ProFootballTalk: Where does the Rams’ move to L.A. leave Chargers, Raiders?

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A decision on where the Chargers will end up is going to have to be made quickly and the thinking is that owner Dean Spanos will take the deal and move to Los Angeles. However, the Raiders are likely to stay in Oakland.

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  1. The current TV money makes the local fans almost irrelevant these days in the NFL. Why would the Chargers move to be one of 2 teams in LA (which has had none for 20 years) and leave San Diego unless it was tons of NFL TV money?

    The NFL should remember that GM once sold 1 of very 2 vehicles bought here in the US and got a bit too big for it’s own britches. Not the same biz but worth noting in passing even if most billionaire NFL owners are not history buffs.

    And when will we hear the first rumors about the Raiders, the Jags, or the Titans moving to St Louis unless?

  2. Raiders need a winning season and then the new stadium will come… Headed in the right direction hopefully….

  3. It will leave them in a brand new stadium in Oakland , you know according to the media in the ghetto, right where they belong. The location that has it’s own international airport tram, bart station, amtrak station, free way access, plenty of parking for tailgaiting etc…

    Just fyi, a house in Oakland Hills just sold last week for 20.5 million. (they got a deal , the listing price was 21 million. Strait from the hood!

  4. Spanos dodged a bullet. Already, the Rams management is chest pounding about “THEIR new state of the art NFL stadium.” There’s no mention of SD. There won’t be any because Kroenke wants L.A. to himself. He’s got it. What would “sharing” or a partnership get him? Zippo! Maybe Dean and company will go to Kroenke with hat in hand begging for a piece of the action…….as a tenant. Dean is saving $550,000,000 + $100,000,000 from the league. AGAIN, L.A. will get only a smattering of fans from growing Orange County. Hello, DEAN…they go to SD! L.A. Rams will have an awful time clearing CA EPA regs. They’re brutal up there.Everybody, EVERYBODY will have their hands in the pie. 2019…that’s a joke. It will never happen until maybe 2020-2021. Before then Kroenke will be begging Spanos to play his games in SD. Rams players will need body guards going and leaving the L.A. Coliseum. Ask Raider fans who suffered thru that when they played there.

  5. Kronke neither wants a partner nor a tennent. He will make the terms of sharing his newly acquired market untennable for any owner to seriously consider. The league has a strong interest in remaining in SD as evidenced with a check for
    $100,000,000. The owners get exactly what they want, a return to L.A. with one team to insure viability and incent both Oakland and SD to remain NFL cities and preserve the heritage.

    I predict the league will pony more money for SD before the Chargers move to LA, which neither the league nor Stan want to see come to pass.

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