Koetter chatter intensifying in Tampa


With a rash of coaching vacancies suddenly going away, some in league circles think Tampa will be the next job to be filled.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Buccaneers offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter is lining up staff members in the event he gets the job. This dynamic resulted in a rumor leaking from Tampa that Koetter is actually telling assistant coaches he’s getting the job, an obvious byproduct of the friend-tells-a-friend-tells-a-friend chain of information that quickly can be warped into something that lands in the wrong pew of the right church.

Negotiations between Koetter and the Buccaneers have not yet begun, according to the source.

So why haven’t the Buccaneers consummated with Koetter, who immediately was pegged by multiple reports as the next coach after the surprise firing of Lovie Smith eight days ago? It’s possible the Bucs are waiting for a potentially better option to emerge, possibly by making the first move.

It’s a desirable job; last week, G.M. Jason Licht said so. Those words were showcased earlier today on a curiously-timed item posted earlier today on the team’s official website.

“A 22-year old quarterback, who I happen to believe is a franchise quarterback, that’s a very strong asset to have,” Licht said. “That’s one that not many teams can say that they have.”

Whether it’s Nick Saban or someone else, the Bucs seem to be waiting for something or someone, willing to slow play the process given the reality that they can give a new coach something few teams can: A great young quarterback who more than 10 years of gas in the tank.

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  1. Koetter is a fine OC who is like Whisenhunt, a fine OC promoted until he was no longer capable.

    Here in AZ, we were sold the “dream” of Dirk Koetter, who became head coach at Arizona State, only to prove he was incapable of managing even a Div.-1 college team. He was obviously in over his head.

    He had two players that left the team after sexual assaults, and two other players were kicked off the team for secretly filming a coed disrobing. Another player was dismissed after pulling a knife, and another for firing a gun.

    But his masterpiece was star running back, Loren Wade. who for two years exhibited increasingly erratic and threatening behavior toward female athletes, including his girlfriend. Instead of reporting Wade’s serious misconduct to ASU campus police and to student affairs officials, Koetter kept mum, endangering the entire student body.

    Had he reported the behavior, his star player surely would have been kicked out of school. He kept it a secret and before Wade’s senior year, he shot and killed 25-year-old Brandon Falkner, a former ASU football player who had the gall to talk to Wade’s estranged girlfriend in the parking lot of a Scottsdale nightclub.

    Wade is currently serving life in prison, thanks to Koetter’s Jerry Jones-like refusal to maintain the simplest standards of character.

    Good luck with this one, Bucs.

  2. I think Jason Licht may be overestimating the attractiveness of the job. While Winston had a great year and the offense progressed, the defense is a dumpster fire.

    Add in the fact that the Glazers have not recognized the true state of their franchise and are not being patient, so you’ll have only one or two seasons to make the playoffs.

    That roster is more than one or two good drafts from being a true playoff contender, so that job is a death trap.

  3. They are holding out for Shula to finish the Panther Superb Owl run. Everyone knows they are trying to copy the Panthers!

  4. What about Jimbo? Jameis Jimbo reunion. Jimbo has no QB at FSU, so he’s not giving anything up.

    Jimbo’s last 4 QBs have been 1st rounders. They all turn in to busts, which tells me that he can coach some bad talent up. I’d love to see him coaching the Bucs.

  5. we need to keep Koetter. Bucs made huge strides on offense despite injuries to pretty much all the receivers. Also, the Oline, thought by most to be the teams weak point going in, performed surprisingly well. Jameis and co. don’t need to be learning another new system.

  6. The funny thing is that everyone said the only reason they fired Lovie was that they were afraid of losing him. Am I the only one who missed the land rush of teams tripping over themselves to interview Koetter? I haven’t heard his name mentioned seriously in conjunction with any other job.

  7. The Bucs need to keep Koetter. That’s what this is all about.

    But I’m not convinced he would leave if they did not give him the job…unless they’ve already offered it and just have not revealed anything.


    The Bucs SHOULD hire Sean McDermott on the condition that he keep his hands off the offense. Make Koetter Asst. Head Coach with a big pay raise.

    Then we get the best of both worlds.

  8. Nick Saban? Come on… If he ever did go back to the NFL he’d demand a ton more money than Tampa would want to pay. The fact their frontrunner is their current coordinator tells you a lot about where their thoughts are on pay for the next coach. Saban would also likely be smart enough to avoid places with the sort of historic ownership/front office ineptitude that Tampa is known for.

  9. Wasn’t that good as a head coach in college (BSU, ASU) hasn’t been that good as a coordinator in the NFL. Good luck Tampa, maybe they know something we don’t…

  10. Why was it a surprise Lovie was fired?

    A defensive guru who couldn’t handle the defense or Koetter would have had them in the playoffs with a rookie OL and QB.

    Leading 24 zip and losing and you are surprised?

    The surprise supposedly was firing Schiano who had a decent defense but no offense.

    Supposedly now Tampa is paying for 3 HC.

    Feel sorry for their fans.

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