L.A. Rams will start play this year, new stadium in 2019


The Los Angeles Rams are on the move and will spend three years in a temporary home before moving into their new stadium.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed today that a “long process” resulted in the decision to move the Rams to L.A. this year. It’s not clear yet where the Rams will play while their new stadium in Inglewood, California, is under construction, but the L.A. Memorial Coliseum — former home of the L.A. Raiders and current home of USC football — is the most likely venue.

“The NFL owners tonight approved the return of the Los Angeles Rams,” Goodell said. “Starting with the 2016 season. In 2019 they will be opening in a new stadium which we are all, as ownership, very excited about — the kind of facility that we believe will be extraordinarily successful in the Los Angeles market. It’s more than just a stadium, it’s an entertainment complex.”

Still to be decided is whether a second team will also move into the stadium. The Chargers may join the Rams in Los Angeles, and if the Chargers choose not to, the Raiders still could. This isn’t over, but the one thing we know is that the Rams are on the way to L.A.

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  1. Now that the NFL has given the Raiders and the Chargers $100 million each to smooth over this move. The least the NFL can do is buy a round of drinks for fans in St. Louis.

  2. Unfortunately this is not the smartest move for LA. THAT plan is no longer on the table, which was to build Farmers Field downtown, which probably would have led to the eventual demolition of the LA Coliseum. Which is a dump of the highest order, makes Qualcomm look like a space station by comparison. Also, Carson access would actually have been easier. Anyone who lives here knows what a sideshow it is going to be getting in and out of Inglewood. Meanwhile LA proper is left with two very old and varyingly attractive football stadiums, and at least one site and the surrounding area would have made a good permanent home for the NFL.

    Take it from me after being here 20 years, LA is a cool place but its a frontrunners town. There will be a honeymoon with a new stadium, but if the Rams are 8-8 every year, look for the empty seats in about 2021. I think the Chargers way overplayed their hand and really need to make a deal in SD now. You don’t want to be begging favors from your landlord the Kronk. They will basically be the NFL Clippers – before they got better.

  3. Why does California need 4 NFL teams? Seems like severe overkill. The Rams should have moved to like Omaha or somewhere the Nebraska fans would probably eat it up.

  4. As a Seahawks fan, that’s a win-win. One less trip back East each year and no reason to even contemplate them moving us out of the conference. I like playing against the Cards, 49ers and Rams. Good competition for everyone Oh and an easy 4 1/2 hr plane ride from the islands, too. Yeah!

  5. Not a good decision, but then I didn’t expect one. The NFL has long since given up being about fans, and more about the dollars. I can respect the business aspect – I am a businessman myself. But I also look to the customer, which the NFL hasn’t done in a long time.

    LA has had multiple tries to support an NFL team, and they couldn’t. “Cranky” – who is a piss poor owner anyway – has starved this team and deprived the city of St. Louis a Franchise for years. Until we the fans stop letting these a-holes leverage our public money when they are already getting our private money? Never going to change.

    Need to start thinking of the fans before people start turning to soccer.

  6. st. louis:

    – is a French town
    – Anheuser-Busch is owned by the Belgians
    – has bad food
    – mark mcgwire and albert pujols are juicers
    – the rams hate you

  7. California is greedy.. They have (4) football teams now. Now, St Louis is without a football team for like what the second? third time now? unbelievable, I’m disappointed in the owner of the Rams. Another city is hurt and has lost a football team. funny how the Rams come back to Los Angeles the Charlotte Hornets come back but yet the Washington Bullets are still the Wizards. The whole thing makes me sick..

  8. Good for the nfcwest. It was being said that if the Chargers and Raiders moved one would have to go to the NFC West which would mean Seattle would have to move back to the AFC West. I am glad this is not happening.

    I was around when Eric Dickerson was an LA Ram so this just seems natural. Right…

    I feel sorry for St Louis because as a SuperSonics fan I know very well what it’s like to have your team move. An entire city of fans let down

  9. Great to see the LA Rams-SF 49ers rivalry back! Best rivalry out west, hopefully with more success for the Cardinals, we can become a hated rival too; congrats CA Ram fans, and St. Louis fans, PULL FOR THE CARDINALS!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. January 12, 2021.

    UPI, Los Angeles. The LA Rams announced they will be leaving LA. The owner has not given a reason, but many believe it’s because ticket sales never met expectations. Only statement from the LA Rams is that they never caught the excitement of the city as this is truly a college football town.

  11. So the Rams will play in South Central for a few years then move to…. Inglewood.
    Rams fans, better go stock up on bulletproof vests.

  12. NFL couldn’t beat him so they joined him.
    LA better step up and support the Rams or a lot of people are going to look like fools (actually I’d bet on it).

    Too bad for St. Louis.

  13. What about team facilities? Will those be temporary as well or can they crank one out in 6-7 months?

  14. Been a Rams fan since I was a kid, went to games since at the coliseum with my dad and again in Anaheim, stoked to see them back!!

  15. St. Louis Rams never did sound quite right to me. Same with Indianapolis colts. The Rams are back in L.A. where they never should have left. i just feel sorry for what fans in st.Louis they had left.

  16. St. Louis was never a football town, but I still would’ve like to see that community keep them. On the plus side… less travel time for NFC West teams.

  17. I feel bad for the fans in St. Louis, but at least the Rams are going back to where they were before. Seeing “Los Angeles Rams” in print just feels right for old school fans like me.

  18. What was the reason the Rams left for St Louis in the first place,if it was lack of support that wont change at all,the residents have shown they can live without the nfl in their city.if it was a stadium issue that has been resolved. how long before St Louis gets a new team,maybe even the Raiders.

  19. Dear NFL. Thank you for screwing us after we have supported the Rams for all these years. I can’t imagine how much money was spent by the devout on season tickets and team merchandise, We have loved our Rams and now they have been stolen from us. They are going to a city that has already demonstrated that they can not support an NFL team. guess It doesn’t matter. The NFL feels that they can make a few more dollars in LA….so it’s “Screw St. Lewis.”

  20. Long process, huh? You mean like since years ago when the divisions were realigned to geographically align them and you put a Midwest team in the same division as 3 West Coast teams? That is definitely a long process.

  21. To all the St Louis fans, I am sorry you are going through this.

    This is the ugliest side of pro sports and the NFL isn’t even bothering to pretend like they gave your city a fair chance.

  22. It is a shame when taxpayer’s don’t build Billionaires new stadiums, they take your team away. I feel for you St. Louis fans.

  23. Another thing: Why do teams HAVE to relocate to LA? Wouldn’t, say, Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City, Portland, or (with some haggling about gambling, etc.) Vegas be viable destinations as well?

  24. Back to the west coast, where the Rams deserve to be. Blue and Yellow, all the way.

    Got kind of tired of packin’ and unpackin’.
    Town to town, up and down the dial
    maybe you and me were never meant to be
    just maybe think of me once in while

    Im at LA Colussium in Los Angeles….

  25. Sucks for you die hard fans. Reality is that no turn out to home games was pathetic….an like any business you chase the money.
    The city didn’t support the Cardinals nor the Rams.
    Y’all can say goodbye to the NFL forever.
    Two teams and two fails….that’s it.

  26. This is the first time I can ever remember a move by an NFL team being prompted not by the city that is acquiring the team, but by the NFL itself. This move has all the makings of ending up as another failure.

    The Rams and the Raiders left Los Angeles after the 1994 season for a reason: lack of fan support, and lack of desire on the part of the city of Los Angeles to keep either team.

    When the Colts moved to Indianapolis, the Cardinals to Arizona, and the Raiders from Oakland to Los Angeles, those were moves initiated by the owners of those franchises for the purpose of finding a better (more profitable) situation for their team. That is not what has happened here. This move has been pushed hard from the league office, and Los Angeles hasn’t exactly been lamenting the loss of the Rams and Raider over the past two decades.

    Another failure in the making, courtesy of Roger Goodell.

  27. In Teddy We Trust says:
    Jan 13, 2016 1:02 AM
    I feel bad for the fans in St. Louis, but at least the Rams are going back to where they were before. Seeing “Los Angeles Rams” in print just feels right for old school fans like me.


    Remember this: The Rams franchise originated in Cleveland, not Los Angeles. They have now set the record for the most moves by an NFL franchise, and maybe a professional sports franchise.

  28. The fans in St. Louis may not have deserved this, but the city defaulted on the lease agreement multiple times, which led to the move. If the area had the fan base to support the team, the city officials would have made it happen.

  29. This STINKA !…..the fans are NOT going to support high ticket and PSL extorted prices !,,,,they will not do it ! Greed has won in the short term…but Empty seats is what is going to be the results !..Kronke…you deserve just what you are going to reap, when the stands are half empty ! This is how you treat the fans of St. Louis…it should be a crime !

  30. Why should we pity St. Louis over this? The Rams left LA 20 years ago. What was the outcry like back then – oh wait we didn’t have social media to make a huge deal about every single thing.

    Glad the Rams are headed back to LA. St. Louis Rams never sounded right. Just like Arizona Cardinals does not sound right.

  31. Need to start thinking of the fans before people start turning to soccer”

    Lol no chance of that happening. I’d rather watch paint drying as a professional sport before soccer. I don’t care how great the hipsters insist soccer is.

  32. “LA is a cool place but its a frontrunners town”

    Maybe so, but the last place Lakers still fill Staples Center to capacity for every home game.

  33. Didn’t this happen once, twice, thrice before?

    “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

  34. Hard to be too mad since the team left Cali for StL and is going straight back. Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. lol

  35. In the end, it’s just one more TV show. Play the games on a convenient high school field and blue screen in the stadium and fans. Instead of a laugh track it’s stadium noise. Plenty of end zone cameras for the obligatory TD pansy dances and who’s to know or care. Let cities bid on the naming rights and be done with it.

  36. Wasn’t The Forum in Inglewood? A friend of mine went to a hockey game there many years ago and said he was lucky to get out of there alive.

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