area. SD and STL fans get left with nothing. I hope fans around the NFL are watching this and see how sleezy this business is.

  56. nickyfidget…………..Good luck to you and Stan. You will love him. Great stand up guy and one of the best owners in professional sports. He will make all your dreams come true. ( Wink )

  57. Great, as long as the Chargers don’t take the rights to San Diego with them. Qualcomm stadium is much better than the Oakland coliseum and the Raiders have no problem selling it out. Chargers rams to la, raiders to San Diego …where they can play at Quallcomm while they work with the city on a new downtown multi-use facility.

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