Buccaneers interview Dirk Koetter for head coaching job


There was plenty of dot-connecting when the Buccaneers fired Lovie Smith last week that involved their not wanting to lose offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter.

They finally got around to interviewing him.

According to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, the Bucs have completed the interview, which is just the third they’ve gotten in.

They’ve also talked to Cardinals offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin and Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott.

But while Koetter looked like an easy fit, the delay also makes you wonder if they’re trying to land an even bigger fish.

Koetter has also interviewed with the 49ers, and interest from the Dolphins preceded their decision to let Smith go.

21 responses to “Buccaneers interview Dirk Koetter for head coaching job

  1. Koetter doesn’t get near the respect he deserves, he is easily the best HC candidate out there. Hopefully he ends up in SF, he and Trent Baalke would get on well, they are both low key, no nonsense Mid Westerners, and so is Blaine Gabbert.

  2. They ain’t hired him yet? Stop with the charade, no one is going to that team except him, that front office lost a lot of credibility throughout the league with how they treated Lovie….

  3. I know many ppl who stopped being Bucs fans when they drafted Winston. Fanbois go ahead and scoff, but the truth is casual fans will just find something else to do/watch.

    Would love to know Glazers-Licht-Lovie-Koetter input and opinions on that divisive pick. Probably were all on board, but if any of those 4 weren’t it will be a very intriguing offseason.

  4. Guarantee you they are trying for Saban…not saying it will happen or should for that matter but I would bet money thats why they are taking their time.

  5. I don’t understand firing the head coach and hiring his offensive coordinator. Since they have fired the head coach, they really need to move in a different direction.

  6. How they treated Lovie? You mean 3 home wins in 2 years? Lovie had his team come out completely flat in one of the most important games in the last 5 years. Lovie was given multiple chances to succeed and he failed but he did do one thing right, he drafted Jameis Winston.

  7. He will likely be the Bucs next HC , whoopie!
    He did not have a dominant offense the last season with the Falcons or with the Bucs… NFC and AFC west teams this next season… If the Bucs want any chance for a competitive season they need an offensive minded HC that can coach player to play at the level those team do every year…

    I strongly doubt Koetter is the person to do that!

  8. Sometimes you can just hear a guys name and know he won’t make it as a head coach. “Dirk Koetter” just sounds like failure.


  10. Completely flat? That’s the problem with these things, there are those that will run with the narrative for the sake of delusion. Lovie had them going in the right direction, 10th in defense and 5th in total offense. 6 wins with a rookie QB which is around the average for rookies. Statistically the Buccaneers were better than they have been in quite a few years and moving in the right direction. His results this year alone was worthy of a third year if the Bucs were a smart franchise however they aren’t.

    Better hope that this move works out or it’s going to reinforce why the Bucs are the essentially the worst out of the expansion teams that came their year and after excluding the texans. Ravens and Hawks have surpassed them. Panthers & Jags are four apperances shy of Bucs total playoffs and they had a 19 year headstart.

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