Report: Eagles also wanted to hire McAdoo


Things apparently started moving fast on the coaching carousel when the Browns reached an agreement with Hue Jackson Wednesday.

Per Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Eagles “were ready” to hire Giants offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo to be their head coach before reports surfaced Wednesday night that the Giants were “closing in” on a deal with McAdoo, who interviewed with both teams.

The Giants had an interview scheduled with Jackson for Thursday morning. The sequence of events indicates that the Giants — and McAdoo — chose continuity after Jackson and the Browns struck a deal.

Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports reported that the Giants plan to keep Steve Spagnuolo as defensive coordinator. Spagnuolo also interviewed for the head coaching job.

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  1. Again, NO decent coach will go to philly. The attitude of the players and fans in terrible. Look were Andy Reid is now… round 2 of the playoffs hahaha

  2. What a mess. Should have kept Chip for at least 1 more year. This job isn’t as sought after as Mr.Lurie and his girlfriend Howie think thought it was.

    Hey Lurie dump Howie before he runs your organization down even further. Nobody worth their salt is going to want to work in the “collaborative” approach non-sense you’re spewing. Dump cancer Roseman and start with a clean slate.

  3. Giants are hiring a first time HC who has only been an OC for two years and he’s never sniffed the playoffs? A washed up DC who has failed everywhere he’s been since he had three top pass rushers and a running game is staying in the fold?

    As a Cowboy fan, I say keep the continuity and extend Reese!

  4. remok9 says:
    Jan 13, 2016 8:59 PM
    What a mess. Should have kept Chip for at least 1 more year.

    Are you freakin’ serious????

    Did you watch any of the games?
    Did you see what he did to an otherwise good roster?
    Did you not see how he was losing/had lost the locker room?


  5. This Eagles are screwing this whole thing up royally but this has has nothing to do with. McAdoo took a promoting within the organization that’s his is familiar with, instead of jumping ship to their arch rival. I’m sure it was an easy decision for him. Plus, he’s guaranteed a QB and stud WR.

  6. Maybe Chip would come back if the Philly press and management made a public apology. They’ll most likely stick with the Richard Simmons plan. Howie always coveted the first selection in the 2017 draft.

  7. Oh God, the Eagles aren’t really going to hire Doug Pederson now, are they? Anyway Lurie can call Chip and say he’s sorry and made a big mistake?

  8. Wow, there are some bad organizations in the league and some of them are getting things straightened out, but Philly is a mess with not much hope in sight,, feel bad for the great fans there…

  9. Why did Jackson choose the Browns over the Giants? Why did San Fran quit pursuing him? Somethings up with all that. He supposedly had his choice but nobody offered him a contract but the Browns.

  10. I hope McAdoo accepts Giant’s HC job because at least Eli knows him and it is easier for Eli to adjust after his emotional blow when Tom Coughlin left. Eli is very attached to Tom but at least with Ben McAdoo, he learned his offense and is getting to know him so maybe this will help Eli adjust better to Tom leaving.

  11. First of all, Philly media never knows what’s going on with the Eagles, so I don’t believe for a second they were interested in McAdon’t. Why would they be? The Giants offense? Except for Beckham’s sticky gloves they have NOTHING. Eagles floated that story so the Giants would quickly scramble and hire him – and not someone who could potentially hunt the Eagles down the line.

    Pencil-in another 6-10 season for the GEE-Men (as in “Gee, why are we so bad?”.

  12. Jeff McLane is the same fraud that reported that Chip Kelly called Lesean Mccoy before McCoy’s game against the Eagles. Both Chip and Mccoy promptly denied it. I doubt Eagles would be that interested in Mcadoo, someone they’ve repeatedly beaten in the last 2 years. He got schooled by Billy Davis, an average D coordinator, in a 27-0 shutout last year and again earlier this year. If anything, it’s more likely Eagles feigned interest to force the Giants’ hand. I’m glad he’s not the Eagles coach.

  13. Fire TC but keep Spags and McAdoo? That’s cold. Spags should have been put out to pasture. Like the continuity w BM

  14. Another former Packer Coach getting a job, where are the opportunities for Viking coaches?, Roger needs to mandate team’s hire some Viking coaches even if they suck.

  15. Eagles deserved this, see what happens when you dont appreciate a good coach? Lol sent him and your number 2 to kc and what are they doing? Still playing. Not to mention you traded your number 1 wr whi helped win you your divison and played one more game then you.. eagles will be ruff around the edges (6-10 hopefully) for 2 to 3 years..

  16. Ms. Lurie has proven to the national media he is a fairy. I do believe he and Howie have something very special behind closed doors. This team is the new Cleveland Browns.

  17. Yeah, it’s a real shame we missed out on some nobody on a bad team. There is absolutely no rush at all. Wait until after the SB, interview coordinators from actual winning teams and make the best choice possible. Unlike hue jackson, who will be fired in two years.

  18. Yes, genius, it’s the fans who Lurie listens to. He makes all of his decisions due to the fans, Andy Reid can finally succeed with the Chiefs. You have no clue. Andy went to 5 NFC championship games here, he has won ONE playoff game in KC. He also left Philly and inherited a talented roster there. Fact is, it starts with hitting on enough of your draft picks to sustain any success, it had nothing to do with fans or media.

  19. eventually jeffrey will be forced to hire a football man to fix this mess. howie is jeffrey’s vinny cerrato. and we saw how washington improved when el chapo snyder got vinny out of there (again) and put someone with a real football background to run the franchise.

  20. Eagles Fans still hating on the 4 time Super Bowl Champs

    You would kill to have Mc Eli and Odell but instead you have Who?

    No buddy

    Not sold on Ben Mc but I trust the ownership to get it right

    Can Eagles fans say that

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