Pacman posts tirade on Instagram

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Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones left the locker room without talking to reporters after the Bengals lost to the Steelers Saturday night.

He took to Instagram and posted a video of himself talking. Screaming, actually.

“The f—–g ref did a horrible f—–g job,” Jones said.

He then mentioned Steelers linebackers coach Joey Porter being on the field when Jones was flagged for a personal foul on the last drive. Those 15 yards set up the winning field goal by Steelers kicker Chris Boswell.

The video of Jones will probably be taken down soon. But the Bengals lost in hard to explain fashion, and Jones isn’t the only one letting the F-bombs fly.

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  1. Well he is exactly right. Why the hell is a assistant coach in the middle of the field with opposing players in front of a ref and they do nothing about it??????

  2. The Bengals were completely out of control for the entire game. Burfict could’ve been called for several more penalties during that game. They need to check him for roid rage.

  3. You know, you could be professional enough to point out that he is right. Porter wasn’t legally on the field.

  4. People are going to comment on this article with insulting and mocking words to pacman, but in this instance he’s actually kinda right, and I’m amazed the media didn’t do a better job of pointing out the entire story on his penalty.

  5. I agree with him. Why the hell wasn’t Joey Porter flagged. It was obvious he was trying to provoke the Bengals.

  6. Why was a Steelers LB coach now then halfway across the field? Only to stir something up, given who it was.

    Jones is an idiot but that point is legitimate.

  7. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Jones. You act like complete idiots on the field, then blame the refs for flagging you. Pittsburgh’s DBs seem to enjoy acting like complete idiots in the end zone every time they score (or think they score), but at least they don’t blame the refs for flagging them. Actions have consequences–haven’t you learned that yet?

  8. Pacman should’ve had more control, but he does have a point. Porter got in the middle of things looking for trouble. When its a gray area like that, at the end of the game, the officials should’ve kept the flag in their pocket.

  9. Not surprising. He has no sense of personal responsibility and won’t accept that his actions resulted in a playoff loss for his team. It’s easier to blame the refs.

  10. The refs did do a horrible job. They should have had offsetting personal fouls on the play that Munchack was flagged, as that was a late hit out of bounds. They should have called pass interference against Jones earlier in the game when he mugged Brown for 15 yards. They called a fantom unsportsmanlike on foster. They called a fantom pass interference on Will Allen. They robbed Shazier of a TD.

    The bungles screwed themselves. The refs did everything they could to give Cincy the game.

  11. Bengals defense did a horrible job too, unfortunately (and the offense needed simply to hold the ball, but that’s another story entirely). Never saw any replay or reason for the flag on Jones, and without that penalty it’s a +/-48 yard attempt, which is no sure thing. Burfict got his money’s worth, no argument with that call, but not sure about Jones’ penalty.

  12. Hey Pacman… Remember slamming Amari Coopers head into the ground in week one? Yeah… Karma is a bitch. Dumb ass.

  13. He threw a tantrum and touched a ref, and that’s all there was to it. The refs had been homers all game until those last two penalties. No excuses.

    Go Steelers!

  14. He knows this is his last game.

    He’s an idiot, how he’s still in the NFL is amazing.

    Good thing for Bengals and Cowboys so really bad people have a place to play.

  15. So the Burfict hit is “out of control”, while Shazier’s helmet to helmet hit on Benard does’nt draw a flag….I guess his is under control and therefore purposeful, which makes out Steeler’s football.

  16. Pacman, like Burfict and the Bengal fans, are TRASH LOSERS. Glad he is on the Bengals, losers deserve each other.

    WE DEY

  17. The Bengals showed lack of discipline towards the end of the game, but the refs had no business deciding the outcome of the game. That referee crew should be banned from the remainder of the playoffs.

  18. As indefensible of a person as he is or how the Bengals blew that game, there is a valid point of why Porter was allowed on the field with the sole intention of trying to irritate an already volitale situation. Those should’ve been offsetting fouls on Porter/Jones

    Outcome wouldn’t have been any different though

  19. I can’t stand Pacman but incidental contact should not be flagged.

    Burfict was sort of apologizing when Porter got involved and then Pacman was stupid enough to be in the wrong place being stupid.


    I would release Burfict the day after the Super Bowl. I would bet Brown will in fact do that.

    Historic meltdown.

  20. Not a Bengals fan but I cant believe how they self-destructed like that. Burfict and and Jones are complete IDIOTS!!! Burfict could have easily pulled up and avoided the cheap shot on Brown. And as for Jones – he is no leader. And his instagram post after the game shows he has learned nothing in his 10+ years playing football.

    Marvin Lewis needs to be fired for not having control of his team.

  21. Nothing better than watching dum-dum millionaires, well except watching them after they lose their millions

  22. What was porter doing on the field, and why was he not penalized, if was obvious he was out there to antagonize the defense. I have no interest in either team, just curious

  23. I’m actually kinda bored with this fool’s shenanigans. Don’t know what was said, but probably shouldn’t have said it. Just sayin…

    Burfict? No less than a four game suspension for that piece of garbage.

  24. I am not a fan of either team, but this was the most “fixed” game I have seen in my lifetime. I literally called it play by play to my posse, which was mostly Pittsburgh fans. This was incredible….starting with Ben being carted from the field with a shoulder injury. WTF?!?!?!?! Can’t walk off the field with a shoulder injury? Or just adding to the “drama”? I am stunned. Anyone who wants to give me a thumbs down, have at it…I don’t care. I very rarely post anything and this just reinforces why. This game that I have loved for 50 years has become an absolute joke.

  25. What a way to lose a game. Cinncy had it in the bag and blew it. I feel very sorry for their coach, a totally class guy, the team, not at all.

  26. Pacman Jones has a lengthy criminal record. I’m sure it was the cops’ fault too. The Bengals want to play with fire by going out and signing every bad character guy in the world. The refs were warning those guys all night long. They let them get away with a lot. This is a win for the NFL. The Bengals are a bad example. Kids are watching. Mike Brown should resign.

  27. I’m still trying to figure out why the refs let a linebackers coach on the field with the trainers when a WR was hurt. Shouldn’t the only coach allowed on the field in that instance be the HC and his position coach?

    Porter being on the field was specifically to inflame the situation.

    Now, Pacman needs to use his head in that situation. Oh, sorry. Forgot who I was talking about……….

  28. Pacman undoubtedly will be broke after 3 years of being out of the NFL. Blame the refs for your team crapping their pants and committing personal fouls giving free yards and keeping the clock still which led directly to your team losing!

    Pacman is a whoa me moron one of the worst type of morons!

  29. Terrible end to game, but..uh..league should look at coaches going out on the field and talking to opposing players. Joey Porter has a history. Mike Tomlin has a history also.

    Steelers coaches should be tethered to their own sideline. And Tomlin should have his shoelaces tied together or can only have one oversize pant leg to prevent tripping other players.

    But if Big Ben and Antonio Brown can’t go next week, does it matter?

  30. Porter was on the field because Brown was on the field. Injured. After being headhunter by Burfict. Porter is allowed to be there. You, on the other hand, can’t shove him.

    You blew it. Face it.

  31. The refs didnt you and your out of control child teammates did..but the nfl did cause this..the seperation in pregame by officials standing at mid field created a fight mentality..but still funny stuff u losers

  32. Can you guys write on piece on why a Steelers linebacker coach was allowed on the field when the Steelers were on offense? The first penalty was clear cut, but the second seems like it should at least be offsetting.

  33. I couldn’t care less who won the game, but I thought Porter tried to start something. The ref watched Porter instigate it, then Adams shout back, and threw a flag on Adams. Didn’t seem right to me.

    That said, too bad the Bengals can’t get out of their own way. Burflict let down his team.

  34. Anyone that defends Burfict’s hit is hilarious. Would have been ejected in college. Needs to be ejected for first 2 games next year. Dude is a danger to himself (as evidence by his multiple concussions) and others.

  35. The refs did do a terrible job, no doubt. Both teams were totally out of control. A coach pulling the hair of an opposing player? Dirty hits galore. A fight after just about every play? Haven’t watched the Bengals enough to know if that’s typical for them, but the Steelers are dirty from the ground up.

  36. I was pulling for the Bengals before the cheered Big Ben being hurt and carted off…..very trashy fans ….. I was pulling for Steelers after that…… Cincinnati the trailer park king of the world…..

  37. As usual, Steelers pick up a playoff win to continue to play on in tournament. No other team gets 30 free yards without snapping the ball to set up final winning field goal. Brings back memories of Super Bowl Steelers played against Cardinals. Two red challenge flags had to be thrown by the Cardinals due to terrible officiating. That Super Bowl definitely given to Steelers. Thankfully, they’ll never win it this year. Not that talented.

  38. Well that was certainly to the point. Feel sorry for the Cin. but they brought on themselves. There was one bad call on the fumble recovery by the Steelers on the hit to the head with the helmet that wasn’t called. Again, Cin. wait until next year and do a better job on character on picking players. If they can’t control their emotions, don’t keep or pick them.

  39. I dislike Adam jones, but why was porter on the field? It’s not necessary at any point, especially when the offense is on the field. Steelers coaches are always on the field at the wrong time.

  40. Adam Jones wasn’t on the field tonight. Pacman Jones was. The right out of college, let’s make it rain/shoot up a strip joint Pacman. The Pacman who doesn’t think or consider consequences. It’s a shame that a guy with his talent can’t think when that’s all his teammates needed him to do.

  41. Pacman hit the ref, he deserved the penalty. But my question, why was Joey Porter on the field? It was a offensive player down and he had no business being on the field.

  42. Steelers are banged up due to those idiots refs.Took a td away game is over ben and ab never hurt either. no one is talking about that due to drama bengals players created. j peezy was checking on his best player due to targeting by a player that has a history of this bs. refs really stunk. how can you run 75 yards celebrating what should have been a game winning interception and not get flagged? than the true bengals showed up and blew the game, that should never been a game if the play was never blown dead and steelers get the TD. the ending was better though. enjoy pacman and bungals

  43. Scum team lost, fans and players alike. It was sad to even watch that game through national television. There’s no changing to that culture, other than a constant reminder for everyone to keep driving through Ohio

  44. Players who display the “attitude” of Adam (Pacman) Jones need to be out-of-the-game – thy are not THAT big, nor are they THAT good.

  45. This guy is an absolute idiot. Hey genius, it was your selfish actions that contributed to the Bengals loss not the refs. I hope him and his pal Burfict get some huge fines and suspensions as they are both two of the dirtiest players in the league. You have to wonder how Marvin Lewis still has a job. 0-7 in the playoffs and its obvious he can’t control his players. Just an overall lack of class by the Bengals players and their fans last night. Glad you lost

  46. I hated the Pac Man penalty. Ref had his back and saw nothing. And is Joey Porter a trainer? What the heck was he doing on the field? Up to no good I’m sure. First call was fine, second was horrible.

  47. Poor Pacman.

    That was the most deplorable display of sportsmanship ever. Lack of self control cost Cinci the game and probably Marvin Lewis’ job.

    Rivalry or not professionals cannot lose control.

    Won’t even talk about fans and bottle throwing, disgusting to say the least!

    You reap what you sow……

  48. Bungles are out of control. No discipline whatsoever.
    Hold onto the ball and forget trying to get revenge and you have a playoff victory.
    Bungles bungle it AGAIN.

  49. I hope Joey porter does a fantastic job as a Steelers coach, because there’s certainly enough evidence on film to say with certainty that no other team is ever going to hire that clown. That said, Adam jones is the out of control monster we’ve always thought he was. He may be the best back the Bengals have but I’d let him walk in a heartbeat.

  50. Hey Pacman, that’s twice you’ve made a fool of yourself within two hours. Videos don’t lie. Quit you’re crying and grow up. You lost the game for your team, no debate there at all.

  51. Well Mr. Jones, Its not the Ref’s, it the rules that suck. Burflicts penalty, its just a guy making a tackle. Old school hard hit, in the soft New School.

  52. Don’t have a dog in this fight but I don’t quite understand why Jones was flagged but Porter wasn’t? Either way, what a brutal ending for football.

  53. He had a mini media tour as well earlier this yr explaining how much of a changed man he is. Tiger never ever loses its stripes. Funny thing is Jones may be right with the second penalty. But you have to be self aware that your reputation will give you zero latitude. Once again, him and Burfict didn’t control their emotions and it cost them a playoff game and their coaches job for that matter

  54. “Hard to explain” fashion?

    I beg to differ with you – TYPICAL. They shot themselves in the feet – again – and they have NO ONE to blame but themselves.

  55. One of the heroes from the House of Self-inflicted Pain issues a rallying message of comfort to all his young fans.

  56. Jones and Burfict got exactly what they deserved. Teams that play without discipline do this to themselves and their fans every time. When will they learn?

  57. Steelers nation is out in force today

    The refs once again decided the outcome of the game.

    The cost the Giants two wins and now took the win away from the Bengals

    When the Giants played the the NC team norman should have been flagged early and the ODB would have not flipped out
    Cost us that game and with out ODB we lost to the Vikings

  58. Once a loser, always a loser: Burfict, Jones, and the Bengals.

    Why wasn’t Burfict flagged for running into the tunnel? Steelers were flagged for dancing after a TD

  59. Maybe it was a good thing these 2 players had
    MELTDOWNS on an NFL field rather than on a

    lonely stretch of highway where our state troopers would be at risk handling such volatile mentally unstable people.

    NFL is run by jokers. Remove their non profit status immediately.

  60. Burflict must be on Peyton Mannings mailing list. He looked out of control from early in game. How about drug testing after games? Running through tunnel with game still on? What a moron along Pac Man. Two chumps cost Cincy win. Pathetic

  61. ez0682 says:
    Jan 10, 2016 1:29 AM
    Its called passion its football. Deal with it or yall go watch tennis if you want to watch athletes with no passion.

    Look everyone Pacman posted^^^
    What Jones and Burfict did last night was not “passion”. It was stupidity that cost their team the game. You have to be an imbecile to think its ok to act the way they did and ruin a WHOLE NFL SEASON because they have no self control.
    Let the refs flag the assistant coach for being on the field and deal with the first 15 yard penalty. Not BLOW the season because self centered low iq football players think it’s more about them then the team.

  62. Just because Porter was on the field doesn’t give Pacdumb a license to be stoopid. Porter will get fined. Pacdumb gets to go home because he’s stoopid.

  63. Remember what u did in week 1 against rookie amari Cooper we’ll karma is a bi..h ain’t it! Ur nothin but a low class person a real sorry person who should of been kicked out that game i don’t know how the refs let u stay in the game! Oh well this was the sweetest seeing u crying on the sidelines like the bi..h that ur are made my day! Lol better luck next year chump! JUST WIN BABY!

  64. Buffing & Pacman Jones are two worthless “Love Muscles ” they need to throw both out of football

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