Browns hiring Hue Jackson


The Browns’ coaching search is over, and Hue Jackson is their man.

Jackson will be hired today as the Browns’ next head coach, according to multiple reports.

That’s a coup for Cleveland, as Jackson had become a very attractive candidate after doing good work as the offensive coordinator of the Bengals. Both the 49ers and Giants were interested in Jackson’s services, and some reports indicated that the 49ers had at one point identified Jackson as their first choice.

Jackson will have an uphill battle in Cleveland, having to turn around a franchise that has become viewed as perhaps the worst in the NFL in recent years. But Jackson is a well-regarded coach around the league, and the Browns can be glad that they got their man.

171 responses to “Browns hiring Hue Jackson

  1. Can’t believe a team goes from being a powerhouse and having Jim Harbaugh to two years later being beaten by Cleveland in the sweep stakes for a coordinator. What a freaking joke.

  2. ricko1112 says:
    Jan 13, 2016 1:01 PM
    The problem is, they still have the same owner, GM, and no QB. Until those things change, the Browns will be the same ole Browns.

    They do not have the same GM, Farmer was canned.

  3. They should go ahead and form a HC search committee so that in two years they are hitting the ground running.

  4. I hope he does well, but the best coaches hired in years are Arians and Zimmer and I don’t hear any names like that popping up this year.

  5. Good hire I Hope .

    die hard lifelong Browns fan since 67 .

    every DAWG has his / her day . hopefully the bone turns in our favor .

  6. Says a lot about Jed York and the 49er organization that the Cleveland Freaking Browns are a more attractive job than the San Francisco 49ers.

    York Family, if you really love the fans please let us go. Please sell this team to someone with even a modest amount of common sense and organizational development skills. For the love of God, please just go away.

  7. Dick move by Hue to stay in the division. Marvin resurrected your career when you had that Raiders stench on you. Good luck running that team with the 45 other “personnel” guys they hired.

  8. Now, they can trade their #1 draft choice for Andy Dalton. It’ll be like deja vu all over again.

  9. Oh crap. Now I can’t say the Eagles are modeling the Browns. The Browns actually made a good decision.

  10. This is a good hire… However hiring a coach before the general manager in is in place is a recipe for disaster…Can they not do anything right

  11. howiehandles says:
    Jan 13, 2016 12:57 PM
    What a mighty fall for the 49ers, where the Brown’s job is a much more attractive option.
    The Browns aren’t a more attractive option. The media is the one who said Hue was the Niners guy. Baalke will hire a Parcells guy like himself. That’s why Coughlin is there. That’s like saying the Browns job is more attractive than the Giants job, since he was supposed to interview with them too. Hue Jackson is overrated. He went 8-8 with Oakland, and if that’s a great resume for some then have him. I’d take Coughlin over Jackson any day (assuming the Niners get Coughlin). Our front office sucks, so we’ll see.

  12. While most posts on new hires here are just insults and snark – congrats, Cleveland. I think its a good hire and you got a solid coach.

    Good luck.

  13. “Marvin resurrected your career when you had that Raiders stench on you.”


    Raiders “stench” was b/c Raiders were idiots. When is the last time they sniffed 8-8.

    I’ll wait.

  14. Hue gotta be kidding me. The Browns should be the last team left after all the other teams have filled their head coach positions.

  15. He’ll fix the offense. If they can hire a strong defensive mind to coordinator the defense, the team should be okay. The glaring problem is that their GM is a lawyer and I am not sure how good he will be in personnel decisions. Hue wasnt great when he had final say in Oakland, but the guy can definitely coach.

  16. now put Terrell Pryor at QB again and make him learn the position like he did in OAKLAND and we have something
    im glad we have damn OFFENSIVE COACH FINALLY AGAIN

  17. Why would any coach with a lick what to go there? That place is a black hole. This Jackson must have been sold on a huge bag of goods.

  18. The Browns need to can those horrific new uni’s and go back to the older ones. I’ve always thought they had the best uni’s in the league… until this year.

    A Patriots fan.

  19. So the Giants were too slow to the punch…What happened to the interview they had lined up for Thursday? Giants may regret this. Mara cared more about who was going to LA than who he was going to hire for his head coach, which now becomes a choice among Marrone, Smith, and McAdoo.

  20. I’ll be the contrarian and say I don’t think this is a particularly great hire as HC. But perhaps it’s the best the Browns were able to do under the circumstances.

  21. It doesn’t matter who they hire, the Brown will continue to hold a monopoly on the manufacturing of NFL sadness until Jimmy Hasslam either sells or is forced to sell the team.

  22. And the mediocre, it’s ok to suck in every big game acceptedness continues. I hate mike brown and I hate Marvin Lewis. Please, somebody in that organization wake the F up

  23. Coaching the Raiders and then the Browns is like visiting Rancho Cucamonga and Mobile and saying you’ve seen the world.

  24. sewalters79 says:
    Jan 13, 2016 1:11 PM

    Hire Pettine as the DC, no joke the players like him and he’s a very good Defensive guy.

    Demotions, within the same team, don’t work well in the NFL. See Dan Campbell, he’ll excel elsewhere due to the Phins incompetence.

  25. Great hire for the browns. Hue should bring some legitimacy back to the franchise. Being well liked around the league by players, should also help with free agency acquisitions. Keeping him in AFC North also will be a huge benefit to the the browns, since he knows the opposition well. Gotta give Haslam some props for targeting his coach and getting this deal done quickly. Things might be looking up browns fans.

  26. This is a win for fans who hoped for a respected coach with prior HC experience.

    It’s also a win for Tennessee billionaires who are totally stoked about hiring a right-hand man named Huge Action. YEEEEEEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAAW!

  27. I think it was a big mistake on Hue’s part. The Browns will probably combine for 10 wins over the next two years – because that’s where their roster is right now – and Haslam will get impatient and fire everyone again.

    I’m not sure who said it first, but you only get two shots at being a head coach in the NFL if your first one isn’t a success. Picking the modern-day Browns for your second shot is not a good bet.

  28. 24mountaincreeks says:
    Jan 13, 2016 1:03 PM
    ricko1112 says:
    Jan 13, 2016 1:01 PM
    The problem is, they still have the same owner, GM, and no QB. Until those things change, the Browns will be the same ole Browns.

    They do not have the same GM, Farmer was canned.

    They also have the #2 and #32 picks. So one of those will be a QB.

  29. Sign the apocalypse is nigh: Coaching the Browns is thought of as a better job than the 49ers! Sad!

  30. Remember when he was with the Raiders and we all thought he was certifiable? Yeah. Me too

  31. As a Bengals fan, I’m sorry to see him go; I would have liked to have seen him promoted to HC here and move Marvin up the chain somewhere; but I’m skeptical that this is a very good fit, unless he has his eye on one of the college QBs that he’s in love with at #2 (which would be overdrafting for any of them, a Browns’ tradition); interesting dynamic there with Josh Gordon and Manziel’s situation; the whole scenario there is hard to sort out

  32. So this is the first time in 3 tries that the headline in the Haslam area is “Browns finally get guy to say yes to head coaching job after everyone including janitorial staff turns them down.

    It’s amazing how much more attractive the Browns job is when you don’t have to look at Joe Banner anymore.

  33. niners816 says:
    Jan 13, 2016 1:07 PM

    howiehandles says:
    Jan 13, 2016 12:57 PM
    What a mighty fall for the 49ers, where the Brown’s job is a much more attractive option.
    The Browns aren’t a more attractive option.

    With the Browns, you pretty much know what to expect.

    The Santa Clara 49ers on the other hand, fired Harbaugh, who had taken them to multiple championship games and a Super Bowl, only to hire Tomsula, who was promptly fired after one season.

    Add to that a sketchy quarterback situation, and the fact that they lost virtually half of their team last off season, and you have a recipe for a log burning dumpster fire.

  34. Hue……don’t unpack. Leave everything you bring in the boxes! It’ll save you some time later on!


  35. As a Raider fan, I will say this.

    Let Hue “be Hue” and he will give you his very best and turn the culture around in Cleveland.

    He does have creepy fetish for getting manicure/pedicures on game day though. (True story)

    Other than that, CONGRATS CLEVELAND. You improved with this hire!

  36. evermench says:
    Jan 13, 2016 1:04 PM

    And with this hire the torch has been passed. My Niners are now the biggest joke in the league.

    Nope, the Phins are. See Adam Gase.

  37. You go Hue. One would think if you did a good job as a coordinator you would not get this job. Only one way to go up… Go get your pedi and get to work. You have less than 12 months to turn this thing around..

  38. Does Hue get to hire the GM? Seems like a win get him, but hiring the coach before the GM also seems like a bad idea. For the sake of the Browns fans, I hope it works, but Haslam’s record as an owner isn’t so hot.

  39. Best of luck. (I still think it would have been better for Hue if Lewis had been canned and he’d been promoted to be HC of the Bengals.)

  40. Maybe the guy just wants to stay in Ohio, but I don’t think he made the right choice…

  41. Hue Jackson is a great coach. Usually going to Cleveland doesn’t sound too good, but look what those idiots in Cincinnati cost him. Just a bunch of bad character players who shoot themselves in the foot. Then there’s the 49ers. The San Francisco Bay Area is a beautiful place to live, except the York’s aren’t committed to winning. I think Haslam is committed. I don’t agree with everything he does, but at least he wants to win. And the Brown’s fans have been starving for years. They’ll love you if you win. They’re in position to draft a great QB too. That’s the key. They have to get this one right and everything else should take care of itself. So Hue Jackson better get some tape on Jared Goff, Paxton Lynch, and all the other QB prospects. For every Peyton Manning, there is a Ryan Leaf. For every Andrew Luck, there is an RGIII. The Browns hired a bunch of numbers guys and baseball guys, so Hue has to get this next QB right. Then Jimmy Haslam can be the next Bob Kraft, and Hue can be the next Belichick. That’s how important this draft is. I guess you could also find a Carson Palmer, but if there is a young franchise QB in this bunch, I’d grab him.

  42. Where RG3 and Josh Gordon will reunite smh


    Actually this isn’t a bad idea. Pick up RG3 and draft a QB in the later rounds.

    He turns around the Browns AND resurrects RG3’s career and he will be a football GOD.

  43. Rdog says:
    Jan 13, 2016 1:10 PM

    Hue gotta be kidding me. The Browns should be the last team left after all the other teams have filled their head coach positions.

    That will be the Santa Clara 49ers. Have you seen the size of that dumpster fire out there? I’ve heard that you can see the smoke from space.

  44. The Over/Under on seasons spent with the Browns for Hue is set at 1.5 seasons. I will take the Under.

  45. Sam Bradford could make a lot of sense for them. Hell, even bringing Colt McCoy back. He’s a lot better now than he was before. This team really isn’t missing too many pieces. Draft well and bring in some good fit free agents.

  46. The more I hear about this guy the more I like the choice. He makes mediocre QB’s much better. He’s an offensive coach, which is so important to a team that rarely scores more than 17 points a game… I’m sick of defensive minded head coaches only.

  47. yyc2phx says:
    Jan 13, 2016 1:07 PM
    This is a good hire… However hiring a coach before the general manager in is in place is a recipe for disaster…Can they not do anything right

    Carolina did it…but you’re right, they did lose a game this year sooo… yeah…..disaster.

  48. Congrats, Hue. Hopefully, the Browns show some patience and they’ll have found the right coach. As a Raider fan, I’ve seen him take an offense that was dead-last in the NFL to doubling their scoring average(with virtually the same personnel), getting a near-1,000 yd season from Darrius Heyward-Bey, the best football of Darren McFadden’s career, and I’ve always felt one of the biggest mistakes ever was firing him as HC. While I do like Jack Del Rio, I wonder what Hue could do with Derek Carr, Amari Cooper, and company, with the Raiders also now having much better defensive talent. Good coup for the Browns fans, you have yourself a fine football coach, IMO.

  49. This just seems like a great fit. Hope he turns it around as the factory of sadness joke is getting a little stale.

  50. I’m not sure why an offensive-oriented head coach would turn down the opportunity to potentially coach Eli and OBJ in the biggest market in the United States… but I am certainly glad he did. Let’s welcome Hue to the Dawg Pound!

  51. York and Baalke thought treating a respected coach like dirt wouldn’t hurt them but they were wrong. I think Hue made the right choice and I am a 49ers fan. The 49ers job isn’t that attractive; dysfunctional front office, clueless man/child owner, no quarterback, years of bad drafting, and unrealistic expectations based upon a receding legacy of Super Bowl wins. Our only hope is that Jed failures lead them to selling the team.

  52. Good choice by the Browns. They got the best candidate available. Maybe there’s hope yet for that franchise. And as for the Niners, you shouldn’t have let him slip out of your hands. Looks like more 3-13 seasons in your future.

  53. It’s a good hire but I worry about the dysfunction there for Jackson’s sake. It may be Hue…then cry, as realityonetwo suggested.

    Will never understand why Philadelphia didn’t interview this guy. But I realize they want to remain insular.

    Giants just got stiffed here. Unless they get a big name, guess they will wind up marginal.

  54. Third head-coaching hire by Haslam in as many years…

    If I’m Jackson have have written into my contract: any dismissal from head coaching duties prior to the expiration of the signed contract transfers majority ownership of the franchise to myself.

  55. ricko1112 says:
    Jan 13, 2016 1:01 PM

    The problem is, they still have the same owner, GM, and no QB. Until those things change, the Browns will be the same ole Browns.

    Actually Hue will be helping to pick the GM and the Browns have two first round picks in the draft.

  56. Best hire Haslam has made to date.

    Hue Jackson should be recognized for the job that he has done in developing Andy Dalton and getting A.J. McCarron ready to play. He’s done a superb job.

    Hue is going to be able to pick his own QB with the #2 overall pick and he’s going to develop Memphis QB Paxton Lynch into a Top Ten pro QB.

  57. What a shocking development. A move by Cleveland that makes sense. Is the world ending? Will I win tonight’s Powerball? Seems like anything is possible!

  58. Cue the thumbs-down on this post but I said 2 years ago that any team drafting Manziel would be making a terrible mistake…and I was correct. And I am saying the same thing about Hue Jackson (with knowledge of him as former HC of my team). He’s a nut-job who wreaks havoc on a team if he gets the chance to grab roster power. And he’s as much (if not more) of an egotistical loudmouth as Rex Ryan.

    So my condolences again to fans of the Cleveland Browns.

  59. Hue has a very big bank account and even bigger task in front of him.

    He does not care if he is fired in two years, he is laughing all the way to the bank.

    Haslam overpaid but had to. He hires a coach before a GM. Just a matter of time before Hue’s ego gets in the way and Haslam is starting all over again. History will repeat itself!!

  60. Even if the choices were “Browns Head Coach” or “Unemployment”, I would still have to think on that decision a while.

    Why would anybody that has other choices agree to become the Browns head coach? Why???

  61. Kind of bizarre that all that success with Cincy, which shot him right to the top of the available coaching pool, only landed him the least-prestigious job available.

    You have to figure he’ll get a lot of control, at the least, but with no star QBs on the horizon and tons of talent elsewhere in the division for at least the next few years, it looks like a pretty thankless job for a while, maybe a long while.

  62. What they should do is rename the team to the Cleveland Bulldogs, put bulldog on the helmet, and git rid of those girly uni’s. That’ll make all the difference in the world.

  63. He had two RB’s that are better than anything on the Browns in Hill and Bernard, still couldn’t do much in the run game. And with Hill having fumble problems this year, in the playoff game with the lead Hue hands it off to Hill instead of Bernard…and Hill fumbles, gives the game to Pittsburgh. Dumb.

  64. Now, they can trade their #1 draft choice for Andy Dalton. It’ll be like deja vu all over again.

    Insert AJ McCarron instead of Dalton and you’re probably right.

  65. Very good hire for the Browns. The same old Browns would’ve been to hire Adam Gase, because it was a “splashy” hire. Gase also had the benefit of working with a Hall Of Fame QB that basically ran his own offense. Cleveland didn’t bite the bullet and hired a well regarded coach, in Hue Jackson, that once had Pryor as his QB. The guy will make Cleveland relevant again.

  66. Another great replacement option for Marvin Lewis is now gone. We are going to be stuck with Marvin until I die and I’m probably 20 years younger than him.

  67. iammrbinky says:
    Jan 13, 2016 1:22 PM
    Hope he understands baseball.
    He doesn’t have to be an expert. They already hired Jonah Hill. All they have to do is get Brad Pitt and they’re off and running.

  68. Im surprised he didnt meet with the Giants but in the end he knew he wasnt getting the control there that he will be in Cleveland. If that was his main focus than I cant argue with his decision. Hopefully he’s given more of a chance than the last 4 guys.

  69. Hopefully he will help them improve on their dismal drafting record. I saw where he said Johnny FB must go and it seems the team is agreeing. Good first personnel move coach! He should’ve requested the owner go too…

  70. I think Hue Jackson is a great coach, but it will take God himself to turn around the Browns. I;m surprised he picked the Browns with all the other openings out there.

  71. Good hire…… but if they don’t give him 5 years and draft playmakers it won’t make a difference….. Paul Brown, Bill Walsh or Bill Belichick couldn’t win with what Ray has been drafting

  72. howiehandles says:
    Jan 13, 2016 12:57 PM

    What a mighty fall for the 49ers, where the Brown’s job is a much more attractive option.



  73. Hello Jerrah Jones? Yes, this is Mr. Haslem and we’d like to offer to you our first round pick from 2 years ago for your first round pick this year! Yes, that’s Johnny Manziel…we can have him there within the hour…in fact, look out your window, we’re in the stretch limo, waving at you.

  74. Hue Jackson must be a man that loves challenges…the more difficult, the better for him.
    Here’s hoping he gets more than 2 years.

  75. Wanted him out of the AFC North… thankfully if anyone can under mine a quality coach it’s the Browns!

    Sucks for the Bengals and I couldn’t be happier about that!

  76. Cleveland ABSOLUTELY has to start giving head coaches more than a year or two to succeed. There has been essentially no improvement by the franchise since its re-inception and that can mostly be attributed to an amazing amount of turnover. Maybe things wouldn’t be different if all the coaches got more time but it probably could have helped slightly.

  77. It’s a good move but the fan and ownership need to have the expectation of year r being the first winning season. 3 coaches in 5 years means 3 different kind of players for 3 different schemes. It will take that long just to get the guys you need to run his system. This year would be good to pick up a QB/WR combo like cincy did. They have a LT, center, TE, and No. 1 WR; another WR and RB should allow any young QB to thrive. Then start building the D and rounding out the OLine.

    It can’t be done with free agency (notice how every free agency winner is at home now) and drafting takes time. 41 roster spots and 7 draft picks a year, have to give him at least four years to get the right roster.

  78. charliecharger says:
    Jan 13, 2016 1:30 PM

    Hue Jackson is a great coach.


    He’s 50, and he has one year of head coaching experience and that was on an interim basis. How “great” can he be?

  79. Vance Joseph should be his D coordinator. Knows him, coached with him, Denver already wanted to hire him last year.

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