Browns confirm second interview with Hue Jackson; no offer yet


The Browns confirmed Tuesday evening that they’ve interviewed Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson for a second time for their vacant head coaching position.

That makes two Browns-Jackson interviews in fewer than 48 hours, but the team has not offered Jackson a contract.

Browns Owner Jimmy Haslam was at the interview instead of at the NFL owners meetings; his wife, Dee Haslam, represented the Browns there. Jackson is the only candidate to meet with the Browns twice.

Monday evening, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported that the Browns were prepared to make a “big push” to secure Jackson as their head coach. Tuesday afternoon, reports surfaced that Jackson was no longer in the running with the 49ers, the first team to interview Jackson Sunday.

The second interview shows that the Jackson-Browns interest is real, but with no offer yet on the table Jackson will presumably point towards a scheduled Thursday morning interview with the Giants.

45 responses to “Browns confirm second interview with Hue Jackson; no offer yet

  1. If Jackson takes the Browns job before even talking to the Giants then he is too dumb to be the Giants coach to begin with and the Browns can have him.

  2. Better him than me. I would never work in this giant tire fire of a city with a dumpster fire of a football team. It’s guaranteed to end poorly.

  3. Yeah what an idiot to go to a team who offers a ton of power and a ton of draft picks. Plus I don’t think Hue is a great Giants fit. Perfect fit for Browns.

  4. I think the Jackson-Browns might be “Running on Empty” “These Days” while the factory of sadness becomes a huge “Fountain of Sorrow” “For Everyman” “Standing in the Breach”.

  5. ronmagnifico says:
    Jan 12, 2016 6:38 PM

    Yeah what an idiot to go to a team who offers a ton of power and a ton of draft picks. Plus I don’t think Hue is a great Giants fit. Perfect fit for Browns.

    Perfect fit for the Browns? Why is he a perennial loser?

  6. Getting rid of Manziel would be addition by subtraction for the Browns. But hiring this tool as Browns would reverse that gain because Jackson is an egotistical, power-hungry wacko in his own right. My continued condolences to the fans in Cleveland.

  7. The Browns want him to say yes before they officially make an offer, so that Jackson and the media can’t say they were turned down.

  8. By far the best coaching candidate. He’s coached every position group of a football team. Successful coordinator who’s coached under some brilliant offensive minds. Very experienced with Air Coryell , Bill Walsh offense, Petrino’s offense, and Spurrier’s Fun N Gun offense, and a successful head coach with my Raiders. Great job by the Browns go after him with everything you got, and tell him to get Bob Wylie and Wisniewski to coach the O Line and you all are going to be bullying D Lines across the NFL.

  9. I wonder if my Niners have found their guy in Couglin and are kissing HJ goodbye, or is this just a typical day at the office for York and his village of idiots.

  10. patriots123456 says:
    Jan 12, 2016 6:59 PM
    Did they interview the homeless guy?
    Candidate for GM or Director of College Scouting

  11. It makes you wonder why so many Browns fans clamored for Pettine’s head, when it was so obvious that another GM/coaching search was going to be more humiliating than winning 4 games next year. Which is all they will win next year anyway.

    Neither the owner nor the fans understand the concept of a multi-year plan.

  12. LOL. A ton of power and a ton of draft picks….and what does that mean when he’ll likely be fired within 3 years?? The browns may be the MOST dysfunctional organization in the league. If a team like the Giants is looking to interview you, you have to be CRAZY not to at least talk to them.

  13. Raiders ain’t sniffed 8-8 since he left.

    If I were the Browns I’d be offering the house, the kitchen sink, the baby AND the bath water and a sacrificial lamb to boot.

    I, however, can understand why Hue would like to speak with the Giants before he makes any decision.

  14. Your lucky if you get more than 2 chances to be an NFL head coach. I sure wouldn’t use my last chance on the Browns and their 4 layers of management. Hue would be better off waiting a year for a better opportunity.

    The Giants is the job to take.

  15. Hue must have been concussed on Saturday evening. Run away as fast and as far as you can from Jimmy Haslam. He has not done too much to enhance any NFL coaches career but sure has stuffed a lot of cash in their pockets.

  16. Imagine you’re the top assistant coach in the NFL. Now it’s time to be rewarded for your brilliance and hard work. And the reward is you get to interview with the Browns and 49ers. There’s no justice.

  17. If I’m Hue, I have to look at the QB situations. Big John Football or Eli Manning? Hmm…

  18. How can anyone give a thumbs down to arwiv’s comment? It would be foolish not to listen to the Giants before signing on the dotted line with the Browns. If ever there was a comment that should have a 100% approval rate it’s that one. It’s the Giants, not Dan Snyder.

  19. From all of the reports coming out says that he is the leading coaching candidate out there. He needs to check all of his options before he signs with Cleveland. Just seeing how the ownership is up and down without giving coaches time to develop a system and players. No one with other offers would take that job. He should think back on his year coaching in Oakland because that’s the exact same thing that will happen there unless he wins in his 1st year. Looking at their roster that’s not likely.

  20. natijim235 says:
    Jan 12, 2016 8:55 PM

    in my best tanya harding voice…..why – whyyyyy?

    I think you mean Nancy Kerrigan’s voice…Tonya Harding is the one who got her whacked…

    I am a Browns fan but to Hue…I say runaway fast…until we get a real owner, you are going to get scammed just like those customers at Flying J!

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