Report: Joe Philbin wanted to replace Ryan Tannehill with Derek Carr


As the Dolphins turn the page, finally, on the Joe Philbin era by hiring Adam Gase to coach the team, there’s one last nugget to note before Philbin fades completely into the dustbin of Dolphins’ history.

In 2014, only two years after the team made quarterback Ryan Tannehill a top-10 pick, Philbin wanted the team to use a first-round pick on quarterback Derek Carr.

The past two seasons arguably have vindicated Philbin; Carr has shown considerable promise early in his career as a second-round pick of the Raiders, and most would regard Carr as having a higher ceiling than Tannehill.

That could change with Gase, who has worked well with a variety of quarterbacks, from Tim Tebow to Peyton Manning to Jay Cutler. And with the front office fully committed to Tannehill (unless and until Gase decides he’s not the answer), look for the soon-to-be-fifth-year signal-caller to get a full and fair shot to reach his ceiling, whatever it may be, in 2016.

53 responses to “Report: Joe Philbin wanted to replace Ryan Tannehill with Derek Carr

  1. Seeing how they have been performing I would say he wasn’t wrong. Tannehill wasn’t worth the contract he was paid. Could he get there? Maybe, but it is not likely.

  2. Maybe if you took tannehill’s training wheels of let him call an audible maybe Phailbin would still have a job.

  3. If they had picked Carr, the Dolphins wold be in a lot better situation, with arrow pointing up. If you pick a HC, at least let him sink or swim, with his own guys.

  4. I think Derek Carr would have had the same results with the 3 step drop, go – run/ go go pass offense your mentor Mike Sherman who Phailbin was forced to fire.

  5. I’m sorry, but this sounds too much like the “I was THIS close to picking Tom Brady!” sound bites you hear from old Coaches & GM’s whenever someone talks to them about their experiences.

    The fact that he may or may not have wanted to pick a guy who turned out to be great doesn’t matter. He probably wanted to pick a hundred different guys, what matters are the ones he ended up getting. He got fired in the middle of the season so what does that say about the players he DID end up pushing for??

  6. Remember people that Mike Sherman was Tannehill’s coach at Texas A&M!

    You’d think Sherman would have given Philbin and Ireland the truthful analysis of whether Tannehill was worth drafting when Sherman became the OC for the Fins…

    Man, I hope Ross actually struck “real” gold with Gase not the “fool’s” gold that Philbin is!

  7. This was reported by Salguro… Take this with a grain of salt.

    Carr hasn’t shown anything that Thill hasn’t already shown, they both have talent, can make the throws but both are Wildly inconsistent. Thill has been misused since he got there, he is one of the better qb’s throwing on the run. Get him outside of the pocket, and let him use his legs. Miami has had terrible coaching for over a decade.

    Thill has gone toe to toe with the best qb’s In the league and has beaten them, he can do it, every team needs the right scheme and the right coach to run it. Look at all the best qb’s In the game right now, the one thing they all have in common is a competent coach.

  8. Lets get something straight here….Joe Philbin was a bad coach who never should’ve been hired in the first place. Secondly, how can any QB be confident and feel comfortable when his own coach doesn’t believe in him? Philbin wanted Derek Carr. The Front Office wanted Ryan Tannehill. Everyone has to be on the same page. Clearly, that wasn’t the case here. I’m by no means a Tannehill supporter but if you don’t believe in your QB then you have no chance to succeed.

  9. The Dolphins are in such bad shape primarily for two reasons:
    — they only draft offensive players in ten early rounds. In the past eleven seasons, they’ve selected a defensive player in the first round only three times. In 2014, they used their first, second and third round picks on offense, and last year, then GM Dennis Hickey would have used all three of their first picks on offense again, had Mike Tannenbaum not stepped in and insisted they take a defensive tackle with their second rounder.

    — the other problem Miami has is that despite all the draft picks being used on offense year after year, the offense is still bad most of the time.
    this is why they hired Gase, to try and salvage some if those players.

  10. Philbin was right. Carr has more upside than Tannehill.

    But Tannehill was Philbin’s guy when he was hired. The Dolphins used a first round draft pick on the guy and then he wants to use another first round pick on a QB two years later?

    I don’t blame the Dolphins front office for not listening to Philbin in this case.

  11. I don’t know about everyone else but the last 4or 5 games this year, RT started throwing more deep balls and he got better as the year went on. Maybe a new coach that’s not trying to make him look bad (so the front office lets him draft his own guy) will let him play

  12. Carr wouldn’t have been any better than Tannehill in Miami. He would have been stuck with the same coach and OL, running for his life just like Ryan.

  13. first, it’s been 4 years not 2 and Tannehill hasn’t progressed at all… he’s still overthrowing anything outside 0f 10 yards, still can’t audible, still can’t read the D at the line, still can’t deal with a blitz

    and if you said: but he throws for over 300 yards…. only when he gets a lot of yards after catch… last game he went for 300 plus he had 2 completions out 0f something like 20 attempts outside of 13 yards

    the guy is not a franchise QB candidate and he never was

    if anything proves the crippling disfunction at the Phins, it’s giving Tanny and Suh those superstar contracts

    now they go into next year at 32nd in cap space at MINUS $3M and they are married to Tanny for the last year of his contract, $45M guaranteed, $15M or something like that salary

    Peyton Manning and Eli Manning potentially in play and they are broke with no offense…. get ready for a lot of pain Phins fans

    Tanny is the biggest mistake of the post Shula era… and man, that is a major statement

  14. Vindicated Philbin? come on, if he was a half way decent coach he could have developed Tannehill much more quickly. Tannehill is much better quarterback than Carr!!!

  15. Would it have mattered? Philibum was responsible for the growth of Tannekill. Philbum would just have killed Carr’s career like he did Tannekills.. 4 years ‘coahing’ Tannekill and this kid cant read defenses, call audibles, adjust protection or throw accurately past 10-15 yards. Some if not all of these things should and could have been addressed by Philbum. We will never know. In a way Tannekill and Philbum are similar in there careers.. and OC in Green bay that never called offensive plays and a QB that doesnt know who to play his position.

  16. Derek Carr has shown no more promise early in his career than Tannehill did. Why people continue to blindly praise a guy who has been nothing more than just OK is baffling.

  17. Just stop it, already!

    Adam Gase is taking/getting way too much credit as a “quarterback whisperer.” Wasn’t Peyton Manning already a Hall of Fame quarterback before ever stepping foot in Denver? How long did Tim Tebow last in the NFL, guess that didn’t work out so well, did it? And Jay Cutler, like Manning, was already an established quarterback in this league.

    Manning and Cutler may have had success under offense coordinator Gase, but wouldn’t the quarterback coach deserve most of that credit? How about giving some credit to the offensive lines and the receivers/tight ends they were throwing to?

    I think the Dolphins just ended up with Philbin Lite in Adam Gase. Good luck with that (tongue firmly planted in cheek).

    Mike Tanneaun proved yesterday with the signing of Gase to be nothing more than a “yes man” to Stephen Ross. They jumped the gun with so many better candidates they never even bothered to interview. Thorough search? Hardly! Ross knew whom he wanted and Tannebaum delivered.

    Dan Campbell has more head coaching experience the Gase. Gase is a terrible choice for a head coach. I can’t wish them well. I hope the franchise fails to the point Ross sells the team and Tannebaum is sent back New York, where they both belong.

    Phormer Phin Phan (after 45 years as a loyal fan)

  18. The problem with Tannehill, like all running QBs, is that their first instinct is “me”, not “we”. That will rub a coach and players the wrong way. There was a lot of talk that some in Cleveland management wanted Carr as well, but ownership wanted Manziel.

    QBs need a strong OL and a serviceable running game to be effective. Look for the Raiders to draft OL to keep Carr healthy.

  19. frankdatank23 says:
    Jan 10, 2016 11:57 AM
    Carr would have really sucked behind Philbin’s league worst olines.


    The Raiders OL isn’t all that good either. Carr just gets the ball out fast for the most part. The few games he started holding the ball got ugly quick.

  20. who cares what philbin had to say. the guy was a pencil pusher and a stickler for organization. not a football coach. let alone a head coach. how could any player relate to this guy. when miami was on hard knocks i felt this guy was a waste of time. the guy was stiff and emotionless. how could players rally around that kind of atmosphere.

  21. I don’t see where Carr that much better if at all, Tannehill leads him in almost all statistical stats including sacks. Carr did have one more Int. than Tannehill however. Overall, I would be even more queasy with Carr as my QB.

  22. Philbin is the worst HC to ever stand on the Miami sideline, and that includes the dumpster fire that was Cam Cameron. His opinion is worth less than nothing.

  23. Look deeper people. Philbin has no faith in Tannehill, refused to fix the OL and allowed Tannehill to throw 40-50 times a game. That should give you a clear picture just how poor of a coach Philbin was.

  24. I guess the fact the HC was hired to come in and help Tannehill take the next step is lost on everyone.
    Tannehill was babied from day one. The Phins brought in his old collegiate HC, to help ease him into the league. Then once Sherman was fired and Lazor hired, you see even more restrictions on Tannehill with the absence of audibles. When you have two of the last three OC restricting or trying to get the best out of Tannehill, what does that say about Tannehill?

  25. And former GM Ireland wanted to hire as HC Mike McCoy and not coach Joe.

    Tannenbaum wanted coach Joe gone before the start of last season.

    Saboteur Ross never listened with his big ears.

  26. Even if we drafted Carr… the play calling would have still sucked… the oline would still be pathetic… and Miko Grimes would still drunkenly say ITS ALL CARR’s FAULT.

  27. Interesting that Philbin indicated he wanted to replace RT with Carr but made no mention of Bridgewater, who was also available in the first round of that draft.

  28. “The past two seasons arguably have vindicated Philbin; Carr has shown considerable promise early in his career as a second-round pick of the Raiders, and most would regard Carr as having a higher ceiling than Tannehill.”


    88.8 92.8

    76.6 91.1

    These are the last 2 season for both qbs . Guess which one belongs to which qb for passer rating?

    1.Tannehill 88.8 92.8
    2.Carr 76.6 91.1

  29. “Bad ownership trumps coaching every time.”

    An owner thats willing to spend anything and get anyone trumps whatever you think ross is for a bad owner. It doesnt matter who it is, miserable phin fans find someone to piss on. Wether it be ireland, ross or whomever. Its always somebody they got to blame.

  30. I had my doubts when Mike Sherman, Tannehill’s coach at Texas A&M, was brought in to be his OC with the Dolphins and it didn’t work out.

  31. Joe Philbin is a likeable guy – but as a coach he was not mentally ready. He couldn’t make even the simple decision of firing his Offensive Coordinator.

    The biggest problem the Phins have had is in the front office and on down.

    – The hiring of bad or unproven coordinators.
    – Drafting too many “developmental” players.
    – Poor talent assessment in both draft and FA’s.
    – Drafting players from one poistion to fit another.
    (See: starting Offensive Guards – former tackles)
    – Drafting injured players.
    (Jordan, Taylor, Parker, Martin, David, Lynch)

    Busts like Jamar Taylor, Dion Jordan, Will Davis, Josh Kaddu, BJ Cunnigham, Aikens, Gillislee)

    That is not how you build a team.

  32. Years of glorifying a fraud like coach(?) drula has caught up with you. You’ve officially been put in your place, Miami.

  33. It’s easy to build up a good rating when the opposing D is in the prevent for most of the 4th, and/or you always take the safe throw, like Tannehill.

  34. We live in such a fantasy world these days. Derek Carr puts up 300 yds consistently so now he’s a great QB? Dude throws pick-6s like it’s a hobby, and often times in the worst spots in the game. Philibin was an absolutely brutal coach and his offense was embarrassing. Can’t remember how many times Miller would be ripping off 5-10 yard chunks for the 1st half and then for some reason Philbin would totally abandon the run game.

  35. LOL at some of these Dolphins fans saying Carr is no better than Tannehill. Carr is the next Aaron Rodgers. Tannehill is a poor man’s Jay Cutler.

    PFF just rated Carr, who is a Pro Bowl alternate and only in his second season, the 8th best QB in the league for this past season. Tannehill 19th.

    Aside from that, watch the two guys play. No contest. Tannehill is not terrible. He a starting caliber QB. But a bottom third guy.

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