Report: 49ers no longer in running for Hue Jackson


When Hue Jackson interviewed with the 49ers on Sunday, there was a report that he could be named the team’s next head coach by the end of the day.

That didn’t happen as Jackson went on the interview with the Browns and set up an interview with the Giants and the chances of Jackson winding up in Santa Clara don’t look so good on Tuesday. Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News reports that the 49ers are “no longer” in the running for Jackson’s services. Michael Silver of NFL Media, who has been close to Jackson for some time, reports no team is out and nothing has been agreed to with any team at this point.

Per Kawakami, the 49ers still like Jackson a lot but “something happened” in the last couple of days to make his hiring unlikely. Given the other opportunities that Jackson is pursuing and the 49ers’ Tuesday interview with Tom Coughlin, it would seem that something is that one side or the other is more interested in a different arrangement.

In addition to Coughlin and Jackson, the 49ers have spoken to Dirk Koetter, John DeFilippo, and Anthony Lynn since dispatching Jim Tomsula after one season. There have also been reports of talks with former Eagles coach Chip Kelly.


53 responses to “Report: 49ers no longer in running for Hue Jackson

  1. Niners will drag this out long enough for all viable candidates to land somewhere else, then they’ll hire Mangini, say he was the best of the remaining available candidates, and the downward spiral will continue until they at least hire a new GM.

  2. 49ers most likely looking at Coughlin, Holmgren and Shanahan to get this turned around. Mangini would be a disaster!

  3. I’m not excited about any candidate other than Gase right now and he took the Miami gig, of the rest Hue is probably the best fit BUT he’s damn sure not a lock to turn the Niners around…that’s going to be more a byproduct of how Baalke uses cap space and this draft…no more McCloughan to cover up your nonsense Mr.Baalke

  4. I called it. All the reports about him and the 49ers being together were basically only based on the fact that he is from the west coast. It was pretty comical trying to see the authors connect the tiny dots.

  5. LOL the drugs probably wore off.

    Seriously though, Dork must have told him that Baalke has control over roster decisions and bolted. These two could screw up a cup of coffee.

  6. I think they offered him the job & he wanted to wait to hear about the Giants, and their feeling is he didn’t want to be a 49er. That is probably why Gase jumped on Miami, because of a take it or were moving on scenario.

  7. I’m not sold on Hue.

    He’s definitely an upgrade over Tomsula, but I think there is a lot of hype attached here.

    First I don’t think he should have final say on the personnel like the Browns might give him.

    Second him coming here doesn’t mean we are going to instantly improve on offence. The Bengals were good but still only ranked 15th on offence this year with more talent.

    Putting together a coaching staff where we can have a good transition is something we need. Taking the time to find the right guy is the only thing York and Baalke of done all year.

  8. Leave it to Jed Dork and Baalke to screw this up with their ginormous egos and incompetence. Scott McCloughan built this team and Baalke destroyed it.

  9. Of course. Ballke wants full control of the roster, when he should of been fired with the pizza guy ! Why to blow it. He probably wanted some guarantee they would keep kap but Ballke wouldn’t! What a clown!

  10. “somthing happened”…yeah, he figured out both York and Baalke are freakin idiots…that’s what happened

  11. I believe the 49’ers wanted a commitment from Jackson right then & there, and he wanted to check out other opportunities.

    I believe that Chip Kelly would be the best fit, if they keep Crapperneck at QB.

  12. titansfan12 says:
    Jan 12, 2016 3:42 PM

    It’s also clear the 49ers job is much worse than the Browns

    Even though it is one of the only 32 NFL head coaching jobs that exist in the world, any organization that fires/pushes out Harbaugh, and then hires Tomsula, who gets fired after only one year, is going to have their work cut out for them when they try to hire the next coach.

    What rational explanation could they give for such a turn of events?

  13. It was probably over the QB situation. Jackson was a fan of Kaepernick and part of the Michael Silver/Gregg Olson “Blame Gabbert” smear when Olson was in Oakland. I think Baalke and York are committed to Gabbert.

    In any case, GOOD, hopefully that is over and done with.

  14. Shanny and Holmgren arent coming to SF unless they can undermine Baalke. Coughlin isnt coming for a rookie qb. Hue Jackson was a good target, so its not surprising they dont want to hire him.

  15. Chip Kelly offers best chance at a quick turn around.

    He may be able to do something with Krapernick — look at how hard it is to get it right at the QB position.

  16. Hue didnt want anything to do with that dumpster fire. He knew it would take an act of God to turn things around for the santa clara team. His prospects are much better elsewhere. Smart move Hue. Maybe Jed should give Jerry Glanville a call. Last I heard he was still alive.

  17. Rumor I’ve seen going around is Hue wanted to move on from Kaepernick and that pretty much ended his chances there.

  18. Timeline:
    Jed relieves team CEO Maraath of his duties. Then Tomsula is axed but interestingly enough Baalke is kept to “hire the next head coach.” Then, York himself interviews Jackson and Jackson appears to have been less than impressed. Now, they seem to be in scramble mode to uphold a promise they made to the fanbase to hire an experienced coach who can win the super bowl and their pool of candidates is thinning and they’re growing more desperate. Feel like a deja vu to last year.

    Something tells me York has a shoot-himself-in-the-foot fetish and is living out his fantasy to the fullest.

  19. Chip Kelly is over his head in the NFL he needs to head back to college where kids buy into BS…
    Mike Shanahan would be the best fit, but Trent would need to reduce his influence. Without change the 9ers are radioactive to any quality coaching candidate. Jackson going elsewhere is a good thing. A quality head coach allows you to get a quality staff. Who would want to work for Tomsula when it is clear they will be gone in a year and have to uproot their family.

  20. Hue Jackson is aggressive, has a clear idea of what he wants to do, knows a lot about football, wants to be involved in the building of a winner, and has a backbone. Disqualified!

  21. Bengals should fire Marvin Lewis and Paul Guenther, release Burfict, and promote Hue Jackson to HC. Allow him to keep or fire whoever else on staff he wants, hire new staff, and bring in a real football guy to be the GM. That would be the best thing for Hue, all around.

    Coughlin should go to Philly and stick it to the NFC East year after year until he retires.

    Nobody who is qualified should go to Santa Clara. That team’s a mess. Same goes for Cleveland. New York is a pretty good job opening, though I’m not a fan of Mara. And Tennessee…I almost forgot to mention them. At least they aren’t Cleveland or Santa Clara, so they’ve got that going for them.

  22. As a Packers fan living in the Bay Area with a lot of 49er fan friends, all I can say is this team’s management is a bunch of loo-hoo-zers….


  23. I hope that for his sake that Jackson doesn’t take the Browns job. That is just a hot mess. It just may be well that he stays in Cincinnati.

    That said, I hope someone hires Coughlin, Holmgrem, or even Shanahan…

  24. If Jackson gets the Browns job, and has a great deal of control over their roster, he’ll have that team turned around. The guy is a “player’s coach”, and will have a lot of pull in FA.

  25. Best HC candidate remaining all-around is Hue Jackson. I think his people skills along with his outstanding leadership abilities and football knowledge make him a prime hire. I hope the Browns get him.

  26. I hope he stays put in Cincinnati and waits until the Bills fire Rex Ryan after this season.

  27. Kawakami is probably the worst journalist in the bay area.. he literally makes up stuff and says it with a straight face. however, being what a circus the 49ers are, I might give him the benefit of a doubt in this instance .

  28. Hire Shanahan. He made Rg3 a pro bowl player and won the NFC East with 6 new starters on offense. He got fired because he wanted Kirk Cousins to be the starter when RGme thought he was Arron Rodgers. Every QB who has started for him has been to the pro bowl and the top 5 in offense over 28 years in the NFL. He was pretty poor when he was with the 49ers 92-94. Best 3 years in the offensive history of the 49ers. Elway was 41-40 without Shanahan and 0-2 in playoff games.

  29. Seems to me like Hue Jackson is being used to get over the Rooney Rule quota. I heard Colin Cowherd say today “why does he keep getting interviews but not hired, so it must be Hue.” But I don’t think these owners had any intention of hiring Hue in the 1st place. Shame because the more he gets declined the more that perception builds.

    As for Shanahan, he’s won one playoff game since Elway. That’s pathetic. He also ruined an injured RG3 by keeping him out on the field and since then, he hasn’t been the same. Shanahan does NOT get credit for RG3’s rookie year and Elway was successful without him. RG3 would have been a successful QB had he been drafted by a good organization like the Seahawks, Packers, etc.

  30. Does a tweet really count as a report?

    I take it to be a spontaneous expression of opinion, generally, unless accompanied by a link to a published article.

  31. If Bill Belichick wanted the job, would the 49ers hire him? Probably not. Baalke wants to be the most powerful guy in the building and Jed is fine with that. If you think Baalke had a problem with Harbaugh, he’d really have a problem with Belichick. If the York’s still needed to get the stadium built, would they hire Belichick? Heck yes. Then there would be a mutual parting of the ways as soon as the stadium was finished.

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