Marshawn Lynch undoubtedly at the end of the line in Seattle


In theory, he could return to play later in the postseason. But with Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch skipping the trip to Minnesota following a seven-game absence after core-muscle surgery, the question becomes whether Lynch will be a Seahawk in 2016.

He almost definitely won’t be.

Due to make $9 million in base salary with a cap number of $11.5 million, Lynch surely would lose a financial face-off with Thomas Rawls, who is due to make $525,000, with a cap number of $530,000. Apart from the very real contractual differences (and not nearly as dramatic production gap), Lynch has been a handful, to say the least, for the Seahawks in recent years. (Look for plenty of examples to emerge, Percy Harvin-style, once the relationship ends.)

Also, and as PFT previously has noted, it’s not a coincidence that the best seven-game stretch of quarterback Russell Wilson’s career has come with Lynch out of the building. Whether it’s the $20 million per year contract, the decision to pass and not run with the Super Bowl on the line, or the “Go Hawks!” perception that Wilson is too aligned with management, Lynch and Wilson haven’t had an ideal relationship.

Lynch’s decision to not play on Sunday — which by all appearances was his decision — could be interpreted in many ways. Maybe it’s a push back against offensive line coach Tom Cable’s public statement that Lynch must “adapt” to the team’s new offense. Maybe it’s a business decision, aimed at keeping Lynch healthy in the event he’s looking for a new team.

Adding to the actual or perceived friction between player and team is the basic question of whether Lynch should have made the trip to Seattle, in order to keep the Vikings thinking until 90 minutes before kickoff that Lynch would play. While Lynch never travels when he’s not active, this would have been a great opportunity to make an exception.

Lynch didn’t make an exception for the Seahawks, and the Seahawks are getting closer to the point where they no longer have to make excuses for Lynch. Whenever Seattle’s season ends, Lynch’s time with them will end, too.

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  1. What Marshawn did taking himself out, if he did plan on playing in 2016, in addition to health, production and age, further erodes his free agency value. There is so much special treatment expected, along with eccentricity and obstinate behavior towards authority from Lynch that many may not want the headache from a 30 year old back. Hometown Raiders already have a 1,000 yard rusher.

  2. COme home to the 510 and don the silver & black! We can go to Sizzla after the games!

  3. That game in Minnesota is going to be one of the coldest NFL games ever played. Is it possible that that had something to do with Lynch’s unilateral decision to say “no mas?”

  4. The only player team friction and Percy Harvin sort of discourse is only something PFT could come u with. Not one other sports entity has said anything but you guys. A case of overactive imagination.

  5. Seattle’s offense is actually more dangerous without Lynch. Lynch is good. But I think they are just better off with Rawls, and Michael. Wilson has shown he’s easily a top 5 QB, and when he has to shoulder the load, he’s better off with one of those other two in the backfield than with Lynch. Take Lynch’s attitude away from that team, and they are better than with it.

  6. Of course Lynch is getting cut next year….that would be a given no matter how well he performed this post season. With that being the case he is only hurting himself by doing what he’s doing. You have to shake your head at the lack of foresight.

  7. Russell Wilson is the key to winning in Seattle. Lynch is a great RB. When healthy, the Seahawks can win with his running and Wilson’s game managing. When he’s out, the Seahawks can win with Russell Wilson, as he’s become a legit elite QB. But age is a big factor. Wilson can be great for another 12 years. Lynch might have a couple great years left.
    They need Russell. They don’t need to pay Lynch. Lynch can finish his HOF career elsewhere. The 49ers could use Lynch if they draft a young QB and don’t have to pay him for a few years. Then Lynch is close to home.

  8. Lynch is a quitter.
    Only cares about himself.
    Cancer in the clubhouse and bad influence on younger players.
    Ship him off to Oakland. he will fit in nicely with all those other losers

  9. So sick of these premadonnas acting as though the world owes them something. He has a good 1 to 3 years left (at most). Glad he’s showing his commitment. If the Hawks advance, I hope they cut him before the Super Bowl.

  10. The Titans desperately need a decent running back, but please Marshawn, DO NOT come to my team.

  11. Marshawn is the Tone-setter. Quit acting like Seattle is going to cut him. He’s an F 350. That much horsepower will snap a still broken abdominal muscle. When he heals he will stay with Seattle.

  12. The people saying the Raiders dont need him didn’t watch Latavius Murray this year.

    He’s good but he needs help.

  13. Except where Lynch made his name is rearing its head again today, the playoffs. Russell Wilson didn’t carry them to most of those playoff wins, and it will be interesting to see if they can pull today’s very different game from the regular season out as some of us predicted without the workhorse that they usually leaned on to get these kinds of wins.

  14. You Seahawk fans are a bunch of idiots…. You are the biggest fair weather fans in the history of the NFL!!!!!just a few years ago you were yapping about the lynch run against New Orleans and now you don’t need him to be great. Seattle will be one dimensional next year and Wilson will struggle!!!

  15. I’m OK with this bum disappearing. He had his moment. Now go away.


    Agreed. Thanks for the few good years. He’s a head case. Rawls out performed him by far this year.

  16. He was great for the Hawks and will always be loved in Seattle.

    But relationships evolve, and this one looks like it’s at the point where it’s time for the Hawks and Lynch to go their separate ways. The Tom Cable comment was particularly telling.

    Prediction: Two years in Oakland (if they stay in Oakland) then done.

  17. Well let’s be honest here, this was Marshawn’s last year in Seattle no matter what, they can’t afford to keep him. Thomas Rawls is just as good at a fraction of the price. And for Marshawn just coming back from his injury, probably wasn’t a good idea to try and play in the freezing temps expected. If Seattle gets past the Vikings, I’d expect to see him back in the line up.
    I think the Raiders would be his preferred destination, but I don’t think the Raiders would offer big bucks for him, maybe if he agreed to a heavy incentive laden contract, like the prove it deal they gave Crabtree when he signed with them.

  18. rtroy23 says:
    Jan 10, 2016 12:47 PM

    Have fun in jax or tenn next season. They don’t have much media there and you can “be there so you don’t get fined”

    Well, he won’t have to worry about being at Super Bowl media row with either of those teams.

  19. Both player and team are to blame – the team was dumb to have made public that Lynch would need to adjust and should have saved it’s high-noon with Lynch until their season was over. Lynch, well he’s the typical prima donna of today’s league, whose talents are easily overshadowed by the size of their heads – and/or size of their mouths – but a struggling team without a good QB will probably take a chance on him if he says he wants to play.

  20. offthelows says:
    Jan 10, 2016 12:42 PM

    What Marshawn did taking himself out, if he did plan on playing in 2016, in addition to health, production and age, further erodes his free agency value. There is so much special treatment expected, along with eccentricity and obstinate behavior towards authority from Lynch that many may not want the headache from a 30 year old back. Hometown Raiders already have a 1,000 yard rusher.
    And nobody behind him. Helu didn’t do much. Olawale only got 24 touches.

  21. dtroxallday says:
    Jan 10, 2016 2:54 PM
    You mention him not making the trip to Minnesota and skipping the trip to Seattle.
    Seriously…why don’t you guys just take a second to get it right?
    dtroxallday says:
    Jan 10, 2016 2:55 PM
    This causes issues when idiots like me are left to interpret what you said vs what you meant.
    Dude, given the context, it’s clearly just a typo – it was meant to read “Lynch should have made the trip WITH Seattle, in order to keep the Vikings thinking until 90 minutes before kickoff…”

  22. You guys are ALL idiots!! Every time Lynch does something he’s ridiculed and “out as a Seahawk”!! What a bunch of whiners!!
    Have any of you ever had abominable surgery? NO!! If you had you would know how hard it is to do even normal stuff 8 weeks after surgery, let alone play football in the NFL!! He was SMART to stay in Seattle because the intense cold would have created severe and unending muscle spasms just trying to stay warm!!
    I know because I tore an intestine playing High School football in Washington State and had 2 surgeries to correct it. I know what normal winter cold can do and I’m sure I have a better idea of what the cold on the sidelines in MN would do than every negative idiot commenting!!

  23. Lynch has always played through injuries. Whenever he has not played, it is because he truly could not go. It’s sad to see how he is getting trashed from people whose memories are Swiss cheese
    Lynch is done in Seattle but not for most of the junk written in this article. The relevant reasons are His salary cap number is too high and he’s aging. That’s it. Thomas Rawls is set to take over if he stays healthy himself.

  24. Finally!!!
    An article exposing Lynch for type of teammate he was. Maybe with this article and what’s coming up in off season, Seattle fans will finally accept that Lynch is not a real team player. To laugh after a SB interception loss , I’d hate him if I were a Seattle fan.

  25. redskinsareok: I actually love your term “premadonna” (or pre-madonna), but the traditional term is “prima donna”, referring to a diva or other temperamental person. We’ll see if your version catches on.

  26. When I heard that Lynch did this at the last minute, I was shocked. He took all of the 1st team reps this week. And their game plan was obviously designed with him in mind on Sunday. And it showed. The Seahawks played disoriented and unfocused on offense in that game. They looked disjointed like they did before Lynch got hurt. Looked like they were making the plan up on the fly. Especially on those many 3rd and short situations. For some strange reason, it looked like they couldn’t or wouldn’t do what was originally planned. Instead of just letting Wilson go in hurry up offense mode & zoom the steam the team down the field like he became accustomed to doing without Lynch.

    Bottom line. I think he really hosed his team and team mates at the 11 hour & 59th minute. And almost cost them that game! IMO the Seahawks should just put him on season ending IR to stop his selfish distractions. And flush him as soon as the season ends.

  27. Actually, I choose to believe that Lynch in fact didn’t feel well after practicing two days fully and knew he wouldn’t recover well enough to play………..He was honest and told staff…….They determined that if he wasn’t going to play, it was best in the long term to keep him in rehab and hope to use him in Carolina this coming week. He will practice, do better and travel to Carolina for that big time game.

    Will he be traded to Oakland or somewhere else? I doubt it, but don’t really see any reason that the team shouldn’t try to do something to get compensation for him next year……If that is what Lynch wants, that is…….Otherwise, I am hoping he continues to play one more year for the Seahawks.

  28. I don’t know what happened, but if all Marshawn was going to do was stand on the sidelines then it probably was better that he used the time for more rehab. The worst part of the game was that it seemed like the Seahawks went back to the old game plan of run first, throw later, trying to use C Mike as their work horse. Granted, C Mike put in a game effort, but he is no Beast Mode, and the Vikings were able to pretty much horse tie him, although he fared better than Peterson, who averaged a measly 2 yards per carry. Once again, it took some late game heroics by Russ and a botched kick to save the day. Reminded me a lot of the Detroit and Dallas games earlier this year. Let’s hope we go with Russ Mode against Carolina.

  29. I thought it was selfish of Lynch to take reps and not play but in hindsight it’s still not clear as to what type of injury he had.

    If he had any type of abdominal procedure then depending on the severity he probably had doubts about how effective he would be for four quarters in those temps. Abs are tied to big muscles so he might injured himself worse. He’s probably done for the season.

  30. Aside from this particular report I haven’t heard a single Seahawk say anything other than they want him back. Conjecture on why he didn’t go to Minnesota is just that…conjecture. Michael has done a great job but I’d love to see Beastmode on the field.

  31. Where is your speculation that Beast Mode is a bad teammate coming from? All accounts that I’ve ever heard is that he is the best teammate. Maybe this is the reason he doesn’t like to talk to the media and hence you write opinionated stories. True, it is likely he won’t be back now that they have another cheaper viable option, but it is not because he disrupts the locker room. He also does a lot of charity work so you can throw the selfish crap out the window too.

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