Steelers saved by Bengals’ penalties, Boswell field goal


The Bengals lost their minds.

As a result, the Bengals lost another playoff game.

What looked like was going to be an improbable Bengals’ comeback instead became an improbable Bengals’ meltdown. The Bengals fumbled with 1:36 to go, and even then the Steelers only set up the game-winning field goal after Vontaze Burfict was flagged for a personal foul on a hit on Antonio Brown, then Adam Jones also was flagged 15 yards after he contacted an official in the aftermath.

That set up an easy field goal for Chris Boswell, his fourth, and the Steelers escaped with an 18-16 win.

What was a defensive battle for two and a half quarters turned into a wild game full of big hits, big plays and key injuries. The Bengals took the lead on a 25-yard touchdown pass from A.J. McCarron to A.J. Green with 1:50 left, then Burfict picked off Landry Jones on the Steelers’ next play.

The Bengals’ Jeremy Hill fumbled it back, and Ben Roethlisberger replaced Jones. Roethlisberger had been carted to the locker room after landing on shoulder on a sack by Burfict on the last play of the third quarter.

It was 15-0 at that point. The Steelers went for two on their only touchdown, didn’t get it, and the really wild stuff was just beginning.

Bengals Coach Marvin Lewis is now 0-7 in the postseason. The Bengals needed only to protect the ball before Hill’s fumble, and still then only lost after the inexcusable penalties.

The Steelers advance to play in Denver next Sunday. The Patriots will play the Chiefs.

338 responses to “Steelers saved by Bengals’ penalties, Boswell field goal

  1. disgraceful Bengals and their fans deserve each other.

    I don’t even care if the Steelers win at Denver. I’m just happy the Bengals lost.

  2. The final two minutes of game time was classic Bengals playoff football at its finest. At least Dalton gets a pass this year.

  3. The Bungles strike again. What an embaressment the Bengals are. A head hunting, out of control team. Not enough bad things can happen to them.

  4. What drew those last second penalties is nowhere near as bad as what Rapistbooger did to those two women.

  5. The NFL and the officials did not learn from Giants/Panthers. At some point, the referee has to realize that 15 yarders are no longer a deterrent, and he has to start throwing players out of the game. That’s the only way to regain control.

  6. The Bengals and their classless fans are a joke. Burfict and Jones should be cut before they leave the stadium.

  7. There should be suspensions and fines for multiple players and coaches from both teams announced Monday morning.


  8. And here I thought the Bengals were this untouchable force, according to Bengal fans last weekend. No? What happen to the team that was dominant that “no” team wanted to face? Stay classy with throwin stuff at the players Bengal fans!

  9. Tomlin has no control of his players or coaches, but at least he wins the damn games. Lewis has no excuse. I am going to stop cheering for a team that likes fighting more than it likes winning football games. If I’m Mike brown I’m firing Marvin tomorrow

  10. Marvin Lewis loses his job for this. There was no reason to even have the fumble happen let away the mental meltdowns on the field. All they had to do was kneel down 3 times and kick a field goal and the game was over.

  11. Big winners this weekend are Pats and Broncos. Chiefs lost their only WR threat in Maclin, and Steelers might have lost Brown and/or Rothlesburger. Setting up for Pats at Denver.

  12. Marvin Lewis did not lose that game….that honor belongs to Jones and Burfict
    Hill lost the ball on a great strip by Shazier but Jones and Burfict are absolute idiots

  13. Who DEY? Dey da ones sitting on the couch with the Ratbirds!

    Maybe they both can discuss upgrades to their Factories of Sadness!

    And the playoff drought continues!


  14. I understand passion. I understand rivalries, but that was ridiculous. If a team beats you that’s one thing, but they gave the game away with their stupidity. Never seen anything like it.

  15. Bengals should cut Hill for tor many fumbles and Burdick for simply attracting penalties.

    As for the steelers. The next game should remind them of the AFC Championship game 10 years back.

  16. Who wouldve known the bengals would find a whole new way of self destructing? Lack of class, inability to control emotions by both teams (mainly Bengals, including their fans) was rampant throughout this game

  17. As a steelers fan I feel bad for Bengal fans. They didn’t deserve what the bengals dished out at the end. The officials also were no better.

  18. Burdock is a criminal and a hooligan and has no place playing professional sports that kids watch.

    Burfict, steelers nation thanks you for being a class “A” idiot and one of our best players

    That said. Hope you don’t see the field next year at all

  19. I don’t care how talented they are…if I’m Marvin Lewis, Burfict and Jones never play another down for me. They single-handedly snatched victory away from their 51 teammates.

    Absolutely inexcusable…and this coming from a Raiders fan.

  20. Is it possible that this lack of control by Marvin Lewis lead to him being dismissed?

    Will fans be calling for Hugh Jackson, since he such a top head coach prospect?

  21. both these teams are filled with clowns, Tomlin is an embarrassment to coaches everywhere, he has no class what so ever, Pacman Jones is another clown

  22. As a former NFL player who had to be in the same locker room as Pacman Jones…. I couldn’t be happier that he showed exactly what he’s always been… The worst person I’ve ever had to deal with… Keep it real Pman. Ha!

  23. Incredible. Just amazing that a team can fail so hard like that. The two point attempt to Hill was a near disaster, the Hill fumble was reminiscent of Joe Pisarcik.

    The Steelers got in Cincys head, just as they have for over 40 years.

  24. Do the Bengals have any discipline? Goodbye Marvin Lewis. That team is a national embarrassment. Next time think about the players’ character that you are stacking your team with.

  25. I have NEVER seen a team implode on the verge of victory like the Bengals did just now. But karma is a you know what. Classless players and classless fans. Good win Pittsburgh.

  26. I’ll be the first to comment on a game that was as disgraceful as I’ve ever seen and I’m old enough to have seen the 70’s Raiders.

    The fans were classless, throwing stuff at Roethlisberger?

    Burfict is hands down the dirtiest player in the league and has no business even playing. Cincinnati, maybe you have no one to blame but your own players.

    Maybe in essence it is the referee’s fault because had they thrown Burfict out, you might have won.

    Same old Bengals.

  27. The Bengals are stupid. They should’ve ran out the clock before fumbling. I feel stupid for rooting for them.

  28. Marvin Lewis deserves to be fired after his teams performance at the end of the game regardless of his poor postseason record. #55 is going to kill someone and Lewis is the reason #55 is in the NFL in the 1st place. Then you add that 1st class D-bag Pacman, and the way your players act on the field is a reflection of the Head Coach.

  29. I was pulling for the Bengals, especially after that helmet-to-helmet hit that knocked out Rocky…until the Bengals completely screwed themselves.

    That pathetic two-point attempt. WTF kind of play-calling is that?

    Hill fumbling while going for extra yards deep into Pittsburgh territory when they were up by 1 point with 1:45 to go…why?!

    And then, of course Burfict with that absolutely malicious head-hunting on Brown after he’d obviously missed the catch to knock him out cold…and then Jones immediately drawing another personal foul thereafter before the next play is called. Pathetic. You did this to yourself, Bengals.

    – Not an AFC North Fan

  30. I won’t forget that game for a long time…and I’m a freakin’ Lions fan!

    Bengals Brass should give Marvin Lewis a good, had look as he obviously cant control his team. He just started ands there and watches them flip out!!

  31. Bungals fans should be ashamed of themselves after their classless display. Don’t deserve a playoff win.

  32. Wow! cincy needs to be ashamed of themselves in the way they behaved at the end of that game. Poor sportsmanship. burfict needs to be fined and suspended.

  33. Burfict is a criminal in pads. Self player if I’m his teammates I would be pissed.

    One guy simply lost control and didn’t care about his teammates, coaches, fans or city.

    Suspension should becoming

  34. Oh my gerd Bengals…at first i was ready to console you on the loss, then couldn’t wait to congratulate you on the win, then….just wow….just. Wow.

  35. Hill’s fumble, Pac-Man’s and Burfict stupidity…so fitting that the Bengals destroyed themselves when they had a sure victory in their pocket. Why Marvin Lewis did nothing to control his players is something that Bengal fans ought to be asking. Those last minute penalties were blatant, not even questionable.

  36. The hit on brown was pretty bad, part of it was him fallin & ducking down, but still no reason to even attempt a hit there. The pac man penalty was such BS though, and why the hell is porter on the field in the middle of the ref and bengal players egging them on and yet they ignore him and flag pac man who tells him to get the f out of there. another screw job by the nfl and the refs.

  37. In before the Cincy crybabies saying that Burfict’s penalty shouldn’t have happened…and Pacman shouldn’t have been penalized…..

  38. Marvin Lewis was incensed about Burfict’s behavior at the end of the game. Burfict gave the game away. He is a good player, but what good is he if he loses control when he should be keeping his cool? I picked the Bengals in a close game, but I am glad they lost after how dirty Burfict played. Lewis might lose his job over that nonsense.

  39. pretty interesting big ben dodged 2 questions after game about his shoulder; he just laughed it off; wonder how bad hes hurt; cowboy fan here and his hit sure looked like the 2 hits that put tony out; surprised nance/simms didn’t mention that

  40. Burfect is such a disgrace. ball was 10-15 yards down the field when he smashed browns head. should be out of the league

  41. When you employ humans that are complete losers, you’re gonna lose.
    Not a fan of either team, but was pulling for Cincy. By the time it was all said and done, I was glad the steelers won.
    Burfict and Jones have well-earned reputations. They proved just how deserving they are tonight.
    So my question to Bengals management would be: Is it worth it? Is it worth making excuses for the garbage character of your players when that character is certain to rear it’s hideous head at the absolute worst moment?

    Condolences to Bungles fans.

  42. I’ve always liked Marvin Lewis, but there is no way he can keep his job after being unable/unwilling to control his players.

  43. No skin in this game for me. As a fan I’m discussed by what I just saw. Marvin Lewis should be fired. Clearly he has no control over his team. Burfectt need to be punished significantly. The NFLtalks about the integrity of the game. You have got to be kidding me. Just disscusting.

  44. Wow. That was one of the more bizarre games I have ever seen.

    Shocked if Marvin Lewis still has a job by Monday

  45. I have been watching football since December 1962 and I have not seen a more ridiculous way to lose a game – even after a gift INT after a fumble. It make take a decade to wash that away.

  46. Kids…that is why they are the Steelers and those guys are and always will be the Bungals!

    Disgusting queen city fans mimic their players and forever will!

  47. Bengals didn’t lose their minds…they were head hunting revenge for the Bennard hit, which should have been a penalty. That play is the reason why there needs to be a coach challenge on replays. The Refs absolutely screwed it up, and almost caused a riot on and off the field.
    If there was a penalty, maybe cooler heads would have prevailed…instead we got crap…

  48. I’ve lost all respect for The Bengals. Well, some of them. Burfict should be exiled from the league, period. And Coach Lewis, you’ve got plenty of culpability in this, too. Discipline starts with you, and you’re lacking in it. Goodnight.

  49. Lots of issues…..Coach can’t control players’, first and foremost……Hill fumble was bad and they would have been better off using victory formation three times, causing Pitt to use their T.O. and then kicking field goal…..The two penalties at the end were direct results of lack of control and both players cost the team the entire season…….Hard to watch that game….

  50. Million dollar salaries, zero dollar brains. Talk about tow knuckleheads who should be thrown off the Bungals after how they blew the game. Pacman and Burkett are idiots – period.

  51. I absolutely get the 15 for the hit on Brown from Burfict, but could someone explain to me how you hand out a second flag on the last two minutes bites of a playoff game that likely wouldn’t have been handed out in the regular season?

  52. I want to fee bad for the Bengals fans, but the way they were cheering for injuries is absolutely disgusting and they deserve this (and Burfict, I hope he starts next year with a very long suspension). No excuse for that kind of behavior.

  53. Burfict could have killed brown with that hit. Right to the head. Could have snapped his spine from his brain stem very easily with the two going full speed and opposite directions.

  54. All you can really do is shake your head and be real, real happy you’re a fan of some other team right now and not those kitties.

  55. Bonehead fumble, bonehead offensive play calling, bonehead hit on Brown, bonehead move by Jones.

    This is a team without an ounce of discipline, and the blame for that falls right at the feet of Marvin Lewis, who once again isn’t able to get this team over the edge.

    He needs to be fired, once and for all.

  56. FIRE MARVIN LEWIS. He has no control over his players. Fire him at 8:00am Sunday morning. Come on Mike Brown. This is a total embarressment to Cincinnati.
    With any pride, Marvin should resign …

  57. Cheering because of an injured player. Players having no self control. Yeah, Cincinnati deserve to lose this game.

  58. Refs lost control of this game from the start. Steeter coching pulling players hair…why was there was no discussion of why was Joey Porter out on the field for talking smack to the bengals after the cheap shot on brown..ugly game….steelers stil knocking guys out with their helmets, bengals just being the bengals, Ben talking about being tough, yet takes another cart ride, only to return,whole thing is a joke

  59. Probably the most bizarre game I have ever seen in the nfl. Cannot believe how undisciplined some of these players are. Jeremy hill fumbling was unacceptable, but pacman and burfict are the real losers in my eyes. Cost the team a chance at their first playoff win. Fun game to watch, but the unbelievable penalties by those two boneheads took away what could’ve been an epic finish. How disgraceful. One more one and done added to the list for the bengals and their garbage throwing fans.

  60. Nice to see Joey Porter back on the field! Another NFL officiating blunder when it counts. Although the Bungles deserved to lose.

  61. Congrats Steelers!! On to Denver!! The Tebow Curse is over.

    Couple things:

    Ben really came through at the end.

    Bengal fans were completely disgraceful, throwing bottles at Ben being carted off. They now surpassed Eagles fans as the absolute worst in the league.

    Burfict and Pac-Man are two of the dirtiest players in the league and they cost their team the game.

    So glad the Bengal punks lost. The team and the fans are scum.


  62. 3 steeler coaches had physical altercations with Bengal players. 2 Bengals were flagged on hits they led with their shoulders. Gio Bernard was knocked out with a shot that was led with the crown of a steeler helmet.

    Simms made it sound like this was all Burfict and he was the only guy out of control.

    I’ve never heard of coaches getting into physical alteraction with players so often in a game.

  63. Feels for Marvin to have stupid players that cost games. Rooting for Bengels to win bc it’s Zimmers former team but those fans and the team did not deserve this win. Especially their rude fans cheering and throwing stuff at Ben when he was carted to the locker room.

  64. Bengals… WTF are you doing? When you have zero moral filter for who you will sign to your team, actions like this will eventually come back to bite you somehow.

  65. Burfect is out of control and should be suspended for along time. Got in the refs faces several times and should have been flagged. He is going to seriously hurt someone. That shot on brown was just plain old head hunting.

  66. If Marvin Lewis keeps his job after THIS fiasco, he must have compromising photographs of the owner. This was a complete meltdown. I was rooting for the Bengals until that disgusting Burfict hit. After that I was pulling for the Steelers, and I hate the Steelers. Not to mention, all the Bengals needed to do is NOT TURN THE BALL OVER, they could have TAKEN A KNEE and it would have been very difficult for Pittsburgh to win. Disgraceful.

  67. What a subjective finish. Not necessarily bad reffing. Just subjective. 10 different ref crews would have called it 10 different ways. Certainly not what the NFL wants. No one deserved the win. It’s bad for business.

  68. I wasn’t aware that the Bengals had 11 Black Lives Matter protesters on the defensive roster. Might as well have burned the stadium down after the game.

  69. Bungles being the bungles, always. Is there a worse way to screw up a playoff win?? To be a complete embarrassment to the game of football?? What a disgrace to PROFESSIONAL football.

  70. They were saved by the officials, too. Calling that second personal foul can’t be justified.

    Further, Cincinnati got called for a shoulder-to-shoulder hit on Pittsburgh’s first scoring drive but Pittsburgh didn’t get called for spearing when Shazier hit a Bengals receiver helmet-to-helmet.

    How can the NFL call themselves a professional sports league when clean hits gets penalties called but hits that were aimed at causing head trauma aren’t penalized?

    Pittsburgh is just as unethical as Coach Belicheat.

  71. The nfl is getting what they want. All set up for a brady/manning or brady/big Ben afc championship game. More money more money. They have all the credibility of the wwe.

  72. If there was an yearly award for “Best Performance of Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory,” this award definitely goes to the Bengals in 2016.

  73. Well, I wont say the Bengals got what they deserved, but certainly Lewis and sub human Burfict certainly did. Burfict seemed to literally lose his mind as the game went on, culminating what I hope is a serious suspensionable attempted decapitation. The coach should have had more control, but I believe the NFL should encourage ejections more as certainly was the case tonight..

  74. Not invested in the outcome but not sure the hit that was clearly leading with the head on Bernard was any less dangerous. These rules can more stupid as we go.

    The outcome was based on the officials discretion. Sure hope no more are.

  75. Wowww what an amazingly stupid ending to a game for bengals fans. I think if Ben hadn’t gotten hurt the bengals would never have had a lead. I cannot believe the collapse I just saw to me it was worse than the GB game last season. I mean personal fouls that aren’t even in the field of play running into the tunnel like you sealed the game and fumbling the ball when your trying to kill the clock. Pacman being Pacman it’s just hard to believe the home team would do put on that type of late game performance when they have such a good coach.

    Marvin Lewis embarrassed all coaches with his lack of control over his team. The bengals use to be the most arrested bad boys and they moved on to that but performances like this tonight will have their perception take a huge step back and people once again will think they are some uncontrolled poorly coached players which is totally fair.

  76. Typical Bengals. But what is Joey Porter doing out on the field? He’s the LB coach, hardly the coach that needs to be checking on Antonio Brown, and Brian was halfway off the field and Porter was still yakking.

    Out there simply to be a jackass and stir up crap. Jones penalty was pillow soft which would’ve made it a 50 yarder.

    Between him and Munchak earlier in the game, typical Tomlin discipline.

  77. Wow. Feel bad for Cincy fans. #55 and #24 combined for most idiotic play in post-season history. 30 free yards with less than 20 seconds left.

  78. It was 100% clear that besides the coaches not being able to get a hold of the players, there were no leaders on the field to keep guys heads in the game. It appears the leaders were the ones acting a fool.

  79. Delighted we are through and that it came at the expense of burfict and Jones of all people, however I feel sympathy for Marvin Lewis, AJ Green, Atkins, and a few others. They deserve better than to be left down by morons.

    From our view, despite obvious flaws, I think we can have optimism going to Denver. Manning likely can’t hurt us deep giving out defense a good shot, and assuming brown isn’t concussed we’ll either have Ben, a more prepared Jones or a dressed Vick. Obviously Ben is the preferred option. Williams may be back too but if not, the two rbs tonight did fine. Roll on next week!

  80. Honestly I don’t know how Marvin can keep his job after that disaster. Comes down to poor coaching.

    Couldn’t stop the Steelers.
    Undisciplined players.
    0-7 in the post season.

    At the same point the Steelers didn’t really play well either. (Granted Big Ben wasn’t bad and did get hurt).

    Can see them looking at Hue Jackson as his replacement.

  81. I am absolutely truly embarrassed by the Bengals and my hometown city of Cincinnati. Shame on you Cincinnati Bengals fans for throwing stuff. Shame on you Vontaze and Pac Man for throwing your teams game away. That was a dirty play I’ve defended the guy before but I’d cut him tomorrow uncalled for. That bad apple has got to go. Its pathetic. Feel for AJ McCarron the most dude has did nothing but work hard and just had that game he won stripped away from him. I’m truly embarrassed to be a Bengals fan right now.

    Shame on the NFL for not taking control of the game AGAIN.

  82. Did anyone actually see the incident that caused the second personal foul?? Some people are saying it’s because he bumped Porter, others are saying it’s because he bumped an official….I’m not saying I don’t trust the NFL….but yeah…..

  83. what did Pacman do exactly? and why was it ok for Joey Porter to be all the way on the field?

    no dog in this fight, but hate to see officials decide a game like that.

  84. Burfict should get suspended at the beginning of next season for the flagrant head shot to Brown. LOSERS.

  85. Crazy finish. Irresponsible play from several Bengals handed the game to Pittsburgh. Some of the most undisciplined and stupid football that I’ve ever seen. Clearly Marvin Lewis cannot control some of his players, eg Vontaze Burfect and Pacman Jones. Cut them for their stupidity on the big stage.

  86. Jones didn’t hit an official, he hit a steelers defensive coach who had no business on the field and was in a scrum. Not sure how theres only one penalty there. Refs decided the outcome of a playoff game. Burfict deserved a flag, Jones didn’t.

  87. Karma is a mother huh Cincy? Bunch of criminals on that team thinking the game is played in a prison yard. Oh and classy fans cheering when Ben got hurt and throwing trash at him as he is carted off. I won’t even go into the basic attempt to end AB’s career. Thank god I’m a Steelers fan.

  88. Awful … What a complete embarassment for the NFL.
    I have never seen such a ridiculously low level of character and sportsmanship – both from the Bengals > and their fans.

    The franchise should be sanctioned for the fans’ behavior – throwing trash on the field, etc.

    Marvin Lewis should be fired for incompetence.

    Vontaze Burfict should be suspended (or run out of the league) for clear intent to injure.

    Pacman Jones … should be cut, obviously. Apparently there is no fixing what a complete ‘waste’ he is.

  89. As a Ravens fan I never thought anything would make me root for the Steelers to win but congratulations Bungles fans; when you were booing Antonio Brown as he got up after that assassination attempt you made everyone turn into Pittsburgh fans.

  90. Somebody needs to tell Tomlin and Jones to find a rain jacket! Could not be happier with today’s results. slobberknocker in The Nati makes for a beat up Steelers team as next opponent. If Brady beats their nemesis KC and follows up with his kryptonite, Mile High, I will buy his Jersey. Was present for Jax, Ravens, and Colts home playoff losses as as bye seed so I expect kicking and screaming next week. Go Broncos!

  91. Pissed of Bengals fan here! Can we just call this “the Bungle in the Jungle”!?

    Mike Brown … You are losing me with Marvin man … I am glad he has convinced you to not micromanage the business as much but Jesus dude .. I think it’s warranted to find a better fit

  92. As a lot of you guys are fond of saying, “karma’s a bitch”. The classless Cincy fans throwing debris at, and cheering an injured Ben, helped seal your Couple that with Burfict, who will be suspended to start next season, and there you and done.

    Even former Bengal, Boomer Esiason, said it was disgraceful…

  93. I said earlier this week that Burfict would cost the Bungals a game and he did. He needs a very heavy fine and suspension.

    Cinci fans cheering Ben’s injury and throwing bottles at him shows a lack of class.

    Finally for Dr. Rustbelt …how does it feel to get DESTROYED….again by the Steelers?

  94. Bengals players and fans are clearly the most classless in the NFL. Tonight remove all doubt. What an embarassment they must be to the decent people in the stands, you know, not throwing debris on and cheering an injured player. I have to say it, it was a simply Burfict ending.

  95. Would never claim our players were lil angels. They weren’t. But …

    Burfict intended to knock Bell out of the game earlier in the season, and he intended to knock Roethlisberger out of the game tonight. The guy is a menace who shouldn’t be in the league. Much respect to Boomer Esaison for calling out Marv Lewis and the behavior of his players. As for “fans” throwing trash on an injured player being carted off the field … that says everything about the culture in Cincinnati.

    Pittsburgh may not win another game this season, but I’m thankful the Steelers won this one. McCarron did a great job; sorry it was wasted on this bunch.

  96. Don’t even start with the comments like “the NFL wants the Steelers to win.”

    Cincy imploded on themselves.

  97. A player like Vontez Burfict should be suspended for a long time for his play tonight. Totally out of control head hunter who is now the poster boy for the title “head hunter”. Really hope AB is OK after that vicious hit. I feel sorry for true Bengals fans but not the trashy ones who cheered and threw stuff at Big Ben on his way to the locker room after being hurt.

  98. #1 — was not a file even with as close as it was, The refs came out 10 seconds later with a foregone conclusion.

    #2 –that is NOT pass interference at all. The receiver put his shoulder forward and did NOT leave with his helmet.

    #3 after a call like that to end a home playoff game. ANY PLAYER including the PFTs offspring of they played in the nfl. Would be upset and react about that.

    As a Pats fan, people who complain they want the Patriots to win and be protected. Or defer HgH attention for deflate gate.
    You have seen nothing yet. Goodellis in his office $$$$$ making sure the specific teams advance$$).

  99. Ravens Steelers games are always hard fought, well played, and well coached battles.

    The Bengals team and fans disgusted me, throwing bottles at Ben while being carted off was absolutely shameful.

    This is why Cinncinatti doesn’t win Super Bowls.

  100. Every Bengals problem showed up at once. Lewis didn’t control his team. Hill fumbled yet again. Burfict was out of control. Pacman had no discipline. Stuff good teams don’t do. They deserved to lose for that.

  101. All game long I was screaming at the refs and the Steelers over penalties, and all game long the Bengals were arguing with the refs and riding them. Glad it was that punk Burfict who blew it, and when Jones tantrums and touches a ref, that was it. Couldn’t have happened to two better jerks.

    I’ll take it, even though it sucked.
    Go Steelers!

  102. The Bengals have no one to blame but themselves. And I was rooting for them to win this game. What a shame. The coach is as, if not more, responsible than the players.

  103. Teams need to think long and hard about signing guys like Burfict and Jones. History of bad behavior and poor decisions. Cost them a big playoff win.

  104. What started out as a snoozefest turned into a car wreck you couldn’t look away from. We will all be fortunate if we never have to witness a game like this again.

  105. Ugly game all around., but Burfict is a sicko. He should be suspended indefinitely.

    I dedicate this win to all the Ravens trolls who are crying now more than Pacman Jones.

    Tebow that.

  106. Steelers fans. Don’t be hypocrites and complain about all the hard hits over the middle as you wear your Jack Lambert/Greene/Blount/Palomalu shirts. Burfict reputation got him that call he veered away from Brown’s line. He really didn’t want to get the 15. But that’s the rule. Shaziers helmet to helmet on Bernard was just as bad and more intentional. The 15 on Jones for touching an official was a horrible way to end a great game. Wish Steelers could have earned it. They got handed 30 yards with 18 ticks on the clock.

  107. Hill’s mistake (don’t fight for extra yards, hold on and go down to protect yourself) was foolish, critical and showed poor judgment, but it was not as brain dead as Burfict’s or Jones.’ Burfict should have stayed in the locker room he grandiosely ran into after the interception.

    Really, how is this guy ever going to be a leader?

  108. Anyone that defends Burfict’s hit is hilarious. Would have been ejected in college. Needs to be ejected for first 2 games next year. Dude is a danger to himself (as evidence by his multiple concussions) and others.

  109. Has anybody explained why Joey Porter was on the field in the Bengals’ players faces and why he wasn’t flagged?

    LB coach on the field to check on an injured WR and then jump in Pacman’s face? Is that what you Steelers fans are about to argue?

  110. I’m a Vikings fan so I have no dog in this fight. I will admit that I was pulling for the Bengals just so they could finally get a playoff win. However, the way this game ended does not sit well with me at all.

    Short form, the referee determined the outcome of the game. All events leading to the end of this game were justifiable until the personal foul against Adam Jones. I didn’t see him contact an official or anyone else for that matter. If he didn’t contact anyone than he was flagged for cursing. The Bengals’ season ends, Marvin Lewis’ future is in question, and the entire city of Cincinnati gets sucker punched for Adam Jones swearing at somebody? Even if he had contacted someone, THE REFS CANNOT DETERMINE THE OUTCOME OF THE GAME! If Adam Jones did something wrong then the refs should report it to the league and Jones will get fined. Changing the outcome of the game is unacceptable! This was a dead ball foul. The refs should not have the power to change one team’s field position by 30 yards with 18 seconds left. This RUINS all of the effort that was put forth by both teams. Make Pittsburgh earn the last 10 yards to get into field goal range. Don’t just give them a pass to the second round of the playoffs.

    I’m utterly disgusted and there need to be changes made in the offseason.

  111. Here is a QB that get zero credit, come back on the filed can’t throw the ball long and the Steelers win. Lets not cry penalties did it, the Bungals got penalties all second half , Ben did his job and the Cincy cried again.

  112. Chargers fan.
    Bengals and steelers are both dirty. Every time they play they intentionsl try to injure top players on the other team. I get that its a big rivalry but as a football player its just plain bush league and classless to intentionsl try to injure another player

  113. The first penalty on Burfict borderline but sure, okay. The second on Jones? They failed to show it on TV and Simms and Nantz were so pro Steelers it was sickening. Felt bad for the Bungles, but you just can’t fumble in that spot.

  114. The Rooneys have the refs in their pockets, The hill fumble was not a fumble, his knee was down before the ball was loose. Granted Burfict and Jones just put the icing on the cake, they should not have lost that game. Those fans probably want to jump off the bridge into the Ohio river after that one!

  115. Prior to those last 2 penalties, Steelers had nearly 100 more penalty yards called against them than the bengals.

    Steelers were called for 10 penalties for 142 yards.
    Bengals 8 for 79.

  116. Congrats to Bengals on becoming our “real” division enemy for the foreseeable future…

    The Browns & Purple Browns of Baltimore are interchangeably irrelevant.

    Enjoy your off season on the sofa.

  117. Now you know why Carson Palmer wanted out. Mike Brown signs guys like Pacman Jones and Burfict, but gets rid of guys like Justin Smith.

  118. It almost seems as if the Rooneys have the refs in their pockets. The Hill fumble was not a fumble, his knee was down before the ball was loose. Granted Burfict and Jones just put the icing on the cake, they should not have lost that game. Those poor bengals fans probably want to jump off the bridge into the Ohio river after that one!

  119. Never any mention from you or the broadcasters of the dirty hit from Shazier on Bernard. No flag either. Only talk afterwards about Burfict going crazy on the sideline. No talk or penalty on DeCastro driving Burfict into the ground 10 yards behind the play a few seconds after the whistle. The refs giftwrapped this game before the imbecilic penalties at the end. The NFL is a joke.

  120. Yes Bengals loose their minds because as alway the refs ignore Steeler Fouls and call the Bengals.

    In the first quarter a Steeler leaves his feet to launch at Eifert. No call.Decastro is blocking Berfict 10 yards away from the play well after the Whistle, no call.

    Bryant’s touchdown one foot down with ball, ball no longer touching his body, then second foot comes down he gains possession.

    Shazier hits Bernard by leading with the crown of his helmet. No call

    Coach Joey Porter leaves the bench to confront Bengal players on the field. No call.

    last two games against Cincinnati, Pittsburg not called for one offensive holding penalty.

    Yes Bengals loose their mind they shouldn’t have to beat a good Steeler team and the Refs

  121. That was the most violent, ugliest football game I ever saw. Neither team covered themselves with glory and there were things that should never have happened from both teams.

    As a Steeler fan I condemn the actions of Mike Munchak on the sideline and concede that Ryan Shazier should have been flagged for his hit on Bernard.

    That said, Burfict is surreally violent and proved it by costing his team the game. He was berserk before the game even started and completely lost it after the Shazier hit. He single-handedly cost his team the game. He decided hurting someone and throwing away everybody else’s hard work all season long was more important than simply winning the game.

    And the Bengals fans were deplorable. Pelting Ben with trash and drinks while he’s on the cart? That’s insane. Way to represent your team and the city most of you live in.

    I hope I never see a game that ugly again. Alas, these two teams play twice every year so it’s sure to happen. AFC North games are bloodbaths. Now Pittsburgh is wrecked going to Denver. They’ll be lucky if they don’t get 40 points hung on them.

  122. What a crazy game! Big Ben is a tough dude! This game adds to his legacy as one of the best/toughest QBs ever! He couldn’t even use his right hand to take off his baseball cap as he walked off the field, but used it to throw completion after completion from his own 9 with 1:3 to go! I hope he and AB are ok! Crazy ending. Bengal fans should be ashamed of themselves and their team!

  123. Refs blew it. Joey Porter never should have been where he was on the field. Penalty on Pac Man was wrong

  124. You have to feel sorry for most of the CINN fans (except the A-holes) and for most of the players on the CINN team (except the few A-holes)

    just unbelievable

    Steelers get help from the Bills and continue
    Steelers get help from the Bungles and continue

    just unbelievable

  125. If Burfict and Pacman had just stayed in the tunnel they would have won the game. Can’t fix stupid.

  126. Who dey? LOL The D played well for the most part. Ben going out definitely hurt, but thank goodness for #55, and #24! On to Denver. Hope that AB can go, but if not it’s time for Wheaton, and Bryant to step it up. Shazier was a beast today. Got the monkey off of our backs, and now have the chance to exorcise some past demons at Mile High.

  127. You can’t make this stuff up. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer team. Sometimes in life you get exactly what you deserve.

  128. Boomer says the he’s ashamed to be a Bengals fan after their classless act, throwing trash at an injured player. How low. Glad the Steelers won and shut that crowd down. Good luck in Denver!

  129. The steelers should have never needed saved. The refs blew the Shazier TD by blowing it dead. This would have been a crime if the steelers didn’t win. They lost their studs though due to refs incompetence. Ultimately better to see the bengals true character shine through. The players match the fan base classless.who throws stuff at an injured human or player, I say human. After cheering he got hurt. Lewis deserved this to happen, never got those players in line. You target a guys head, you got serious issues. Enjoy the off season bungals

  130. Continued… In one way, it is not Lewis’s fault that Hill fumbled or his players under performed for most of the game. On the other hand, he keeps animals on his team and allowed them to play even when he know they were out of control.

    As for Burfict and Pacman Jones, I hope they they are sick with the understanding that they fury fueled play cost them the game.

  131. I carried my daughter to bed after that interception. I thought it was over. Bengals are a mess. If Andy Dalton had been able to play…doesn’t matter. Coach ran out of lifelines on this one.

  132. I’m neither a Steelers, nor a Bengals fan so I have no dog in this fight. However, watching the game, I made several observations:
    Jeremy Hill scores TD to put them on the board 15-7, and he ensues in a mocking, dancing celebration – while still losing.
    Vonaze Burfict intercepts Landry Jones, and tauntingly runs into locker room tunnel with teammates with 1:50 remaining.
    Jeremy Hill fumbles on the ensuing play.
    Vonaze Burfict hits Antonio Brown, resulting in a 15 yard personal foul (Penalty on Pacman Jones was questionable).
    I don’t really believe in karma, but this is a head scratcher.

    Ironically, Steelers kicker Boswell has eventual game winning kick – after losing Suisham and Hartley to injuries and cut Scobee.

    Football never ceases to amaze me, week in/week out…

  133. As a fan of a team which, maddeningly, commits the same types of unfortuitous penalties in the early part of its seasons, I FEEL for Bengal fans.

    But your players have GOT to control their emotions, especially when it looks like the zebras are calling a tight game on you while calling a loose game on your opponents. If you weather the storm, you could even overcome the fumble and hold on to win.

  134. Vontaze Burfict needs to be suspended and fined by the NFL, whereas Adam Jones needs a heavy fine – pushing the officials around is dumb and dangerous. One would hope the the Players’ Association will not fight too vigorously for these two idiots who bring only selfishness and disgrace to the game.

  135. If I were a Bengals fan, I would not be angry at the coach. Just the two idiots that lost the game for them. They should be run out of the NFL, no team should want guys that lack the mentality to play tight in a big game.

    Also, what a terrible game by both teams. With minutes left I realized that I had zero confidence in either team to win in the next round, so I stopped caring about the outcome anyway.

  136. I must confess that I was rooting for the Steelers and when Burflict intercepted the pass I gave up and went to bed, not wanting to see the Bengals win.

    Lo and behold I got up go to the computer and it turns out the Steelers won, thanks to Bengals’ penalties, which is why a lot of people, including me, call them ‘the bungles’ – They can’t hold on to the ball and then they commit 2 penalties that let the Steelers get 30 yards closer to a gimme field goal.

    I see one of the other stories on this game is “Could out of control players prompt Bengals to make coaching change?”

  137. Bring back replacement refs. Can’t get any worse than what’s on the field now. Don’t know how a Ref(a sideline Ref at that) can miss a blatant helmet to helmet hit. And this was supposed to be an All-Star crew! Not a fan of either team.

  138. “Adam Jones was also flagged 15 yards after he contacted an official in the aftermath”.
    Thanks for clarifying that. I thought he bumped into ASSISTANT COACH JOEY PORTER as he
    LEFT THE FIELD!!! At the very least, there should have been off setting calls. Expecting the NFL to admit on Tuesday, oh yes, a flag should have been thrown because Porter was on the field.
    Get it together NFL.

  139. When did Dave Wannstedt start coaching the BUNGLES! FINALLY, something worse than rooting for the Miami FISH STICKS!

  140. What irritates me most is that the Steelers let them back in to the game in the first place, we can’t seem to close out and send a message. We were lucky to escape this time.

  141. I’ve seen a few unravelings in my life, but never this late in a game where the team had the lead AND the ball.

    It was there for the Bengals to take and they just blew it. The fumble. The completion on 4th and 3 by Ben, the head shot…ugh.

    This one is going to sting for a long time. From purely a management perspective, I think it’s time for a coaching change.

  142. Was this game played in Philly or Jersey? I thought that only Philly and Jersey fans throw things on the field (usually snow balls). The refs lost control of this game by not calling a penalty on the Steeler hit of Bernard.

    At least Andy Dalton can rest well!

  143. If the Refs call the game fairly, replace all the comments about firing Marvin Lewis with Mike Tomlin. Tomlin has Joey Porter on the field to incite a stupid penalty from the Bengals.

  144. I think Marvin Lewis should be fired for not having control of his players and Mike Tomlin should be fired for not instilling discipline in his players. Too many penalties on both sides. Pittsburgh seems to make games more interesting than they should be by holding calls, illegal procedures, etc. Anything you do that hurts your team’s chance to win is a discipline issue including excessive celebration in the end zone. I love the Steelers but I think they would be a far better team with a new coach. We should have promoted Whisenhunt instead of hiring Tomlin. We may be hunting for our 10th Super Bowl trophy instead of 7th.

  145. Burfict was passed up in the NFL draft by all 32 teams. His lack of control of his emotions on the field has been well documented all the way back to High School. He was benched by his ASU coach for taking 2 stupid personal fouls on 1 crucial play which cost his team the game. Great player when he is under control but the NFL really has to step in here and set an example with a huge suspension and fine. AB could have been killed the way his neck snapped on impact.

  146. Once again, the refs got in the way. That call on the pass across the middle was borderline at best and the flag should have stayed in the ref’s pocket.

    The defender goes low, to avoid the receiver’s head, and the receiver dives down, into the path of the defender.

    How is that a game-changing call?

    I had no horse in the race and didn’t care who won, but watching the NFL has become bizarre, really. Boo!

  147. If the Refs call the game fairly, replace all the comments about firing Marvin Lewis with Mike Tomlin. Tomlin has Joey Porter on the field to incite a stupid penalty from the Bengals.

    Swagger52, how’s it feel watching from the couch? Sucks to be a Raven fan …..again!

  148. purplepillager says:
    Jan 10, 2016 12:45 AM

    All events leading to the end of this game were justifiable until the personal foul against Adam Jones.

    The refs should not have the power to change one team’s field position by 30 yards with 18 seconds left.


    There is a disconnect here. It was a 15 yard penalty and changed a long but makeable 50 yard FG into a relatively easy 35 yard FG.

  149. Why the unnecessary roughness call on Williams after the hit on Wheaton which led to a Steelers field goal? Wheaton caught the ball, turned, and took 3 steps – a defenseless receiver, c’mon, that was pathetic. What was Porter doing on the field? Let’s face it, he was one of the dirtiest players I have seen play (I remember him repeatedly gouging the eye of a running back at the bottom of a pile) – my point being – I’m sure he wasn’t there helping bring about calmness and tranquility. And no player ejections for the Bengals after that head-hunting hit, especially, I’m sure, after multiple warnings? I know the refs aren’t perfect, and you can’t expect them to be perfect. But they need to be consistent. If you’re going to make bad calls, or bad non-calls – do it consistently, for both teams. Not a fan of either team.

  150. I don’t have a horse in this race, but I am dismayed by the actions of a few players that cost their team the game, and reflected badly on the others members who played winning football. You win as a team and you lose as a team, right? This game will go down in NFL history as possibly the worst ever in the history of the playoffs.

  151. francogreenbradshaw says:
    Jan 10, 2016 12:08 AM

    Bengal players have to be the stupidest SOB’s I have ever seen! GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!

    You are giving stupid SOB’s a bad name by associating them with Bengal players.

  152. @Roadtrip I AGREE! AND, out of control coaches like Munchak too. What happened with the Bungles IS inexcusable BUT that doesn’t make the stunts pulled by the STEALERS coaches and Shazier even slightly less reprehensible either!

    NEITHER team did anything to be proud of in that game, BOTH were disgraceful. And, for that reason I SINCERELY HOPE that the only thing the Stealers DID win in the end is the 26th pick in the draft!

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