Eagles confirm interview with Tom Coughlin


Other teams may be trying to get in the mix, but the Eagles have finished their interview with a long-time rival.

The team announced they had completed their interview with former Giants coach Tom Coughlin Monday.

He’s the sixth candidate the team has confirmed to have interviewed, along with existing assistants Duce Staley and Pat Shurmur, along with three young offensive coordinators, Adam Gase (Bears), Ben McAdoo (Giants) and Doug Pederson (Chiefs).

Gase has taken the Dolphins job already, meaning he never got around to that second interview with the Eagles.

16 responses to “Eagles confirm interview with Tom Coughlin

  1. Wonder if the Eagles have asked KC permission to interview Reid? 1 bad season out of 10 then canned for the ‘next big coach from college’! 12 Lombardies owned by the NFC East, zero for the Eagles.

  2. I said it after the Eagles announced they wanted someone that cared for players…. and that many people that have played for Coughlin has said he treats them as people… not just players…

    If they do hire Coughlin they need to give him 3 seasons… not like TB did to Smith. He needs to clean up the mess Kelly created and as far as QBS go he is starting from scratch.

    If you can’t allow him that don’t waste his time.

  3. jjb0811 says:
    Jan 11, 2016 4:19 PM
    Wonder if the Eagles have asked KC permission to interview Reid? 1 bad season out of 10 then canned for the ‘next big coach from college’! 12 Lombardies owned by the NFC East, zero for the Eagles.
    First of all, he coached the Eagles from 1999 to 2012 which is 14 seasons. He was a great coach but he earned his exit bruh.

    Second, only the giants have won championships in the last 20 years. So you beating your chest about a super bowl your team won in the 80s is about as pointless as me pointing out the Eagles won a championship in 1960. It just doesn’t matter at this point and has no baring on the team’s present or future.

  4. Lifetime Eagles fan but always respected the Giants with Coughlin at the helm. If he were to become our coach, Im curious how many years he has left in him, but certainly wouldn’t be disappointed..

  5. If Coughlin wants to coach, he can coach wherever he wants. Giants fans think Coughlin won’t do this, well maybe the GMen shouldnt have forced him out in the first place. If he wants to the give ownership and Reese the finger, then go for it. If he still wants to coach, it could have been in NY but they had to “mutually” part ways. I don’t think Coughlin will do this but if he does, there is no reason to hold it against them. Coughlin could still be the coach of Gmen, they wanted to start fresh.

  6. There’s no denying Tom Caughlin is a Great Coach, I’d be concerned about all the 4th Qtr losses the Giants had.

    This 2015 Eagles Personnel may not be a good fit as they did not play 4 qtrs of football at all.

    You would essentially have to bring in all new players.

  7. Any coach they hire, they better allow him at least 3-4 years. Thats how many years Chip set the team back with his GM decisions… If they fire a coach before then, we know who was right and who was wrong with regards to Chip.

  8. I watch a lot of professional sports. I want to watch the best in the business compete against each other. I believe that Tom Coughlin is one of the 32 most qualified people in the world to be a head coach in the NFL. I hope someone signs him.

  9. I can’t see this happening because Coughlin doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to leave and go to a rival. However, if he wants to keep coaching at the NFL level, the options other than Philly aren’t too pretty. Not that the birds are ready to compete for a SB by any means, but he can’t go back to NY, SF is kind of a disaster and the Browns…yeah. Maybe TB but seems like Koetter will be their guy

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