Chargers: No decisions made, no serious review begun


In response to a report that makes a decision by the Chargers to join the Rams in Inglewood seem imminent, the Chargers say that an agreement between Rams owner Stan Kroenke and Chargers owner Dean Spanos is not close to being reached.

“Dean’s comments from Tuesday night accurately represent the team’s position,” special counsel Mark Fabiani told PFT via email regarding the item from NFL Media that a framework is in place and, barring something unforeseen, a deal will be done. “Dean will take some time to evaluate the new options that have been created for the Chargers by the owners’ vote. No decisions have been made, and no serious review of a proposed framework for a Rams-Chargers deal has yet begun.”

The remark implies that a framework exists, but work will be needed to convert the framework into an agreement — especially since Spanos first must decide whether to be a tenant or a partner in Inglewood’s Kroenkeworld. And whether to stay in San Diego, where the extra $100 million from the league plus the $550 million relocation fee that wouldn’t be paid can go a long way toward building a stadium.

However it happens, it needs to happen quickly. The Chargers have many employees who will want to know whether they have jobs and whether they will be putting their homes on the market and looking for new ones in Los Angeles. In a deadline-driven business, the deadline for the people affected by the uncertainty is right now.

46 responses to “Chargers: No decisions made, no serious review begun

  1. You gotta love Goodell.

    “Hey look!, I’ve made 2 of the prominent franchises in my league homeless. $$$$”.

    Pissing off 3 cities in one fell swoop so you can appease Stan. Couldn’t you find a better solution to this disaster?

  2. I still dont understand the pressing need for 2 teams in L.A.

    Yes i understand its all about these rich guys making more money.

    But how are they going to make so much money when they have 2 teams that wont be able to sell out a new stadium?

    Maybe the Rams have a shot because they might have a fan base still there in LA, but the Bolts? no chance, they cant sell out games now in San Diego what makes them think they will in LA?

    oh well im just glad the Raiders arnt in that mess, hopefully this opens the door to a new stadium in Oakland.

  3. “The Chargers have many employees who will want to know whether they have jobs ”

    Spanos is willing to shaft a city of 2 million people, why would he care about a couple hundred employees?

  4. Golden State Raiders- Plan A -Oakland , recent insider chatter is Plan B Sacramento where 20% of the current season tickets are already closer to anyway….chatter is new Major leagues soccer team is alrady getting ready to build 150 million venue, but will partner up with Davis and make it larger. Bottom Line 27th largest Metro area in US, and when you fact in 120 mile radius (2 hour drive) it’s 11 million plus.

  5. Khan’s waiting for the Chargers to decide because he wants to move the Jaguars to San Diego. (I just made that up, but it makes sense, doesn’t it? He likes beaches, and St Louis doesn’t have any.)

  6. Mark plays both sides very, very well.

    This needs to be negotiated outside of the media and Mr. Fabiani needs to just stop trying to manipulate his media minions.

    Getting ridiculous.

    Congrats to Fabiani though on adding considerable value to the Chargers Mark…job well done.

  7. Why would anyone pay a $550 million “relocation” fee to move a couple of hours away?

    Is it not possible to build a stadium for $650 million?

  8. Please go away Spanos family. We as fans have seen the best product you have to offer and it’s not even close to good enough.

  9. I love the people who think Goodell and the NFL front office have ANYTHING to do with this. What team does he own again that gives him a vote?

  10. If you use the example of Jed York and Levi Stadium; The Chargers will have come out smelling like a rose in L.A.

    Jed York raised 1.0 billion dollars , in naming rights; seat PSL’S, luxury suites, and Club Seats.

    What makes this 1 billion dollars so much “sweeter”; it is all 100% his, ZERO revenue sharing with the league ( unlike , regular tickets)

    The 49ers increased their value by 64% to 2.7 billion dollars

    Spanos and the Chargers will need to put up 500 million relocation fee ; and “the down payment” on his 1/2 of the 1.8 billion dollar cost to be a 50% partner in the new stadium.
    Assuming a 70% down payment on his half of the stadium; that is $630,000 for stadium and 500 million for relocation fee; 1.13 billion dollars cash obligation.

    Following the 49ers “model” , there is very little risk to Spanos.

    Raise 1.13 billion , raise 1.o billion in PSL, club a luxury suites.
    When Spanos announced his Carson project , have had arranged for a 1 billion dollar line of credit from Goldman Sachs.

    Dino Go North Young Man

  11. mmack66 says:
    Jan 13, 2016 6:53 PM
    Why would anyone pay a $550 million “relocation” fee to move a couple of hours away?

    Is it not possible to build a stadium for $650 million?

    $650 Million…2008 maybe…latest proposal 1.4 billion then throw the cost overruns that will be at least 40%

  12. Most people are mad but this is a business. I think the decision the owners made was smart considering it gives the Chargers some leverage with SD. The proposed deal by the mayor seems reasonable. You stack on the additional $100 mil and SD has some potential to keep the team. The only catch is waiting make cost the Chargers some of the LA fan base. Put it to a vote!

  13. If Spanos were capable of raising 1.13 billion on his own, I think this whole situation would have unfolded a lot differently.

  14. Isn’t it 550 mil to the league per relocating team? Then distributed to each non relocating team. Two teams move isn’t it about 40 mil per team?

  15. once i hit powerball tonight, me and Mark Davis are going to have a talk about a new Raiders stadium.

  16. pancaketaco says:
    Jan 13, 2016 7:25 PM

    $650 Million…2008 maybe…latest proposal 1.4 billion then throw the cost overruns that will be at least 40%

    Well, I’d rather drop the $550 million into a stadium than give it to the league for as payment for nothing.

  17. As a Saints fan in Orange County, this works for me. Charger fans should be ticked off enough that I can get good seats to see them play the Saints next season for a somewhat reasonable price.

  18. Selling tickets doesn’t matter. The real money is in revenue sharing, TV deals, merchandising, etc. They only want people there to create an atmosphere for the people watching at home.

  19. someone above mentioned a $650 million stadium. frankly, now would be the time to do it, with low commodity and natural resource prices. but it would be a pretty low-frills stadium, and in SD would likely fall under some prevailing wage (ie union) agreement, which would increase labor costs. and of course, land is not cheap anywhere in SoCal, so the best bet would be to upgrade the bejesus out of Qualcomm, and play at Aztec stadium for a season during work. Of course, the Spanos is still going to go to LA just for the increasedsale value of the Bolts. and he has successfully alienated so many SD residents and fans that he would have to sell the team anyway just for them to attract fans to games.

  20. I see this as a market share grab. The LA Rams are sooo greedy that they left St. Louis for a major portion of the LA market. The Chargers are hoping that they can walk away with about 40% of L.A’s market and attract some of their old supporters to come up with a winning formula. In the long run, LA like so many other markets, is full of front runners. They didn’t support the Rams sufficiently 20 years ago. If the Rams continue in mediocrity and the Chargers start winning, the Rams may rue the day they allowed the Chargers into their area. Either way, the jags owner lives in Springfield, Illinois and would love to move the team to St. Louis, which is a bigger market than Jacksonville, Florida. The Raiders take the $100 million from the league and fix up their old stadium. Maybe Obama can put in a high speed rail to run from San Diego to LA!

  21. The uprooting of two-possibly three-NFL teams has taken place on Goodells watch and all in one day. Rozelle must be rolling over in his grave while Tagliabue shakes his head.

  22. There’s a reason why we call Spanos’s mouthpiece Fibbiani. It’s only a matter of time before we see moving trucks at the Q.

  23. jrossizzle says:
    Jan 13, 2016 6:57 PM

    Dodge should buy the naming rights to the stadium.

    That way that can push their Dodge RamCharger

    72- 7

    Well said… the only way to get a Dodge to move is to push it.

  24. The precedent has been set that public funding can,and in some cases should, be used for stadiums. LA is an anomaly. $350 of public funding for an SD stadium would pay for itself (I done care what the lefty economists say) in stimulus and intangibles. You want a team; cough up some cash and quit complaining. Unfortunately it’s likely too late.

  25. No way will LA support two teams. Maybe at the beginning with all the initial excitement until they get in their divisional cellar. And what is wrong with San Diego other that an old stadium. Will those fans go to the games if a new stadium is built. Same for the raiders. They have to do something to invigorate the product in Oakland and SD.

  26. I’ll believe it’s official when it’s official. These blog stories feel planted because spanos didn’t a butt kissing from the mayors office today. Really the Chargers get the first option over the raiders??? Please someone explain why? Tell us why that makes sense? The raiders have a fanbase in la. A big one. It could be argued the Chargers are not liked and actually viewed in the lowest esteem possible by Los Angeles. Nothing about this part of owners decision makes sense. Nothing!!! Unless it was done to give chargers leverage to get a deal done in San Diego and raiders know spanos will never exercise his option. If San Diego goes to la to play second fiddle to Rams they deserve the all the growing pains and lack of a fanbase that will stick with them for what could be decades. THIS DOES NOT PASS THE SMELL TEST

  27. With my winning power ball ticket I was going to invest it in building a new stadium for the Raiders right across the street from Kroenke’s world and hang a big banner that said F**k the NFL … about helping the 2 teams that needed help the most? Now the NFL looks bad as 2 teams are in limbo

  28. @arctantheta

    Where is this Aztec stadium you speak of? SDSU plays at Qualcomm. There used to be the small Aztec Bowl, but the arena where Steve Fisher’s team plays got dropped in that spot years ago.

    The Chargers’ old old home, Balboa Stadium, is a no-go too. There’s just no other place for them (or SDSU for that matter) to play.

    I wish they’d do it downtown by Petco but it sounds like Mission Valley if it happens at all.

  29. This obsession to take care of Dean. Must take care of Dean. Take care of San Diego. Take care of the fans. They are the ones that make it possible for your extortion Cartel to exist. I have to believe Dean Spanos must be taking a page from J Edgar Hoover book and has some blackmail pictures of all the owners and comissioner in some comprising positions. Tripping over themselves to help a guy who should not be an NFL owner.
    And the complete joke the NFL has for relocation rules or more like guidelines is beyond laughable. It’s almost as funny as poor Dean, San Diego market is putting him in the poorhouse what a joke. If he put half the effort as he has towards his Carson project he would have had a new stadium years ago.
    San Diego is not his handicap, far from it. His handicap is that of the rich kid which never has worked or struggled to built his wealth through merit and humility, of which in turn builds character and respect.Its completely amazing that this guy calls himself a businessman, and it just business. What qualifies him as a businessman? His actions points to the opposite to be true. What businessman insults his customers and has the audacity to then demand funds from them. Is that some kind of modern technique of building a clientel.
    The guy is completely clueless about building a relationship with the community and cultivating political allies. A REAL businessman understands its about building relations with people, especially when you come begging to the local government for funds or favors. The guy has benefited for years with a ticket guarantee during the Ryan Leaf era. Stealing money from the city without a good faith gesture by putting a halt to it, even temporarily.The guy is the least tactful person when it comes to feeling the pulse of the community and ingratiating himself with occasional moments of humility.
    the people are the real boss, the lifestyle, jetsetting and wealth he enjoys ultimately originates from the people he insults & condems. The NFL is nothing without the people. Loyalty should not be assumed it needs to be constantly reinforced and engaged through genuine communication and humility not arrogance, and not through some passive aggressive slanderous insults.

    For as long as Dean Spanos has had control of the San Diego market he did very little to building the relations with the public and local government officials to accomplish any results. There is a lot of blame to go around, but the majority is on Dean Spanos.
    The guy had over 20 years opportunity to build his brand to a population of 12 to 15 million people within a 200 mile radius, of which he claims 25% which if true is 25% ticket brokers located in LA & Orange County.

    The city of Tijuana has a population of 1,300,983 as of 2010.
    The city is the most visited border city in the globe; sharing an approximate 24-kilometre-long border (15 mi) with its sister city San Diego, over fifty million people annually cross the border between these two cities. This metropolitan crossing makes the San Ysidro Port of Entry the busiest land-border crossing in the world. It is estimated that the two border crossing stations between the cities proper of San Diego and Tijuana account for 300,000 daily border crossings alone. With that many people withing your grasp there is no Chargers presence in Tijuana or any where at the point of entry to the US.
    Spanos has free reign to this untapped resource, instead he is blinded by the so-called glow of the fools gold of LA. He should have been branding the Chargers south of the border as the Baja Bolts or BC Bolts of San Diego. or something.

    Not to mention a constant flow of new customers to the area through new military recruits arriving daily an untapped.
    The guy lacks a creative vision, and is a social retard, incapable of building any public relationships. How could you trust a guy like that to succeed in an LA market with a guy like Kroenke

  30. So Alex Flannagan says a deal is nearly done, and Mark Fabiani says the Chargers haven’t even started talking about a deal.

    So this means Fabiani is telling an outright lie, or Flannagan got her info from Chris Mortensen. Or both.

  31. Spanos and Davis need to get a deal done in their home markets. Either build a stadium on your own or with help of your current cities or sell the teams. Neither have any leverage except for LA and going there for either of them will not be the same as having their own stadium in your own city. San Antonio and London are not options. Neither want STL and Im not sure STL wants them unless they are paying for it. Stop dragging this out and get it done. These two owners played the game. The NFL and Stan beat them. Now they are finding out that the King of California , if not the NFL is from Missouri. Believe me I hate saying that. Sure sounds like its true after what the NFL did for Stan.

  32. I’ve made a decision too.

    The NFL will not receive even one American dollar more from me, whether the Chargers stay or go.

  33. The economy is so great in California, why would the people want more jobs building new stadiums that create more jobs and more tourist revenue.

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