Tom Coughlin meeting with the 49ers today

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The Tom Coughlin chase is heating up.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the former Giants coach is meeting with the 49ers today, a day after his interview with the Eagles.

It’s a whirlwind schedule for the 69-year-old Coughlin, who hasn’t worked on the West Coast previously.

It will be interesting to watch this develop, as the two sides don’t seem like an ideal pair. There is the Bill Parcells link as Florio mentioned yesterday, and Coughlin brings the kind of credibility 49ers owner Jed York craves.

But it’s hard to look at their current roster and the state of the NFC West and think the 49ers are ready for an immediate turnaround, which might make it more of a long-term process than Coughlin is ready for or best-suited to undertake.

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  1. I don’t think a reclamation project is the ideal situation for a 69-year-old coach. He would be better suited to take over a team that’s ready to win now. He isn’t going to be around for the long haul so I don’t know why the 49ers would hire him.

  2. As a Dallas fan I want him to go to SF but I fear he wants to stay on the east coast with his family and the Eagles. Maybe Jerry will get him.

  3. Great hire if york is smart.
    Question reamins is he if wants to stay the 3-4 years it will take to PROPERLY rebuild the Niners.

  4. I honestly can’t see any team hiring him. It will be one more time to see that famous confused expression on his face “what, how come no one is hiring me?”

  5. Tom is a heck of a coach but I’m not sure Mike Holmgren is not a better fit. The 49ers need a guy to nurse along Gabbert and develop a long term quarterback. Holmgren is perfect for that and as far as respect and knowing how to put an organization together equal to Coughlin..

  6. Man Im not a big fan of the Niners but Coughlin would help them immensely.

    They need a leader and he’s just that.

    I’d rather have Coughlin than Hue Jackson.

  7. I would like to see Hue or Coughlin get this job with the other getting the Philly job…..If Hue takes the Cleveland job his HC career will be over shortly there after….stay away from Cleveland even if it means staying as an OC for another yr…..

  8. “A 70 year old head coach who has gone 6-10 the past two years is just the guy to turn my franchise around.”

    Said by an insane, clueless, incompetent Front Office.

    Look Tom Caughlin is not going to groom a successor. Nobody from his coaching tree has had any success in the NFL as head coach, and the The Giants don’t have a ready made Caughlin successor and neither did the Jaguars, but somehow the 49ers will? Nobody has won a super bowl with a Head Coach over 63, and you go out and interview a 70 year old head coach who is trending downward.

    I see the NFL hasn’t evolved much and is getting worse every year. The owners and commissioners are straight up idiots.

  9. Sure, hire him because he was doing so much with the Giants. Of course the Giants don’t have an experienced qb. He’s not a west coast guy and I can think of a few other coaches I would hire before grandpa. Oh well,go ahead and hire him ,might as well throw another tire on the dumpster fire .

  10. HughJ>Coughlin>Shannahan>Holmgren

    Just like I rooted for them to lose this season so they would have to redo the HC hire, I hope whoever they get now will fail so they can finally get past the Baalke regime. Then the healing can begin…

    Bring back Singletary!

  11. These coaches have got to be polite, they can’t say no tell after they talk to the 49ers!

  12. Coughlin is a great coach. He may not have had much success the last couple years, but the giants are horrible, no run game, not much defence, so have Eli throw 100 times a game then talk about how terrible he is because he throws a ton of picks. But they were right in every game, had a chance to win almost every game they lost. What did Coughlin do that made him successful? Ran the ball & played defence. Coughlins def get pressure on QBs, one area 49ets def struggles, so he would improve that. 49ers can run the football. Hire Coughlin please

  13. The Bay area is so much nicer than the New York area. Forget the bad weather, bad media, and rude East Coast people.

    I think Tom would like to relax out West with the high tech folks.

  14. Look ,doesn’t anyone think it wasn’t a coincidence that Baalke had Mangini as a tight ends coach then defensive coordinator .I’m willing to bet they promote him to HC and all this chasing after someone is a smoke screen just to say they tried to get another coach.

  15. Tom Coughlin is a great coach and was a great mentor to Eli Manning. (to the person who made the pick comment – Eli has no oline and no protection and terrible WRs).
    I believe however, Tom Coughlin should either retire or get a job in a front office. The Giants should have given him a position in management. I think it will greatly hurt Eli Manning if Tom Coughlin goes to another team as a coach, evident by how attached Eli is to him and how emotional he has been over this. Therefore, he should either retire or just accept a front office position but not a coaching one.

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