Kroenke calls move “bitter sweet,” professes love for St. Louis


The Rams have secured approval to return to Los Angeles, after a 21-year absence. Owner Enos Stanley Kroenke, known as “Silent Stan,” issued a statement to acknowledge the occasion.

“This has been the most difficult process of my professional career,” Kroenke said. “While we are excited about the prospect of building a new stadium in Inglewood, California, this is bitter sweet. St. Louis is a city known for its incredibly hard-working, passionate and proud people. Being part of the group that brought the NFL back to St. Louis in 1995 is one of the proudest moments of my professional career. Reaching two Super Bowls and winning one are things all St. Louisans should always treasure.”

Then Silent Stan (who more recently perhaps has been referred to in his native state as “Evasive Enos”) got a little defensive.

“While there understandably has been emotionally charged commentary regarding our motives and intentions, the speculation is not true and unfounded,” Kroenke said. “I am a Missouri native named after two St. Louis sports legends who I was fortunate enough to know on a personal level. This move isn’t about whether I love St. Louis or Missouri. I do and always will. No matter what anyone says, that will never change. This decision is about what is in the best long-term interests of the Rams organization and the National Football League. We have negotiated in good faith with the Regional Sports Authority for more than a decade trying to find a viable and sustainable solution. When it became apparent that we might not be able to reach an agreement, it was then and only then that we looked at alternatives.”

Kroenke’s statement will do little to make folks in St. Louis less upset with him. If anything, his decision to say things that he perhaps should have been saying throughout the process will only make it worse.

The locals largely believe that Kroenke coldly and calmly calculated his move, knowing full well that unless he was given the exact stadium upgrades promised by the lease that lured him to the Edward Jones Dome, he would take the team back to Los Angeles. Along the way, he chose to say nothing, they believe, because there was nothing he could really say; he apparently didn’t want to work with the local politicians to keep the team in St. Louis, he wanted to move, he announced plans to build a stadium before securing approval to move, and then he trashed the city he supposedly loves on his way out the door.

All or part of that may not be 100 percent factual. But legacies aren’t always based on fact; they’re often fueled by propaganda and spin. For Kroenke to say the bare minimum for years and then to suddenly profess his love for St. Louis after getting a one-way ticket out of town will not leave him with the kind of local legacy that, based on the statement he issued tonight, he clearly covets.

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  1. He loves St. Louis, does he? Yeah and I’m dating a Victoria Secret model.

    Kroenke sees the money. He sees the opportunity, the chance of being the king of LA. The man who brought football back to LA….

    Meanwhile, St. Louis gets the raw end of the deal. Sad.

  2. Most people are hoping this ends up being a major flop and the NFL fails again in LA, right?

  3. Mark Davis is a joke. A disgrace to his father’s memory for even wanting to pair up with the Chargers. That silly Carson project had no chance. It was DOA.

  4. He can profess his love all he wants; he’d better stick to his Denver and LA homes from now on, cuz he’s gonna be persona non grata in St. Louis.

  5. Stan is the man! He’s removed the NFL from an NFL-lite city and brought the Rams back to their rightful place. This is what happens when you lure a team away from their home with promises of first class stadiums and opt out clauses.

  6. So the only city who seriously tried to keep their team but was told their bid fell 100 million short will lose their team and Oakland gave a big middle finger and didn’t even try will get 1billion free money to build a new stadium? Only in Rogers NFL.

  7. Congrats Mr. Kroenke. Your name will now be synomous with the Bud Adams, Art Modell’s, Jim Irsays, and Bill Bidwell’s of the NFL. Crappy owners who ripped their fans hearts out and took away their NFL teams. At least Cleveland, Baltimore, and Houston eventually got a crack at a second NFL franchise. This is the second time St. Louis has lost it’s team and probably won’t be line to get a new one for a long time if ever.

  8. Patronizing, the nerve, i guess when you are billionaire you get to have your way more often, if not always. With that being said, he had already planned to move the team once he bought it and nothing was going to change that. Hopefully St Louis can use that money for more productive ventures that will benefit the city and state long term.. pipe dream right lol.. oh well..

  9. Any businessman worth his salt would have done the same thing. And 98% of people bashing him would do the same thing if in his shoes.

  10. Can’t wait for all the uninformed haters to watch as LA kills it and becomes the most successful NFL team (revenue wise) in the league.

    Plus all the best free agents are going to want to play and live there.

    Can’t wait for my season tix!

  11. “Professes love for St. Louis”- BS. If he loved it that much then he wouldn’t leave. See: Terry Pegula. What a shameless jerk. St Louis doesn’t deserve that. No fans deserve it.

  12. In other news, how come every photo of Marth Ford makes me think she goes to the optometrist alot. Or are those them’ special fishing glasses ?

  13. People can say whatever they want about the man, but as an outsider with no vested or rooting interests in his team or division, NO ONE can deny that he’s been a better owner than the late Georgia Frontieri.

  14. If it wasn’t already confirmed – and it was – this kind of statement removed all doubt about the villainy of this guy.

  15. Does anyone believe this guy? He never had any intention of keeping the team in St. Louis. His statements here are just damage control.

  16. Please do everyone a favor and don’t provide quotes of shallow comments Mr. Kroenke. Simply move your team to California. Be honest with the people of St. Louis, this is all about money. The NFL is a business that works to make as much as possible whether it is at the expense of a city or region who supports an organization or the league. I feel sorry for St. Louis and the people of Missouri.

  17. I hope St Louis fans never forget how they feel today and channel all their anger at the NFL. No matter what team you are a fan of this can happen to your team. No public money ever should go to the NFL.

  18. What a bunch of crap. This guy wants his team in LA and there is nothing that could have kept him in St Louis. It’s his team, he can do what he wants but don’t be and act and say things like s bag of garbage

  19. I’m sad for St. Louis and the region. I still think the Cards move to AZ sucked, but I’m old and poor so not important as an NFL demographic.

  20. I feel for you St. Louis fans. It’s a shame if taxpayer’s don’t build Billionaires stadiums, they move your team.

  21. The fact(s) remain that, for whatever reason, the city did not fulfil their agreement. Neither city should be pointing any fingers in this case. It is hard to believe Jones seems responsible for what is obviously the best plan

  22. The locals largely believe that Kroenke coldly and calmly calculated his move, knowing full well that unless he was given the exact stadium upgrades promised by the lease that lured him to the Edward Jones Dome, he would take the team back to Los Angeles.
    So he expected Saint Louis to honor the contract they agreed to, which lured him from LA…..and they didn’t….. I don’t blame the guy for moving then.

  23. This makes me want to puke. I’m sure Mr. Walmart trailer park trash will have no trouble sleeping tonight. Worst owner in sports. Good riddance.

  24. What this likely was that Kronke saw the chance to do what he really wanted to do in LA that he’d never get to do in St. Louis and realized he’d also always play second fiddle to the baseball Cardinals.

    Now what could very well happen in the eyes of some is the Raiders moving to St. Louis to replace the Rams. They have a near-impossible situation in Oakland right now where they may only be able to build a new stadium on their current site (which would affect the A’s since they would also have to move if that happened). A move to St. Louis could happen with the Raiders.

  25. NFL, Kroenke and Goodell are all money hungry crooks. St Louis got jobbed. I hope this becomes a financial disaster for them. I was a season ticket holder for 14 years. LA, careful what you wish for…

    Hope St Louis gets an MLS team…so i can forget about football completely. So sick of the NFL…

  26. What a d-bag. Sorry Rams fans, but I hope Stan keeps Jeff Fisher for the long haul and achieves nothing but mediocrity and failure.

  27. NFL, Kroenke and Goodell are all crooks. St Louis got jobbed. 14 year season yicket holder here. I hope this turns out to be a financial disaster for Kroenke…or Karma catches up with him.

    Raiders, if you come to St Louis, you have a fan. Kahn, bring the Jags, since you got screwed by Kroenke…you’d have a fan.

    St Louus build a smaller stadium and get MLS. Screw the NFL…

  28. If I was a Rams fan, this would make me want to punch this guy in the face even more. Not only do you move our team, but then you act like you feel bad about it?

    I just don’t get the whole 2 team thing. Rams and Chargers fans aren’t going to follow the teams to LA. Many die hard NFL fans who live in LA (Like my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins) already have a team they cheer for. They aren’t going to just stop rooting for the Vikings. On top of that, I imagine many LA fans are Raiders or 49er fans. Those are now division rivals to LA. Why would you stop rooting for your team and root for their division rival?

    1 Team or 0 would’ve made much more sense. LA has already failed with 1 team 2 separate occasions. Why jump head first with TWO teams now? I don’t get it.

  29. Cards should also go back to St Louis where they belong.

    Az never should have been given a team.

  30. So why is he the bad guy? They lured (your words) the team with specific promises – sounds like whoever made the promises and didn’t follow through is as much to blame as anybody. Please specify what promises were made and not kept.

  31. Can’t wait to see the L.A. Rams on opening day! Way to go, Kroenke! You’ve made a lot of people in L.A. very happy.

    Unfortunately, St. Louis will likely curse you forever…and, to be honest, understandably so.

  32. According to something I read this morning, just by moving to LA the value of the Rams franchise increased by $1 Billion. No wonder Kroenke wanted this so bad.

    Sorry Detroit Lions … Go LA Rams!

  33. It’s probably a good idea to try and make nice with the people of St. Louis, he’s stealing their football team.

  34. Dude should have just stopped after this first part. Nobody is going to believe the BS he was peddling in the 2nd part. This is from somebody who is glad the LA Rams mean more afternoon games on TV.

  35. Every owner who voted FOR this disgrace needs to be identified and explain to their own fan base-why moving to a city that lost two teams in 1994 was a more attractive option than staying with the fans that support them now.

  36. All Public Relations at this point. Turning your back on the town you supposedly love. That’s the worst kind of traitor.

  37. First, congrats to the long-time LA Rams fans. I’m happy for you guys. It hurts to say it, because I’m on the losing end of this, but this never should’ve been about fan vs fan.

    As far as Kroenke goes, I have no idea how he can say the things that he said in his negative report on St. Louis, and then after giving us the biggest gut punch, profess his love for the city. He’s been nothing short of shady, evasive, and a snake from the beginning towards his hometown, which he now professes his love for. Enjoy this guy, LA…you’ll soon find out why we all hated him all along.

  38. So who were the 2 owners that voted against? My guess is Richardson (panthers) and Khan (Jags)

  39. Puh-leeze. This is about greed and maximizing the value of his investment. I guess his estimated net worth of $11 billion just wasn’t quite enough.

  40. “This decision is about what is in the best long-term interests of the Rams organization and the National Football League.”


  41. Okay, now that the Rams are back in Los Angeles, let’s get the Cardinals back to St. Louis. Of course, Arizona deserves a team too. How does Arizona Jaguars grab you?

  42. Ouch, yes this hurts. I just wish the NFL and Stan would at least just stop kidding themselves and the rest of us and just say it was about the money. I could at least respect honesty even if it was rooted in greed. But the charade that unfolded was beyond the pale, and to add insult to injury, the St. Louis plan which was dismissed with 400 million of public money offered because it requested an additional 100 million (per the recommendation of the LA committee), is now being offered to the Chargers and raiders for their home markets! Nfl you are not about fans, but about money. At least just be honest about it.

  43. @skiski–Yes, for sure.But also, do not trust a man with a bad rug.
    OTOH, do you know why Elvis Presley’s mother did not like his nickname “Elvis the Pelvis”?
    Answer–because he had a brother named Enos.

  44. It’s not that the cash strapped owners and impoverished league don’t love all their fans, it’s just that the NFL only made $12bn last yr, needs to hit $13bn this yr, and (according to Goodell a few yrs ago) has a target of $25bn/yr by 2027. So don’t be so selfishly upset St Louis, just send all your spare $100 bills to Enos or Roger so they don’t fall behind this brave target. See ya!

  45. It doesn t take a rocket surgeon to figure out that a very wealthy man doesn’t suffer from sentimentality. Too bad he doesn’t own a chain of restaurants. If you’re going to lie to me, I’d appreciate it if you bought me lunch.

  46. St. Louis tried to get cute with Kroenke when they had no room to do so with that top tier clause. The second the arbitrator ruled in favor of the Rams, Kroenke checked “negotiate in good faith” off the list and cranked up the Beach Boys. It was over.

  47. “This move isn’t about whether I love St. Louis or Missouri. . . . This decision is about what is in the best long-term interests of the Rams organization and the National Football League”

    Right. This deal isn’t about civic engagement or love of home or loyalty. It’s about $$$.

    Business is business, goes the refrain. A reminder to Mr. Kroenke and his peers: Things aren’t just the way they are. Things are the way we make them.

    Sorry St. Louis. At least you still have the best organization in baseball.

  48. Bills fan here. Sucking beside, I am so happy the Bills missed out on this LA or bust thing the NFL is pushing. Thanks Terry and Kim.

  49. San Diego – CONGRATULATIONS. You will have your Chargers for many years to come. You should start planning Stan Kroenke Day!

    Stan Kroenke is an incredible businessman who convinced the other NFL owners to adopt a plan that in my opinion guarantees the Chargers and Raiders financially cannot move to LA.

    Mr. Kroenke will own at least half the stadium AND the entertainment complex – all the surrounding bars, restaurants, hotels, etc. The stadium will anchor the commercial development and Mr. Kroenke will reap the profits from the events the stadium hosts. If the Chargers (or Raiders) is a partner, they will need to ante up half the cost of the stadium to essentially draw people to the area so Mr. Kroenke wins again! He probably doesn’t care if the stadium makes money as a stand alone project – he’s looking at revenues from the “entertainment complex” as a whole while the Chargers must look only to the stadium revenues to amortize the stadium cost. Tickets will be prohibitively expensive, but hey – it’s California.

    Say the stadium costs $1.8 billion (that’s the original estimate but it will probably cost more the way the NFL was gushing about the venue and it’s LA). The Chargers will need to pay $900 million and another $550 million (relocation fee) for the privilege of drawing people to Mr. Kroenke’s complex. In effect the Chargers will need to pay $1.45 billion to fill the entertainment complex from which they will derive no benefit.

    According to Forbes the Chargers are worth $907 million and Mr. Spanos is worth $1.1 billion. Moving to LA has become a recipe for financial disaster for the Chargers and Raiders.

    For comparison, the Rams are worth $1.45 billion and Mr. Kroenke is worth $7.5 billion (does not include his wife’s worth). Get the picture?

    So the Chargers can become a tenant with no say over the construction or use of the stadium – essentially drawing people to Mr. Kroenke’s “entertainment complex” and paying rent to do it!

    I feel sorry for Mr. Spanos who seems to have been playing checkers at a chess tournament.

  50. “This decision is about what is in the best long-term interests of the Rams organization and the National Football League.”

    Meaning, it’s all about the $

  51. 1) I have a mustache, so I resemble that remark.


    I’ve said many times over the years, especially since the Strange Case of the Deflated Balls claimed our hearts and minds, that all the b.s. from Goodell and the other owners about “the integrity of the game” is -b.s.

    This is about 2 things – ego – i.e. Jerrah Jones, and money – BIG money, most of it yours. Don’t kid yourself about their caring about the fans or anything like that.

  52. What a lying sack. St Louis is the better sports town and attendance proves it:

    St. Louis — 62K average attendance: Despite the St. Louis RAms having just 4 winning seasons in St. Louis AND had one of the worst non-expansion teams five-year winning records in NFL history during that time.

    Los Angeles — 53K average attendance. From 1975 through 1994 the LA Rams had 12 winning seasons, 10 playoff appearances (including multiple NFCCGs and a Superbowl). And the people in LA just didn’t show up.

    No, this was a spoiled owner who threw a tantrum, didn’t get he wanted and cooked the books to justify his move. Well, unless he rents that stadium out to a lot of events, he’s going to have a $2 billion dollar boondoggle.

  53. “Reaching two Super Bowls and winning one are things all St. Louisans should always treasure.”

    Like he had anything to do with that, what a joke. Georgia Frontiere was the one in charge.

  54. Interest in football in LA will be over before the new stadium is built. I don’t know what it is about the LA area, but people there just aren’t interested n NFL football. All logic says there are plenty of people to buy the tickets and tune into the games, but history shows people will not buy the tickets. Oh well. St. Louis can build the new stadium, the Rams will probably be back n a few years. Haha

  55. I blame the city of St. Louis more than I do Kroenke. They knew what would happen it was all in writing. The stadium had to be a top stadium it used to be but now it’s not.

  56. What’s the point in pretending like you didn’t really want to do it? This is what creates so much hostility.

    You have this Billionaire running around, saying, “Oh, I am so sorry St. Louis, if you will forever forgive me I love this city so much,” total hogwash. You know he’s hopping on that first jet to LA, soaking in the Cali sun.

    If he had just been upfront, honest and bold, and just said something like “Listen, LA has a larger market than St. Louis, It is closer to the division, and it’s in my best interest as a businessman to make this move,”

    Instead he goes on this pretend rant about how much he cares. You’re a billionaire man, you didn’t get there by caring that much.

  57. I’m fairly sure Rush Limbaugh wouldn’t have moved the Rams from St. Louis, but since he was demagogued out of contention, we’ll never know. I’m sure St. Louis fans aren’t going to hold any grudges against Mr. Kroenke….

  58. Sorry Stan, you can’t have it both ways. You are now a part of a renowned club of carpet-baggers that includes such legends as Peter O’Malley, Bud Adams, George Shinn, Robert Irsay and Art Modell. Oh, and Georgia Frontiere, of course…

  59. Sorry St. Louis, I know how you’re feeling. It blows, I know this obviously a Football site but a jackass named Norm Green took the North Stars out of Minnesota and I love Football more then Hockey but either way when your team leaves no matter which sport it sucks

  60. The team St Louis lost, their team, was the St Louis Cardinals, now Arizona Cardinals, in 1987. A team they held since 1960.

    The Los Angeles Rams, a Los Angeles team from 1946 and sold by Georgia Frontiere, second wife and widow of owner Carroll Rosenbloom in 1994.

    Ms. Frontier was born and raised in St. Louis. Perhaps the sale and immediate team move to St. Louis was a coincidence, but Los Angeles lost their team. When the team was sold they were in bad performance shape, which many in St Louis attribute to Ms Frontier.

    St. Louis has now lost 2 NFL teams. If and when a team relocates to St. Louis the region should do what it takes to keep their team.

  61. This guy is a bum. My son who is 14, has been a Rams fan since he was 3. We live by Chicago. So does he get to pick a new team? What’s the protocol in this? Feel bad for him but told him , this is your first lesson that the NFL does not care about the fans, only the money. Sad.

  62. There are very good reasons that LA lost two NFL teams !
    Those issues….are still there…they have not changed and Greed has blinded the eyes of Billionaires, who think that anything with the NFL logo is gold and always will remain so.This will become a huge financial nightmare for S Kronke as the LA Mkt. will not sustain this team.Mark my words , in 5 years , he will be seeing half empty Stadium seats and saying ..”What did I do ” !

  63. The people hurt here that are not being mentioned are the ones whose livelihoods depend on that football team in and around where the Rams have played. That would include those that work the football games in all capacities and the businesses around the stadium.

    Lots of little people hurt while the NFL and politicians played their game of chicken. I feel bad for those folks to tell you the truth.

  64. Bittersweet. I love St Louis but I needed more billions to go with my 7+ and my wife’s 5+. 12+ billion isn’t enough for us.

    Love these morons and their complete BS they feed.

    I have nothing really against people who are greedy/only care about money they don’t even need and will never spend (must be a sad life to be that obsessed with money that your entire life is spent just wanting more of it) but jeez, don’t try and act like you are more than just a money grubber when you clearly aren’t.

  65. So St. Louis has to give back the team they stole from L.A.? Hell, send the Rams back to Cleveland, have a dispersal draft for the Browns 2.0 and award an expansion team to St. Louis and send the Chargers back to L.A.

  66. Kroenke’s love for St. Louis reminds me of the love a divorced ex-spouse expresses for their ex-spouse. It’s all talk.

  67. The Rams were from LA in the first place, not St Louis. That said, I have very little respect for greedy owners who move teams. No sports league in the world moves teams as regularly as those in the US/ Canada.

    I’m an LA resident and can’t support the Rams as I’m a Niners fan.

  68. Ask many of the long time Viking season ticket holders, how the Viking owners screwed them with their policy for their new stadium! All NFL owners and Goodell are leeches !!

  69. Football is losing its allure to be a hometown fan favorite sport. It’s really only remained on top because of fantasy sports and gambling on the games. And you don’t need a team in your city for that!! I root for my fantasy players and the teams I have picked in the weekly office pool. Recently that usually
    means I’m rooting against the Rams. Hit the road Jack (ass) and don’t come back. Go leach off the folks in LA LA land..

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