Pacman Jones calmer, but still has problem with Steelers coaches

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Bengals cornerback Pacman Jones made waves Saturday night when his personal foul helped gift the Steelers a win, and made news Monday morning when he accused Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown of faking a concussion.

But back in the comfort of his own stadium later in the day, a calmer Jones sounded short of contrite, but defended himself regarding the altercation with Steelers coach Joey Porter that led to his penalty.

I’m not going to let that one situation take away from everything I’ve done for the team and for myself the last couple of years,” Jones said, via Geoff Hobson of the team’s official website. “Everybody knows I’m a passionate person in everything I say or do. I wear my heart on my sleeve.”

For all the headlines he’s made over the years, the Bengals point out that it was just his second unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in six seasons there, and his first since 2013. But there were the two unnecessary roughness calls this year, including the one for slamming Amari Cooper’s head to the ground.

But Jones said he understood he should have walked away from Porter, though his jawing and offensive line coach Mike Munchak pulling Reggie Nelson’s hair are things he doesn’t think have been focused on enough.

“He has no reason to be on the field,” Jones said of Porter. “Coaches are supposed to be held to a high standard when it comes to stuff like that. Even with Mike Munchak grabbing Reggie’s hair. Thank God that wasn’t me. I wouldn’t have just walked away in the heat of the moment. If one of their kids came over to our sideline and I snatched them down by the hair, I’m pretty sure I’d get kicked out of the game and fined over $2,000,000. A coach should have been kicked out for grabbing Reggie’s hair. No reason for him to do that if you’re talking about safety. . . .

“Everybody talks about how Vontaze got a warning. Joey Porter got a warning from the NFL, too. This stuff didn’t just start. It’s been going on. You guys sweep everything under [the rug] and attack the players. That’s not right. I haven’t seen one report from you guys talking about Reggie and the other stuff. But every time Vontaze hits somebody, it’s like he’s trying to kill people.”

Well, Burfict’s actions stand alone, and his three-game suspension for his repeat offenses is warranted. Whether the Steelers’ penalties are serious enough for Jones is doubtful, regardless.

What will be interesting is whether the Bengals bring Jones back for another round, as he’s 32 and a free agent. He can still play, but as they doubtless try to spend the offseason working on their image as much as their roster, he might be a casualty for reasons that don’t include his play.

103 responses to “Pacman Jones calmer, but still has problem with Steelers coaches

  1. I hate him but he’s right. Don’t get me wrong, the Bengals were pretty dirty all game but the Steelers are a dirty organization and their players pop off at the mouth all the time. Tomlin has proven time and time again to have no control over his players and now he has proven to have no control over his team. He has claimed in the past that he is a player’s coach and I guess now he’s a coach’s coach too. The Steelers often get this media obsession over their culture and their organization but let’s be honest here, historically they’ve shown a complete lack of class and Tomlin should be suspended as well.

  2. Hated to see that happen, what a horrible way for a game to end. This is on the NFL, who should be refunding the ticket costs for the fans at that game. There shouldn’t be game-deciding penalties if they are going to penalize the individuals after the game too.

  3. First time I’ve actually enjoyed seeing a grown man cry since the 2007-08 Terrell Owens “That’s My Quarterback” meltdown after the Cowboys’ loss to the Giants in the playoffs.

  4. “For all the headlines he’s made over the years, the Bengals point out that it was just his second unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in six seasons there, and his first since 2013.”


    I sure hope this was the Bengals media or fans pointing this out — and not the organization itself.

    We all saw Jones for who he was -again- this year when he beat Cooper’s heat against his own helmet. But that doesn’t count because it didn’t draw an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty?

    Does anyone else find it hypocritical to complain about missed unsportsmanlike call penalties on other teams (Shazier hit), but then use missed unsportsmanlike calls on your own team for your own defense (PacMan head bang)?

  5. Jones was wrong for his penalty and he finally admitted so. Always plays on the edge and it cost the Bengals on this one. I agree 1hat Munchak should have been ejected. Porter should not have been on the field and was instigating – at very least offsetting penalties. It also appears that perhaps the hit on Brown was not quite as bad as it appeared and the national media is making it out to be. Reports out of Pitt are that he has already been cleared for the game this weekend. Miraculous recovery from concussion protocol!

  6. Jones is an angel compared to Joey Porter as a player, and a person.

    I think EVERYONE has an issue w/Joey Porter being on the field, for 1 reason, as an instigator…Think also, Tomlin,,,needs to be fined for his lack of control of his coaches.

    Not a Bengal fan…think they are clowns,,,BUT they have legit gripes here. Tomlin, a complete phony.

  7. Pacman’s an idiot, along with his partner Burfict. They had a legit shot, and have no one to blame except themselves. Might’ve been those two knuncklehead’s last legit shot, too smh.

  8. This guy has no clue that if he wants to reclaim an ounce of credibility, all he has to say is, “I shouldn’t have done it…..sorry.”

  9. Burficts hit was a bang bang play, it warranted the flag because of the nature of it. I saw no malintent, its not as if he was leading with his helmet.

  10. Burficts hit was a bang bang play, it warranted the flag because of the nature of it. I saw no malintent, its not as if he was leading with his helmet.

  11. Belichek coach on the field and everyone yelling cheat..

    Tomilson got two coaches involved and it is ok. Steelers

    dirtiest team in the league

  12. Wearing your heart on your sleeve is not an excuse for being an idiot and causing this entire city and chance to see the Bengals advance in the playoffs. I hope they do NOT resign you. It’s bad enough we are stuck with Marvin again.

  13. All this guy needs to do to reclaim an ounce of credibility is to say, “I shouldn’t have done it…..I’m sorry.” But he won’t.

  14. Jones is correct in regards to coaches on the field.
    The NFL has rules on top of rules but leaves it up
    to the discretion of the official whether to throw a flag? Seriously? This is basic stuff. If a player is seriously hurt, the head coach should ask/advise the official he is going onto the field. Other than that, no coaches on the field. Why does an assistant coach or a player that is not currently on
    the field need to run onto the playing surface.
    So basic, but the NFL can’t seem to grasp it.

  15. Problem with the internet is that it allows us to rant when we still aren’t level headed. This was a lot more grounded and his point understandable. Of course people are still going to support their heavily biased feelings as that’s how fans and people are, no critical thought.

    Also didn’t Amari throw a punch that started that?

  16. “I’m not going to let that one situation take away from everything I’ve done for the team and for myself the last couple of years,”

    You should, though. All anyone thinks about PacMan Jones now is that 1) He put a guy in a wheelchair for life for simply doing his job, and 2) He cost the Bengals their first potential playoff win in many people’s lifetime.

    Nice legacy guy!

  17. Thanks for making a terrible idiotic mistake because you don’t have the ability to control yourself, and helping the Steelers win the game. LOSER.

  18. Maybe Pacman and the rest of the Bengals organization should worry less about what a linebackers coach is doing and worry more about not committing stupid penalties that cost their team games.

  19. The bengals need to work on their image?!

    Fair enough, Vontaze is probably the dirtiest player in the league and deserves all the criticism. And pacman can let his emotions get the better of him.

    But you have Munchak grabbing a fist full of opposition hair, Shazier celebrating numerous times as Gio Bernard lay motionless on the field, Porter entering the field of play and jawing at opposition and Tomlin awarding Porter the game ball and yet the bengals need to work on their image?

    Porter who was always one of the dirtiest players in the league and jumped a fellow player with his boys in Vegas.
    Tomlin who attempted to block Jacoby Jones.

    But yes, the bengals need to work on their image.

  20. NFL better do something about this matchip before next year. Steelers are habitual line steppers and the NFL lets them get away with it (Vince Williams threarning to kill a guy, Porter was warned and got away with what he did, Shazier and Blake danced in middle of field as Bernard was unconscious and before turnover).

    Bengals obviously aren’t mature ebough to keep turning the other cheek. After that Shazier celebration travesty, that’s when they most their collective minds and Burfict did what he did.

    If and when Steeters get off with couple of minor fines Bengals punks will feel cheated and they will take it out next year in an ugly way.

    This is on the NFL. They took care of part 1 by suspending Burfict. They better do something about Steelers now.

  21. “I’m not going to let that one situation take away from everything I’ve done for the team and for myself the last couple of years,” Jones said
    Er, except it kind of did, dude.

  22. Maybe if Reggie Nelson didn’t try to shove Munchak away so he could go after the player he performed the late hit on, out of bounds, Munchak wouldn’t have grabbed his arm & dreadlocks, as a byproduct of Nelson’s actions. And we appreciate Pacman’s passion, especially when it comes to shooting up strip clubs & beating women.

  23. Dipstick should get a Grammy for ‘singing the blues’. Sorry dipstick but a person gets a Oscar for good acting. Haven’t heard Brown sing so don’t know if he deserves a Grammy.

  24. Geez, give up on the hair thing…if you went to take ahold of Nelson at all, apt as not, you are gonna grab the hair…he wears it down to his rear end.

    Plus, why was Nelson continuing to go towards Todman? The play was over, go back to your side of the field.

  25. The Bengals melted down, no doubt, and deserved that loss.

    That said, the refs selective enforcement of penalties absolutely contributed to the hostile environment. I agree with Pacman (ugh) that the Munchak thing was ridiculously over the line, that Porter shouldn’t have been on the field talking trash like he was still a player and that Shazier hit on Bernard was leading with the crown of the helmet.

    No, I’m not excusing the crowd getting ugly or the headhunting hit on Brown by Burfict- no excuse for those things.

    But the notion that this was just the Bengals playing out of control is not really the whole story here either. Steelers never think their own *^&$ stinks, when in fact it stinks as badly as anyone else’s.

  26. Wow, the Steelers are REALLY trying to carry out Antonio Brown’s fake concussion. Letting him missing practice all week for a playoff game, putting him in concussion protocol, and saying it’s not looking good for him to play next week. What a fake. Regardless of if Porter is out there with his WR or not, why did Gilbert you throw a shoulder into him and Pacman put his hands on him? Don’t do it and you won’t get flagged. It’s pretty simple. They still want to not take responsibility for their actions. They want to blame the outcome on someone else’s.

  27. Bengals need to rid themselves of Burfict, Jones and Nelson along with Lewis their shockingly naive coach. Other teams in the NFL don’t take them seriously. As for their fans, they can go back to following OSU, it’s what they do.

  28. Pacman must not have seen the photo that is circulating showing a total of 9 Bengal coaches on the field during the Bernard injury. Guy needs to stop crying and look in the mirror.

  29. Adam Jones would do well to learn to keep his mouth shut. This is a loser’s argument. The Steelers’ coaching staff showed an amazing level of unprofessionalism. And, yes, those transgressions ARE being reported. However, as far as the Bengals are concerned, the root of their problems do not stem from the Steelers’ bad behavior. It stems from their own. They couldn’t control the Steelers’ actions. They COULD control theirs and didn’t. It doesn’t matter what the other team was doing. The Bengals SHOULD HAVE been able to put personal histrionics aside for 40 seconds of team focus and a win. But they allowed for Porter and Munchak and every other fingerpoint moment get into their heads … and it worked. They showed a complete lack of player discipline during the game and still show a total lack of personal accountability afterwards.
    Nobody like a whiner. Especially one whose failure is self-inflicted.

  30. Hilarious listening to this idiot try to place the blame everywhere but on himself. Watch a replay of any major injury. There are coaches everywhere. Look specifically at when Bernard was down. There are at least 10 Bengals coaches on the field. But Pacman loses his mind and makes contact with an official and it is everyone else’s fault but his.

  31. Please..

    Pac-man is trying to use Joey Porter as an excuse. Not working. Bottom line is Burfict made the hit and Pac-man is running around like a fool trying to defend Burfict. Pac-man wasn’t at the center of the controversy but he inserted himself. Because he’s an out of control player. And he’s shown this to the world over and over again.

    There are exceptions for assistant coaches to come on the field when a player is been involved in a horrific hit. And that was the situation with Porter.

    So stop trying to deflect attention away from yourself Pac-man. It’s isn’t working. Your a player who doesn’t have control over yourself on and off the field.

  32. Hey Pac…wait till see how the guards treat you when you play them..Mean Machine..Mean Machine..Mean Machine.
    Your destined to play for them!

  33. Porter had no business being out there, but that doesn’t excuse the Bengals players’ actions. At that point in the game, the leaders on that team should have been pulling everyone away from any Steelers – players, trainers, coaches – on the field to avoid this kind of mess.

    Go back and watch Marcus Gilberry walk a straight line from the opposite hash to push Porter from behind into the crowd of Bengals before Pacman loses his cool. They all wanted to mix it up because Porter is a trash talker. The last 0:18 of a game you are winning is not the place. Wait for a Vegas casino in the off season.

  34. I think he is right about the Pittsburgh coaching staff.

    I know his message will be clouded by his history and the history of Burfect and the Bengals.

    When you have coaches tripping players, pulling players hair, and instigating a shoving match on the field it shows a lack of institutional control in Pittsburgh. Hearing that these coaches were warned prior to the game about behavior is disturbing. Hearing that they rewarded coaches for their behavior after the game is a disgrace.

    We’ll see how much the league cares about integrity in the aftermath of that game. My guess? not that much. The owner is too influential.

  35. I’m a known Bengals fan….but why are you still interviewing this guy? Adam, its not in their best interest, but you need to just not play the games. Disappear. Until 2016 season. Trust me.

  36. He has no reason to be on the field,” Jones said of Porter. “Coaches are supposed to be held to a high standard when it comes to stuff like that. Even with Mike Munchak grabbing Reggie’s hair. Thank God that wasn’t me. I wouldn’t have just walked away in the heat of the moment”.

    So after everything that happened he’s telling everyone that he would have gone after Munchack if it was him on the sideline. Glad to see he learned his lesson. That mentality is exactly what led to him getting the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in the first place. Some people are just not capable of controlling their emotions. Even days later he’s still talking about going after someone. The Bengals need to make a decision on these kind of guys.

  37. Isnt he just Adam Jones now? Havent heard the Pacman name in a long time. Would the media do the same with other athletes who changed their names mid career like Papelbon, CC Sabathia, Melvin Upton, Mahmoud Abdul Rauf, Albert Belle, Olajuwon and many many others?

  38. Maybe Pacman should be aware Burfict has been suspended for 3 games so what does he have to say now??? He hasn’t been suspended for doing nothing, so just go away Pacman, and worry about your own behavior, you have too much to say.

  39. He says he wears his heart on his sleeve but he could easily put it in his brain cavity because there’s nothing else there.

    Don’t know what kind of coach Joey Porter is but this year the Steelers finished 3rd sacks (48) to NE (49) and Denver (42) and were 7th in defense compared to 33 sacks and 18th in defense last year.

    A big part of the improvement has been the young linebackers Shazier, Jarvis Jones the rookie Dupree. Joey’s LBs have been very prominent.

    If he did goad the Bengals into the extra 15, then shame on them for being baited.

  40. Just his second unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in his six seasons with the Bengals? Wow, did his brain check out at the wrong time or what? … That one was the killer for Cincy.

  41. Jones’ issues and personal failings have been documented and are well known, but in this case he has a point. Porter was on the field for one reason and one reason only. To instigate and make a Bengals player do something stupid. He had no business on the field and should be heavily fined.

    On the flip side, a player has to be smarter than to get pulled into a penalty, especially in a situation like that. But, Jones has clearly shown that “smarts” isn’t his forte.

  42. “Everybody knows I’m a passionate person in everything I say or do. I wear my heart on my sleeve.”

    Yeah, so is and does my toddler. Act like a responsible adult, Adam.

  43. He does have a point about a coach grabbing an opposing player by the hair. Heat of the moment or whatever his excuse may be, that coach should have to suffer a heavier consequence than he’s gotten.

  44. “his second unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in six seasons there.”

    This is incorrect. He hit A. Cooper in the head with Cooper’s helmet earlier this season. Fact Check….

  45. If Patriot coaches had the rep of getting involved in games against opponents like the Steelers coaches are known to do (remember the attempted trip), the league would handle much more severely. So much for integrity.

    Unprecedented the number of times Steelers coaches have attempted and got away with causing opponents games.

    Embarrassing for the league to continue to ignore.

    If this was the Patriots that have got caught repeatedly there would be outrage.

  46. Pacman, just shut up. You are a free agent who in one play blew his chance to ever play for the Bengals again. Ask TO and Chad Johnson about shutting up and playing football. They couldn’t get over themselves and as such the NFL got over them, both with the skill to play, but no one could stand them enough to have them on their team. If Burfict and Hardy started a team then Jones may get signed, but Hardy is done in the league, Jones is done in the league and Burfict is well on his way. When will these millionaires learn to just shut up and play football. Just shut up.

  47. When Nelson shoved Todman out of bounds (perfectly legal) Todman came in contact with several people.

    One of those people, apparently a coach, hit the ground. When you see the replay from the wide angle you can clearly see that coach on the ground right behind Munchaks feet. I am talking inches.

    When Nelson comes in at full speed (perfectly legal) It appears the coach on the ground tries too protect himself by raising his leg to stop Munchak from falling over /stepping on him.

    It is quite possible that Munchak grabbed Nelson to keep from falling backwards and to steer both of them away from potential injury. As well as the coach on the ground.

    Munchak also had papers in his hand, the hand the hair ended up, kind of hard to grab something when there is something in your hand.

    Considering Munchaks reputation, his time in the league, his HOF status. I just do not see a fine coming if what I just posted is an accurate portrayal of what happened.

  48. At this point it is irrelevant what porter did or didn’t do, unfair perhaps, but true. The one simple fact is, if Jones had demonstrated enough professionalism and concern for his team and just walked away, the Bengals would be getting ready for the Patriots this week.
    Instead, he decided to go vigilante, trying to exercise an authority on the field that he did not have. And as with any similar situation, he made a bad situation worse.

  49. Pac Man Jones is a tool, but the Steelers coaches seem rather clown like. You have a guy pulling a dude’s hair on the sidelines, another one wondering out into the field to trash talk. Of course, these guys work under the coach who ‘accidentally’ wondered into the field to try to trip an opposing player.

    These two teams sort of deserve each other.

  50. “Well, Burfict’s actions stand alone, and his three-game suspension for his repeat offenses is warranted.”
    3 games??? Specifics please, and please note date, injured player, and infraction.

    The Brown play was bang-bang and if Nance & Simms hadn’t started the virtual lynching with their comments Saturday night, maybe there could have been some commentary about the speed of the game and analyzed what happened in less emotional detail. High profile defensive players, past & present, have noted such in the subsequent days.

    Yeah, he brings a little extra, like many of the finest defensive players in the league did in their time, but has he ever seriously injured anyone on a hit that was flagged/illegal? Before you say Brown, lets see what happens with him this week.

    The guy has kept his mouth shut off the field in Cincinnati and has stayed out of personal/legal trouble as well. He worked his butt off to come back from a serious injury many don’t make it fully back from. He plays all out, like most say they want the game to be played. Has he done silly, stupid things in the past? Yes, but seriously hurt anybody on an illegal play with a malicious hit? Ok, start throwing your rocks again, I don’t care.

  51. Typical whiny Bungle fans blaming Steeler coaches for their demise. Your team self-imploded – like they have for the last 25 yrs – & CracMan wants a piece of “Jerry” Porter?? Like Paul Daughtery said in the Cincy Enquirer: ” grow up & quit acting like kids”

  52. openfieldtackle says:
    Jan 12, 2016 9:28 AM

    I wore my Porter jersey all day Sunday. He baited the stupid Bengals and they bit. Game ball to Joey and we are on to Denver.
    Bye Bye Bungals… Again!

    Not the fist time Steelers tried to use coaches to win a game. Tacky. And the league should be ashamed for letting the get away with it so much.

  53. And quit bringing up DeCastro! He’s not a credible source as he should have been flagged and fined for his late on Burfict. DeCastro ended the play on top of him in the end zone, 10-20 yards from where the ball was, but Tez quickly turned the cheater over and had him flat on his back in no time. If DeCastro got spit on later (doubtful), he earned it.

  54. 1. Tomlin tackling a runner

    2. Porter on the field jawing at the Bengals

    3. Munchak pulling a players hair.

    The entire NFL year has been a joke. Paxman isn’t a giant but he does have a gripe about Porter. Burfict will be lucky to be on any team next year, he just does’t get it but Pacman has played and acted responsibly since his earlier altercations. He should be judged by his entire body of work and not categorized as Burfict junior. The referee’s lost control of that game and they are supposed to be the leagues best. Time for full time refs and player ejections and stiffer fines and suspensions. And Pacman is right the coaches should be severely punished for breach of conduct.

  55. Pacman sounds and acts like that little kid who, when caught doing something wrong, starts pointing at others and passing blame. Mr. Jones, you screwed up. You bumped the ref and you cost your team a game. Man up, Mr. Jones, and just admit that you cost your team a win.

  56. Dear Funknstein: did you even see the hit that clown put on Maxx Williams of the Ravens just 1 week ago?? Or don’t you have the smarts to even plug in a tv set? This guy had 16 personal foul penalties in 26 COLLEGE games – do you even know the definition of a trend??

  57. Steelers coaches are repeat offenders! Or has everybody forgotten how Tomlin ruined that return by Jacoby Jones? And Tomlin already got fines probably the highest fine a coach ever was docked.

    Why aren’t the Steelers coaches treated as repeat offenders? Tomlin should be suspended.

  58. Bengals fans will never get over this and most will blame anyone but the players and coach of their team. But like Marvin says, the Steelers are not rivals of the Bengals.

  59. boo hoo, wah wah bungals fans. blame the NFL, blame the steelers coaches, blame the refs all you want. your garbage football team lost again and you know whose fault it was? the players. don’t take dumbass penalties and don’t fumble the ball. its really that simple.

    who dey? oh thats right…… its the pittsburgh stillers leaving town with another W

  60. Dear Funknstein: did you even see the hit that clown put on Maxx Williams of the Ravens just 1 week ago?? Or don’t you have the smarts to even plug in a tv set? This guy had 16 personal foul penalties in 26 COLLEGE games – do you even know the definition of a trend??

    Yeah, Williams was really hurt on that play, poor guy! Hurt feelings maybe…that was a welcome to the NFL love tap for the rookie…stupid move that cost Tez $70K (I didn’t say he was a rocket scientist), but I don’t think poor Williams was maimed.

    Btw, who gives a care how many personal foul penalities he had called in college??? He’s been in the league 4 or 5 years now??? How many PFs since he entered the NFL???

  61. Time to say goodbye to Burfict, Jones and Lewis. Poor leadership and poor decisions cost a potential Super Bowl appearance. Get them out of the NFL. I am embarrassed to be from Ohio.

  62. dew dew dew dew wownt wownt

    Trying to spell the sound of Pacman getting eaten by a ghost. Not sure I got it right.

  63. At this point, I wouldn’t call Pacman more than a middle of the road return man who cost Cincinnati $2.5m in cap cash in 2015. So I cannot imagine even one team would have wanted Pacman in 2016, even before he cost them a win vs the Steelers in the wild-card game. I mean, a rookie could match Pacman’s production at a fraction of the cost, and with a fraction of the distraction.

    Whatever Cinci decides to do with Pacman is irrelevant. Because with Marvin on the sideline, Cinci could have Richard and Darrelle on the field, and would still lose in the first round.

  64. The Bengals are dirty and undisciplined.
    The Steelers are dirty and disciplined.

    If you can’t keep it under control you’re not going to win games. It’s not complicated.

  65. “I’m not going to let that one situation take away from everything I’ve done for the team and for myself the last couple of years,” Jones said

    Yes, that ONE situation, removed from all the other situations.

    What a jackass.

  66. funknstein says: Jan 12, 2016 10:02 AM

    How many PFs since he entered the NFL???


    According to ESPNStats–14 personal foul penalties since he came in to the League in 2012

    And he’s been fined $126,000 over the last 3 years for attempts to injure other players.

    Guy is a disgrace to the game.

  67. This is on Burfict, for the cheap shot, Gilberry for intentionally seeking out and then pushing Porter from behind, and Pacman for being the fool that he remains.

    It looked like a missed call on the headshot from Shazier on Bernard, but that’s football and calls get missed all the time.

    So much butt hurt over Porter being on the field is very hypocritical when you see 9 or 10 Bengals coaches on the field, when Bernard was down.

    It’s a two way street Pacman and you just got run over by the rules of the road. Keep being an idiot and this is what you will keep getting.

    Buh bye now.

  68. Everyone is acting like that 15 yd penalty cost the Bengals the game. Burficts penalty cost them the game. There was 18 seconds left and a 1st down tot think the steelers get no more yds is ridiculous and to think the BOS can’t make that 51 yd fg is ridiculous he’s done it all season. He’s clutch

  69. Steelers had 18 seconds to get yds even without pacmans penalty. And Boswell hits the 51 yard fg either way. He’s done it all year. He’s clutch

  70. Pacman Jones says “Everybody knows I’m a passionate person in everything I say or do. I wear my heart on my sleeve.”
    Personally, I’m tied of “passionate” being used as an excuse for someone’s “Poor Judgment”.

  71. Still Butthurt Pacman? Chomp chomp chomp! Grow up idiot. It’s funny that almost anyone can enter Canada and get shelter, food, and employment. Yet, Pacman can’t even get in the country. Speaks volumes to the type of character he is. Should be behind bars, but being a Bungal is close enough. Keep crying Adam.

  72. The Cincinnati fans that try to defend two players that cost them a playoff game deserve them and their coach. I hope they keep all three of them. They’ll keep doing stupid things that cost them games. I bet if you poll the Bengal players, 90% would love to see these idiots leave town! Keep defending them Bengal fans! Says a lot about you too!

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