Hue Jackson non-committal on Manziel, wants to talk with Joe Thomas


Not long after Hue Jackson was hired by the Browns Wednesday came reports that said Jackson and the Browns would move on from quarterback Johnny Manziel.

At his introductory press conference, Jackson said he’s made no such decisions and will make a football evaluation of Manziel. Manziel has made more waves in two seasons for his non-football decisions than his play, but Jackson said he “wasn’t here to be a part of that. I can’t speak to any of those things. Most important is I evaluate him as a football player.

“I need to get in this building and have an opportunity to sit down and watch tape. I don’t know Johnny personally.”

Browns left tackle Joe Thomas is about to play in his ninth straight Pro Bowl, and Jackson will be his sixth head coach. Thomas previously expressed some uncertainty about wanting to go through another transition period with the Browns, who almost traded him last October.

Jackson called Thomas “one of the best left tackes in the NFL, bar none” and said he “can’t wait” to talk with Thomas about his feelings and the organization.

I hope he’ll be excited about being here,” Jackson said.

Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon is soon eligible to apply for reinstatement from a suspension of at least a year. He remains under his rookie contract with the Browns, and Jackson gave a similar non-answer — “we’ll see if he’s the right fit for the organization — when he was asked about Gordon.

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  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Hue when I was right out of college working as a vendor at an event almost exclusively attended by NFL players. Hue was just signed as Oakland’s Offensive Coordinator and is a genuinely awesome guy. The players (almost none of whom were on his team) really gravitated to him and he treated everyone (including the little people like me) with the utmost respect. Browns fans deserve a winner and I certainly hope Hue can deliver for them.

  2. He can talk to whomever he wants….it’s not gonna prevent them from being 5-11 the next two years. Haslam is a disaster and you have an attorney and a baseball GM making football decisions. I truly pity the fans in Cleveland….they deserve so much better.

  3. “Hue Jackson non-committal on Manziel, wants to talk with Joe Thomas”

    I’m not sure if this headline is just thoughtless, or if you’re “click-fishing.” Either way, you make it sound as if Jackson’s decision regarding Manziel is dependant on his conversation(s) with Thomas.

    Which is totally misleading and NOT what this post is about.

  4. Over the last 5 years the Browns attendance has dwarfed the Steelers and Bengals …… If Hue gets a couple of receivers and average QB play ….. LeBron will be back to #2 in town

  5. Hue has liked Kap for a very long time. Look for him to be the QB in Cleveland next season……Mark it!

  6. I hope Josh Gordon can come back and do well. There are sooooooooooooo many things worse than smoking pot and to ruin a young man’s life over it is just not right.

  7. The two players in this article could not be any different.

    Professional, hard working, great team mate – Joe Thomas.

    the opposite of all that – Manziel.

    One of these is Jackson’s type of player. The other is not. I am pretty sure he just wants a chance to tell Manziel he is out first before telling the media – thats the type of guy Hue is.

  8. They’ve got some good players. But it’s the Browns, and they’re just a new owner, new GM, and new coach away from a good team.

    But as long as THAT ownership is in power, nothing will change. Worst organziation in professional sports.

  9. Not criticizing the Jackson hire, but man this organization just doesn’t want to get it right.

    Find a Football Guy – one that evaluate players/talent and can recognize good coaches.

    Hire the Football Guy first and then let everything fall into place.

    Haslam reminds me a lot of Al Davis, and how he did things – we all know what the last 10 years of Davis’ micro managing did for the Raiders

  10. I don’t think there is a better coach than Hue Jackson. He just has to get the right QB. But then again, so did Belichick.

  11. Browns fans you finally have a coach. people can say what they want about what the raiders gave up for Palmer. But we will never know. Jackson was let go of that following season. Let that man work. he’s going to make a bully out of Cleveland.

  12. Hue Jackson was something of a control freak in Oakland, which was directly responsible for his firing; he thought he was going to tell the owner how to run the operation. He’ll likely be another 2- year wonder with that franchise, especially with Haslam’s demonstrated patience…

  13. “arctantheta says:

    “i smell two first rounders for aj mccarron”

    This might be the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. You wouldn’t even get two first rounders for Dalton… let alone Mr. Webb. Thanks for the laugh though!

  14. We are reading too much into the Manziel comments. If he said they were going to cut him the microsecond they can, then Manziel looses any potential value they might be able to extract, such as a late round draft pick from Dallas, but it indicates to everyone else on the team that their fates may already be sealed.

  15. I’m reading Browns moving on from Manziel.
    Yet Hue said he wanted to sit down with Manziel.
    Here we go again media and haters trying to sway head coach, job and the ink has not even dried.
    If Jackson let’s these losers get involved then he will fail.

  16. kwjsb says:
    Jan 13, 2016 8:27 PM
    Over the last 5 years the Browns attendance has dwarfed the Steelers and Bengals

    Heinz field seats 65,000. Paul Brown stadium seats 65,000. The mistake by the lake seats 73,000. All have been sold out for every game for the last 5 years.

    So the only reason Browns attendance has been higher is because their stadium is bigger. And 8,000 fans per game is hardly “dwarfing” the others.

    Just thought I would point that out, in the off chance that actual facts meant anything to you.

  17. Coming from a Bills fan, I hope he can turn it around for the Browns. Their fans deserve better days. No disrespect but sometimes it sucks being a Bills fan, but then I think of the Browns and I feel a lot better. I can only imagine how bad it is, that’s why I’m hoping Hue can possibly work with Johnny – but only if Johnny is willing to. I think they can win together. Hue has shown he’s great with quarterbacks.


  18. i’d make pryor a QB/WR he did have a decent year at QB with HUE as HC
    draft paxton lynch have him sit behind mccown and learn GET RID OF MANZIEL FOR ANYTHING U CAN GET and help build the roster use that 2nd overall pick wisely HUE please

  19. Dallas should trade for both Gordon and Manziel. They need another dynamic WR, wouldn’t have to draft one high, and they like Manziel. Their 2nd pick in the draft, not the #4, and a 5th rounder could maybe do it

  20. It’s smart of him to give first priority getting to know the team captain and valuing his input about the clustermess that is called the Browns. The team hasn’t given Manziel the boot so it’s wrong to ask Jackson to make such declarations at this point. They will talk to the player, go through the motion, then let him go.

  21. The idiot Cleveland media are ALL trying to run Johnny Football out of town. I can’t wait if they succeed and then radio clowns have nothing to talk about and then people keep calling to talk about him when he’s on another team. He is their meal ticket and they are too stupid to know it.
    I would never get rid of him otherwise Cleveland becomes… well … just losers nobody talks about again.
    Cleveland has the worst sports talk radio in the country. Wailing, crying, and gnashing of teeth all YEAR long. They act “entitled”…like the NFL plays spin the bottle takes turns and “when is our turn”?
    Good luck dealing with these idiots Hue.

  22. breadmeatcheese says:
    Jan 13, 2016 8:42 PM
    Terrell Pryor will flourish! Woo!

    I hope that was a joke. Why do you think Hue traded 2 picks for Palmer instead of playing Pryor.

  23. So I got curious at to who Hue Jackson is and why he was Given a head coaching job, especially since he is coming from one of the worse teams in the league. Wow – what a turd. Guy went to community college and hasn’t been a coach on single team for more than 3 consecutive years in over a 25 year career. Rooney Rule screws another team!

  24. can edit comments on this site so here is my attempt…worse coached teams in the league….forgot a word.
    Also add it must be easy to be considered a good coach with Dalton and Green reaching their prime and having Gruedens offence/playbook. We’ll see how well he does across town – but won’t be surprised if he doesn’t win the division in two years like said Gruden.

  25. He should tell Manziel he’s going to be on third string probation and if he’s not going to be the best teammate and player role model then he will be traded or cut immediately. If he doesn’t like it then broom him. Also, if the o line doesn’t have faith in him at all just get rid of him now.

    In the mean time find another guy to be the future and start grooming him as second string. That way you’re not investing much in Manziel until he’s proved that he’s changed and his play is better.

  26. Yeah, Goldhammer and blowhard Bull are winy wusses on Cleveland radio. They’re so annoying. Where do they find these people? New York?

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