Pete Carroll says Lynch will practice Wednesday

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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll expressed a lot of confidence last week that running back Marshawn Lynch would be in the lineup against the Vikings, but Lynch wound up missing the game.

Carroll explained earlier this week that Lynch “just didn’t feel like he could go” after his first week back with the team after rehabbing from abdominal surgery in the Bay Area. This week isn’t bringing the same optimism about Lynch’s status for the weekend, but the team should start to get an idea about the chances of having him in the lineup on Wednesday.

Carroll said, via Gregg Bell of the Tacoma News Tribune, that Lynch will take part in practice with the team and added that he “can feel [Lynch is] encouraged.” Christine Michael ran 21 times for 70 yards as the lead back in the 10-9 victory over the Vikings last weekend.

Tight end Luke Willson is also expected to participate in Wednesday’s practice after missing the playoff opener because of a concussion. Fullback Will Tukuafu will not take part due to a leg injury.

30 responses to “Pete Carroll says Lynch will practice Wednesday

  1. fumblenuts says:
    Jan 13, 2016 4:24 PM
    GO LYNCH!!
    Yeah. And take Russell Wilson with you.

    GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. IMO Marshawn Lynch has devolved into a divisive lightning rod on the Seattle Seahawks. And Pete Carroll’s continued pandering to his eccentric behavior helps drive it. That team moved on and became great again without him in the second half of the NFL season. His return brought chaos and confusion right back into the locker room. And IMO was a main reason they barely beat Minnesota. Now he’s at it again this week. Headline gobbling and game plan intrusive. Coach Tom Cable was 100% correct. He needs to have a “Fit-in” mindset to really help that team now. If he can’t do it, Carroll and Schneider need to put him on IR and go with the warriors they have on that roster, who are committed to getting back to a Super Bowl!

  3. “His return brought chaos and confusion right back into the locker room. And IMO was a main reason they barely beat Minnesota.”

    Wrong. The only reason they barely beat Minnesota was the feels like 20 below zero temperature during the game. You can tell from their comments afterward and this week that they were totally shocked at how truly difficult that was. No way to prepare for that no matter what their tough talk was going in. On a normal day the final results would have probably been something similar to what they were a few weeks back. Only the cold kept it close.

  4. On the one hand, I want the Panthers win to shut up Big Mouth Sherman.

    On the other I want the Sea Hawks to win because they would probably be an easier opponent for the Packers to beat.

  5. It’s funny how most people on this blog know nothing about football! A solid running game always make everything better. And regardless of how good Rawls or any other backs has been there not beast mode! You can’t tackle him with 1 hand and he’s a bruising back meaning you take a lot of punishment and get worn down hitting him ask luke kunkcly has said lynch takes a toll on you!
    So keep trying to convince yourself that Seattle will lose to Carolina they beat them the last four times and every time in the playoffs
    The panthers beat the seahawks when they were not right and the defence was in confusion!
    News flash we are now the best defense in the league prepare for a rude awakening
    Seahawks 44 Carolina 12! Boooyah!!!!

  6. It was much easier for Lynch to say “I just don’t feel like I can go” than to go to Minnesota and freeze his butt off like everyone else. What a great team player he is. Hope he enjoyed the game from the warmth of his couch. They are better off without him.

  7. :Only the cold kept it close”

    And that’s why football is the best sport there is, you play in all the elements.

  8. Beastmode is on the fast track to irrelevance. I pretty much had already forgotten he stayed home last Sunday.

  9. “Only the cold kept it close” hmmmmmm… then I guess according to that assumption, the Vikings would have been shut out in “normal weather”?? Only problem with that is both teams played in that frigid weather. And, according to EVERYONE, including all your players and coaches, they’re used to that kind of temperature!!! So, stop trying to sell it, cause no one is buying it! You’ll have plenty of time to gloat on your one point win against the Vikings after the Panthers kick the crap out of your Seahawks on Sunday. It will be fun to watch!

  10. Lynch was a full participant as was Luke Willson. Bennett was out, but that is normal for him on Wednesday’s……The only one not practicing on the report was Will Tukuafu, with the hamstring.

    Carolina only lists RB Fozzy Whittaker as not practicing. Looking like everyone will be at as ready to send out their full team as possible this time of year……Looking forward to the game.

    Go Hawks!

  11. I sure would love to see any poster on these comments section get back to running back shape 7 weeks after major core surgery. Keyboard tough guys crack me up… If Lynch didn’t feel like he could go after 2 hard days of practice, then he couldn’t go. He’s basically back to preseason form, of which he never plays much of anyway. It takes a couple months of camp to usually get the game’s best rusher of the last few years ready to go. We may not see him until September (most likely as a Raider…).

  12. vikingforlife – if you know anything about your own roster, most of the players on your OWN team are from warm weather states. Normally, the game would have been played in your own indoor stadium. Very few people ON THE PLANET if they are not climbers, would have knowledge of how competing in that kind of weather would affect play. The Vikings played adequately, somewhat uninspiringly considering they were billed as knowing how to handle that kind of cold (and as we saw, they don’t any better than we do). The Seahawks looked like a team discovering water polo for the first time after having always played polo on a horse on turf – it’s like, and…not really like the same thing. While 3 field goals are to your credit, they indicate that your offense was pretty high school. Once the Hawks got a feel for the cold, they moved out ahead, and ultimately – though I do feel for your disappointment – THAT is what lost you the game. Grow and pair and handle it.

  13. “I was here all the time, boss” He doesn’t want to be a part of anything and everybody knows it. His teammates and fans are just too ashamed to admit it. Go Panthers!!

  14. fabbeaux: oh I KNOW my players. Just by the fact that YOU said that proves you are an IDIOT! They are from warm weather states, and they handled it “adequately” I beg to differ, but hey that’s my opinion. One REALLY LUCKY play by your QB was what won you that game and you know it! GO PANTHERS!!!!!

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