Chargers counsel says they still have “zero interest” in Rams project


Chargers owner Dean Spanos seemed to be offering to accept an olive branch, or at least consider the possibility of partnering with the Rams in Los Angeles, when he said he’d ultimately “abide” by the league’s decision on relocation.

But one of his lieutenants made it clear they still don’t want to partner with Stan Kroenke in Inglewood.

“On December 7, the Chargers made clear in writing that we had zero interest in the Inglewood project, and nothing has changed since then,” Chargers special counsel Mark Fabiani said, via Brent Schrotenboer of USA Today. “Our L.A. stadium project in Carson has the most central location, the best leadership with [Disney chief executive] Bob Iger, and the ample parking and easy freeway access to give fans the best possible game day experience.”

Of course, it would also be foolish for Spanos and the Chargers to abandon leverage at the 11th hour, with owners meeting today and tomorrow in Houston with hopes of finally resolves the decades-long L.A. issue.

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  1. If a team really needs to share a stadium (outside of the New Jersey teams) do they really deserve a team? Look at the QB talent pool in the league right now. There’s about 15 good QB’s and a ton of average and below average teams. Maybe the solution isn’t to put 3 teams in one city but to eliminate 2 teams? Seems smart to me.

  2. This is such a sham. On one hand we have NFL network people saying Chargers, Rams is a done deal and the other side says hogwash. Is there any dignity in this process??

  3. Yeah right, FIBiani……as soon as the other members of the Billionaire Boys (and Girl) Club tells the Chargers that the only way the can move is to partner with the Rams, they will claim it was the deal they wanted all along. The will leave the Raiders at the alter and be a runaway bride. It is already discussed that the NFL doesn’t want the Raiders in LA. As far as fan base, Rams and Raiders makes the most sense. Goodwill and the NFL will botch this badly.

  4. They might as well put these two crappy teams together in the same stadium. Better yet, just have them cease to exist and start from scratch with 2 new ownership groups and an expansion franchise. Just start from scratch. . ….

  5. LA has made it pretty clear they aren’t a football town. Chargers, Rams and Raiders fans deserve better than this. Fans give their heart and soul to teams, only to have them ripped away when they become vulnerable and there’s money to be made elsewhere in the short term. I hate this about sports, and as much as I like football, this kind of thing is likely going to drive me away from the game.

    I am still very bitter about how the Supersonics got thieved, and I have completely stopped following the NBA since then, despite basketball being my favorite sport.

    I feel for you fans that may be losing your team, and curse the greedy jerks who are behind this.

  6. The Chargers have a contract with the Raiders; to say otherwise could be considered a breach. In addition, Jerry Jones’ and the league’s actions to try and bring the Chargers and Rams together could be considered tortious interference with contract-although the Raiders or whomever ends up out will be handsomely compensated notwithstanding.

  7. Has no leverage. Either they are co owners in Carson or tenants in englewood. Carson isn’t going to happen so he they know they would be better going back to the San Diego city council then sign a lease

  8. You reap what you sow, Spanos. You’re going to be little brother in LA and in ten years, you’ll be on hand and knees, crawling back to San Diego, when nobody will be filling whatever stadium you end up in.

  9. I’ve said this all along. Spanos should just take a cash payout from Kroenke and let him have LA to his own. Use the money to help build a stadium in San Diego. San Diego fans win. Spanos doesn’t have to be second fiddle in a fickle market. And Kroenke gets to build his dream project.

  10. I just have one question. Why can’t kroenke find a better hairpiece with all that money he has? Wait, two questions… Why doesn’t he shave that little twelve year old, prepubescent hitler “moustache” off?

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