Pete Carroll: Marshawn Lynch day-to-day for Seahawks


Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch seemed on track to play all last week in the lead up to Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Then Lynch decided he wasn’t ready to play and didn’t make the trip to Minneapolis with the team on Friday.

So what is Lynch’s status for this week’s Divisional Round meeting with the Carolina Panthers?

“We’re just going to go one day at a time, see what happens, see how it goes,” head coach Pete Carroll said. “Get him out there practicing and see what that means. We don’t know yet.”

Lynch was a full participant in practice all last week before informing the team Friday afternoon he didn’t feel ready to play against the Vikings. It was Lynch’s first week back at practice after having abdominal surgery on Nov. 25 and spending several weeks away from the team in the Bay Area to do rehab work.

Carroll said that Lynch didn’t suffer a setback in his recovery, he just didn’t feel he was going to be able to play after going through the week of practice.

“He just didn’t feel like he could go. He really didn’t have the confidence that he would be able to go,” Carroll said. “…He needs to feel that he can do (all the special) things and even though he can run fast and look like he’s moving, he didn’t have the confidence that he could go out there, react to guys and do all that yet. There’s nothing we can do about that.”

Whether Lynch will be able to find the confidence needed with another week of practice remains to be seen. Lynch hasn’t played since Nov. 15 against the Arizona Cardinals. He has 417 yards on 111 carries this season with three touchdowns for Seattle.

19 responses to “Pete Carroll: Marshawn Lynch day-to-day for Seahawks

  1. He is playing this week!! He could have played last week but wasn’t comfortable because of how much time he spent away.

    If beast doesn’t play this week he flat out quit on his team no teammate “team leader” doesn’t travel with his squad on a lose or go home playoff game. His overall presence would help the team just for his encouragement or perspective. I don’t want to believe he has quit but he’s sure acting like it.

    I think when Rawls was playing you saw the team at its best as good as beast mode is he needs a lot of special attention or touches nor can you say anything that can possibly be perceived as negative or he becomes super defiant. I want to see him go out on top in a hawks uniform but either way I’m done with him.

    No other team or coach would put up with what Petes does for production. Besides one that will sell their soul how many coaches will feature a guy who will on practice 2 times a week and other times go off and do defensive back Drills when he’s supposed to be doing rb Drills. How many coaches will give him Wed off every week no matter what. How many coaches will massage his ego like Pete did..

    People forget Pete is the reason beast is considered elite his attitude and personality had him halfway out of the NFL before Pete picked him up via late Rd trade.

  2. What does the team doctor say ??? If the team doctor says he’s fine but the player refutes the statement then what is the policy? Hard to believe this is the case unless Marshawn has just cashed it in ! Not good. This is quite sad………..

  3. Give a shout out to Oakland. …..because that is where you will be after you get cut.
    Go Raiders, Go Beast mode

  4. This dude is so weird. How do you not go with your team even if you won’t be on the field? Some people think his act is funny or clever, but what if most players acted like him? Don’t care about the talent, glad this tumor isn’t on my team.

  5. That Panther fan, are you saying you like Jonathan Stewart over Marshawn Lynch? The same Stewart that has missed 40 % of his career games due to injury.

    Beast Mode has been a huge factor to so many playoff wins and key to Seattle Super Bowl victory. He is loved by the fans and players on the same level Russell Wilson/Earl Thomas are.

    Because he doesn’t talk to the media folks that don’t follow the team have this perception of him. This year is really the first year he has missed games in his career. This is his first surgery ever – he wasn’t ready to go. This is one of the toughest players that ever played the game.

  6. Man, how embarrassing would it be for the 15-1 panthers to lose to a team with their 3rd string running back, who was traded and cut twice this year. I mean its Cam Newton!

  7. Wow Panther fans and the southeastern US, I would definitely use that as some fuel to beat the living daylights out of the Seahawks (not that you need it of course!) Good Luck, Panthers!!!!

  8. c’mon Marshawn this is the toughest game of the post season other than say Green Bay but GOT TO GET THERE!!!!!!!

    PLAY HURT if you MUST

    suck it up man think of us that deal with lots of PAIN daily but never get a chance to go to a playoff or Superbowl, never get a chance to make big money… think of us bro, your 12’s, we’ve had your back thick n thin man,

    we really need you Sunday, lets not leave this game to a close one for the officials to control like the last one,



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