Paul Guenther calls Joey Porter an “embarrassment” to coaching


Bengals coach Marvin Lewis spent a portion of his Monday press conference talking about the need for his team to “control us and not worry about the other team or other circumstances” in light of the way things played out at the end of their 18-16 loss to the Steelers on Saturday.

Others on the team are still thinking about Steelers linebackers coach Joey Porter being on the field and exchanging unpleasantries with Bengals players after Vontaze Burfict was penalized for a blow to Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown’s head in the fourth quarter, however. Tackle Andrew Whitworth said Monday that he doesn’t respect Porter and called his unprofessionalism “ridiculous.” Defensive coordinator Paul Guenther also took aim at Porter’s behavior.

“Porter [is] an embarrassment to the coaching profession,” Guenther said, via Paul Dehner Jr. of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Guenther said that he spoke to Porter before the game and asked him not to engage with any Bengals players after Porter got into it with them multiple times during the ugly regular season game between the two teams that resulted in more than $130,000 in fines from the league. Porter is reportedly set to receive a well-deserved fine for his actions on Saturday night and his presence on the field should also be addressed with an officiating crew that should never have let him cross the sideline in the first place.

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    Porter, as a player…was also an embarassment. The IQ OF A BAG OF ROCKS

  2. That officiating crew lost control early and never took the many opportunities they had to take control. Until officials are actually disciplined for failing to do the basic aspects of their job, this stuff will keep happening becaus knuckleheads like Burfict and Porter know they can get away with it.

  3. And per Guenther, Porter spent the time when the Bengals D was on the field at the sideline yelling at them instead of actually coaching his own players. Never a class act as a player, and he’s only getting worse now that the pads are off.

  4. Play hard, coach hard. If the Bungals cant control their own players, it isn’t the other team’s job not to provoke them. The players got played by a guy experienced enough to burn them. Sour grapes.

  5. Bengals coaches were on the field for Bernard’s injury.. If Porter is going to be fined for being on the field, so to should the Bengals coaches.

  6. The Burfict call I thought was not illegal just late, therefore a personal foul. The second personal foul against Jones was ridiculous. Porter is out of line there as well. Not saying the Bengals deserved this win, Hill fumbled away the ball and they gave up 30 penalty yards with Rothelisberger in obvious pain. Still that 2nd penalty to me, was a bad call.

  7. The real unfortunate part is that Porter knew exactly what he was doing and accomplished his mission. The Steelers didn’t win because they were the better team, the Bengals lost because they allowed someone else to control their emotions.

  8. like what joey porter said back in 2005 : ‘the bengals are a soft bunch’.

    Nothing has changed in 10 years even their defensive coordinator guenther is soft. very mentally weak and idiotic team the bengals are from the coaching staff to the players.

  9. If Burfict was more help in stopping the run instead of running his mouth, maybe they would have won.

    Steelers: 167 pile driving yards rushing

    Steelers: 5.8 yards per carry

    Bengals: 91 yards rushing

    Bengals: 3.8 yards per carry

    Ya’ll got out-physicaled one again by the men of steel

  10. Bengals coaches were on the field for Bernard’s injury.. If Porter is going to be fined for being on the field, so to should the Bengals coaches.
    Head coach and training staff are aloud to be on the field during an injury. Not position coaches.

  11. The Burfict call I thought was not illegal just late, therefore a personal foul.
    It was both. Or did you not see the helmet to helmet contact?

  12. Porter IS an embarrassment to coaching, that is, except for Steelers’ coaching. He’s more the standard there.

  13. Sorry bro, you and your players rants won’t draw attention away from the true cause of your loss. Mental weakness from coaches and players ended your season pal.

  14. Tomlin trips a player a couple years ago.

    Porter out there fighting with players.

    Fine examples of their profession.

  15. Porter fits in well the the dirtiest team in the league. Head coach tackling a guy on the field, assistant coach pullin hair of opposing player and porter starting crap in the middle of the field.

  16. Porter would like to pull Guenther’s players aside before the next game and talk with them about not intentionally trying to injure Pittsburgh players.

  17. Okay, we get it — Cincy hasn’t won a playoff game in a long time, but were it not for the fact that Pittsburgh has played about five straight games against the opposing team’s backup QB, they wouldn’t even be in the playoffs, much less advancing.
    Steelers fans will be able to run their mouths for about five more days, before making like the groundhog in reverse, and retiring for the next eight months.

  18. Shoulder to helmet, get it right.
    The Burfict call I thought was not illegal just late, therefore a personal foul.
    It was both. Or did you not see the helmet to helmet contact?

  19. He must have been a modern day Nostradamus when he uttered these words:

    CINCINNATI — Bengals defensive coordinator Paul Guenther says he has reached his wit’s end when it comes to linebacker Vontaze Burfict’s knack for lowering his head whenever he tackles an opposing player.

    “He does us no good sitting on the sideline after five snaps every week,” Guenther said Wednesday. “It does us no good. It does us more harm than good. So he’s got to learn how to do [tackle better] for him and the team and everybody involved.”

    I’m not saying the Steelers are squeaky clean, but really, Guenther should clean up his own house before he worries about someone elses.

  20. Add Munchak to the list, too. Pulling a player’s hair? Really?

    The refs completely blew this game. Things got out of hand when they failed to flag Shazier for the illegal hit on Bernard. That was the turning point. The failure to flag DeCastro for his blatantly illegal hit on Burfict was inexcusable, and the lack of flag on Porter gave the Steelers the game. The Bengals did plenty to lose, make no mistake, but the refs gifted the Steelers.

  21. Something tells me they should institute a weapons check the next time Burfict walks through the door. The next time he plays PIT, he’ll probably stick a shank in Ben’s shoulder instead of ramming his knee into it. Do you guys think you can coach that out of him? Probably not…

  22. Steeler fans who want to justify Porter’s behavior should be kept from reproducing. It’s one thing to crow about how tough your team is supposed to be, but you are supposed to be fans of the game as well.

    What Porter did was so far beyond the realm of reasonable behavior that it set the game back. If you want to see that crap, then just go to watch pro wrestling. It will just be about your speed.

    Meanwhile the clowns down at 354 Park Ave have better things to do than watch the consistently poor play of this week’s Wild Card games. They are too busy searching for that missing 2 lbs of PSI from last years AFCCG to care about the Steeler/Bengal embarassment.

    It will be interesting to see how the Commissioner reacts to having his memo completely ignored by those 2 teams.

  23. Saturday night’s game featured two teams that have prioritized “talent” over character — they’re both well-known for this crap and now it’s coming back to bite them.

    Thankfully one rotten team eliminated itself Saturday night. The other one will get the boot this weekend.

  24. The Burfict call I thought was not illegal just late, therefore a personal foul.
    It was both. Or did you not see the helmet to helmet contact?


    You get it right, there was no helmet to helmet contact on the hit…if Burfict had actually lost total control and wanted to truck Brown, he really could have seriously injured him…Brown certainly wouldn’t have been laughing and joking in the locker room afterwards if that happened.

  25. So the league see his actions as fineable but the refs didn’t think it was punishable. Undisciplined or not I don’t see how anyone can believe that the refs didn’t impact the outcome of this game.

  26. There were NINE non-player Bengals on the field when Brown was down. The only disgrace here is an NFL team that hasn’t won a playoff game since the team in Houston was named the Oilers.

  27. After watching these 2 teams this season the idea that anyone associated with any if them would have one word to say about anything another team does is beyond belief.

    I’m not sure what word, in the parlance of our time, would describe what I saw. Professional, sportsmanlike, fair, integrity don’t jump out.

  28. It was both. Or did you not see the helmet to helmet contact?
    Shoulder to helmet, but that’s still illegal.

  29. As a Bengal fan I reject Guenthers Discription of Joey Porter as an embarrassment. Porter’s a punk, he was as a player and still is. Now he’s coaching the next generation of Steeler cheap shot artist.

  30. NFL needs to do what the NBA did– leave the bench (sideline) as a coach or player not active in the play, you earn an automatic one-game suspension and barred from all team activities for that week. No DB coach for that week? Too bad, STAY OFF THE FIELD.

    Tomlin’s history of stepping too far onto the field is well documented, so why wouldn’t his hand-picked coaches follow his lead if there’s no penalty for them?

  31. What’s disgusting is that everyone’s criticizing Cincinnati for not controlling its players but nobody’s criticizing Tomlin for not keeping his coaches on a short leash.

    Tomlin has a history of pushing beyond the boundaries. His act that he accidentally got too close to the sideline during a kickoff return was a joke. Instead of getting suspended for his pathetic antics, the officiating crew puckers up & gives him a call they wouldn’t give to their mother.

    I don’t have a problem with Jones getting flagged. He threw a punch. I’ve got a major problem with Porter & Tomlin not getting flagged, Porter for instigating a fight & Tomlin for not controlling his coaching staff.

    Pittsburgh isn’t a model franchise. They’re a team that gets the benefit of the calls.

  32. Shut up guenther and grow a sack. How bout you control your hoodlums. I forgot, everyone is just suppose yo just take everything these slimeballs do. Im really surprised nobody just breaks this legs when hes running around on the field. Wasnt this big tough guy burrifect almost paralyzed by luck last year? Lol

  33. Again I will reiterate the Bengals should blame themselves and their play through 3 quarters. Vontaze is well deserving of the stuff he’s getting thrown his way Pac Man has a scummy history to Porter should have been flagged as well offsetting this guy.

    This is the guy that jumped Levi Jones with his cronies and was crawling all over the ground like a fool celebrating with his players last time. He’s an embarrassment and the Bengals have their embarrassments on their team as well but the Steelers are no better with the ship they run.

    That being said if the Bengals don’t ever clean up they’ll be back in the same thing next year. They beat themselves this year and they should look at themselves hard this offseason on why they’re in this situation. Someone has to get the balls to step up and get these guys in check otherwise they need to get the hell off the team.

  34. .
    At some point, someone in the media will accurately report the story. Porter had no reason to be on the field. The Steelers should have been penalized 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. The resulting penalties would have offset.

    Anyone know the section of the rule book which gives Porter, a LB coach, a “field pass ” authorizing him to access any portion of the field in search of Bengals to provoke?

    The officials decided the outcome of that game and everyone seems fine with that.

  35. Guenther needs to worry about controlling his own players, and Bengals fans need to worry about controlling themselves. Their post game reaction of whining about what the other team did and questioning Brown’s concussion is pathetic and illustrates exactly why their season is over. At least their head coach got it right today when he said he and his team need to control themselves.

  36. Peko wasn’t flagged when he ran out onto the field with his cape still on. Hill wasn’t flagged when he ran on the field and got in Steeler players faces after Bernard got knocked out. There were NINE. Count them NINE non player personnel for the bengals ON THE FIELD after the Brown hit. So until bengals fans can come up with a LEGITIMATE answer to all that, they need to stop crying about Joey Porter and realize they lost a game they should have won because they have two of the dumbest players in the league on their defense.

  37. jjb0811 says:
    Jan 11, 2016 4:50 PM
    25 years w/o a playoff win- 5 seasons in a row too boot-is a real embarrassment to coaching.

    Nailed it!

  38. The Steelers have long, LONG been one of the slimiest teams in the league. Starting with their rampart use of anabolic steroids in the 70s.

  39. They will have to fine Bengals coaches as well because they WERE OUT ON THE FIELD TO. It’s just Steelers players have enough sense not to get into it with another team’s coach.

  40. Steelers are an embarrassment to the nfl. Head coach trips players down the sidelines, qb is a rapist, asst. Coach talking smack to players during a game on the field. Another pulling a players hair? Unreal how so many disgusting people are on the team. Makes Thier rings worthless. They should hire Cowart back

  41. Tomlin stepping on field to trip a player, TE Coach fighting a Patriot fan, Line Coach pulling hair, LB coach staring fights on the field. Real classy group you got there

  42. Tomlin has a history of pushing beyond the boundaries. His act that he accidentally got too close to the sideline during a kickoff return was a joke. Instead of getting suspended for his pathetic antics, the officiating crew puckers up & gives him a call they wouldn’t give to their mother.

    Proof ! proof! History implies multiple incidents yet you cite just one. The league knows Tomlin is an honest person of character and made a mistake being fined as such. Sorry it doesn’t fit your dream but his players are under control and not cheating like the Pats

  43. Look at all these Squealer bandwagoners.

    Hey, chumps, you just got beat by the Bengals and their backup QB before the refs saved your bacon once again. Lay off the smack talk.

  44. Porter is a punk. Always has been, always will be. You would think he would have learned something about running his mouth after being shot at?

    Burflict is also punk and dirty player. How many times are we going to see this guy launching his helmet into the heads of opposing players and not be suspended?!

  45. Who cares about the fine. Porter did what he was suppose to do and it helped the Steelers win. I bet the team would cover any fine given to him. I wouldnt be shocked if he got the game ball either…

  46. The squealer have always been a dirty team, and using censorship to erase my earlier comment ain’t gonna change that.

  47. “Bengals coaches were on the field for Bernard’s injury.. If Porter is going to be fined for being on the field, so to should the Bengals coaches.”

    Did you watch Porter? After AB was up and walking towards the Steelers sideline, Porter turned and went the opposite direction and walked right into the middle of 6 Bengals players… He knew what he was doing.

  48. Guenther is right and called it for what it was. Where is Tomlin for calling out his coaches and apologizing for their behavior?

    It’s pitiful that Tomlin promotes this behavior and the NFL allows it because they will never oppose the Rooney family.

    Tomlin is a punk. His staff and team simply follows his lead. He wins because he has had Big Ben to carry him.

  49. Paul Guenther calls Joey Porter an “embarrassment” to coaching
    True but, unfortunately, that just makes Porter a perfect complement to Mike Tomlin and the entire Steelers organization over the last five decades.

  50. I thought it was a great game! The Steelers know they got beat if not for stupid penalties. Even Tomlin admitted it after the game in his presser. Bengals will sweep em next year.

  51. Say what you will about their coaching staff, but it’s guys like burficit that shouldn’t even be allowed in the league. He brings embarrassment to that whole organization.

  52. Porter, as a player…was also an embarassment. The IQ OF A BAG OF ROCKS.

    But I’m sure he has at least one more rock in his bag than you do.

  53. It really is off the charts how jealous and envious non Steeler fans are of the Steelers. So much hatred and vitriol towards them. Gotta love it!

  54. If Jones had just placed more importance on winning the game rather than responding to Porter, there would have been no penalty. He could have been flagged just as easily for Unnecessary Stupidity.

  55. Burfict best middle line backer Bengals had in a long time but needs to stop crossing the line..
    Jones should of not been flag other Bengal players were making contact before Jones.

    They let Porter get to them and rumor has received game ball

  56. Interesting that Guenther only identifies Porter as the embarrassment here. Very self-serving, Gunny.

    Has there ever been a less sympathetic loser than the Bengals? Often, teams that have suffered a lot ignite a natural urge for compassion.

    Not Cincy though. What a band of miserable dee-baggz – resurrected from the bowels of Hell – purely to suffer on this earth. What is not reprehensible about that EMBARRASSMENT of a franchise – is actually comical. This is the one team that magically draws out the schadenfreude in so many of us.

  57. No, Joey shouldn’t have been on the field during the game–although it’s not uncommon for assistants to rush onto the field when a player appears to be seriously injured. But while Porter has a big mouth, Guenther is responsible for coaching Burfict–a player who has a history of deliberately trying to inflict injury on opponents. Of the two, who is the greater embarrassment to the profession?

  58. the refs had nothing close to control in this game and they were supposedly an “all star” crew.
    just stop for a moment and ponder for a moment how completely inept this crew was.
    if this is some of the best the NFL has to offer in officiating then the problem is even worse than we thought before.
    remember folks, the guy in charge of officiating Dean
    Blandino has never officiated in the NFL.

  59. It was a brilliant move by Tomlin to send Porter out there. Why let a player get fined or suspended when you can have a coach do it? Porter and the Steelers are veterans of these kind of battles, after going through it with the Ravens. The Bengals are the little brothers in the division and they blew it.

  60. Joey Porter got the Steelers 15 yards when they needed it the most.
    He never carried the ball or even wore the pads.

    All he did was light a wick and watch it explode.


  61. You can bash Porter all you want (and rightfully so — he shouldn’t have been on the field), but at the end of the day the Bengals players need to be more mature and the coaches need to teach them discipline. There’s no excuse for Pacman to lose his mind over some trash talk, regardless of whether Porter should have or should not have been on the field.

  62. So it’s porter’s fault that the Bengals can’t control themselves? Poor babies, the mean coach made Adam Jones mad. Pac-Man Jones that’s the guy. Upstanding citizen, never has been in any trouble. And the other jerk should probably be banned from the league. Two lifelong lowlifes couldn’t keep their cool and it cost them the game. But it’s Porter’s fault? You put degenerates on your team like those 2 pieces of garbage, you will never win a thing.

  63. I’m so happy that the Patriots crushed this guys soul in the 01 and 04 AFCCGs… Easily the most unlikeable Steeler player of all time.

  64. Joey Porter completely played the Bengal punks like the fools they are. They took the bait and the rest is history. Football is 90% mental and those Bengals don’t have what it takes to win in the playoffs.

  65. Did you watch Porter? After AB was up and walking towards the Steelers sideline, Porter turned and went the opposite direction and walked right into the middle of 6 Bengals players…

    No he didn’t quit making things up and watch the video on you tube. Obviously you didn’t watch Porter either.

  66. If the Bengals punks would have maintained their composure, there’s a good chance that Porter would have been called for the penalty and given back some or all of the yardage for the completely unnecessary and illegal hit.

  67. One thing obvious from watching the game was that coaches from BOTH teams have issues to address when it comes to discipline.

    The problem with Guenther’s calling out of Porter is that coaches aren’t paid to point out coaching issues with other teams. They are paid to deal with problems on their own team.

  68. A fine after the game isn’t good enough. I say that for coaches, a mere regular penalty isn’t enough. Ejection isn’t right either. If a coach interferes or provokes a player, the team should lose possession of the ball if they are on offense. If on defense, the offense should get 1st and 10 at the 5 yard line. Coaches messing with opposing players should get a severe penalty during the game, not after.

  69. I think it is funny how Bengals fans think the Steelers only won the game because of Porter – you do realize that from the spot of the Burfict foul, it was a 50 yarder, and there was still 18 seconds – at least 2 more plays left?
    Ben with the damaged wing (also from Burfict the convict-as seen all over youtube) had just marched right down the field, eating up that defense. That was the reason the guys were out of control, they were getting their jocks handed to them by the Steelers, and they knew, to a person, that the game was lost. Pacman just couldn’t handle it and lost his mind.
    After the fact, they blamed it on Porter being on the field, like the 7 Bengals coaches were at the EXACT same time…hmm funny how the Bengals fans are so blind they can’t even see their own coaches on the field, and only notice the 1 Steeler coach – wow, just WOW

  70. I hope tez continues to hurt stealers players for the rest of his Bengals career…. You guys are done in Denver and will be watching the better teams with us after Sunday. Who dey!!! Pissburgh stealers cheating one game at a time!

  71. Funny thing about all this is, if there were offsetting unsportsmanlike penalties on Porter and Pacman as there should have been, and the Steelers were kept out of FG range to preserve the Bengals win, the narrative would be how classless the Steelers are from the top down. Double the penalties and yardage, with 2 assistants getting 15 yarders.
    But here we are, and while every media outlet calls it an ugly game all around, most are just highlighting one side.
    As a Bengals fan, it was all pretty embarassing and predictable. Joey was rewarded the game ball because he got away with baiting the Bengals, and Pacman was dumb enough to take it. Disagree with Guenther for saying it all you want, but lets not act like he’s incorrect.
    What this highlights more, though, is what a big issue officiating is. They deemed something against the rules as acceptable, failed to throw the flag, and now the league office has to step in

  72. I agree that Porter shouldn’t have been on the field…but neither should have any of the coaches for the bungels when Bernard got hit….you lost…deal with it

  73. Jan 11, 2016 8:56 PM

    If you actually watch the video you will see:
    1. Porter is following AB and several Steeler trainers off the field.
    2. Burfict approaches the group, walks past Porter and cuts off Steelers training coach Norweg to pat AB on the back and say something.
    3. Norweg acts in irritation as Burfict interfered with his assisting AB off the field.
    4. Norweg pushes Burfict away and in the process Burfict contacts Porter in the face
    5. Porter is irritated and turns toward Burfict.
    6. Gilberry rushes toward Porter and body-bumps him from behind.
    7. Porter turns toward Gilberry with a smile.
    8. Burfict and several Bengals surround Porter while several refs rush to intervene.
    9. Jones pushes pasts several Bengals and tries to run over a ref to get at Porter.
    10. Ref who was shoved from behind throws flag.

    If the Bengals had stayed away from AB and Porter NOTHING WOULD HAVE HAPPENED.

  74. Since we are talking hypothetically, what about the 15 yard delay of game or unsportsman like conduct that should have been given to Burfict for running 60 yards the wrong way and down the tunnel with the ball after the INT? The Steelers should have started their drive 15 yards further down the field. So, even if they call a 15 on Porter, they still are in the exact same spot.

  75. You guys keep mentioning 9 coaches or non-players on the field after the Bernard injury. You do realize those guys had water bottles in hand as its treated like a timeout?! THEY are allowed on the field. I believe a defensive coach was also but he was setting up the D as there was a turnover.
    They were also near the sideline which is also allowed.

  76. Yet another case of bad officiating having a potential outcome on a game. The Stealers should have been penalized because Porter was on the field. If they were the Jones penalty would have been negated because they would have been off-setting. I’m not saying he would have missed the FG but at least it wouldn’t have been as close.

    The NFL needs to make penalties review-able. Had they done so they would have seen Porter as the instigator and that he was on the field when he was not supposed to be.

  77. cymbaline6 says:
    Jan 11, 2016 5:06 PM

    The Bengals did plenty to lose, make no mistake, but the refs gifted the Steelers.


    Delusion. There should have been multiple ejections for Bengals players coming on the field multiple times.

  78. You all know Pacman got flagged for shoving an official, right? At least that is how I understood it. Complaining about Porter’s yammering doesn’t really matter when a player pushes a ref.

  79. Saying the Bengals were the better team is ridiculous.. The steelers pounded them for 3 quarters until the true embarrassment Burfict kneed Ben in the shoulder. That should have been 15 yds and then the Bengals never get there 1st score. And if players can’t control themselves not to to take a swing at a coach then I question there mental toughness as players. The Bengals are who we thought they were. Losers

  80. When coach Porter got down on all fours to celebrate with his player a few weeks back. That should have been a sign of things to come.

  81. The Cry Baby Bengals. The Bengals’ coaches are an embarrassment to coaching. Three of the four losing coaches in the wild card round have connections to the Bengals. Lewis lost. Former Bengals coordinator Zimmer lost. Former Bengals coordinator Gruden lost. Now Hue Jackson can lead the Browns to a first round loss with the Browns. But first it would take a miracle to take the Browns to the playoffs.

  82. I wonder how long it is going to be before this story dies. It goes on and on and on and on, with nothing going to change the outcome of the game…Steelers and Denver, Bengals home, nuff said.

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