San Diego Mayor says city remains committed to “good faith” negotiations with Chargers


At least for now, the Chargers will remain the San Diego Chargers after the NFL owner’s meetings in Houston Tuesday night granted the right to move to Los Angeles to the Rams.

The Chargers were also approved to move with the Rams to the Inglewood site chosen by the owners as the preferred stadium plan any time within the next year. However, the Chargers were given a $100 million incentive to get things figured out in San Diego in the meantime.

Negotiations between the Chargers and San Diego have been contentious for some time with discussions between the two sides ceasing last summer. However, the added incentive to Chargers owner Dean Spanos could once again spark talks between the two sides.

As long as the negotiations are in “good faith,” San Diego says they’re open to the chance to get back to the table.

“Today NFL owners rejected the Chargers’ bid to move to Carson If Mr. Spanos has a sincere interest in reaching a fair agreement in San Diego, we remain committed to negotiating in good faith. We are not interested in a charade by the Chargers if they continue to pursue Los Angeles,” said Mayor Kevin Faulconer and county supervisor Ron Roberts in a statement.

Spanos said he will now consider the options available to the Chargers.

“I will be working over the next several weeks to explore the options that we have now created for ourselves to determine the best path forward for the Chargers,” he said in a statement.

The Chargers may still move to Inglewood to join the Rams, but the door is now open on the possibility of the Chargers remaining in San Diego for the long-term.

31 responses to “San Diego Mayor says city remains committed to “good faith” negotiations with Chargers

  1. Dear Dean,

    Fire Fabiani and start clean slate. Make it happen in SD. Then let your sons take over. You and your family name will be restored and you will still be rich as hell.

    Or you could be Kronke’s b*tch in LA.

    And Mayor Faulkner, enough of the tough guy act. Pressure is on you now.

  2. Translation: we know there is no freaking way you are going to inglewood as kronkes tentant (and you wouldn’t survive there anyway) but use this 1 year open la invitation and 100m As leverage to work something out in San Diego. We like the zoo and the Super Bowls were super fun there. Good luck deano

  3. I still think there should be 36 teams, give one to STL, add 3 more in London, Australia, and Mexico.

    It’ll work, trust me

  4. I’m a Chiefs fan and I really hope the Chargers find a way to stay put. They’re a good organization and the people in San Diego shouldn’t have to give up their team so they can rent space from the Rams. You have a good QB and a great fan base, don’t cave to those silicon enhance flakes in LA. The Chargers use to be a team you took seriously when you saw them on the schedule every year, they can be that again.

  5. The Chargers won’t leave California, and spanos has said he won’t deal with kronke.
    Especially because his deal is either to pay rent or pay half the cost but have no on design or construction of the stadium.
    He got a 100mil consolation prize and told to go back to San Diego.
    Roger, Stan and the NFL made it pretty clear in that press conference that neither the Chargers or Raiders are qualified to be in LA, and they don’t want them there.
    And take bob iger with you

  6. If Spanos opts to move the Chargers to Inglewood to assume his role as Kroenke’s b*tch, he will have to pony up $550M, in addition to the cost to play in Stan’s playground, pushing his fees way beyond what his wallet holds.

    The City of San Diego has been open to negotiate in good faith with the Chargers yet that feeling was reciprocated this past year or more. That has to change if Spanos wants to be king of his own castle.

    Spanos woke up this morning, feeling optimistic. The initial 5-1 vote by the L.A. Committee must have made him feel truly giddy. And then the results of the 30-2 anonymous vote humiliated him, his peers turning their backs on him.

  7. Hopefully they get it done; LA doesn’t need 2 teams. I feel awful for all St. Louis fans. As a Browns fan, I know what it’s like to have your team ripped away from you. At least you still have the Cardinals I guess.

  8. So what does “good faith” mean in this context? If it’s “do it our way” I’m not sure much will change down there.

  9. The Raiders Should move to Portland Oregon! Oregon needs a team and texas already has two. The Portland Raiders has a really good ring to it.

    Oregon would be by far the most profitable place besides LA or Mexico City to move to.

    The Chargers should move to mexico city since it is very close to SD

  10. Yeah, where’s the charity in your heart San Diego? The poor Spanos family just need the city’s help to make a tad more than the $65M profits of last year for their little $1.52BN business (bought in 1984 for $70M). Is that too much to ask for a guy who is so desperate to feed his family that he’s prepared to abandon thousands of loyal fans and hold the region to ransom? According to Spanos’ analysts there are 1M tv-homes in SD, but 5.7M in LA, and those stadium hospitality boxes don’t fill themselves you know, so dig a little deeper SD…

  11. You sit his ass down and tell him how it is going to be San Diego. No one wants the Chargers in LA. Spanos better wake the hell up and start appreciating what he has down there.

  12. But they shouldn’t agree to taxing average people so a billionaire owner can get a billion dollar stadium for free so millionaire players can play there.

  13. If Spanos partners with kroenke it won’t be an equal partnership, Stan won’t give up any money. If he leases from him, Spanos loses strength, credibility and equality among owners as a second-class owner without his own stadium. He will be looked at as any other renter. Spanos will be paying handsomely to be perceived as a low-rent owner without a fan base or stadium.

  14. $100 mil is 3 Mil per owner which is peanuts. Sometimes they extend a lame duck coach for 3 mil a year for no reason. NFL greedy owners should pay for their own stadiums.

  15. Downtown San Diego Stadium would be mighty appetizing for Chargers. He could be the toast of San Diego instead of one of a dozen pro/high profile college teams in LA.

    San Diego is a growing and attractive city, but as a SD resident my heart goes out to St. Louis. They did nothing wrong and everything right.

  16. There is NO POSSIBLE way that the Chargers would ever survive in LA under the thumb of Stan Kronke. You have two competing teams for the same Mkt. that has shown that it cannot hold an NFL Team. This is ludicrous and shows no sense whatsoever.The money is NOT there.How many empty seats and millions do you have to lose to realize the truth !
    Idiots where Greed blinds all common sense !

  17. Once again a team moves from it’s city and the fans have zero power to stop it. It happened two decades ago in Los Angeles and they are finally getting their team back.
    The Billionaires will do what they want no matter how many jerseys or tickets are sold. If they think they can make more money elsewhere, good luck getting them to stay!
    Us fans are just pawns and public money to these privileged owners. An NFL franchise is one of the most prestigious properties in the world to own. If the owner of your team is thinking about moving, best of luck to you. The odds are not in your favor.

  18. Much respect to the residents and fans of the San Diego Chargers for not allowing Spanos to let them pay for a new stadium. Now he needs to foot the bill or maybe he should sell the team to someone who will. It’s silly that the townspeople should be expected to foot the bill for the place a team plays, and then pay to go see them play there. How this became the norm is a real head scratcher.

    Besides ridiculous prices that force blackouts when they don’t sell out the games, they even conned the city into buying all unsold tickets at one point so that they wouldn’t have black out games.

    Regardless of whether Spanos leaves or stays, he’s lost a lot of fans already with his lack of negotation and matter of fact we are leaving attitude. The NFL is getting way too big for its britches these days, and maybe it’s best for one of these owners to be put in their place.

  19. Why negotiate when Spano’s hand isn’t that good. Here are some great options:
    1. Raise the rent of Qualcomm 10x. Win!
    2. Let Spanos fund an entire San Diego stadium himself with zero city subsidies. Win!
    3. Let Spanos negotiate an expensive lease from Kroenke. Priceless!

  20. “The Raiders Should move to Portland Oregon! Oregon needs a team and texas already has two. The Portland Raiders has a really good ring to it.

    Oregon would be by far the most profitable place besides LA or Mexico City to move to.

    The Chargers should move to mexico city since it is very close to SD”

    -As a native Portlandian, this is Seahawks country!

  21. In other words……. what I wanted to do went in the toilet so I need to bend over and try and work out a deal with san diego. No LA for me…………..

  22. Chargers need to come to a resolution quick…free agency will be here in a blink of an eye and I don’t see them signing or keeping ree agents without a home.

    The City and the over matched “Pothole Mayor” (for you outside san diego potholes are his #1 issue) need to call up the NCAA and sell them on investing in a stadium…

  23. Ouch. I feel for the Rams and chargers fans that love their team. I was a diehard sonics fan and I hate to say it chargers fans but those words “good faith” we’re what we heard too. Then there were email from the Oklahoma guys saying how long is this gonna take. When will the team get here. Can’t wait for basketball in OKC. So trust me. There will be no good faith negotiations.

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