Texans fire three assistant coaches to start the offseason


The Texans are obviously making some changes this offseason, and quarterback figures to be the main thing on the list.

But it’s not the only thing.

They started the offseason by making staff changes, firing receivers coach Stan Hixon, special teams coordinator Bob Ligashesky and defensive assistant Anthony Pleasant Monday, according to Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle.

The special teams breakdowns were evident Saturday, beginning with the opening kickoff which Chiefs return man Knile Davis took for a touchdown.

It’s not very good,” O’Brien said Sunday of his special teams. “Again, I’m not going to get into all of it because I really haven’t evaluated the season as a whole. But looking at [Saturday’s] game, we have to cover kicks better, we have to return kicks better. We have to block better. . . .

“Everything’s got to get better on special teams in order for us to be where we want to be this time next year. We have to really improve on special teams.”

And that’s apparently going to begin with a new coach.

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  1. They fired the wrong guys…. Who’s definitive brain power HIRED these guys….? That would be Head Coach Bill O’Brien, who seems to have less composure on the sidelines as a head coach (re: Hard Knocks) than even “Pacman” Jones…. If O’Brien had ANY integrity at all, based on his insistence on “accountability” within the organization – he would fire HIMSELF…. What a poser!!

  2. I like Bob but his stubbornness at qb….. With some of those vets on defense he has to do something other than coming into next season with hoyer. They have to make a bold move or hit big with a rookie

  3. Rick Smith should be fired. Most people have been saying this in Houston for the last 3 or 4 years, yet he keeps his job and proceeds to fail to get a qb. (He should be fired for the Clowney pick alone.)

  4. The problem goes back to New England where O’Brien was a QB coach and the Patriots signed Brian Hoyer undrafted. Bill still thinks that this guy should be a starter in the NFL?

    he has lost better QBs like case Keenum and demotivated Ryan Mallet by his bias for Hoyer.

  5. That 30-0 loss to the Chiefs surely stung but they need a bit of perspective. They were 3rd in the NFL in total defense yet are firing defensive assistants? They started 1-4 and managed to finish at 9-7. They did a lot of good things this season but with all these firings they’re acting like it was a gigantic disappointment.

  6. Who kept Hoyer in the game after three interceptions and a fumble only to throw another interception? Whoever that coach was needs to go, oh yeah it was BOB.

  7. Whoever had the brainchild to put the defensive MVP for the whole league ( JJ WATT) , as the wildcat solo in the backfield should be fired. DJ almost took out his ACL, dumb move.
    KNILE DAVIS 106 yards to start game was knockout punch , Chiefs were all business in demolishing Texans

  8. I’m a Chiefs Fan, so Very happy we beat you guys on Saturday.

    If the texans are honest with themselves, they should come to the conclusion that they overachieved this season. With a shaky qb situation and no arian foster, you guys probably did better than a lot of people expected. You aren’t that far off.

    Firing coaches seems like a bit of an overreaction.

  9. they need to find a QB…..either sign one or draft one. Hoyer is a good backup to have, but he’s not a starting nfl quarterback and that’s why i am not shocked by their big loss.

  10. O’Brien needs to go. Why didn’t he go to Weeden. Not saying that Weeden would have done any better but at least you could say that you tried everything to win the game. Worst thing that could happen is Weeden turns the ball over and the Texans lose the game. Oh wait that is what happened anyway!! Who knows with Weeden in at qb you could have at least broken the shutout!

  11. Special Teams play has always been an issue for this team. A team with zero quality depth. That’s what happens when you blow the mid rounds of the draft year after year.

  12. I think they should make a play for Brock Osweiler. He’s a free agent, and if Denver commits to Manning as the starter, he will want to relocate so he can get starting QB money.

  13. Well they have their solution……isn’t Bobby April available?…..at minimum a top 5 special teams coach imho.

  14. How about firing the guy who thought it was a good idea to line up JJ at QB knowing full we he’s gotta groin injury and has never taken a snap. Idiotic.

  15. Unbelievable, this Head Coach Bill O’Brien is should be the first one get fire. Because he just don’t know how to be a head coach. He don’t know and can’t see what is wrong with the team and where is the weakness. The worst and the weakness of the team is this head coach kept letting the worst player Brian Hoyer to be a QB. This QB Brian Hoyer can’t throw, can’t run, can’t handle situation, and no vision to find the open receiver. Brian Hoyer should be 2nd one get fire. The 3rd fire is the offensive coach. Because he should know that Brian Hoyer can’t throw, but why kept letting him throw 34 time and complete only 15, 4 intercepts, 2 fumbles. Why not using the 4 running back of Texan to run the game. By Alfred Blue, himself ran 99 yards with only 17 carries. I think the coach Bill O’Brien and Brian Hoyer got something going on in the relationship, therefore he kept let him be a QB for Texan. Even every fans voted not to let Brian Hoyer be QB, but Bill O’Brien wasn’t listen. I feel sad for Texan team and the fans.

  16. * KC vs. Hou 1st game of the season – W
    * KC vs. Hou 1st playoff game of the season – W
    * KC Ousts Astros, advance to ALCS – W
    * Sporting KC eliminates Houston Dynamo, advance to Open Cup – W
    * KC World Capital of BBQ – W

    Hey, maybe a KC coach will be available for you guys!

  17. cruisekid says:

    Neglecting to draft Derrick Carr in the 2nd rd was a big mistake.


    They were still in shock they let a guy named “Zygi” outsmart them and grab Bridgewater right in front of their eyes.

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