Rams return to Los Angeles


St. Louis was willing to contribute millions to a new stadium for the Rams. Ultimately, it wasn’t nearly enough.

Owner Stan Kroenke, named for Cardinals legends Stan Musial and Enos Slaughter, has become a villain in his home state, thanks to an NFL vote that authorized on Tuesday night his relocation of the Rams to Los Angeles.

Per multiple reports, the final tally was 30 votes in favor of the move, and two against.

The Chargers now have until January 2017 to join the Rams in Inglewood, if they so desire. It provides them with maximum leverage to try on last time to stay put in San Diego. If the Chargers work out a stadium deal in their hometown since 1961, the Raiders then will have a chance to join the Rams in Inglewood.

The Chargers strongly opposed partnering with the Rams in Inglewood, so now owner Dean Spanos must decide between staying put or accepting a partnership in a facility deemed by the Chargers to be inferior to the proposed location in Carson, where the Chargers and Raiders hoped to share a venue. In Inglewood, Kroenke is essentially the landlord, and the Chargers would be the tenant.

The decision represents a not-so-minor slap in the face to Disney CEO Robert Iger, whose ESPN subsidiary gives the NFL $2 billion per year for the right to televise Monday Night Football. Iger personally attended the ownership meeting in Houston and lobbied the league to adopt the Carson plan. Iger would have been directly involved in the stadium construction and marketing process, with the right to become a minority owner of the Chargers or Raiders.

Ultimately, Kroenke overcame Iger, Carson, and a majority of the L.A. Committee, several members of which resented Kroenke’s aggressive effort to abandon St. Louis and the efforts of local politicians to expend significant political capital to cobble together $350 million in public money — which is $350 million more than most communities currently are willing to devote to the effort to subsidize billionaire sports owners.

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  1. If the Chargers also move to LA, how exactly do you pick which team you root for if you reside in the LA area and are a sporting fan? Just pick one and run with it?? Can you switch down the road? Are there fan codes of conduct to this multi-team one-city gig?

  2. The NFL should personally apologize to every fan in St. Louis (and San Diego).

    As a Houstonian, I know how badly it feels to get screwed out of your team.

  3. The L.A. Committee–made up of owners–reportedly voted 6 to 1 earlier today in favor of Carson. Thirty of thirty-two owners then voted to approve Inglewood. Who are the turncoats?

  4. Bottom line is love him or hate, Kroenke is putting up is own money for the Stadium. The other owners may not have liked his “aggressive” tactics, but they don’t have to come put up any of their own money. Plus they get a huge relocation fee from Kroenke in addition the whatever additional revenue the LA market brings in.

  5. Sweet! Rams and 49ers rivalry continues on the West Coast, where it belongs. Seahawks? They are several decades behind in any rivalry. Cardinals are finally credible, and we will all enjoy that….

    I’ll never forget the mean spirited Seahawks fans throwing beer on injured Navorro Bowman…

  6. Well at least the NFC West now is back to truly the west. I feel bad for the St Louis fans and equally bad for the Rams players who have to live in SoCal now and effectively have had their salaries cut in half between taxes and cost of living.

  7. This is why I’m glad that there isn’t a single greedy owner for my Packers.
    Yes, those shares in “ownership” of the team are a scam. (If they really were real owners, then all of them would have voted on the Rams moving or not.)
    At least it guarantees that the Pack will always be in Green Bay.
    Too bad for the fans of the Rams in St. Louis. It isn’t right to do that to fans anywhere of any team and for any sport.

  8. Oh man, those poor fans..the Cardinals are the team there though..it has and always will be a baseball city.

  9. Why is there any talk of any team moving anywhere?
    Any owner of any team is always a winner no matter how the team does because they are the big winners from ticket sales, merchandise and in other ways that are team related that bring in money. (Except owners of my Packers because they give money towards the team and don’t make any at all.)

  10. Oh boy! I think this means we get to call St. Louis fans “the worst fans in football” now that they have officially failed to support their team.


    Los Angeles

  11. it’s a brilliant move by the NFL. the Rams were going to LA one way or the other. Kroenke was already building at the Inglewood site and was going whether or not the other owners let him.

    the Chargers will end up getting their stadium in San Diego. with this deal – the NFL puts the city on notice, and i have a feeling San Diego gets it done somehow

    and the Raiders get a big check, and more than likely a stadium too. if not – they can go to LA

    except for St Louis – everybody wins

  12. Spitting in the face of the STL community that was willing to give so much to try to keep their home team. This league is enslaved to the dollar, and it’s really a sad day, even for me, a Packers fan.

  13. lilrob10201 says:
    Jan 12, 2016 8:58 PM
    They should go back to LA colors.


    I just came in here to say the same thing….blue/white or the late 70’s blue/yellow

    get rid of those current ones.

  14. No surprise this happened:

    The NFL owners likely knew Stan Kronke figuratively had their hands tied behind their back and it was either give Kronke what he wants OR face a situation where the NFL would be facing an extremely long court battle that could prove more damaging to the NFL than any move by Kronke. It was either this or the NFL would have had to broker a deal between Kronke and Chargers owner Dean Spanos that would have likely seen the teams swap franchise (but keeping their respective names and slapping them on their new teams).

    The next thing that could happen in this is St. Louis, realizing other than an ownership swap they won’t keep the Rams now perhaps tries to pursue Mark Davis to move the Raiders there. That is something that hasn’t been talked about publicly, however, there are those I know who feel the Raiders will go there since it seems to be next-to-impossible to get a new stadium deal in Oakland, especially since the only likely place as of now a new stadium can be built is the site of the present stadium (O.co Coliseum) and that could mean the A’s and Raiders would have to share a new stadium if the Raiders stayed (and in the meantime, working deals out with Major League Baseball and the Giants so the A’s can temporarily play in A T & T Stadium while the Raiders play most likely in Berkley at the University of California while a new stadium is built). If the Chargers can’t get anything done in San Diego, then St. Louis could also be an option, though not one Spanos wants to use for sure.

  15. The Rams belong in Los Angeles. Deacon Jones. Merlin Olsen. Lawrence McCutcheon. Roman Gabriel. Jack Snow. Welcome home!

  16. I used to live in Los Angeles when they used to have the Rams, then they had the Raiders and they couldn’t even keep any of those teams around…and if you know where the coliseum is located, then you know why they left.

    If you know where Carson is, it isn’t a much better place then where the coliseum is now, and Irwindale is nothing but freeways and rock quarries!

  17. Iger underbid the Olympics for Disney by like 60% and half the term length of the winning bid, so embarassing that the IOC ushered him out after an embarassingly short meeting. So its not like he has a history winning these things. He wasnt personally involved in the other ESPN negotiations (where they wildly overpaid)

  18. Stan should take this opportunity to make a change to his coaching staff…New city New voice. Maybe try something ” flashy” for LA like a Chip Kelly or just a guy who can create a culture like Coughlin. Time to move on from Fisher.

  19. Congrats LA! As a 49ers fan I welcome the return of our once great rivalry. I just hope they ditch those ugly St. Louis colors and go back to the classic Blue and Yellow.

  20. Inglewood is a much more central location than Carson, and is better served by public transit. I don’t really care for either the Rams or the Chargers, though.

  21. Now that we’re done with that, maybe Disney CEO Robert Iger will give ESPN the go-ahead to correct the “11 of 12 footballs deflated” story

    Then again I think the decision to snub Iger is a clear message from Goodell and the owners to Iger: “We own you”

    ESPN is effectively dependent on the NFL for it’s American revenues – and they will always and only report what Goodell allows

  22. I won’t say anything negative that would impact innocent people. Instead just that I hope something karma-esque happens to Stan or his stadium.

  23. I’m confused. The way journalists have worded it, it sounds like the Chargers would become one team with the Rams if they also move to Los Angeles. Is that the case, or would they still be 2 separate teams like the Giants and Jets are in New York?

  24. As a resident of LA. I could actually care less. Will not attend any games (unless tickets are free) and will not root for this team. All I see it as another way to screw up traffic, but now your going to do it on the sundays now as well.

  25. Maybe the Dolphins can move to St. Louis and rename it. Then, like the Browns, we get a new team in Miami named the Dolphins.

    Stephen Ross SUCKS!


  26. This is like the return of my childhood. I grew up an LA Rams fan, and guys like Eric Dickerson, Jim Everett, Flipper Anderson, Henry Ellard, Jackie Slater, these guys were my youth. I’m feeling nostalic tonight. Welcome back to LA, Rams!

  27. Oh boy, hope Kroenke and family are already packed and on a plane out of St. Louis. They are now persona non grata going forward in that town.

  28. Sincere hope is the people of LA recognize Kroenke for the kind of person he is and reject the team. It would be just deserts for them to never be able to fill the stadium and sell league lowest amount of merch. C’mon LA make the carpetbagger regret this move!

  29. Travesty.

    L.A. has proven they could care less about the NFL. The push for teams in L.A. is strictly for television revenue.

  30. He is worth 7.7 billion. He should throw some money at San Diego & get Los Angeles to himself. What is the point of being stupidly rich if you can’t have the only NFL team in your town? I guess he could use the money to make the world a better place, but he isn’t going to do that, so do some deal to keep the Chargers & Raiders home & take LA for yourself.

  31. sounds like the perfect situation for bandwagon fans. root for the better team? This is ridiculous hahaha.

  32. Veery sorry to all the St louis Rams fans that lost their team today. It’s the fans who.lost out today. I hope you get a new team ASAP

    –Vikes fan

  33. Good Move! The Rams Should be in LA! Now the Cardinals need to move back to St. Louis San Diego and Oakland Stay Put and perhaps someday football returns to Arizona (If they get better fans!) then Harmony will be restored!

  34. As a Los Angeles resident, I can’t help but see this as a good news bad news situation. I am convinced that this will create a domino effect with another team moving to St. Louis, and so on. While it will be nice to have a team here, it’s hard to get excited about a team that employs the worst head coach in the NFL.

  35. i live in west long beach and only minutes away from Carson. it would have been only a 10 minute drive for me (through side streets of course) to get to a raider game. but i know the reality is that Carson site is a dump. and there’s only one freeway that you have to access it through. the 405 gets cramped due to the fact that a ton of truckers use it as they head towards the 710. it literally moves at a standstill during most of the day.

    the inglewood plan from what i’ve seen and i know its just a mockup/drawing of what it should be like is beautiful. it would feature an open air mall and venue for concerts and events. so even when there will be no games played the proposed shopping center/outdoor mall and coming attractions will be a major destination for the city of inglewood. i imagine it would gentrify the surrounding areas and neighborhoods as staples as done bringing the nokia center in.

    raiders should maybe think about sharing this location with the rams if the chargers opt out.

  36. Good Move! The Rams Should be in LA! Now the Cardinals need to move back to St. Louis San Diego and Oakland Stay Put and perhaps someday football returns to Arizona (If they get better fans!) then Harmony will be restored!!!!!

  37. Five years from now when the citizens of LA and California refuse to finance costly upgrades the Rams threaten to move back to St. Louis and St. Louis bends over and says, “yes sir, can I have another?”

  38. It should be noted that many false promises made by St Louis and Missouri politicians and bully bureaucrats proud of their self-imagined importance led the the football Cardinals leaving for Arizona.

    Now history has been repeated by the many false promises made by St Louis and Missouri politicians and bully bureaucrats proud if their self-imagined importance have again led to the football Rams leaving for LA.

    And the St Louis fans are too feeble to recall the prior failures in their own history or too dumb to hold their politicians and bureaucrats tesponsible for their failures and antagonistic attitudes towards the Rams that finally culminated in the Rams leaving.

    Better go and kiss Al Davis’ ring and hope he would consider bringing the Raiders into backwards Missouri.

  39. The Raiders Should move to Portland Oregon! Oregon needs a team and texas already has two. The Portland Raiders has a really good ring to it.

    Oregon would be by far the most profitable place besides LA or Mexico City to move to.

  40. A tear was shed…..My team is Home!!! THIS FEELS AS GOOD AS OUR LONE SB WIN & I MET JACKIE SLATER TONIGHT!!!!

  41. And take the frigging Chargers with you! This former Charger fan has had enough of there antics. Pay us and we will stay. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  42. On a football perspective, Kroenke will fail there too. A new stadium with fancy suites for your rich buddies simply masks the crappy product you put on the field.

  43. Here’s the angle no one has ever mentioned: The CEO of the company that owns ESPN, which broadcasts NFL games, had the option to become part-owner of an NFL team. CONFLICT OF INTEREST???????????

  44. When I was a kid it was the LA Rams. Its just going retro, back to where they belong. St. Louis, really? LA Rams. Thats about right.

    It took me forever to get used to Arizona Cardinals. I still miss them in the NFC East. Billy white shoes Johnson, Neil Lomax, Hacksaw Reynolds, Roy Green..yea St. Louis thats what I would be missing…your real team.

  45. To all the St Louis fans, I am sorry you are going through this.

    This is the ugliest side of pro sports and the NFL isn’t even bothering to pretend like they gave your city a fair chance.

  46. Frankly I’m kind of shocked that the league made the right decision, especially with the 30-2 margin. That says that even some guys on the committee voted against their own recommendation. Clark Hunt, Robert Kraft, John Mara, Bob McNair, Jerry Richardson and Art Rooney were on the committee, and you’d have to think either or both Spanos and Davis were the “nay” votes. If so, the entire committee voted against its own recommendation. I guess now I’m less surprised; typical NFL goofiness.

  47. A slap in the face to Disney/ESPN… Well, maybe instead of a slap to the face, it was more of a subtle hint that 11 of 12 owners have no use for their BS reporting… Or maybe more accurately, it was 30 of 32 who don’t need their garbage. Perhaps Iger is feeling deflated this morning.

    The best part is that the NFL has ESPN by the sack and ESPN is too stupid to know it. Think about it. ESPN will do anything the NFL tells them to do. To include false reporting from NFL leaks. If they leak the info, and it ends up being wrong, like say the 11 of 12 report, it will turn off fans (and for those not turned off, the NFL successfully spread the false info to their benefit). Those turned off fans then go to NFL Network for their news, which is a win for the NFL. So either way, the NFL wins, and ESPN loses, and ESPN is paying $2 billion a year to be the people who get to lose to the NFL on a weekly basis

  48. Can someone explain the idea of having two teams play in LA? Since the NFL hasn’t had a loyalty base there for 21 years wouldn’t it make more sense to have ONE team?

  49. I feel for the St Louis fans. That’s twice they’ve lost their team. That sucks.

    As a native Packer fan I can’t help but give thanks that my team has the most consistently supportive fans and the finest organization in the NFL. The Packers consecutive ticket sellout record is the envy of just about every other market. And what other fan base would purchase essentially worthless stock to help out their team and that has a generations long waiting list for season tickets?

    Take heart heart St Louis, after 3 or 4 losing seasons the trendy LA “fans” will begin to stay away from the games in droves and you’ll get your shot at another team down the road, maybe.

  50. The Rams should go back to where they started. Cleveland! We haven’t had a professional team since 1994 and supported the team back then far better than LA supported the Rams. We even have a stadium already.

  51. So lets put 4 teams in California where the fans don’t even care and barely go to games. Absolutely stupid.

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