Surprise: 49ers receive permission to interview Tom Coughlin


If it seemed strange when Tom Coughlin was linked to the Eagles, his next one might be even more odd.

According to Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports, the 49ers have received permission from the Giants to interview the the 69-year-old former Giants coach.

Most of the coaches the 49ers have talked to are younger, though most candidates for most jobs other than Wal-mart greeter are younger than Coughlin.

But his name is an interesting one to stack beside Hue Jackson, Dirk Koetter, John DeFilippo and Anthony Lynn, along with reports of Chip Kelly talking to them.

Whether it’s Boston College or the Jaguars, he’s almost always been an East Coast guy, with just a two-year stint as a Packers position coach in the 1980s taking him out of the Eastern time zone.

And while Jackson might be viewed as the favorite, the 49ers clearly want to expand their search — or give the impression they want to as part of the leverage of working a deal with someone else.

70 responses to “Surprise: 49ers receive permission to interview Tom Coughlin

  1. He would make a great GM and could even fix some of their issues. But, I believe the younger coaches opposing him have his football strategies all figured out. Happens to the best of them.

  2. Out of all the coaches they’ve interviewed and talked to, I hope they get Coughlin. I’ve been reading other Niners fans saying they want Hue Jackson because he went 8-8 with the Raiders. Sorry, I’d rather take a SuperBowl winning coach than some mediocre coach. But the Niners have idiots running their front office, so if they hire Tomsula’s brothers uncles son it wouldn’t surprise me.

  3. If they can bring in McAdoo with him, sounds good. I can not see McAdoo staying with NYG if they bring in Jackson. Niners would get the experienced coach they wanted along with the OC/ HC in waiting. Without McAdoo… would rather bring in Shannahan if you want old and experienced, or just put more money in front of Jackson and get that done.

  4. Teams are realizing that Coughlin is a man who can get a franchise pointed in the right direction. That’s exactly what he did for a floundering NYG franchise with amazing results.

    He may not be the long-term solution anywhere, but — like Parcells, who restored respectability to Dallas — a couple of seasons with TC at the helm will be enough to save a team like SF that’s lost its way.

    Hate to see him leave NYG, but good for him that he’s getting these opportunities. Well deserved, and I wish him nothing but the best.

  5. I am shocked one of these teams with a young QB isn’t going after Kiffin (Tenn, Bucs). He was still to young when he took the Raiders job and those guys played hard for him. Now he has some seasoning, I would like to see what he could do with Marcus or Jameis.

  6. Coughlin isn’t taking that job. He knows what bad ownership and management is. And that’s exactly what the 49ers are.

    They can get permission; doesn’t mean he’s going to interview for you.

  7. rumor has it hue Jackson may interview with jints too. if he does, jints job is more attractive than niners. in other words, Jackson will elope with jints and leave niners at altar. which means niners need another candidate so may be expanding their search to guys like mr rosacea.

  8. I hope this gives rise to a rule like the Rooney Rule. We can call it the Coughlin Rule. Every team filling a coaching vacancy must interview at least one coach over the age of 68. There just aren’t enough old geezers involved in the NFL.

  9. Coughlin is an interesting option. However, Colin Kaepernick himself once said that people over 45 don’t understand him. I’m sure wearing headphones during meetings is not consistent with Coughlin’s discipline charter. Can Coughlin turn Gabbert into Eli?

  10. knowspinzone says:
    Jan 11, 2016 3:42 PM
    Why did they need the Giants permission? The Giants fired Coughlin.

    Oh, I’m sorry, Tom quit before they could fire him.

    Still had one year left on his contract.

  11. Appreciating that Coughlin seems to have gotten a bit lost the past few years in game-day coaching, if this keeps him from being hired by the Eagles I’m all for it!

  12. So if the Giants wanted to screw Coughlin they could just deny teams permission to interview him and he’s done coaching then? Someone please fill me in on what I’m missing…

  13. Why do they need the Giants permission? He doesn’t work for them anymore.

    In any event I’m shocked Coughlin would even consider stepping into that mess on the West Coast.

  14. Being granted permission doesn’t mean much. Teams looking for coaches would be stupid not to at least talk to all the good candidates out there. Doesn’t mean he wants to come talk to them or they have much interest in offering him a deal. It’s just means they may interview him.

  15. Another year, another 49ers coaching search..Nobody wants to work from lil York or Baalke. Maybe Baalke is hiring himself. That team is so frustrating.

  16. pthepro49 says:
    Jan 11, 2016 3:47 PM
    The Niners need an offensive minded coach. Tom is not that.


    Syracuse (Graduate Assistant) (1969)
    RIT (Head Coach) (1970–1973)
    Syracuse (QB coach) (1974–1975)
    Syracuse (Offensive Coordinator) (1976–1980)
    Boston College (QB Coach) (1981–1983)
    Philadelphia Eagles (Wide Receivers coach) (1984–1985)
    Green Bay Packers (Wide Receivers coach) (1986–1987)
    New York Giants (Wide Receivers coach) (1988–1990)
    Boston College (Head Coach) (1991–1993)
    Jacksonville Jaguars (Head Coach)(1995–2002)
    New York Giants (Head Coach) (2004–2015)

    Not enough offense on the old resume, huh?

  17. LMAO…so Holmgren is too old yet Caughlin is viable. Man Jed York has no sound logic. #insane in the membrane.

    Caughlin is a hall of fame coach, but wrong job. Caughlin would be good for the Cowboys or Bengals. A team that’s looking to get over the hump. A rebuild like the 49ers?? Child please.

  18. The Giants were floundering? LMAO they had one bad season after going to a Super Bowl and an all-time Wild Card choke the year before the 4-12 season that netted them Eli Manning.

  19. One thing we do know – if the former brain-trust in Jax thought he was too rough on the players, touchie, feelie Lurie won’t want him in Philly. He might hurt some poor player’s little feelings.

  20. dagon27 says:
    Jan 11, 2016 3:33 PM

    Makes sense. He was pretty much Harbaugh’s kryptonite (along with Harb’s brother John…)


    The NFC Championship game had more to do with Kyle Williams fumbling the ball TWICE than Coughlin out coaching him. And in their 3 regular season match ups the Niners were 2-1 with Harbaugh so yeah.

    Regardless, Coughlin is an outstanding coach and 2x Super Bowl Champion so I wouldn’t want to see his last years in the League working for a bunch of incompetent losers like York and Baalke.

  21. honkeyt says:
    Jan 11, 2016 3:41 PM

    I am shocked one of these teams with a young QB isn’t going after Kiffin (Tenn, Bucs).

    You are?

    Kiffin will never again be a head coach in the NFL. I doubt he will ever get another college head coaching job either.

  22. Can he teach Kaepernick to throw a football? Many have tried to teach him, none have succeeded.

    One thing is for certain. The 9ers will have a hard time finding a coach if Kaepernick is part of the deal.

  23. Why is this so shocking?
    He’s won two SBs, and obviously is a disciplinarian coach who players love.

    What is the harm in kicking the tires on this one, the man has certainly earned the respect.

  24. You idiots! They aren’t hiring Coughlin. They are gathering information on how to fix some of there problems, evaluating there roster. This happens all the time in the NFL. But most of you don’t know how the NFL interview process works because you spend more time playing Madden then getting an actual education or reading a book!

  25. Levy and Halas coached to 72, and among current assisting coaches you have LeBeau at 78 and Pratt at 79. Coughlin would at least make for a good stop-gap anywhere, and could easily coach for another 6 years till he’s 75 – but even if he only did 3 or 4 more years, that’s longer than some coaches get anyway. Best of luck to you coach!

  26. As a longtime Niners fan would love to see this happen. Chances are slim to none and probably someone floated the rumor to create leverage. Nevertheless would be great to get someone in here who has actually won something. All the other dudes on the list just scream Tomsula type retreads…..

  27. Believe it or not, Coughlin is the perfect fit for the 49ers. He’ll be able to coach for another year or two, but get paid for four, and the 49ers will temporarily shut their critics up, and allow Baalke to stay in control.

  28. As a Giants fan I have tons of respect for the guy and yeah, he was a pretty good coach, but unlike most fans of other teams ive also seen every second of every game he ever coached for us…im sorry but he’s not the savior that many are making him out to be. The niners had their guy and let him go to Michigan.

  29. Who wouldn’t want a HOF bound coach coaching their team? So what if it is for 2 years or 3. Look around the league and coaches getting over 4 years to coach a franchise is very small. Coughlin for 2-3 years would probably get you to the playoffs 1 or 2 times and would lay the groundwork for another coach. And he might coach more then that.

  30. He stepped down with 1 year left on his contract. His NFL rights are still held by the Giants. After 2016 he will no longer need permission from the Giants.

  31. What, are you telling me that Weeb Ewbank or Bum Phillips aren’t available to be brought in for a look-see?

  32. The reason they need permission is that Coughlin resigned from his position. His contract is still viable. If he would have been fired, the Giants would have been obligated to pay him the remaining year of his contract. Since he resigned, he foregoes that pay, but would breach his contract by taking another coaching job prior to the end of the 2016 season. In order for him to get a new coaching job in the NFL, he would:
    1. Have to have been fired,
    2. Agreed to a buy-out settlement, or
    3. Have the Giants give written permission to a team to interview/hire him.

    This also probably means that the Giants are paying him next year’s salary, and agreed to an under-the-table buy-out.

  33. In other news, my local community college requested to interview Bill Belichik. It’s cute, but it ain’t happenin’.

  34. The game evolved past his management style… and staff he employs… Please no. Not such q smart move with Holmgren and Shannahan ready to put their hat into turning the team around…

  35. The 49ers need a coach who has been there and done that. He qualifies on all accounts, they need someone to right the ship and lead the way. Jackson would be Plan A for me but he would definitely be 1A. Besides, he’ll love the weather. He is a damn good coach.

  36. This is no surprise. Coughlin, in my opinion, is the obvious choice for a team that has a past history of hiring mature intellectual HCs. He’s perfect for SF.

  37. If the 49ers take him we will demand compensation from the Giants. At least a second and a third and it has to be this year,we are in rebuild mode.

  38. They need to get permission from the Giants, because the Giants are still paying him (Hence “Stepped-Down” and not “quit” or “fired”). At least that is my understanding of it, I could be wrong and it would be far from the first time.

    They don’t get compensation if the other team signs him. Not sure if they could demand it for permission to interview. Would probably be a first time, so not sure if there is a rule against that. But if they approved it for the Eagles, who would they not approve it for?

  39. It wasn’t just Kyle Williams. Eli threw all over the yard and Alex smith couldn’t hold his jock. In a game in the rain, coaching is a big part of who wins. Don’t minimize it by blaming Williams. We didn’t fumble or turn over the ball once. Why? TC beats it into players to protect the ball.

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