Rex hires Ed Reed as Bills’ assistant defensive backs coach

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Bills coach Rex Ryan has added a future Hall of Famer to his coaching staff.

Ed Reed has agreed to join the Bills as the team’s assistant defensive backs coach.

“Ed Reed is going to be such a great asset to our team. First off, having spent time with Ed in Baltimore and then in New York—I can attest to the incredibly high level of professionalism he is going to bring with him to Buffalo. All of the things he’s done throughout his entire playing career, such as how he studies film, preparing throughout the week for game days, and things like that, he will impress upon our players,” Ryan said in a statement. “Obviously, he’s played in this system at a MVP-caliber level and he’s a real student of the game. I think he’s going to be a phenomenal coach and I truly believe our players are going to love learning from him.”

Reed and Ryan were together for seven seasons with the Ravens, and Reed played for Ryan with the Jets at the end of Reed’s career.

78 responses to “Rex hires Ed Reed as Bills’ assistant defensive backs coach

  1. Nice job Rex your a good dude and its gonna pay off someday with getting quality guys around you

  2. One of my favorite players to watch ever. Did you know that he averaged 11 yards per game as a defender? It’ll be interesting to see what he can do as a coach. Good luck!

  3. Can’t argue this one. Ed reed is the type of player who put the game first and partying, homeys, entourages, and immature sayings like “swag” a distant second. Young players who REALLY want it could actually learn a lot from this guy.

  4. It’s nice to see an actual former NFL player coaching the position he played, not saying he’ll be any good at it, but I always found it weird to see a former d2 receiver coaching offensive linemen in the NFL.

  5. This is a great hire. Ryan is usually a circus, but it can only help young DB’s to have Ed Reed sit them under the learning tree.

  6. Ed was one of those players that was such a natural and so very good that you almost wonder if it will be harder for him to teach someone since he seemed to run on pure instincts.

  7. Sfm037… EXACTLY! We have no idea how it will turn out but at least he has the pedigree and knows what he’s talking about. I’m happy for him and the Bills.

  8. I loved Ed Reed as a player and he was to the Safety position that Jordan was to the Guard position. Let’s hope Ed can be a better teacher than Jordan. Unfortunately, I don’t think you can teach instinct and God gave Reed plenty of it.

  9. Reed used to give Brady fits so if anything is going to help Buffalo against the Pats this is it.

  10. He should be back with Ravens but Harbaugh can’t deal with strong personalities as a player or a coach. Baltimore lost its swagger cuz Johnny wants choirboys around him not hard nosed badassed football players.

  11. I am guessing Rex had this planned months ago… He most likely told Reed come see me and I will make sure you are set… Henderson out… Reed in.

  12. Some advice for Ed. There’s something called direct deposit. I suggest you use it but if you choose not to, don’t leave your cash unattended on the front seat of your car. B

  13. Assistant? What a fraud. Rex is a turd. He deserves more. Great player. Great man as far as I know.

  14. Reed free-lanced a lot because he was a gifted, instinctive player. How is that supposed to translate to coaching players of lesser ability and motivation?

  15. From what I heard, Ed Reed did his film study homework every week so, hopefully, he can impress that upon his players. Just don’t let him teach them the art of the lateral.

  16. Lets get one thing straight here, Ed Reed’s not putting on a Bills uniform. He’s coaching. Great player, rookie coach. You can’t coach intuition, which is a talent Ed had and he used it well.

  17. Let’s hope this is the first step of a long journey for Rex to learn to control his mouth, focus his attention on football not media coverage time and the willingness to check his ego for the success of the team as a greater good.

  18. Ryan brothers are worst coaches in the nfl , if their last name was smith they would be pee wee volunteer assistants. rob is the worst coach in nfl history

  19. As a Bills fan I used to enjoy watching Ed Reed play. He was must see TV in my opinion – borderline box office. Played with a great passion for the game and always gave it his all. He is no doubt a first ballot hall of famer and I was truly happy for him when they won the SuperBowl. He can only be an asset with all of his knowledge. I hope he does well.


  20. Great move..

    Ed can learn the ropes in the JV division AFC East. When he gets good at coaching he came come back to to the rough and tumble AFC North.

  21. This sucks! I am so sorry the great Ed Reed will not be coaching in Baltimore. If you ever had the experience of spending 5 or more minutes in his presence, you would know what a great coach & leader he can be. Good luck Ed! Hope your coaching journey leads you back to Charm City!

  22. There is no connection whatsoever between a man’s ability to play a game and his ability to coach it. Some great players can turn into great coaches, some can’t.

    Expressing an opinion about Reed’s ability to coach, at this point, is meaningless. But feel free to have an opinion anyway.

  23. Ed Reed had elite cover skills, great hands, intelligence and great athletic ability. But he was also a student of the game, one who watched a ton of game film. His work ethic was second to none, and he absolutely loved to play football. I’m sorry that he is not starting his coaching career in Baltimore, but I am glad that he is going to continue to be involved with his passion. I also think Ed Reed is going to become a head coach at some point in his career. Wishing him all of the best in Buffalo!

  24. Not going to matter with Rob running the defense. Defense will be ranked last next season.

  25. It should turn out well as he’s only the assistant DB coach. He’s basically there to help get their technique up, align in coverage better, etc. Things I’m pretty sure he already did as a veteran player.

  26. Wow he will step up that defense exponentially. Ed Reed coming in to give these young guys a motivational speech would go a long way but coming in as a coach? Nice hire Rex. One question though does the DB coach really need an assistant?

  27. Whoa. That’s an interesting move. Reed is certainly a pro. Hopefully he can translate his experience into coaching effectively. Bills have a couple very promising young dbs.

  28. Ed was one of those players that was such a natural and so very good that you almost wonder if it will be harder for him to teach someone since he seemed to run on pure instincts.

    Thought the exact same thing, like Gretzky. “You know that feeling when you’re assigned to cover the deep right but you just KNOW the QB is going to throw the post to a slot receiver so you abandon your assignment and make a diving interception across the field?”

    One of my all time favorites on the field, hope he can translate his mentality into language mere humans can comprehend.

    Also, whoever posted that he averaged 11 Y/G on defense, that is a great stat.

  29. clickablecontent says: Jan 13, 2016 9:21 PM

    Man, I was enjoying Ed on Inside The NFL.

    He was the only voice of reason on that show.

  30. not a Bills fan or hater but….rex ryan is a clown and his brother is the worst DC in the NFL. Kiss that pre-Ryan legit defense goodbye

  31. As a Ravens fan, Ed Reed was one of my favorite players growing up. He would easily still be the best DB on the Ravens now. It sucks that he has to go to Buffalo and coach with the Ryan brothers. Maybe someday he will return to Baltimore.

  32. bengalsfan2079 says:
    Jan 13, 2016 8:57 PM
    He’s a guy you can respect unlike Joey Porter.


    Soup grapes. Hopefully Vontaze and Pacman don’t see coaching roles in their next career.

  33. As a Ravens fan I loved watching Ed roam the secondary all those years like a lion waiting to pounce. Best centerfielder ever. Better than half the centerfielders in MLB!! lol

  34. Anyone questioning this hire is just silly. Is Ed Reed the savior? I doubt it. But to be put in a position like “assistant defensive backs coach” he is given he opportunity to learn the coaching ropes on the NFL level, with a head coach he knows well.

    Whether he can translate his instinct on the field and work ethic to teaching youngsters is almost insignificant. The respect he commands, by simply being Ed Reed, will give him enough credibility and I can’t think of many people I would rather give a shot at it, based on knowledge, work ethic and mentality.

    Good hire.

  35. Ed Reed should be hiring the Ryan brothers so that he can fire them to save his job in two years .Did you know that three of the top five salary cap strapped teams are in the AFC East and aren’t the Pats. Good Luck !

  36. mmmpierogi says:
    Jan 14, 2016 11:00 AM
    bengalsfan2079 says:
    Jan 13, 2016 8:57 PM
    He’s a guy you can respect unlike Joey Porter.


    Soup grapes. Hopefully Vontaze and Pacman don’t see coaching roles in their next career.


    There is a strong likelihood that either Vontaze or PunkMan end up in jail. Possibly both.

  37. First, no smart bills fan thinks this hire is gonna make or break next season. This is simply just Rex giving a guy that knows his system a shot at coaching in the NFL with a small role. 2nd I’m amazed at a few of the comments that mentioned something about rob Ryan running the defense. Rob Ryan is not running the defense, again, he was brought in becaus he knows the system but I will guarantee he will not be calling defensive plays for the bills next season. Last, but not least, I saw a comment about the bills being cap strapped. Earth to you buddy, there’s no such thing as that. There’s always ways to manipulate the cap. I follow the bills closely and they can get to somewhere around 30-35 million under the cap just by cutting, and restructuring and without funneling money to theirs high priced players business to make up for lower salaries.

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