A silent so long for Robert Griffin III in Washington

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Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III took a final lap late in yesterday’s game, hugging sideline staffers in what looked like a goodbye.

The team would be foolish to keep him around at his $16.2 million option price for next year and with him having no reason to restructure it to help them after losing his job to Kirk Cousins, it was almost certainly his final act in D.C.

“We all know one thing about this game: Things change fast,” former Washington running back Clinton Portis said, via Jason Reid of ESPN.com. “Robert did great things for the franchise and the city in 2012. But it’s Kirk’s team now. That’s just the way it is.”

Griffin didn’t talk to reporters afterward — which isn’t unusual for the inactive third quarterback — but those around him insist he’s ready for another chance.

While 2012 was a long time ago, memories of how good he was then linger. Twenty touchdowns, only five interceptions, and 815 rushing yards made it an incredible season, before injuries and other things derailed him.

He turns 26 in February, and it didn’t take a long look at who was starting around the league late in the season to realize it’s worth giving him a shot.

“He’s going to get a second chance and he should get one,” former wide receiver Santana Moss said. “One thing this league has shown, numerous times, is that guys will get second chances. Whether you messed up off the field or you just weren’t what the coaches wanted, you can get your career going again. That’s proven.

“That first year, man, Robert was a rock star. Then different things happened. But he can take all those things, learn from them and get better. If Robert is like any of the best people in the history of this game, then he’ll use it all as motivation. But you look at a lot of these quarterbacks out there, and you mean to tell me Robert ain’t gonna get another chance?”

The only thing that’s certain is it ain’t gonna be in Washington.

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  1. Kudos to Griffin for the way he handled himself this season. Not once did he attempt to draw attention to himself through the media or try to make himself part of the story although the media would loved it if he tried. He said all the right things when he got benched, and never lobbied for another chance through the media when the team started 2-4. He was a model team mate and professional throughout.

    I wish him good luck wherever he winds up.

  2. The Jets NEED him. I’m a Patriots fan but that would be a real boost to the Division if they could get him. They are disciplined and upcoming team. He could develop in a more functional environment (I can’t believe that I’m typing that about the Jets) and be the star that everyone thought he would be.

  3. When you look across the league, there’s no doubt, RG3 can play, as a starter. Just hope he has learned a valuable lesson. That is, to tune out the noise and maybe take advise from people who have been there. ex. Don McNabb.

    Kid was on top of the world and tuned out voices he should have listened to. Get out of DC, get a hairdresser and focus on being a QB and not a rock star.

    Robert’s a good kid, with skills. His 20/5 ROY 1st year tells me that. Apply 1/10 of the time, money and energy wasted on Manziel and Griffin will succeed. If Manziel gets another chance and Robert doesn’t, it won’t be surprising, but it will be tragic.

  4. D.C. hype machine had already moved on. Local papers last week were running stories about the Redskins path to the Super Bowl. It was adorable, like a kid wearing adult clothes.

  5. He obviously has some talent. It’s up to him to work hard for another team and earn the starting job.
    He can do it if he really wants it.
    A team with good coaching and willing to adapt it’s schemes to his strengths should be able to get something out of him.

    He may never be great, but he should be able to start, and be at least a Tier 2 QB.

  6. The name of the team is the Redskins. And after the latest court ruling on trademarks that PFT suppressed from it’s readers, there is no chance the Redskins lose theirs. It’s you that have lost hahahaha

  7. This should be a lesson to any young player coming into the league. Ego/brand only work when you can back it up with good play.

  8. The Mt. Rushmore of highly valued 21st century spread option college QBs who flamed out in the NFL are Tim Tebow, JaMarcus Russell, Vince Young and Robert Griffin III. Johnny Manzel was nominated in JaMarcus’ place, but he skipped his portrait sitting to go gamble in Las Vegas.

  9. Robert will have to play a style that he was unwilling to play the last two years in DC if he wants to get a shot. This also happens to be a style his body simply can’t handle.

  10. After RGme bashed his team in a press conference I lost all respect in him. And his oline lost respect in him because the following game the oline didnt block and he got creamed.

    If you go anywhere else robert learn to keep your mouth shut

  11. Sianara! It was a great 2012 but your diva and prima donna antics have caused many people to be tired of the whole RG3 phenomenon.

    BTW- us REDSKINS fans hope you jump on one of these other NFC East teams; you were and are a one year wonder!!!!!!!

  12. If anyone watched that Houston game , his agents first call upon his release should be to the Texans.

    Bob showed alot by not turning the situation into a mess. On various DMV local radio his teammates praised him for the work he put in each week to do everything he could to help the team get prepared for every opponent. Hopefully he learned from his past missteps and goes on to have a nice career.

  13. I haven’t heard anything about RGIII’s “brand” lately. Does he still have his clothing line?

    He was to busy monetizing his fame that he lost sight of his day job.

    I wonder if Dan Snyder still hangs out with him or if he’s moved on.

    Sounds like Shanahan deserves an apology. He did say that Cousins might be the better QB for the Redskins.

  14. The funniest part is they are about to pay Kirk Cousins 17-21 million per year! Cousins didn’t beat or even compete with a winning team this year.

  15. First of all: they are the Redskins. The whole “Washington” thing is ridiculous. It’s a football team. Second: Logicalvoicesays is crying tears of Robert Griffin right now.

  16. The Texans should go for him.

    Far better than anything they have and probably better than any QB coming out in this year’s draft too.

    The Texans would be a legitimate threat to the Colts supremacy of the AFC South with a genuine starting QB.

  17. ….I am impressed Griffin was pretty quiet the whole season after he was terminally benched. He now has had a full season to get healthy and can join another team that will think he’s their savior. ……my bet is he lands in SF or Cleveland.

  18. Regardless of people’s opinion of RG3’s talent… he’s handled himself very professionally through this fiasco. Granted, easy to do with his paycheck but, plenty in the past haven’t acted with as much class.

    I expect him to get another chance, & soon. Hope he’s successful & throws it in the Skins’ face.

  19. Deserves another chance and I think he will do good with it if he can get the right fit. I wouldn’t have mind seeing chip kelly or Adam gaze match up with the kid just because I’ve always been a fan of watching him play. I still think he can be as good a QB as Russell Wilson if he could have some coaching and this experience humbled him enough to learn from his mistakes

  20. I’m sure there ‘s a huge market for coach killing quarterbacks who’ve lost their jobs multiple times and have massive diva complexes. Good luck to anyone who wastes their time and money on this guy.

  21. The guy was amazing at the college level for one main reason – athleticism. The NFL is a completely different animal, and it’s clear that if Griffin’s not the best athlete on the field he’s not going to be successful. The league caught up to RGIII, and he’ll be lucky to be a career backup for awhile.

  22. During all this time that he’s inactive, I hope he has spent every “off-the-field” minute in the film room to learn how to read Defense if he wants to be a starter again.

  23. Here is the really awesome part….

    Cousins is Fool’s Gold… Not as good as advertised…

    Redskins will be a mess next year. Along with the Eagles and Giants.

  24. Still surprises me how much hate their was for Shanny and his read option. Really that was a perfect offense for RG3, he will never have anywhere near the success running a pro style offense.

  25. Good riddance, jerk.

    I have a double middle-fingered salute for you.

    I wonder if you charged the Redskins fans for your autograph like you did before you were drafted by the Redskins. You are a truly disgusting, selfish jerk.

    We got precisely 3 wins for each draft choice that we squandered to get you in games that you managed to show up to start and managed to make it to the end.

    12 wins in a three year playing career.

    Yeah, another team is getting a true diamond in the rough.

    It’s more like a kernel of corn in a bowel movement.

  26. Have you ever seen a coach make a decision on an acl,mcl, lcl, or a concussion. Blame Shanahan because no coach has the authority to play a player with a potential injury without full approval from the doctors. You guys who pretend to know who ok’s players to play are idiots. The coaches are too busy coaching the game. They put players back into the game based 100 per cent from doctors.

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