Gary Kubiak: Broncos planning as if Ben Roethlisberger will play


Ben Roethlisberger was able to come back and play Saturday night, despite the fact he couldn’t throw farther than 10 yards.

But Broncos coach Gary Kubiak said that in six days, he anticipates seeing Roethlisberger.

Kubiak told reporters moments ago that he’s planning as if the Steelers quarterback will be on the field Sunday afternoon when they meet in the divisional round.

It’s the only way to go about it, really. Planning for Landry Jones and then being surprised when a masked Roethlisberger comes onto the field Midnight Rider-style would be pretty dumb, even if there’s uncertainty about his condition.

And it’s probably safe to say that Kubiak and defensive coordinator Wade Phillips aren’t that dumb.

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  1. Steelers have a chance in this game. IF YOU RECALL, the Steelers destroyed the Broncos in the 2nd half of a game earlier this season. The Broncos choked it away. I’m counting on Peyton to throw at least 3 picks.

  2. Everyone is on to his act now. Reminds me of James Brown. Someone should throw a cape over him when he starts his antics.

  3. If you recall that game was in Pottsburgh and the Broncos were missing both of their starting safeties and their #3 played whole game with a broken leg

    Pittsburgh is not as good on the road

    And safties are very important against a pass heavy team

  4. Former QB Tim Hasselbeck was on WEEI in Boston this morning. Said Roethlisberger is fine, he’s tough but embellishes his injuries.
    Very cool to hear these guys get called out by someone in the media.
    All we usually get is toe sucking.

  5. Ben will come out to the game in a body cast but they’ll remove it on the sidelines in full view of the camera’s and then he’ll start

  6. Funny how the QB only being able to throw 10 yards is seen as a negative for the Steelers but a reason to start Peyton for the Broncos.

  7. Of course the Broncos should plan on Ben playing.
    because if Landry Jones starts, the Steelers will be blown out.

  8. tim2200 says:
    Jan 11, 2016 2:38 PM
    Former QB Tim Hasselbeck was on WEEI in Boston this morning. Said Roethlisberger is fine, he’s tough but embellishes his injuries.

    Gee, that wouldn’t have anything to do with Ben beating Tim’s brother in the Super Bowl, now would it?

  9. Makes sense…Ben is the biggest crybaby, drama queen there is. He’s not hurt. he just wants you to think he’s hurt so he looks tougher than he is…which is ridiculous, because I would never question Ben’s toughness…he appears to me to be one of the toughest dudes ever.

  10. Tim Hasselbeck is Matt’s brother, which Ben and the Steelers send them crying w a loss in SB XL. do you expect anything else from Matt’s brother??? come’n man!!

    btw…the awesome stats from mr Tim H:
    Yrs 2002-2007
    Games played: 12
    TD: 5
    INT: 7
    nowdays thats the definition of ‘former QB’…
    just shut up Tim!

  11. .
    I think Kubiak is making a big mistake. If he didn’t prepare for Roethlisberger, the Steelers would never see it coming.

  12. Why does Ben always get carted off the field regardless of the injury? This guy could lose his mouthpiece and need a cart to get off the field. Big Ben = Big Baby Ben

  13. Tim Hasselbeck is Matt’s brother, which Ben and the Steelers send them crying w a loss in SB XL. do you expect anything else from Matt’s brother??? come’n man!!


    To be fair, the refs gifted that SB to the Steelers

  14. He will play and play well. As for the Ratbird comments on here? Which are usually negative? Go home. Your team is in disarray. The Steelers are in the playoffs. You’re not.

  15. Kubiak should have said, “no we don’t think he’s playimg we’re not going to bother preparing for him” just to screw with everybody.

  16. Because you never know with Big (Drama) Ben, the Joe Pendleton of the NFL . . . dead on a stretcher one minute, running back in to the game the next.

    The Pope should just beatify this guy . . . he’s a freaking miracle machine the way he “heals thyself” so fast. (snark)

  17. I fully expect Roethlisberger to play BUT I would hope the NFL concussion protocol would force Brown to sit out. How can you be for player safety & allow a guy who was knocked out to play the next week?

  18. Obviously Kubiak has to prep for Roethlisberger. Ben has a history of playing hurt–sometimes to the detriment of the team. In this case, if he can go, he must go because the Steelers don’t have a viable backup–and except for the five minutes Gradkowski was healthy, haven’t had a viable backup since Charlie Batch retired. (Yo, Charlie–are you busy this weekend?) If you’re prepared for Roethlisberger, I’m sure you can handle Jones.

  19. Funny, because Ben hasn’t made a single comment about his shoulder since the game. Only thing that came out was a separated shoulder from the medical staff, and MRI scans are hard to fake.

    Man you guys will spew anything to try and make another teams players look bad. All while your players spit, punch, talk and throw knees into injured guys. Oh, and the fans throwing bottles at Ben was the least disturbing story to come out of that crowd.

  20. Yes, Ben plays up his injuries. I wish he wouldn’t. However, nobody can deny that if most other QBs took the same hits they would be out.

    Just look at Romo. That same Burfict sack would have had him out for 8-12 weeks.

    Roethlisberger is an ox and pushes the limit of how long he should hang in the pocket to try and make plays because he knows his body can handle a fair bit of pounding. Other QBs wimp out and throw the ball away or fall down (read Brady and Manning) when they know they will be sacked. That might be the smart play sometimes, but once in a while a game-changing play (mostly good) occurs from Ben’s style of play.

    I will take Ben’s style of play and grimacing on the sidelines as it has got his team to 3 SBs and provided plenty of entertainment in the process.

    See you Sunday Ben!

  21. This is the 8th time the Broncos and Steelers will face each other in the playoffs. The most in the Super Bowl era.

  22. I don’t mind reading that Ben embellishes his injuries from time to time, but in the same breadth, if your even remotely objective, you admit the guy’s a badass. He has been badly injured mid season twice this year and just keeps coming back to throw 300 yard games. His shoulder is separated on Saturday, he can’t throw the ball more than 10 yards, but he still comes in and hits 4 of 7 passes to move the team do to the point where those penalties could influence the game. C’mon, hate him if that’s your thing, but the guy puts it all out there. He isn’t one of the QBs that people talk about putting a skirt on that’s for sure.

  23. Ben and Brown both over exaggerated their injuries. Both will be playing this weekend.

    If Brown is cleared after reacting the the way he did to that hit, then the NFL will once again show its true colors when it comes to “player safety”

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