Seahawks say headset problems led to early offensive struggles

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The Seahawks’ offense struggled throughout the first half, and after the game they said headsets were to blame.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson said he frequently would hear only part of a play call, and that’s why the team used two timeouts trying to get the offense organized.

“I could hear bits and pieces of the play. You hear the formation or protection or route or whatever it may be, so you just try to put the two together,” Wilson said.

Seahawks guard J.R. Sweezy said the Seahawks showed later in the game, when the headsets were working, how their offense can play when there are no communications problems.

“There were a couple times we weren’t on the same page,” Sweezy said. “When we’re all on the same page, we’re really good. That kind of explains why we were slow at the beginning.”

Headset complaints became a major story in the first game of the regular season, when the Steelers complained that they were having problems in New England, and some suggested that the Patriots could have been to blame. The NFL, however, said the league, not the home team, is responsible for making sure communications between the sideline, the press box and the quarterback’s helmet are working properly. The Seahawks may want to have a talk with the league office about ensuring there aren’t similar problems next weekend in Carolina.

67 responses to “Seahawks say headset problems led to early offensive struggles

  1. Lol. Sure, Seahawks, whatever helps you feel better about yourselves after getting thoroughly destroyed by the historic Vikings defense.

  2. Headset problems? Outside New England??? Woah! Who knew?

    Who knew besides everyone with a pulse that’s ever watched 10 minutes of football. “Name one time this has ever happened outside New England” you idiots said. What’s there been one a week this season? Keep crying Brady deniers. You’re missing out on a hell of a sport.

  3. It lets you know how dirty America (outside of the New England states) thinks the Patriots are. Because when there is a headset problem at Minnesota, it doesn’t cross anybody’s mind that it might have been deliberate. If it had happened at New England, people would naturally assume New England was deliberately at fault and they’d probably be right.

  4. Headsets that don’t work properly. How is this even possible in a $9 billion league?

  5. So the NFL tampered with the communications to assist the Vikings? Make you wonder when Roger was the instead of the high profile game. Conspiracy theories abound…

  6. Simple solution. Fine the Patriots two first round draft picks and suspend Brady and Gronk for 4 games each.

  7. Sounds like the league is too cheap to buy some state of the art equipment. If the bean counters had their way they’d probably be using tin cans and string.

  8. So now you know the Seahawks are at their best when a ball is snapped over Russel Wilson’s head and the other teams defense has a mental breakdown. lol

  9. So they can’t use hand signals? Seahawks offence isn’t too complicated for it. Belichick says they practice regularly without headsets because of the amount of times their headsets fail in other stadia. I say do away with sideline-to-player-helmet coms anyway, but I’m old school.

  10. Humble is not in their vocabulary… good God I despise them and want anyone, I do not care what team it is, to beat them so I can hear them say how the refs, headsets, or themselves caused the team to lose.

  11. The league office and owners are just laughing at everyone while they continue to have us all doing anything we can to give them more money.
    Bad comms? Who wants to be the exclusive communication partner with the NFL now and pay an enormous amount of money to do it, so each week so they can get ripped publicly for crappy equipment. Spending money with the NFL as a business is a waste these days. You can find so many other avenues to partner with and have people see your product/business.

  12. The weather was a factor too. Wilson over threw clear Baldwin and Lockett touchdowns. The Vikings played well though, have to give them credit. Hawks will steamroll Carolina.

  13. “When we’re all on the same page, we’re really good. That kind of explains why we were slow at the beginning.”

    Yep that goose egg 3rd quarter and massive 10 point output in the 4th had all the earmarks of a juggernaut that was only slowed by communications problems. Lets give some credit to the team on the other sideline.

    Headset problems are fairly routine, most teams have a signal system to overcome them. You can see it in use at some point almost every weekend. Carroll certainly must have one in place which begs the question why were they having trouble using it?

  14. Enjoy how these Viking fan trolls are patting themselves on the back for “almost” doing something again,while their star fumbles the game away on his last carry for the team and Teddy barely gets 150 yards and can’t get in the end zone.

    Seattle’s offense with the only TD, and Minnesota can’t get into double digits at home, that’s the bottom line.

  15. speakadatrut says:
    Jan 10, 2016 8:57 PM
    Oh whatever Seahawks…you got LUCKY today, plain & simple! You were outplayed!

    Oh please. The Vikes played great defensively, but the Hawks were just a little better. Shut AP down, all day. Lucky was that home-cooked PI call….

  16. HAHAHAHA, the Seahawks are funny. They barely won… Not even barely, because it was a joke. They got beat and had to rely on Minnesota to miss a 27 yard field goal!!!!! How did they win? They didn’t… Minnesota lost, period! Blame the radios all you want… Because you do not deserve this win at all.

  17. If Wilson was a “complete” QB, he would call his own plays. That actually goes for the entire league.
    It’s just a league full of control freak coaches and coordinators who’ve neutered their QB’s to the point where they can’t make a move without input from the sidelines.

  18. The #Haters told us this only happens in New England? They also told us the Patriots would lead the league in fumbles. Has there ever been a group that has been more consistently wrong than the #Haters?

  19. So what accounted for the late offensive struggles? I mean, sheesh, they out up all of 10 points with 7 of those essentially attributable to a busted play.

  20. That is a good idea. When any team can’t get its offense going, just blame it on the headsets. Sort of odd how it didn’t affect Minn.

    The bad snap which led to the only TD is what gave Seattle the spark it needed badly. Maybe they should blow the snap more often. Other than that they were totally contained for 3 quarters and if not for that blown FG at the end, Minn would have won.

  21. The seahawks said; “the cold and vikings affected the game ” they were asked if they were having communication errors and they said yes it didn’t affect their offense bc Wilson was just calling his own plays bc they couldn’t hear.. Good job reporting part of a statement to drum up some kind of diss from Seattle when all they did is compliment the vikings.. The headsets they said affected their ability to call plays which is specifically what they were talking about and is why they burnt most of thier timeouts on trying to avoid delay of game…

    Weak sauce article!

  22. The rubes played the greatest game in their entire lives and still got beat up and down the field by the SEAHAWKS who played like it was a walkthrough all day. Needed the refs and everything to get into FG range to win the game and as usual the vikings choked, third rate team compared to winning organizations like Green Bay and Chicago.

  23. Humble is not in their vocabulary… good God I despise them and want anyone, I do not care what team it is, to beat them so I can hear them say how the refs, headsets, or themselves caused the team to lose.

    you mad bro?

  24. 9 offensive points by Minnesota in 2 home games. Headsets, weather, PI calls aside, the offense didn’t produce enough, period. That’s why they lost twice.

  25. Are people getting it through their thick heads yet that the Patriots have been getting railroaded all this time with bogus claims of cheating? This thread would have 300 responses if this story happened in NE. – Bills fan

  26. The seahawks have got to be one of the luckiest teams for keep pulling these games out. Good luck against Carolina next week maybe the lights will go out when the other team is going in for a td.

  27. I suspect the strong play of the defenses and the cold weather caused the poor offensive play today as opposed to headset issues. The difference in the game is that the Seahawks players made the plays when necessary and the Vikings players didn’t. Hawks won, stinks for Vikings fans, time to move on.

  28. These idiots that say Seattle was outplayed, Christine Michael outrushed the ALL Pro HB on the other team by 30 yards with 12 less carries.

    Russell Wilson threw for a TD when the Vikings were kicking FGs all game.

    Seattle didn’t look prepared for the cold and the headset it was clear there was an issue. They had a delay of game at the 25 yard line after burning 2 time outs that were sure delays all in the 1st half. Back to back Super Bowl appearances and one of the final 8 teams standing. Keep being salty because there is about 10 more years of this for you.

  29. Seahawks guard J.R. Sweezy said the Seahawks showed later in the game, when the headsets were working, how their offense can play when there are no communications problems.

    I’m glad they were finally able to get that play call in where they snap the ball past Wilson’s ear, he runs back 20 yards, picks it up, scrambles, and then hits the wide open receiver over the middle. Man, they must have had to practice that one a lot to get it down right.

  30. “When we’re all on the same page, we’re really good.

    REALLY GOOD ?!?!? The mighty Seahawks put up TEN points.

    “That kind of explains why we were slow at the beginning.”

    Slow in the beginning, middle and end. Again , TEN points.

    And they ESCAPED due to a missed chip shot.

    This was truly a case of not winning a game rather than the other team LOSING it

  31. Wow, can’t believe how full of themselves hawks fans are after that game. You guys were supposed to crush mn, and yet, you win on a missed fieldgoal. Had walsh made it, you guys would be crying right now.

    Funny, even in a game they should have won by 30. Atleast according to everyone, when they win by 1 point because walsh missed, they have excuses, and act as though it was a 50 point blowout.

    face it hawks fans, your team isn’t very good. Especially if you beat a team like mn that was supposed to be a 6-10 team according to fudgie fans. By one measily point! lol

  32. I watched most of the game and thought Seattle was slightly better. A team shouldn’t win games just by kicking field goals which is what Minnesota did. I like Seattle against Carolina, they won’t have to worry about the weather. And how about this stat? One touchdown against the Seahawks defense in the last six or so weeks.

  33. Vikings fans playing the “if” game. That will drive you nuts. Ask a Seattle fan.

    Be happy you improved and made the playoffs. Vikings have a D they can build upon. It was a tough day to play football in those frigid temps

  34. speakadatrut says:
    Oh whatever Seahawks…you got LUCKY today, plain & simple! You were outplayed!
    Seahawks won pretty much every statistical category in a game that was completely messed up by the weather.

    Welcome to 15-2 Panthers

  35. Seahawks were the better team fools. How many did the Vikings score the first game and this? hawks were bad in the beginning and it could have been the headsets as well as the too cold to think temp. In the end the Vikings kicker blew it and that is the fact of the game.

  36. Some angry people commenting in here. Richard Sherman almost blocked the field goal prior to it( actually got his fingertips on it) and I think that is why he pulled it too far left… so it wasn’t just luck. That previous field goal attempt was in his head.

    Earl Thomas said his feet and hands were numb the entire game there is no way this game was truly representative of everybody’s physical ability and skill. Get ready Carolina I think they’ll be doing that next week

  37. I think this game was much like those weights that you put on your bat while you’re in the on deck circle. Playing football in 0 degree weather was just incapacitating and so hard to just move that I feel next week they will be free and easy as if they just took the weight off the bat.

  38. So it happens in Minny and not just NE.

    It is validation that certain coaches are bunch of cry asses. Tomlin in Pitt complains and states it happens only there. Worse yet Harbaugh complains about “deception” and then uses an eerily similar formation. By the way coach, deception, isn’t that what zone blitzes and even play action are an example of?

    The NFL is becoming more of a joke by the week. On Goodell’s watch, between bad refereeing, inconsistent enforcement of rules, and just letting the inmates run the asylum. The owners need a change and need it quickly

  39. Lol, no the Viking defense caused that problem. The hawks one cuz the vikings choked, but the vikings D feasted on that offense ALL game not just the first half. Took 2 miracle plays for them to score at all. You guys are funny

  40. Lost in all the false bravado of having outplayed Seattle and that, if not for the botched field goal, the Vikings would have won, is that if not for the botched snap on our first punt and the interception giving the Vike’s excellent field position, 6 of their 9 points would not be on the board.

    Since ya’ll want to play the coulda, woulda, shoulda game, let’s pretend that the two mistakes by the Seahawks didn’t happen and therefore the excellent field position didn’t happen, i.e., the two resulting field goals didn’t happen: score vikings 3; seattle 10. And then let’s further pretend the botched field goal actually went throught the uprights: score vikings 6; seattle 10. end result of wiping out botched plays is Seattle still wins.

    sorry guys but that’s how the ball bounses. or shanks as it were!

  41. HAHAHA Viking score what just over 10 points in to home games against Hawks …Viqueeens suyyyck yah bunch of pusssisieies…you need a nonsense -20 game to keep it close.

  42. This game was a joke. Neither team looked like they deserved to be in the post season, no matter what the conditions were.

    Enjoy your gloating while you can, Seahawks fans. Your season ends this weekend.

  43. speakadatrut says:Jan 10, 2016 8:57 PM

    Oh whatever Seahawks…you got LUCKY today, plain & simple! You were outplayed!


    Go look at the total yards for the game, vikings had less than 183 and “best RB in the league” was outgained by a 3rd string RB

  44. “It lets you know how dirty America (outside of the New England states) thinks the Patriots are”

    At least to the haters who are so tired and jealous if the Pats dominance that they will cry and make up excuses all day long.

  45. far as the NFL tampering ANY half white can JAMB that signal with his android, ESPECIALLY those older ones that had the walkie talkies in them

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