Pairing of Parcells’ protégé’s in San Fran makes plenty of sense


So why would the 49ers show interest in coach Tom Coughlin? Apart from the fact that: (1) they’re looking for a coach who can win Super Bowls; (2) Coughlin has won two of them; (3) along the way to his most recent Super Bowl win, Coughlin beat Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers, Coughlin and G.M. Trent Baalke share a mentor.

It’s Bill Parcells. He’s the coach Baalke wanted to hire in 2011, when Parcells was 69. Coughlin is now 69.

Parcells, whose endorsement of Mike Zimmer has paid off for the Vikings, recently made a public pitch for Coughlin, who worked for Parcells with the Giants from 1988 through 1990, serving as receivers coach on the Super Bowl XXV championship team.

“I know guys Tom Coughlin’s age who know a whole lot more about football than some of the 30-year-olds who are coaching it,” Parcells told 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia, via “I think his record pretty much speaks for itself.”

The fact that he has a record as a head coach speaks for itself, too.

“The debate is always between the experienced coach vs. the hot coordinator,” Parcells said. “Nobody knows which of this hot coordinators are eventually going to be successful.”

Coughlin has been successful, in Jacksonville and with the Giants. Chances are he’ll be successful again. And the chances of him being successful again would seem to be a lot higher than the chances that someone who has never been a head coach being successful.

Especially since 49ers owner Jed York is looking for a guy who will do precisely what Coughlin has done: Win Super Bowls.

While Baalke may be looking for someone who won’t try to take over in San Francisco, Coughlin didn’t try to take over in New York. Besides, if Baalke wants to continue in San Francisco into the future, maybe the right call for right now is to bring in a guy like Coughlin.

33 responses to “Pairing of Parcells’ protégé’s in San Fran makes plenty of sense

  1. Maybe Coughlin can regain something in SF that he lost in NY, but his Giant teams had been easy to play against for the past few years and he let a diva WR run wild to his team’s detriment the past two seasons. Them again, he had no other talent so he may have been boxed into some of those issues in NY.

  2. I’d say the biggest burden causing the Giants to be such an up & down team is they somehow forgot to play solid defense. While Eli and some of his offensive mates got the SB glory, it was their defense, particularly their DL that was the foundation of their team. Coughlin had to play the guys he had. Plug in a vet DL and draft a beast and the Niner DL can be formidable again. On offense, look for Smelter to make an impact next year. They need a burner to bookend Torrey Smith. The young TE corps looks very promising. They’ll need a solid RB to b/u Hyde. The OL could be “whole” again if AD returns. Depth needed, but if Baalke re-signs Boone, our starting OL could be set. If Jackson wants to coach the Niners, he needs to get on board soonest. Otherwise, I’d welcome Coughlin and what you know will be a stellar staff.

  3. Coughlan really? They want to Alex smith the next 49er qb I guess. The 49ers 2 stooges, Baalke and York are enough for any sane up and coming head coach eg. Hue Jackson, to run away screaming. I think Balke cried when Sean Payton stayed at New Orleans. But he knows Jackson or Kelly will dump his mediocre behind if they are successful. If they aren’t York will use him as the scape goat…lose lose. He could go with Shanahan or holmgren, as they would be be holding to him and could never be as bad as Nolan sing and Tomsula. But, the Yorks seemingly hate the WCO. They had many opportunities to hire from the Walsh tree. If they knew anything about football, they would have hired a wco guy to groom Alex smith who looked great under Reid. Instead they went cheap with Nolan like they always do. If Jed really is humbled ( I doubt it) and listens to Eddie d, everyone may be gone next year!

  4. Past his prime… Not a rebuilding coach…. Poor time MGMT….. If it were 6 years ago, maybe but just not the present or future best choice…

  5. thegreatgabbert says:

    He’s such an eyesore though.

    I assume you’re from San Francisco.

  6. No QB in ‘Frisco. Waste of Coughlin’s time and energy. Tennessee with Mariota would be more of an Eli[te] Manning-style move.

  7. Me personally when I hire a head coach I would want a head coach full of energy and vigor to shift paradigms and take over there world, than a coach who has already been to the mountain top, legacy is secured, and and is semi-retired.

    But that’s just me.

  8. So one of your reasons they should hire him is because he beat SF to go to the SB 3 years ago? You almost tie the fact that he and Baalke have the same mentor to the Niners losing to NY that year.

  9. Could you imagine coughlin and kaperchoke together? Something tells me if they do hire coughlin kaperchoke is gone. I don’t think he suffers fools and kaperchoke is a fool for sure.

  10. makimaguro says:
    Jan 11, 2016 9:25 PM

    Calling Baalke a Parcells protege is a serious stretch!

    Meh, he’s more of a Parcells protege than Coughlin. Parcells gave Baalke his start in the NFL. Coughlin had already been a WR coach with Philly and GB before he joined the Tuna’s staff as one

  11. Why would Coughlin want to go to a franchise that is SO far away from being competitive? The only way he coaches again is if he thinks he can take a team to the playoffs. No coach on this planet could even get the 49ers to 8-8 next year.

  12. This would quiet the media for a year, maybe two. But this team has no chance to win as long as the York’s don’t really give a hoot. If they cared about winning, Baalke wouldn’t be around. End of story.

  13. I still love Kaepernick. I find it very hard to believe that he simply quit knowing how to play football. This guy was electric. It wasn’t just his legs. Look up some videos, he has deep accuracy. Greg Roman tried to do a lot of things Kaep wasn’t good at doing. He also got away from the run in his last year. Then this year they were led by a collective group of idiots. A good coach will get Kaep back on track.

  14. Dan Campbell played for Parcells. He never coached for/under Parcells. Campbell had a player coach relationship with Parcells. Not a mentor protege relationship on a coaching level.

    Coughlin was absolutely a Parcells protege. Coughlin coached under Parcells during the Giants glory years and helped to win a Super Bowl with them in 1990. The pair are very close to this day. When asked, Coughlin readily acknowledges Parcells as his mentor.

    One doesn’t need to start his career under his mentor to be his protege. People who think this are simply ignorant.

  15. If the 49ers hate the wco offense so much ( never even looked for one after mooch ) holmgren and Shanahan are out. Gace and Jackson and shaw don’t like the 2 stooges, why not look at al Saunders? He was with air Cornell, greatest game on turf, and was hue jacksons oc in Oakland. The has been a head coach, is a offensive genius they say. Sure hope York doesn’t listen to Baalke and go dumpster diving for coaches again. Each wannabe d coach is worse than the one before. Tomsula< sing< Nolan. What a embarrassing franchise.

  16. Wow since when does I want to hire Parcells turn into he mentored Baalke?…Also if I was Parcells the last guy I want attached to my resume is Baalke.

  17. While it is true that no coach has won a Super Bowl with two different teams, it’s not as if it there’s something inherent about that. Winning the Super Bowl is tough, and, as you should know Hawkfan, guys like Holmgren have gotten pretty darn close with a second team.

  18. Does anyone really think Baalke will select talent that works in the coach’s system? He likes the guru image too much. Do AJJ and LMJ ring a bell? My guess is Harbaugh raised hell about getting undersized underpowered skill players for his power attack especially after the SB. Result: York supported locking his coach out of the draft. Can’t see Coughlin living with that c..p. Or Parcells

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