Vikings take lead after botched snap on Seahawks punt

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A bad snap on a punt helped set up the first points of the afternoon in Minnesota.

After the Seahawks failed to get a first down on their first offensive possession, long snapper Clint Gresham’s snap to punter Jon Ryan was low. Ryan went down to get it and opted to run rather than try to rush the kick. He was stopped well short of the first down, giving the Vikings the ball on the 29-yard-line.

The Vikings capitalized by giving the ball to Adrian Peterson six times and grinding their way to the four-yard-line, but Teddy Bridgewater’s pass to running back Jerick McKinnon was incomplete on third down. They settled for a Blair Walsh field goal and a 3-0 lead.

Peterson has run the ball 10 times already on Sunday, which is two more times than he ran it all day when the Seahawks and Vikings met in the regular season.

The botched punt was doubly painful for Ryan. He tried to hurdle McKinnon and landed face first on the cold turf. He’s been receiving medical attention on the sideline for a bloody nose and is called questionable to return.

The first Vikings possession showed some promise after Mike Zimmer’s decision to go for it on a short fourth down near midfield paid off on a Teddy Bridgewater sneak. Peterson was dropped for a loss by what seemed like half the Seahawks defense on the ensuing third down, however, and the Vikings had a more traditional punt to end their first drive.

23 responses to “Vikings take lead after botched snap on Seahawks punt

  1. my fingers are cold. But like 13 minutes for time of possession for MN favors the Vikings. Its their style of game. keep it close, and win at the end.

  2. Seahawks aren’t letting Peterson get going but at the same time, the Seahawks Offense isn’t exactly steamrolling again so Vikings are okay thus far. Also note Peterson looks like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle with that ski mask on today.

  3. This game is going just how Zim needs it to. Seattle gets up on a team early, and stops on their throat. MN likes to grind it out, and win in the end. And surprising, it’s loud here, and really throwing Wilson off his game!

    Lets keep it loud boys!

  4. Still think playing at 33 degrees is the same as playing in 7 below weather? We warned you. It’s a different world.

  5. The cold is crippling to the Seahawks. Much more than I would have thought. That cold weather home field advantage is something special today. Imagine if this game were played in a dome. I picked Minnesota in a close one in this game, 19-13. The way it is looking now the teams won’t combine for 19 points. Might end up 10-9.

  6. The NFL has a problem – all of the playoff games including this snoozer have been awful. For all of the hype about offense, we have incompetence on offense today.

    Russell Wilson – the fraud of the NFL, is incapable of throwing today and is having to resort to gimmick runs to get first downs.

    Bridgewater is a costume wearing QB – he is awful.

    This is one sorry product to watch -nothing happens but punts (and in the Cincy game – violence that is criminal).

  7. Bridgewater is nothing more than a high end backup with no arm. Good at reading defenses takes care of the ball has mobility but if you need him to throw downfield over 20 yards its big trouble

  8. But, but, but… The Vikings had no chance today and we’re going to be blown out if you listened to the media or most packer fans…

  9. When you see Teddy, you see the next Aaron Rodgers. Precision passing, taking what the defense gives you and making them pay.

    Norv has tailored he offense to AP, which is embarrassing because he force feeds him the ball with nominal returns when Teddy’s arm and high football IQ should be leading this team. Please fire Norv and get rid of his predictable play calling!

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