Bills announce Ryan brothers reunion

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The 2016 Bills may not end their playoff drought, but at least they’ll still be interesting.

Two guys who once shared a womb will share a sideline in Buffalo, with head coach Rex Ryan bringing twin brother Rob Ryan to town. The Bills announced the move on Sunday night.

Setting aside for now the question of whether G.M. Doug Whaley may be miffed that his contract-extension moment was undermined by the latest bloodline hire in the Nepotism Football League, it’s an intriguing arrangement that had never happened during Rex’s years as a head coach.

“I’m excited to have Rob join our staff and I think he will be a great asset for our defense. He has a tremendous working knowledge of our schemes and I look forward to his input,” Rex Ryan said in the press release announcing the move. “On a personal note, it’s been a number of years since we have worked together and so we are both really looking forward to this opportunity.”

Rex possibly wanted to hire Rob when Rex became the head coach of the Jets in 2009; it’s unclear whether Rob truly wanted to be released by the Browns so that he could join Rex. Since then, Rob has been available on multiple occasions but Rex had never hired him. That said, Rob arguably has always had multiple, five-minute-or-less viable options; after presiding over an epic defensive collapse in New Orleans in 2014 and 2015 (he actually had a strong impact on the defense in 2013), Rob may have had a hard time finding work with anyone other than a member of his immediate family.

But the fact that Rob became the in-season scapegoat for the Saints overlooks real issues with the defensive personnel in New Orleans. Besides, if it’s true that owner Terry Pegula has made this a playoffs-or-bust season for the Ryan and Whaley, why shouldn’t Rex pull out all the stops and bring in a twin who may not be the same from a DNA perspective, but looks and acts like the closest thing to identical that two fraternal twins have ever been.

49 responses to “Bills announce Ryan brothers reunion

  1. Look at the Patriots leadership and coaching staff vs the Bills. Moves like this are how you always stay behind.

    Why scrap a system that was working? You will have to repeal the roster and start all over, this is insane.

  2. Soooo 4th best defense last yr, 20th best defense this yr and now 32nd best defense next yr. Awesome progression Buffalo. The dude just led the WORST defense in the history of the NFL, so naturally we hire him.

  3. Nepotism is alive and well in the NFL. Why not have Buddy coach the linebackers while your at it Rex?

  4. As a Bills lifelong fan it is extremely frustrating watching a team with extreme talent be dismantled for no logical reason except for a coach’s ego or lack of an ability to adapt to a different scheme.

    I get the ribbing that the fans get for managements decisions but please understand that most intelligent fans do not agree with many of the decisions made by the owner or GM or even the Coaching staff.

    What we are left with is two choices. One is to abandon their home team and become a bandwagon fan or support the team with the hope things will get better eventually.

    Some of us die hard fans are stuck with option two even though it kills us and makes us crazy.

  5. Despite this circus update, some Bills fans will be thumping their chests yet again this September.

    Some of them actually say “Book it.”

    billswillnevermove says: Sep 6, 2015 10:31 PM
    Bills take the AFC East….. Book it… Keep hating on the Biils haters!

  6. “Bills take the AFC East….. Book it…”

    As I’ve often said, whenever someone on pft uses the phrase “book it” in the comments they are invariably wrong.

  7. Hmmmm…after yesterday’s loss for my team :(, I needed a distraction, so when I received this post, I had to chime in, so I hope that’s ok Bill’s fans??? I have always cheered for the Bills as my AFC team, My FAVORITE movie is Buffalo 66 (for those of you who have never seen it-please do!!!) I’m not sure if this will help them or not, but hey, Rob Ryan really is good. I know the Saints really sucked on defense these past 2 years, but remember what they were coming off of (they were a mess!). I feel a kindred spirit with Buffalo in being “snake-bit”, and I know one of these years, and it better be SOON, one and hopefully BOTH of these teams will PREAVAIL and be VICTORIOUS and WIN that LOMBARDI trophy. So, don’t lose hope, ok???

  8. nhpats says:
    Jan 11, 2016 9:13 AM

    Pats, whats sadder is that Rex counts his SB with the Ravens as a SB win for himself. As far as hes concerned hes already got his ring.

  9. Some organizations just don’t learn! New ownership, but the same boneheaded moves. It’s unbelievable! Does the owner really think that by doubling the tonnage of buffoonery, things will end well? Rex took a great defense and made it average. Rob was fired from his last 2 jobs because his defenses were terrible! How is this going to work?

    Bad coach+worse coach=? Certainly not success.

    I’m a Pats fan, so I’m really happy about this. Buffalo will be a non factor again next year. NE went through this with the bad owners, poor coaches and bad apples as players. Buffalo needs to hire a good head coach and a smart GM. They have neither

  10. We just fired Lovie Smith because he wouldn’t let go of his family on our leaky defense. Looks like both Ryan boys will be jobless in 365 days for the same reason.

    Too bad they don’t play in the NFC South. We counted of Ryan’s defense to give our struggling Bucs a change.

  11. This is just unfathomable, how can you possibly allow this as an owner. What an absolute joke of an organization.

  12. Rex wasn’t going to let Jerrah keep the circus in Dallas all to himself……….stay tuned, for Jerrah’s next move.

  13. Folks, you are looking at this the wrong way. This is the Ryan Brothers Farewell tour. Kinda like Kobe. After this year they both will be done with football whether they like it or not.

  14. Generally a HC has to be regarded as being good in order to have the privilege of bringing his useless relatives onto the coaching staff. Since Rex Ryan is not even remotely good, he is breaking new ground here with this hire.

  15. And despite that the circus runs in Toronto, we continue to have a certain someone who has no knowledge of anything. How did that work out for you???
    joetoronto says:Aug 30, 2014 5:16 PM

    You Bills fans kill me, you STILL can’t see what’s going on?

    The team is gone, deal with it.

  16. grandstandrice says:
    Jan 11, 2016 11:49 AM

    Great news …. for at least three teams.
    Let me guess those 3 teams….Dolphins, Jets, and Pats. Good news maybe for the Pats. As for the Jets and Phins, Rex will continue to sweep them with or without Rob.

  17. “Some of us die hard fans are stuck with option two even though it kills us and makes us crazy.”

    Sympathies brother. I suffered through the Victor Kiam and James Orthwein ownership years of the Pats so I fully understand.

  18. I’m praying for a sideline fistfight between the two of them, during a nationally televised primetime game, in which they roll onto the Gatorade table, spilling it everywhere and leaving them both flailing on the ground, soaked and covered in Gatorade cups.

  19. Virtually guarantees that HBO’s Hard Knocks will be shuffling off to Buffalo this summer! Set your DVRs now!

  20. Technically, no – Rob has two Patriot Super Bowl rings (assistant on 2001 and 2003 teams) and Rex has one Ravens Super Bowl ring.
    nhpats says:
    Jan 11, 2016 9:13 AM
    Look at the picture…… The two brothers are displaying all of their SB rings!

  21. We just fired Lovie Smith because he wouldn’t let go of his family on our leaky defense. Looks like both Ryan boys will be jobless in 365 days for the same reason

    and set your franchise back 3 yrs and still got a bad defense with 2 top players on it. Winston will not be able to score enough points just like at fsu

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