Teryl Austin set to interview with Titans


The Titans have been concentrating on interviews with potential General Managers since the end of the regular season, but it appears they’re ready to start talking to some coaching candidates.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Titans are set to interview Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin. Austin has been a busy man since coaching searches started around the league. He’s also interviewed with the Giants, Browns and Dolphins.

The only other candidate for the Titans job that’s been identified at this point is Mike Mularkey, who took over as interim coach when the Titans axed Ken Whisenhunt during the regular season. Rapoport reports that he’s expected to formally interview for the permanent position on Thursday.

Rapoport also calls Mularkey the “clear front-runner” for the job, something that has appeared to be the case for a while even as the Titans look for someone to run their football operations after dispatching Ruston Webster at the end of the regular season.

8 responses to “Teryl Austin set to interview with Titans

  1. Direct TV NFL Ticket has not been a good investment for me and based on this it doesn’t appear that that will change anytime soon… I don’t expect Mularkey to turn this around… Next year another new head coach and high draft pick…

  2. This getting really sad for Austin as he clearly is this guy’s token interview to satisfy the Rooney Rule and isn’t even being considered as a serious candidate for these positions (which is pathetic because he’s actually probably more qualified than Mularkey.) This also proves the fallacy that the Rooney Rule helps people get interview experience so they have a better chance at getting a job in the future. It’s just a sham rule, a racist rule, and Austin is proof positive that it must be removed immediately. Now would be a great time with MLK’s holiday coming up; we could finally live his dream of judging a person on their character and not the color of their skin.

  3. They said they were looking for an offense-minded coach, so this strengthens the argument that Mike Mularkey is their guy, because this would be just a Rooney Rule interview… I don’t see why they would be interested in Teryl Austin.

  4. I’d take just about any coach over Mularkey at this point but this isn’t exactly an inspiring hire.

    “This is why bad teams stay bad.” – Rotoworld

  5. Why are you interviewing a DC when the DC you have in house, Ray Horton, produced a better defense this year? Austin runs a different style defense (4-3 opposed to 3-4). Just shows you that the Titans ownership has no idea what they are doing.

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