Report: Chargers plan to accept L.A. deal, share stadium with Rams

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We already know the Rams are returning to Los Angeles, and it’s looking like the Chargers will as well.

Alex Flanagan of NBC Sports and NFL Network reports that the framework of a deal that would allow the Rams and Chargers to share a stadium is now in place, and that barring anything unforeseen, the Chargers will accept the deal and move to Los Angeles as well.

The Chargers were hoping to get the approval of their fellow owners for their own plan to move to Los Angeles yesterday. Instead, the owners approved the Rams’ plan, but said that the Chargers would have the option of joining with the Rams. It appears that after a day to think about it, the Chargers have decided to accept that arrangement.

It’s unclear whether the Chargers will move to a temporary home in Los Angeles in 2016, as the Rams plan to do, or if the Chargers could stay in San Diego this year. But it sounds like when the new Los Angeles stadium opens in 2019, it will be the home of both the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers.

UPDATE 6:43 p.m.: The Chargers have denied that anything is imminent.

76 responses to “Report: Chargers plan to accept L.A. deal, share stadium with Rams

  1. I don’t see how being the ugly stepchild and paying $550 million plus a share of the stadium cost is a good deal for the Spanos’. But again, I am not the trust fund baby who inherited the team from his daddy. What do I know?

  2. It’s unclear whether the Chargers will move to a temporary home in Los Angeles in 2016, as the Rams plan to do, or if the Chargers could stay in San Diego this year.
    If I am living in San Diego, why would I spend a single penny for option #2 ? The roster isn’t great & the team keeps losing and now I know they are definitely leaving!


  4. Raiders will be all over the San Diego market. And with the Raiders come all those fans from Los Angeles, Orange County and the Inland Empire that dingleberry Dean Spanos will be looking to get. Good luck Dean.

  5. This makes no fans meaningfully happier and a whole city of fans sadder.

    The league’s goal was satisfied with the Rams moving to L.A. This doesn’t really help much of anything, but hurts a long-time NFL market.

  6. This is going to be an unmitigated disaster. People here in L.A. barely care about the Dodgers, the Lakers, the Clippers, and the Kings. Just wait until there are 2 NFL teams to be apathetic about. I wish everyone would stay put.

  7. Its possible the Chargers have agreed to a deal with the Rams, but its more likely that agreement effective if the Chargers don’t get a deal done in San Diego. I find it unbelievable the Chargers would so quickly agree to a deal they supposed hated one week ago in less than a day. More likely they will now see what they can get done in San Diego.

  8. What a dumb move. The NFL needs to intervene. Dean Spanos is not a self made billionaire. He’s a complete putz who inherited the team. He makes AWFUL decisions constantly. This will be a disaster in LA. That family has produced 7 playoff wins in 32 seasons. LA is excited about the Rams. Don’t care for the Chargers. This is a joke.

  9. There you go…said the team that stays in their home market will win the LA sweepstakes.

    Raiders will build it in the Bay Area and reap the rewards of their fan base.

  10. Raiders can’t go to San Diego. League doesn’t want 2 teams in so cal. It’s either Oakland or San Antonio now and the latter is making a whole lot of sense

  11. So let me see if I understand this. Los Angeles, a city with a horrid history for never supporting its pro football teams now just got 2?

    What could possibly go wrong…

  12. Boy, the Rams and Chargers keep making my predictions go wrong. And yet it won’t do them any good – LA has no audience for football or sports in general, and this Inglewood stadium I still doubt will ever get built, between inevitable cost overruns and eventual realization the audience for a team in LA will never develop.

  13. Chargers burned too many bridges with San Diego to go back. They should have ponied up and built their own stadium in San Diego. People would have came.

    Something tells me that this is going to be a disaster for the Chargers. L.A. will be a Rams town; Never a Charger town.

  14. Didn’t Dean say last night that he was going to rest today and not think about options or make any decisions? I can’t believe he would lie and go ahead with any plans…… 🙂

  15. Spanos is confusing his situation with the Clippers who moved from San Diego to LA to share Staples Center and franchise value skyrocketed. This is different with UCLA and USC football as competition.

  16. If the Chargers could get 100 mil from the NFL towards a new stadium, maybe Spanos and the NFL can get Kroenke to chip in a little something as well. That amount, in addition to the 550 million the Chargers wouldn’t be spending in relocation fees (plus whatever amount the Chargers were actually willing to spend in partnership with the city to build a stadium in San Diego), would more than pay for a new place.

    …………and San Diego taxpayers (or visitors) don’t have to subsidize a billionaire or the multi-billion dollar NFL.

  17. Spanos may be dumb as a bag of rocks, but no way he’s going to go be a tenant in someone else’s stadium. And Kroenke is paying to build that thing, so no way he’s letting someone else co-occupy it unless they sign the most laughable contract in history.

  18. I can understand why. What’s in it for the Chargers to go back to the City and start the pissing contest all over with.
    I blame the cities. We went through this in Minny for 5 years before an agreement.
    The cities cry right away, no can do, we only have peanuts, its on you, the citizens don’t want to pay for it and then when the owners throw arms in the air, the pol’s try and blame them for being greedy.
    Hey if I’m a billionaire owner and your telling me to foot the bill, that is my ticket to move wherever, adios sucker, thanks for the no help.
    Now the Mayor is crying they didn’t talk to him. Really? Hasn’t the issue of a delapitadated stadium been around the block a while?

  19. If the Chargers stayed in SD and Oakland had the option to move to LA. This deal implies that the NFL is OK with 3 teams in So Cal.
    If Raiders do move to SD.
    This would hurt SD attendance numbers. However, given that the TV payout covers 90% of the teams costs. Spanos is eyeing the team appreciation gain so that he can sell 49% of the team to pay off the death taxes once Alex passes away.

  20. jekkerbirrus says: Jan 13, 2016 6:27 PM
    Its….. more likely that agreement effective if the Chargers don’t get a deal done in San Diego……. they will now see what they can get done in San Diego…….


    Spot on. They agree in principle and leverage SD to give up more to remain……

  21. Of course there are Chargers’ fans in LA. I know a bunch. There are a ton in Ventura County, LA County, and OC.

    The only people who say “there are no Chargers fans in LA” are dolts that do not live in the LA area.

  22. If the tax payers do not want to subsidize a stadium, and many don’t, then its up to the pol’s to figure out how to come up with the money. Here is minny they raised hotel taxes, taxes on this taxes on that but no property taxes or direct taxes on the people.
    There is a way to do this but it takes incentives and people to come up with the ideas for raising money. Looks like San Diego failed to attempt any of this.

  23. The math just doesn’t work out for me. $550 million relocation fee. Plus half the construction costs to basically be the Clippers of the NFL. Maybe Spanos knows he has no choice now after his scorched Earth campaign in San Diego.

  24. “Spanos is confusing his situation with the Clippers who moved from San Diego to LA to share Staples Center… ”
    The Clippers didn’t move from San Diego directly to the Staples Center. They spent nearly 20 years in the LA Sports Arena. Your ignorance, and that of those saying that no one in LA cares about the sports teams that are here, is extremely profound.

  25. No, we want to make some taxpayers pay for it instead of being a tenant in a building we’re not helping to pay to build. Is this clown serious? The Inglewood project has always made more sense because Croenke is paying for it all with all of his own money. That’s better than anything else anybody else has to bring to the table including public money. These owners should be ashamed to even bring public money up in relation to these teams. It’s kind of absurd. If you want to be in the club, pay the cost to be the boss. Otherwise, shut up and get in where you fit in.

  26. Chargers need to stay in San Diego–They wont go nowhere in LA and Sand Diego will support them–The Raiders need to move–Maybe to St Louis

  27. Both teams stink. Why would we want them here in L.A.? Then, it means that when we watch football on TV, we have to watch two crappy teams instead of the better games of the weekend? Phooey!

  28. Chargers will be a co-owner with the stadium.Not a tenant..Kroenke will control everything else…

  29. San Diego is often referred to as “America’s Finest City.”

    It will be even better now that these money-sucking parasites associated with the NFL get the Hell out of town.

    Enjoy the smog!

  30. Please everyone, IT ISNT ABOUT A FAN BASE. the league doesn’t care about that. They care about a brand new state of the art stadium in the second largest TV market and massive relocation fees. The money from the stadiums themselves are not shared by the league, it is the individual owners that worry about that. And isn’t this what everyone wanted? The owner is using his own money to build a stadium. No public money. If an owner will do that, choosing where to do it should be his right

  31. Check this out – I’m a Chargers fan this year, but next year I am now a San Diego Raiders fan rooting against the LA Chargers who I hate now but loved for 50 years. I now root for the team I have hated for 50 years. Trippy.

  32. This is just a media leak/denial strategy made by the chargers to reaffirm to the city of SD that just because plan A in LA didn’t work doesn’t mean they are gonna let the city gain any leverage in negotiating in SD.

  33. This deal leaves me chuffed as a Broncos fan. I’m glad the AFC West stays intact.

    I’m curious what the Raiders do. Four teams seem like overkill in California. San Antonio has been bandied about as a potential suitor should nothing materialize in the Bay Area and I think it makes good sense. This would be the third team in football-crazy Texas, which will pass California as the most populous state in the next twenty years or so. San Antonio is also wide open in terms of competition since the Spurs are the only professional outfit in town. It’s also heavily Hispanic and for some reason the Raiders seem to appeal to Hispanics as a group (anecdotal evidence from over the years).

    But then there’s the matter of Jerrah’s machinations, which we saw in action for this Inglewood deal.

  34. This is going to be another blunder by the NFL… NFL teams do not survive in LA… there is just not enough fans to support a team, never less two teams!

  35. They pretty much have to leave San Diego because “Deano” burnt all the bridges behind him on his was to the owners meeting.

    Buh-bye Deano. Have fun being an “oh-by-the-way” team in LA. I’ll miss the players and I’ll also feel sorry for them but I won’t miss you and your whiny ways…

  36. And for the people with the tired “LA won’t support a team” talking point. People sell out here in Phoenix, and it’s a smaller, more fickle town than LA because the stadium is nice and now they have a winning team. There are 30 million people in greater LA. They’ll be fine getting people to the stadium 8 times a year. The reason people didn’t love going to see the Raiders and Rams before (although both still have strong fan bases there if you’ve been to LA) is because they both played in dumps. The Raiders were in the middle of South Central LA at USC’s outdated Coliseum for Christ sake. Do you think you’d want to be going down there with gang bangers and other vagrants hanging around before you go into the stadium? It’s the same complaint I hear with Sun Life in Miami. The people don’t like where it is way out in the middle of nowhere. This Inglewood stadium being built by a guy who just happens to specialize in real estate development sounds like someone with their i’s dotted ant t’s crossed. It will be a hit.

  37. If you don’t have a home field that gives you a huge advantage like the Patriots or Packers or Broncos….etc. you will never be successful.

  38. SD does deserve a team, it’s the AFC West Teams specifically Denver and Oakland’s extra home game in Diego every year, and not just this year. They don’t deserve team. Just eliminate the Chokers all together. Nobody supports them.

  39. Can the LA Mausoleum handle two NFL teams and the Trojans for three years? Would the Chargers have to look to the Rose Bowl? Will either team ever manage a sellout in those oversized stadiums?

  40. It’s funny how people say LA will “never” be a Chargers town.
    If they win, that’s all it takes.

    If the LA Chargers can build a “winner” (unlikely) then LA will become a Chargers town overnight.

  41. All the talk about the people not supporting previous LA teams… Here’s the fact. If the teams are good, the stadium will be full. If the teams suck, the stadium will still be full because the season-ticket holders will sell their tickets to the fans of the visiting teams. That’s the way it works everywhere.

  42. Funny when people say Raiders to San Diego, gotta be a public vote for a stadium and the last poll to build one for the Chargers had less than 50% voting to approve and that’s the hometown team! How do you think the Raiders are going to get tax$$ in a City that hates them? Tax payers are not wanting to pay the freight$$ on these things anymore particularly in Cali! And no way Jerry Jones or McNair let Retard Mark park the Raiders in Texas! You just witnessed the power of real $$ and how it gets its way, better get an investor Mark and build your house in Oakland !!!

  43. If the Chargers do move, I think it would be wise to call them the SoCal Chargers, They would still represent the San Diego area. Not that far of a drive to LA. Not like they are moving across country like the Rams.

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