Alec Scheiner not heard from or mentioned during Hue Jackson press conference


The Browns added another chef to the Kardiac Kitchen on Wednesday, hiring Hue Jackson to serve as head coach. They’ll eventually (presumably) add another, if/when they ever hire a new General Manager.

But one of the spoons that had been agitating the stew was omitted from the gathering to introduce Hue Jackson. While owner Jimmy Haslam specifically mentioned executive V.P. of football operations Sashi Brown, chief strategy officer Paul DePodesta, outside search consultant Jed Hughes, and Haslam’s wife (and L.A. Relocluster representative) Dee, there was not a single mention during the entire press conference of team president Alec Scheiner.

Scheiner didn’t speak, and Scheiner wasn’t mentioned by anyone who did speak. Based on the things said by those who spoke, it sounds as if Scheiner wasn’t even involved in the process that culminated in the hiring of Jackson.

“We certainly are glad that we found Hue,” Brown said. “We had a tremendous process with Jed, Paul, Jimmy, Dee and myself.”

It was an odd omission from Brown, especially since he and Scheiner have a history that dates back to working at the same D.C. law firm more than a decade ago.

Last week, long-time Browns beat writer and columnist Tony Grossi declared that Scheiner and Brown had emerged as the new leaders of the front office. Now, on the fairly momentous occasion of the team introducing a new head coach (sure, they do it pretty much annually, but still), it’s as if Scheiner doesn’t work there anymore.

That’s enough to invite speculation that, in the near future, maybe he won’t be.

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  1. Haslam addressed this on Jan 3 when he canned Farmer and Pettine.

    Scheiner will handle the business side.

    Brown will handle the football side.

  2. Scheiner’s the guy in charge of stadium renovations and marketing. Why would he have anything to do with a coaching search? Not surprising at all.

  3. He’s back in his place handling the financial and fan experience business now that there is a football mind in charge with Hue. Last year he was more involved because Ray farmer and Pettine didn’t know what they were doing.

  4. Not sure why anyone is surprised by this. When Haslam initially listed the people who were going to be part of the interview process, Scheiner wasn’t one of them. He is in charge of the business side of the operation, so this to me is a sign that this team finally has people properly aligned in their roles.

  5. Grossi has no idea what he’s talking about. Haslam stayed in his 1/3/16 “scorched earth” press conf that Scheiner would not be included in the search & was strictly focused on the business side of the org.

  6. Haslam loves Scheiner, he’s not going anywhere. Scheiner is head of Business Operations and Brown is head of Football Operations. This was a football hire, so Scheiner had nothing to do with this. Many around the team thought Scheiner was getting too involved in football decisions and Haslam alluded to that in his post season conference. He mentioned that Scheiner has done a phenomenal job but will now be focused on strictly business while Sashi handles all football decisions.

    The fact Scheiner wasn’t there (when he would’ve been in the past), shows the Browns are serious about the reorganization. Time will tell.

  7. Haslam & Haslam must have determined it would be better to hide Scheiner for awhile. Scheiner is a former co-worker of sashi in DC law firm, a friend of depodesta, acquainted with the DB coach in dallas that got an interview, a grad of georgetown law, same as mayhew….involved with meddling that caused kyle shanahan escape…

  8. This is a waste of page space. As mentioned in earlier comments, the initial reports clearly indicated Scheiner would not be involved in the search for a Head Coach and he would remain focused on the business operations and stadium renovations.

    Reading further analysis of the Jackson hire and the process that lead to the hire indicate Jimmy Haslam, himself, was the leader of the search, compared to previous hires under his watch where he let someone else lead the search, for example Joe Banner. It’s also suggested that because Haslam took full control of the search is the reason he was able to get his top choice.

    This is a sad oversight for a blogger looking to have the “hottest” take.

  9. Regardless of what happens Jackson that’s Hue will screw this up through ego and narcissistic motives and power trips. Just listening to his speech turned my stomach. Does anyone else feel that his speech was the same in Oakland. Praising Browns owner his wife and that’s the only reason he accepted the cancerous job. Hue, you took the job because no one else was going to hire you. Hire Martin Mayhew that should sit well in Detroit. Ford finally had enough and cleaned house. And the Browns pickup the thrift.
    What’s your objective Hue, yeah I know we have the best chance to win. Blah blah blah. No hardknocks please, need to concentrate on football and not the Hue Circus. Statistics show hardknocks teams crash and burn. Give these guys a chance.

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