Report: 49ers could hire Hue Jackson today


The San Francisco 49ers could have their next head coach before the day is over.

Owner Jed York is in Cincinnati to interview Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson today, and Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that the 49ers could hire Jackson as soon as today.

That meshes with a previous report that Jackson is the clear front-runner for the 49ers job.

Jackson does have other options, as the Browns also want to interview him today. And the 49ers have considered other candidates, including Bills assistant head coach Anthony Lynn, Browns offensive coordinator John DeFilippo, Buccaneers offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter and former Eagles head coach Chip Kelly.

But at the moment, the 49ers and Jackson appear to be a good match, a match that could get made today.

69 responses to “Report: 49ers could hire Hue Jackson today

  1. If I were Hue, It’s a no brainer.

    Amazing area, and amazing weather(most of the time).

    And you don’t have to deal with those classless, debris throwing, losers that make up the team and fan base of Cincinnati. It’s fun to joke around about the 49ers, but the truth is they have way more class than that Bungals team, and Hue knows it.

  2. Jackson runs a pro style offense. If he goes to Cleveland or San Francisco, he will be in need of a quarterback. Kaepernick is not going to be miraculously turned into a passer and I don’t think Gabbert has what it takes. Cleveland has zero quarterbacks on their roster. Manziel will drink himself out of the league by summer camps.

  3. if mike brown weren’t so damn loyal and will keep marvin as a bengal fan would love to have Hue as HC… for the the tread above putting down the bengas fans i don’t know what team you’re a fan of steelers? 49er? are you actually saying your fellow fans act better? SF isn’t that where they have shootings with opposing fans in the parking lot after the game??

  4. The debacle in which Hue’s inconsistent offense failed to score for three quarters
    After the debacle in Cincy last night Hue would be smart to get the hell out of there the very next day.

  5. Mike Silver reports that Hue Jackson will win the Super Bowl in 2016 with San Fransisco. Hue told him so while they were spooning after the game last night.

  6. Cleveland has the second pick to get a QB, what does the 49ers have? Kaepernick? Lol. If he goes there good luck.

    All the reports that have come out said he is equally interested in both jobs.

  7. People often mistakenly think that the S.F. Bay Area is warm all the time. It can actually get pretty cold there in the evenings, especially during the winter months.

    Fortunately, the Dumpster Fire that is the 49ers should keep Hue nice and toasty.

  8. If I was Jackson I’d want to get out of there as fast as possible. For all that he accomplished with the offense, it was ultimately meaningless because of the trash employed by the defense. I’ve never seen a more pathetic example of low character causing a team to self destruct.

  9. ballboy48 says:
    Jan 10, 2016 12:14 PM
    Matt Patricia would be a better coach. The guy is super smart!

    Matt Patricia is coming to Jacksonville next year. Let no team hire him this year.

  10. If the niners are that high on him why would he not at least wait until he interviews with the Giants and see if he could get that job? I understand the whole “bay area” thing but I have to believe he’d want to have an actual shot at winning before he gets fired.

  11. Hue is a good coach……it was just bad timing for him in Oakland. Reg needed to flush the toilet there big time and neither Carson or Hue were the right people to start over with……..

  12. Oh Hue called that 2pt conversion play last night, have to question his judgement. He would be smart to run as fast and far away from Cinci as possible.

  13. The 49ers have been one of the worst franchises in the NFL over the last 15 years except for the 3 seasons that Jim Harbaugh was in control. Harbaugh’s 4th year with SF was ruined when Baalke was put back in control prior to the beginning of that season. Now that Harbaugh is in Michigan restoring greatness, the 49ers are back to being a total disgrace. Whoever they hire will be gone in two years. This would be a good job for a guy like Tom Coughlin who could coach for another season or two, but get paid for 5 or 6.

  14. ketch20too said:

    “Oh Hue called that 2pt conversion play last night, have to question his judgement. He would be smart to run as fast and far away from Cinci as possible.”

    Amen. That was one of the worst play calls ever. Hey, we desperately need these points. Let’s call a slow developing run play so that all 11 Steeler defenders will have a chance at making the tackle! Great idea, Hue!

  15. Welcome Hue

    You will be hero if you turn this top 5 franchise around. Can’t wait to beat the Seagags and then the Oakland/LA/San Antonio not Oaktown Raiders Woohoo!

    The Empire and its 2.2 billion dollar fortress

  16. I like it. Hue will not be York’s puppet. He will work with Baalke only for as few years as it takes to get the team under control. Any interference from York and he will read the riot act to him telling him if he doesn’t shut up and sit in the corner of the owners booth, he will ban him from the stadium.
    It didn’t work with Harbaugh because he was too soft. He needed to be liked and admired. Jackson doesn’t need to be coddled. Working under AL Davis earned him the stripes and the football acumen to supplement what he wasn’t already gifted with naturally. He will do well and is smart enough to know how to support kid York.

  17. Shenanigans aside, Cincy’s play calling in the game was awful. The 2-point conversion attempt was ridiculous. Chip Kelly is the obvious choice but the 49ers need a yes man. By the looks of things, Cincy’s coaches all say yes to their players too.

  18. he actually loves Kaepernick, he said that the Niners wanted to draft Kaepernick..I think this is the reason why the Niners want him. the call though for the 2 points, what was that. He did turn that Oakland team around. If they do get him, who will his D staff be? Interesting turn of events

  19. Don’t do it Hue. You can see from how management treated Harbaugh that 49ers management does not mind sabotaging the head coach to prove a point. Things may be rosie now, but as soon as you start slacking on licking their boots they will have it out for you.

  20. titansfan12 says:
    Jan 10, 2016 12:17 PM
    Cleveland has the second pick to get a QB, what does the 49ers have? Kaepernick? Lol. If he goes there good luck.

    All the reports that have come out said he is equally interested in both jobs.
    Like it matters what pick Cleveland has. If the Browns have thought us anything it’s that it don’t matter how high a draft pick or what round draft picks they have they always still pick busts.

  21. If you take away each solid RB’s one good carry you have one averaging negative yds and the other under 2 per carry. I can see why they weren’t calling the obvious run plays on 3rd down.

  22. Don’t do it! Big mistake Hue. The most dysfunctional team in the NFL. The Santa Clara 49ers. Enjoy the puppet show that is Trent and Jed.

  23. He’s definitely an upgrade but what makes me nervous is his decision to trade for Palmer when he became the head coach of the Raiders. Granted he probably wont be responsible for trades if the 9ers brain trust do hire him. But I really don’t believe he’ll be our coach. Why ? Who in their right mind would want to ? Maybe a Chip Kelly ? I hope not. My money is on Dork hiring someone who has never been a head coach. But you never know with the two in charge.

  24. If Mike Brown has any semblance of cajones, he should let Marvin “retire” to an office job, and name Hue new CIN HC today.

    That said, Mikey has shown a serious cajonelessness over the past 30 so years . . .

  25. Hue is a proven looser as head coach, he is a good OC at best, but coaching? nah, Like Tomasula he is a 1 and gone type of coach.
    Hue is a must interveiw off color coach before they hire there true choice another Italian Stallion “Defilippo” 1st mistake, he will bring back Krappernick, draft another QB or two and 3 more TE’s

  26. After watching the Pit/Cin game and run as fast I could from that place. Wow talk about no control of a team.

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