Report: Browns to make “big push” to hire Hue Jackson


NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport tweeted Monday evening that the Browns “are set to make a big push to hire Hue Jackson.”

Citing a source, Rapoport wrote that the Browns would “like to close it out.” Jackson interviewed with the Browns Sunday afternoon and evening. He first interviewed with the 49ers.

Both interviews took place in Cincinnati. Jackson, 50, has spent the last two seasons as the Bengals’ offensive coordinator.

Monday brought news that the Giants want to interview Jackson.

NFL Network’s Mike Silver tweeted multiple times Sunday and Monday that Jackson did not have any offer from any team.

Whether something has changed, the Browns just want to beat the other teams to an actual offer or Jackson’s camp is hoping to leverage either more money or another offer remains to be seen. The Browns have been doing interviews for six days, but Rapoport’s is the first report citing a leader or a potential offer.

43 responses to “Report: Browns to make “big push” to hire Hue Jackson

  1. Got in from a source in inside the Browns facility, Hue Jackson will be named HC…its a done deal and Jackson will sign a 4 year deal tonight.

    That’s a fact.

  2. Most of the job openings are teams that you wouldn’t want to work for. Browns, Eagles, 49ers, Dolphins. Tennessee is probably the best job, followed by Tampa Bay.

  3. Browns are stupid. Jackson has some baggage from years back that may come to the forefront once he’s hired. They’ll end up firing him anyways. He won’t win in Cleveland. Nobodies won in Cleveland. He’ll sell out coaches and fire his defensive coaches as he did in Oakland prior to getting fired. He’s better off sticking with Marvin and winning in Cincinnati. He’s anot assistant coach at best. I told you so will be heard regardless. His offense is predictable which showed this past week.

  4. I hope for the Browns sake they get Hue. Of all the jobs out there the Browns will probably be able to offer Hue the most control.
    Hue is a really good coach and if anyone can close the factory of sadness Hue can.
    Good luck Browns fans you guys deserve some good news

  5. today browns are close to hiring Hue. Yesterday 49ers hiring Hue was a done deal. Who ARE these sources that change with the wind.

  6. seatownballers says:

    Wouldn’t they just fire him after one season?

    San Francisco does the same thing. And he could live in Ohio as opposed to… San Francisco lol

  7. So, does that mean Joe Thomas will line up in the WR position and not fool the other team’s defense?

  8. Money talks so if they back up the Brinks truck Hue will gladly take his money. Hue’s agent, John Thornton, is real smart. He will jack up the salary and have it guaranteed as well. When Haslam gets the same result he always has and fires Hue after a year or two, Hue will collect his small fortune and go back to what he is, an Offensive Coordinator.

  9. duanethomas33 says:
    Jan 11, 2016 6:15 PM

    Got in from a source in inside the Browns facility, Hue Jackson will be named HC…its a done deal and Jackson will sign a 4 year deal tonight.

    That’s a fact.

    Please grow tired of this stupid shtick. Everyone else has.

    And that is a fact.

  10. the ‘source’ is Hue’s agent. This is the most common tactic to drive up the price for his intended destination (likely SF). I am a Browns fan and would like continuity and long term success, whoever that may be but our track record says otherwise. I would be shocked if a decent or solid coach or coordinator took the job. I think the Browns will attempt to go with someone rather green and see if that person can learn and improve ‘on the job’……with the expectation that year 2 must show improvement over year 1 in wins and if you get to year 4, it means you made or nearly made the playoffs within your first 3.

    Pretty high bar for the roster currently in place and an owner that clearly likes to be involved.

  11. And he should turn it down.

    This organization will always have bad ownership and any sport or team with analytics guys atop the team’s food chain will never or rarely win a title.

    Personally, I think they should take a trip to Ohio St. and model the facility and the fields like the Buckeyes.

    That way, everyone will want to come.

    Plus, Al Davis was one of the best football minds to ever be in the game. To go to Cleveland and go with analytics people would be such a dishonor.

  12. lurch61 says:
    Jan 11, 2016 6:38 PM

    today browns are close to hiring Hue. Yesterday 49ers hiring Hue was a done deal. Who ARE these sources that change with the wind.

    It’s all yellow journalism these days. It’s more probable than not that there aren’t any sources at all.

  13. I’d be surprised if this wasn’t just some BS. thrown out by Rappaport, to get some interest stirred up. Pretty sure the newly hired browns anylitical geek squad will have to perform several algorithims etc. to determine the percentages of success each candidate will have, and factor in barometric pressure divided by each candidates ability to perform with lake effect winds etc. Then by mid February the browns may have their next coach, after all the good ones have landed elsewhere.

  14. Oakland, possibly Cleveland, all he needs is to get an HC job in Detroit to complete the dysfunctional organization trifecta. Works well, we’ll keep Caldwell 1 more year, Hue takes the job in Cleveland and is summarily fired. Caldwell fired, Hue hired.

    He, nor any coach worth anything, wouldn’t stoop to the Cleveland job.

  15. His camp is likely the “source” so that he can leverage more money from the team he is really choosing. We’ve seen free agents use the same tactic; it’s all too common for us Browns fans.

  16. For some unexplained reason, when I read the headline, I couldn’t help but believe Hue Jackson is thinking:

    “My mama didn’t make no dummies.”

    Now, I don’t know exactly what that means, but it can’t be positive for Cleveland.

  17. I can’t disagree that the Browns have been dysfunctional. But, I think Haslam is on the right track. If Cleveland is able to hire Hue Jackson, they will have made a right move. They need a players coach who is also a leader. Hue Jackson is both. Mike Pettine was a sniveler who didn’t lead his players. If the Browns are able to turn this around, I would bet on Hue Jackson.

  18. Jackson to Cleveland? No. I think the Browns are going to wait out the super bowl and get Matt Patricia. He’ll fit well into analytics. And for all those who deride analytics and the present adventure of the Browns, isn’t profootballfocus using the crunching of numbers to determine the best players at each respective position ? And how else are the new draftees judged? Certainly there is a methodology far superior to “my gut tells me”.

  19. Stay one more year in Cinncinati, the Bengals are a team on the rise. They’re young and they are getting better on offense every year. The defense is sound and Burfict has just been suspended three games. Maybe he’ll get the message.

    Plus, The Chargers are going to fire Mike McCoy next January. And if Hue were to be available to listen to offers, he could be the first head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers.

  20. Wolf Blitzer and his so called “sources”, Mortenson with his so called “sources” and now Rapoport….This guys are a bunch of phonies who want to make news not report news

  21. For all of the stupid penalties the Browns have made, they NEVER imploded at the end of a game that was already in the bag and with multiple penalties. Usually it was just one idiot that ruined it for the whole team. Talk about self inflicted wounds.

    They ruined our super bowl- watching the steelers get knocked out of the playoffs. That’s how bad it is for the Browns… we didn’t even get that. Dopes. Hopefully we will be relevent in the next decade.

  22. To get a proven NFL head coach, they may need to offer a 3 year coaching deal with no chance of being fired due to wins/loses. Or at least 2 years for someone that’s an unproven HC.

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