NFL sweetens San Diego pot by $100 million

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Remember the extra $100 million that had been supposedly offered to St. Louis in order to get a stadium deal done there? That money, which never was offered to St. Louis, has been offered to San Diego.

In a statement issued Tuesday night, Chargers owner Dean Spanos disclosed that his L.A.-or-stay option includes a nine-figure sweetener to a possible San Diego deal.

“My goal from the start of this process was to create the options necessary to safeguard the future of the Chargers franchise while respecting the will of my fellow NFL owners,” Spanos said. “Today we achieved this goal with the compromise reached by NFL ownership. The Chargers have been approved to relocate to Los Angeles, at the Inglewood location, at any time in the next year. In addition, the NFL has granted an additional $100 million in assistance in the event there is a potential solution that can be placed before voters in San Diego. I will be working over the next several weeks to explore the options that we have now created for ourselves to determine the best path forward for the Chargers.”

The options are simple: Work out a deal with the Rams to play in Inglewood, or work out a deal to stay in San Diego. However, staying in San Diego could eventually result in the Raiders taking the Chargers’ spot in Inglewood.

Either way, Spanos now has two clear options. The question becomes which one he will pursue.

There’s still one major source of ambiguity. In the deadline-driven world of the NFL, it’s hard to know when the true drop-dead date is for the Chargers to remain in San Diego for at least another year or to share the Coliseum with the Rams and USC.

34 responses to “NFL sweetens San Diego pot by $100 million

  1. Rams and Raiders to L.A.
    Oakland is too poor and can’t raise the $ needed for Davis to stay and the Chargers have an end game threat to leave San Diego which will work.

  2. Get it done in SD. Be a bigger fish in a smaller pond. And laugh at the empty seats in LA in about 2021.

  3. Before this year I would have voted “yes” to a proposition to keep the Chargers here (depending on the specifics). Now, if this is brought to the voters, the Chargers will not get my vote. Spanos can go be Kroenke’s tenant.

  4. This process of stripping fans of their team to push two teams into a market that couldn’t support one is sickening. And the tactics used by the NFL border on extortion.

  5. Here’s my take nobody else (except ME of course) cares about:

    LA does not need two teams. That’s absurd. Eeveryone knows this. I’m an LA guy and even I’ll admit that. But money talks. Everyone knows that too.

    San Diego definitely doesn’t deserve a team, let alone one over LA – even when they’re good Chargers fans don’t show up. Don’t give me the stadium location nonsense San Diego – Redskins fans show up to the middle of nowhere to watch their (usually bad) team play.

    I definitely feel bad for St. Louis. Would you go to a game in that warehouse to watch that abominable team play? No, you wouldn’t. That place was rocking during the Greatest Show on Turf days. It’s a sad day for STL fans.

    Raiders stay in Oakland where they belong.

  6. Hey NFL, like what gives? I’ve supported you as a fan for over 40 years. Tickets, Direct tv, jerseys, memorabilia. Like Rog baby, guys like me made you! How bout a little love? My house needs work and I could use a new building for my company? What do you say? You need us more than you think or you can kiss your tv money goodbye! Just sayin’

  7. I would like the Chargers to stay in SD, but they would really struggle financially if the Raiders moved to SoCal as well.

    So I guess hello LA chargers.

  8. Pretty obvious all this was figured out in the back room dealings quite a while back. And that dean has made this play entirely to get more money to stay in San Diego while letting the fanbase sweat it out. The only thing that may not have gone according to plan is only getting 100m to try and make it work. Not sure how the nfl explains giving the 100m to the Chargers and saying no to St. Louis other than they are all falling over themselves to get their share of kronkes palace in Los Angeles. A bitter pill to swallow for a major market full of great sports fans. Not to mention the Rams won a championship there.

  9. Rams are going.
    Nfl needs to match Oakland 180 million and redo that shack. I been a plenty. Let chargers move if they hate the city that much. State goes bankrupt faster then most

  10. L.A. Rams, San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders.

    Charge Kroenke $500 million to relocate, or $750 million to do so and have the place to himself. It doesn’t take a billion dollars to build a football stadium, especially in places that don’t need a roof, so that should be enough to make stadiums happen for the other teams.

    Anything else just seems like a tiresome stretch after all this.

  11. If that’s not enough to keep Dean Spanos in San Diego, let him go. The city gave you a viable option with realistic financing options and you decided to deceive, plot and charade your way to the meeting today. Take the deal with the city who wants you and stop pretending like contributing $250M (now $150) is going to break the bank or devalue your team.

  12. Oh, I see. The NFL will give Spanos 100 million to move to L.A. but they’ll jacked up the price Spanos has to pay for the move to 550 million?

    Man there’s going to be a lot of bad blood between the fans and the NFL after this whole mess gets sorted out.

    I’m already one of those fans who can’t really watch a game anymore without putting it on mute due to the 46 commercials every hour.

  13. Man…the Rams in the Coliseum again (even temporary is nostaligic)! Go back to the old school blue and yellow then all we’d need is Chuck Knox, Hacksaw Reynolds and the Youngbloods!!! …*sigh*….i ‘member The NFL…

  14. Didn’t Goodell say Stl was ridiculous for asking them to provide $100 mil?

    Stl was the only city to offer a proposal and yet they were the ones punished. Did you see the smirk on Jerry Jones and Bob McNair’s face? They definitely had some kind of under the table deal which explains the 30-2 vote

  15. MY bad…as of this year, they are not tax exempt. Forgive me. Guess the bad PR finally got to ’em.

  16. SoCal has just one team right now and they can’t support that one team. What makes the NFL think it can support THREE teams? There’s just too much going on in SoCal to sell out three stadiums (technically) regularly.

  17. The Raiders Should move to Portland Oregon! Oregon needs a team and texas already has two. The Portland Raiders has a really good ring to it.

    Oregon would be by far the most profitable place besides LA or Mexico City to move to.

  18. San diego leaders are laughing right now. Either stay and build your own stadium now or go rent stadium space from kroenke. Those are your choices now dean.

  19. The NFL gets to have it’s cake and eat it too.
    A team in LA and the still the threat to move a team to LA. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  20. So now California has the 49ers, Rams, raiders, Chargers……….And St. Louis gets no one. Kind of lame for the nfl to move a team into a state that already has 3 teams.

  21. Seems like the Raiders get screwed all the time. This was the first NFL team that has needed a stadium for years.

  22. California is the biggest state in the country and supports 4 teams in other sports…

    MLB – San Diego, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Oakland, San Francisco

    NBA – Los Angeles X2, Sacremento, Golden State

    Even hockey has three:

    NHL – Los Angeles, San Jose, Anaheim

    You really need two SoCal and two NoCal teams per league, which is why Oakland should stay there

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